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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Jay Conlon Mechanical Engineering 2015
Mr Jin Jiong Peng Tan Architecture 2015
Mr Neil Garry Information Systems & Technology 2015
Mr Michel Fotsing Business Administration 2015
Miss Christina Stoffers Stoffers Business Studies & Hispanic St 2015
Mr Di Wang Wang Architecture 2015
Mr Boyang Xing Xing Computer Science & Electronic Engineering 2015
Mr Tianyi Wang Wang Marketing 2015
Mr Liequn Yin Yin Mathematics with Finance 2015
Mr Chenxin Pan Pan Mathematics with Finance 2015
Dr Omar Ibrahim Salameh Alomoush Sociolinguistics 2015
Mr Badar Said Rashid Obaid Al Farsi Information Systems Management 2015
Mr Waleed Al Hazmi Business Administration 2015
Miss Fangqin Ruan Ruan Accounting and Finance 2015
Mr Andrew Yung Accounting and Finance 2015
Miss Siying Xiong Xiong Accounting and Finance 2015
Mr Lawrence Barnes Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2015
Mr Ross Chambers Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2015
Mr Alexander Brown Architecture 2015
Mr Adamos Dimitriou Architecture 2015
Mr Matthew Eglen Architecture 2015
Mr Xun Jin Jin Architecture 2015
Miss Emma Beasor Astrophysics 2015
Mr Samuel Robert John Walton Walton Astrophysics 2015
Miss Yandan Ding Biochemistry 2015
Mr Michael William Cuss Biological Sciences 2015
Mr Daniel Mathenge Mathenge Biological Sciences 2015
Miss Sarah Louise Zouggari Elliot Biological Sciences 2015
Mr Ewan Alexander Craig Biological Sciences 2015
Miss Lorna Turnbull Turnbull Biological Sciences 2015
Mr Alistair Robinson Biological Sciences 2015
Miss Rebecca Jade Cunningham Biological Sciences 2015
Miss Anna-Marie Baldwin Bioveterinary Science 2015
Mr Liam Evans Business Economics 2015
Miss Yanping Tang Tang Business Economics 2015
Mr Ben Baker Business Economics 2015
Mr James Moss Moss Business Economics 2015
Mr Christopher Sparks Sparks Business Studs w Year in Industry 2015
Miss Victoria Anne Burton Business Studs w Year in Industry 2015
Miss Emma Claire Poole Poole Business Studies 2015
Miss Ashley Livingstone Livingstone Business Studies 2015
Mr Michael Ian James Collier Business Studies & Hispanic St 2015
Mr Gethin Tomos Griffith Chemistry 2015
Dr Salmah Mohamed Awhida Chemistry 2015
Mr Thomas Colin Prior Prior Civil Engineering 2015
Mr Zehan Gu Civil Engineering 2015
Miss Rebecca Fry Combined Honours 2015
Miss Mirelle Harvey Combined Honours (SE) 2015
Mr Hussain Jamal H Alibrahim Computer Science 2015
Miss Catherine Maria Chell Criminology & Sociology 2015
Miss Amelia Madison Austin Bradley-Newby Criminology & Sociology 2015
Miss Harpreet Kaur Malhi Malhi Dentistry 2015
Miss Samantha Moncur Diagnostic Radiography 2015
Mr Andrew James Taylor Taylor Diagnostic Radiography 2015
Mr Yongzhao Chen Electrical Engineering 2015
Miss Kaiying Yuan Yuan Engineering 2015
Miss Laura Scott Scott English 2015
Miss Chin Lee Lee English & Communication Studies 2015
Mr Rongsheng Lin Lin Environment & Planning 2015
Mr Jordan Wright Jordan French & Hispanic Studies 2015
Mr Joseph George Peter Swanwick Swanwick French & Hispanic Studies 2015
Miss Alanna Cremin French and Italian 2015
Mr Joshua Luciano Murphy Murphy Genetics 2015
Mr Andrew William Grant Geography 2015
Mr Ioan Evans Geography 2015
Miss Henrietta Barton Geography 2015
Ms Krysia Szybut Geology 2015
Miss Jennifer Smedley Smedley Geology & Physical Geography 2015
Mr Matthew Drury History 2015
Miss Rachel Mills Mills History 2015
Miss Malin Nystrom Nystrom International Business 2015
Miss Xiaotong Cui International Business 2015
Mr Benjamin Joseph Martin-Hirsch Law 2015
Mr Jordan Alexander Ron McMurtry McMurtry Law 2015
Miss Beatrice Marguerite de Burgh Law 2015
Dr Clay Gransden Management Studies 2015
Miss Yee Sin Chang Marine Biology 2015
Miss Aoife Fearon Mathematics 2015
Miss Samantha Louise Henry Henry Mathematics 2015
Mr Chong He He Mathematics 2015
Mr Benjamin Paul Griffith Mathematics & Philosophy 2015
Mr Camara Anderson Mathematics with Finance 2015
Miss Zhiqiu Ye Ye Mathematics with Finance 2015
Mr Matthew Scott Scott Mechanical Engineering 2015
Dr Michael John Moneypenny Medical Education 2015
Dr Caroline Lucy Higgins Higgins Medicine 2015
Dr Sara Sana Sana Medicine 2015
Dr Nicholas John Hyett Hyett Medicine 2015
Dr John Rex Harrison Medicine 2015
Dr Richard John Timson Timson Medicine 2015
Dr Darren Myatt Myatt Medicine 2015
Dr Kirsty Lauren Wiltshire Bull Medicine 2015
Dr Jankee Patel Patel Medicine 2015
Dr Joshua Campbell Medicine 2015
Dr Simal Thind Thind Medicine 2015
Dr Rosemary Jane Wall Wall Medicine 2015
Dr Matthew Alan Charnock Medicine 2015
Dr Michael Warren Warren Medicine 2015
Dr Yashika Walia Senior Senior Medicine 2015
Dr Antonia Emilie Cane Medicine 2015
Dr Mariam Shafique Medicine 2015
Dr Thomas Bailey Medicine 2015
Dr Sobia Gauhar Medicine 2015
Dr Alexandra Ninkovic Ninkovic Medicine 2015
Dr Yajur Narang Narang Medicine 2015
Dr Bonny Armstrong Medicine 2015
Dr Kirsty Mills Mills Medicine 2015
Dr Chelcie Leigh Jewitt Jewitt Medicine 2015
Dr Paul Rettie Rettie Medicine 2015
Dr Kieran Kelly Kelly Medicine 2015
Dr Laura Kelsey Medicine 2015
Dr Joanna Truchan Medicine 2015
Dr Natisha Atherton Medicine 2015
Dr Chloe Louise Marsh Marsh Medicine 2015
Dr Kerryann Callaghan Medicine 2015
Dr Lauren Elizabeth Williams Williams Medicine 2015
Dr Rachel Lorraine Gallears Medicine 2015
Dr Jonathan Mark Fish Medicine 2015
Dr Christopher Michael Harrison Medicine 2015
Dr Emma Charity Craig Medicine 2015
Dr Clare Margaret Steen Steen Medicine 2015
Dr Laurence Denis Nee Nee Medicine 2015
Mr Emmanuel Demetrios Dourambeis Mod Lang Stds & Business Stds 2015
Mr Timothy Broadhead Nuclear Sci & Technology 2015
Miss Laura Cuthbertson Occupational Therapy 2015
Miss Bridie Ellis Bukorovic Orthoptics 2015
Ms Jessica Ellen Cody Orthoptics 2015
Mr Joseph Adam Hanss Philosophy 2015
Mr George Bumpus Philosophy 2015
Mr Jack Stephen Murphy Murphy Physics with Nuclear Science 2015
Mr Isaac Proud Proud Politics 2015
Mr Oscar Rhys Tullberg Davies Politics 2015
Mr Cornel Brink Project Management 2015
Mr Andrew Bayston Psychology 2015
Mr Fung Hoi Chui Psychology 2015
Miss Emma Clark Psychology 2015
Miss Sophie Thompson Thompson Psychology 2015
Miss Abigail Louise Edwards Psychology 2015
Mr Iain Hawkes Radiotherapy 2015
Mr Khaled Dajani Surgery and Oncology 2015
Mr Luke Vanstone Vanstone Tropical Disease Biology 2015
Miss Tamsin Elizabeth Glasgow Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2015
Dr Christine Sarah Woodward Wodward Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2015
Dr Samuel Thomas Pestell Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2015
Miss Kathryn Gemma Tuckett Veterinary Professional Stds 2015
Ms Kathryn Frances Wain GREEN Veterinary Professional Stds 2015
Miss Ria Chalder Veterinary Science 2015
Mr Daniel James Robertson Robertson Veterinary Science 2015
Miss Victoria Suzy Rhodes Rhodes Veterinary Science 2015
Miss Keren Anita Gillies Veterinary Science 2015
Mr Sam Harrington Veterinary Science 2015
Miss Kayleigh Price Williams Williams Veterinary Science 2015
Ms Gwendolen Grahl Veterinary Science 2015
Miss Alexandra Evans Veterinary Science 2015
Miss Beth Naomi Bexon Veterinary Science 2015
Dr Nasreen Aflaifel Women's Health 2015
Mr Thomas Lowman Lowman Zoology 2015
Mr Adam Stamboulid Diagnostic Radiography 2015
Mr Jaffer Ali Al Solaiss Biol & Ctrl Of Para & Dis Vect 2015
Mr Hussein Alamoudi Advanced Computer Science 2015
Mr Shady Issa Mitri Baramki Global Marketing 2015
Miss Amy Berry Dentistry 2015
Miss Nancy Black Clinical Psychology 2015
Miss Amy Black Understanding Conflict 2015
Miss Charlotte Jane Brown International Business 2015
Miss Zhili Chen Energy and Power Systems 2015
Mr Junshu Chen Sustainable Structural Eng 2015
Ms Janet Evans Clinical Psychology 2015
Mr Zeyu Fu Architecture 2015
Miss India Francesca Hodgetts Hodgetts English 2015
Mr Benjamin John John Project Management 2015
Miss Aneesa Zara Khan Khan Health Sciences 2015
Mr James Stephen Mallion Public Health 2015
Miss Emma McComasky McComasky Radiotherapy 2015
Mr James Thomas Ollerhead Ollerhead Sustainable Structural Eng 2015
Mr Richard Alexander Powis Clinical Science (Medical Phy) 2015
Miss Samantha Rose Rose Veterinary Science 2015
Ms Malshini Senaratne Senaratne International Management 2015
Dr Robert Ian Smith Archaeology (Arts) 2015
Miss Claire Taylor Taylor Nursing 2015
Mr Cornelis Teurnis Adrianus Van Der Meijden Van Der Meijden Business Administration 2015
Miss Yuqi Wang Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages 2015
Dr Lei Xing Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2015
Ms Shireen Ruhi Ruhi International Management 2015
Miss Yuwei Wu Wu Law 2015
Xuan He English & Communication Studies 2015
Yuxin Chen English and Finance 2015
Zhizi Huo Financial Mathematics 2015
Xiaoman Kang Financial Mathematics 2015
Yue Bai Architecture 2015
Mr Haoyue Bai Business Administration 2015
Yangyi Zhou Human Resource Management 2015
Tian Xue Applied Mathematics 2015
Mr Zhen Su Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2015
Mr Leonardo Barreto Mourao Bertini General UG Student (SG) 2015
Mr Feixiang Zhao General UG Student (HS) 2015
Mr Joseph Di Matteo Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Susanna Verges Ferrer Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Ms Suzie Wible Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Mireia Anguela Vives Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Mr Chun Yin Jonathan Wong Exchange - Science & Eng 2015
Miss Undine Birke Exchange - Health & Life Sci 2015
Mr Matheus Godinho Santos General UG Student (SG) 2015
Miss Qiuting Zheng Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Laura Diaz Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Mr Norman Yallen Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Siska Anatasia Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Shin Lam Cheng Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Micaela Flores Exchange - Hum & Social Sci 2015
Miss Dayeon Ryoo Exchange - Science & Eng 2015
Miss Bridget Marianne O'Toole Psychology 2015