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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Yang Liu Architecture 2014
Dr Christopher Coey Law 2014
Miss Katherine Anne Iliff Law 2014
Miss Daryna Plysak Law 2014
Mr Lucas Prytherch Mech Eng with Management 2014
Miss Suzanne Lillian Ball Irish Studies 2014
Miss Hannah Jane Fitzgerald Mathematics 2014
Ms Emma Katherine Sims Sims International Politics & Policy 2014
Miss Rebecca Currie Accounting and Finance 2014
Mr Ashkan Babakhani Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Yue Lin Lin Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Chenjun Qin Qin Accounting and Finance 2014
Mr Zhihe Han Han Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Xiuting Li Li Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Ruoyi Zhuo Zhuo Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Yiling Zhang Zhang Accounting and Finance 2014
Miss Poppy Charlotte Clark Clark Archaeology 2014
Mr Luke Anderson Anderson Architecture 2014
Ms Ania Mary Wozniczka-Wells Wozniczka-Wells Architecture 2014
Ms Trina Bandyopadhyay Bandyopadhyay Architecture 2014
Mr James Barker Barker Architecture 2014
Mr James Edwards Edwards Architecture 2014
Mr Kecheng Zhang Zhang Architecture 2014
Mr Qi Yuan Yuan Architecture 2014
Miss Jinghan Zhou Zhou Architecture 2014
Mr Wentao Xu Xu Architecture 2014
Mr Dian Zi Zi Architecture 2014
Miss Michelle Wong Architecture 2014
Miss Angela Elizabeth Keen Architecture 2014
Mr Domantas Lape Architecture 2014
Mr John Kaduwanema Kaduwanema Business Administration 2014
Ms Hayat Saleh El-Obeid Abdel-Gadir Abdel-Gadir Business Administration 2014
Miss Sinead Lauren Kirrane-Davis Kirrane-Davis Business Economics 2014
Miss Janie Kozlowska Kozlowska Business Economics 2014
Miss Karmina Kayla Kovanda Business Economics 2014
Mr Hugo Alberto Derek Cusani Cusani Business Economics 2014
Mr James Bourdon-Pierre Bourdon-Pierre Business Economics 2014
Mr Junjie Lu Lu Business Economics 2014
Miss Ashley Jade Bromilow Bromilow Business Studies 2014
Mr Christopher Neil Ingman Ingman Business Studies 2014
Mr Gregory Pratley Pratley Business Studies 2014
Miss Alanta Kacey Williams Williams Business Studies 2014
Mr Bradley James Griffin Business Studies 2014
Mr Thomas Oliver Evans Evans Business Studies 2014
Miss Ting Feng Feng Business Studies 2014
Mr Pu Cheng Cheng Business Studies 2014
Mr Yangzhou Du Du Business Studies 2014
Miss Marta Grzywaczyk Grzywaczyk Business Studies 2014
Miss Rebecca Khan Khan Business Studies & French 2014
Mr Matthew Paco Ward Ward Business Studies & French 2014
Miss Luisa Wain Wain Classical Studies 2014
Miss Kate Bradley Bradley Classical Studies 2014
Miss Gabriella Margaret Isobel Matthews Matthews Combined Honours 2014
Miss Sian Yvette Whitecross Whitecross Combined Honours 2014
Mr Oliver Flindall Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Mr Qian Song Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Ms Stephanie Martin Martin Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Ms Rachelle Louise Monaco Monaco Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Miss Laura Elizabeth Poole Poole Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Miss Katie Ellen Fleet Fleet Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Mr Archie Fiddes Fiddes Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Miss Shona Brown Brown Combined Honours (SE) 2014
Miss Emily Harris Harris Criminology & Sociology 2014
Mr Liam Thomas Thomas Criminology & Sociology 2014
Ms Olivia May Buttar Buttar Criminology & Sociology 2014
Miss Hannah Elizabeth Valentine Valentine Criminology & Sociology 2014
Miss Krysztie Zakrzewski Zakrzewski Economic & Social History 2014
Mr Michael Pritchard Pritchard Economic & Social History 2014
Mr Robert Michael Crackles Crackles Economics 2014
Mr Gareth Marc Russell-Hughes Russell-Hughes Economics 2014
Mr James Christopher Buttrick Buttrick Economics 2014
Mr Joseph Coughlin Coughlin Economics 2014
Mr Ashley Summerfield Summerfield Economics 2014
Miss Ke Hu Hu Economics 2014
Miss Bixuan Zhao Zhao Economics 2014
Miss Katharine Maloney Parr-Burman Parr-Burman English 2014
Miss Rebecca Jade Martin Martin English 2014
Miss Rachel Dowthwaite Dowthwaite English 2014
Miss Emily Louise Dopson Dopson English 2014
Mr Douglas Bolton Bolton English 2014
Mr Jack Graysmark Graysmark English 2014
Mr Toby Jonathan Hood Hood English 2014
Miss Laura Ann Ellis Ellis English 2014
Mr Jack Smith Smith English 2014
Mr Oliver Jacob Bentley Bentley English & Communication Studies 2014
Miss Megan Kershaw Kershaw English & Communication Studies 2014
Miss Jessica Rose Tilley Tilley English & French 2014
Ms Georgia Lown Lown English & French 2014
Miss Sophie Ryder Ryder English & Modern History 2014
Miss Charlotte Wilson Wilson English And Philosophy 2014
Miss Eleanor Jane Fleming Fleming Evolutionary Anthropology 2014
Miss Samia Benbrih Benbrih French/Communication Studies 2014
Mr Hamza Ashur Ashur French/Communication Studies 2014
Miss Miriam Catherina McDowell McDowell French & German 2014
Miss Nadine Ellis Hassell Hassell German & Hispanic Studies 2014
Ms Louisa Freestone Freestone Global Marketing 2014
Miss Eilish Rose MacDonald MacDonald History 2014
Mr Ciaran Donnell Donnell History 2014
Mr Lee Mahony Mahony History 2014
Mr Christopher John Perrett History 2014
Mr Thomas Collier Collier History 2014
Mr Max Harrison Harrison International Business 2014
Mr Christopher James O'Neill O'Neill International Business 2014
Mr Joseph Samuel Hanmer Hanmer International Business 2014
Mr Robert Jamison Jamison International Business 2014
Mr Jordan Scott Beyga Latin American Studies 2014
Mr Stephen John Mallinson Mallinson Law 2014
Miss Georgina Eleanor Vokes Vokes Law 2014
Miss Tara Winston-Jones Winston-Jones Law 2014
Mr Nissim Avraham Massarano Massarano Law 2014
Mr Stephen Philip Marsh Marsh Law 2014
Miss Natasha Aurakzai Aurakzai Law 2014
Miss Hannah Alice Hobson Hobson Law 2014
Miss Laura Moran Moran Law 2014
Miss Chiedza Passionate Munyengeterwa Munyengeterwa Law 2014
Miss Sarah Louise Day Day Law 2014
Miss Katie Louise Owen Owen Law 2014
Mr James Morris Morris Law 2014
Mr Oliver Jabore Jabore Law 2014
Mr Sumak Sherchan Sherchan Law 2014
Mr Danny Erwin Nah Wei Jin Nah Wei Jin Law 2014
Mr Jake Douglas Dewhurst Dewhurst Law and Business 2014
Mr James Thomas Thomas Law and Business 2014
Mr Daniel Thomas Thomas Law and Business 2014
Mr Luke Anthony Harvey Harvey Law and Business 2014
Miss Blanaid Conlon Conlon Law and Business 2014
Mr Sheyi Thomas Thomas Marketing 2014
Ms Xia Shi Shi Marketing 2014
Miss Maeve Manning Manning Modern European Languages 2014
Miss Kate Louise Sullivan Sullivan Modern European Languages 2014
Mr Olivier Luc Trouille Trouille Modern European Languages 2014
Mr Simon Sloan Sloan Modern History & Politics 2014
Mr Jem Armsby Armsby Modern History & Politics 2014
Mr Thomas Loudon Modern History & Politics 2014
Miss Sarah Louise Sonne Sonne Modern History & Politics 2014
Ms Hollie Megan Wharam-Moscrop Wharam-Moscrop Modern History & Politics 2014
Miss Olivia Harriet Spencer Spencer Modern History & Politics 2014
Miss Laura Janice Williamson Williamson Modern History & Politics 2014
Miss Hannah Turley Turley Modern Language Studies 2014
Mr Michael Andrew Deane Deane Music for Special Needs 2014
Miss Edith Dahl Jakobsen Dahl Jakobsen Music/Popular Music 2014
Ms Clare Susan Atkinson Atkinson Music/Popular Music 2014
Mr Edward Swales Swales Music/Popular Music 2014
Miss Anne MacKillop MacKillop Oriental Studies (Egyptology) 2014
Miss Jennifer Powell Powell Philosophy 2014
Mr Daniel Bolton Bolton Philosophy 2014
Miss Fiona O'Donnell O'Donnell Philosophy & Politics 2014
Mr Guy Stokeld Stokeld Philosophy & Politics 2014
Mr Ross Meredith Meredith Philosophy & Politics 2014
Mr Ross Harry David Ward Ward Politics 2014
Miss Lorna Amy Poultney Poultney Politics 2014
Mr Thomas Wootton Wootton Politics 2014
Miss Georgina Canning Canning Politics & Communication Studies 2014
Mr Theren Moodley Moodley Politics & Internat Bus 2014
Mr Kevin McCauley McCauley Popular Music 2014
Mr Francis Kwabena Yeboah Yeboah Project Management 2014
Mr Reuben Chijioke Ebochue Ebochue Project Management 2014
Miss Ellen Maeve Garner-Bacon Garner-Bacon Sociology 2014
Miss Alice Frances Holmes Holmes Sociology 2014
Ms Charlotte Anne Nelson Nelson Adv Practice in Healthcare 2014
Mr Christopher Whitmore Whitmore Anatomy & Human Biology 2014
Miss Jennifer Ruth Wilson Wilson Anatomy & Human Biology 2014
Miss Anna Louise Worsley Anatomy & Human Biology 2014
Miss Verity Louise Evans Anatomy & Human Biology 2014
Mr Jamaal Anderson Anderson Biochemistry 2014
Mr Sean Welsh Welsh Biochemistry 2014
Miss Sarah Hilton Hilton Biochemistry 2014
Miss Natasha Petterson Petterson Biochemistry 2014
Mr Chenhao Yang Yang Biochemistry 2014
Miss Linda Feng Feng Biochemistry 2014
Miss Matilda May Coleborn Biological Sciences 2014
Mrs Sameen Hamid Hamid Biological Sciences 2014
Miss Eve Danaher Danaher Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Benjamin Patrick Wade Wade Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Richard Sephton Sephton Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Liam Alan McGiveron McGiveron Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Cameron Robertson Robertson Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Michael Smith Smith Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Adam Matthew Fisher Fisher Biological Sciences 2014
Dr Emma Frances Hoffman Pearman Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Joshua James Ball Bioveterinary Science 2014
Miss Laura Jane Tatum Bioveterinary Science 2014
Miss Charlotte Rebecca Eve Forbes Forbes Bioveterinary Science 2014
Dr Michael John Rice Rice Child Health 2014
Mrs Natasha Holden Snelson Clinical Psychology 2014
Mr Adam Jeffery Thomas Thomas Dentistry 2014
Miss Janine Marie Hicks Hicks Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Miss Jennifer Louise Roskell Roskell Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Miss Ambreen Anwar Anwar Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Mr Mathew Anderson Anderson Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Miss Anna Elise Bracegirdle Bracegirdle Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Miss Heather May Jenkinson Jenkinson Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Mr Connor John Gallagher Gallagher Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Miss Sarah Rogers Rogers Diagnostic Radiography 2014
Mr Andrew Paul Sayer Sayer Genetics 2014
Dr Gareth Jon Owens Health Services Research 2014
Dr Md Abdul Malique Malique Mathematical Sciences 2014
Dr Rachel Maria Jacks Jacks Medicine 2014
Dr Michael Rimmer Medicine 2014
Dr Zoe Natalie Tomaszewski Medicine 2014
Dr Lucy Charlotte Brakspear Medicine 2014
Dr Aminah Miftah Amer Amer Medicine 2014
Dr Emma Louise Horrell Medicine 2014
Dr Joseph John Sabine Sabine Medicine 2014
Dr Peter Andrew Calvert Calvert Medicine 2014
Dr Rachael Catherine McAuley Medicine 2014
Dr Charles Chaim Haber Haber Medicine 2014
Dr Laura Devine Devine Medicine 2014
Dr Megan Elizabeth Durant Durant Medicine 2014
Dr Florence Scott Scott Medicine 2014
Dr Nicholas Brooksbank Medicine 2014
Dr Philippa Louise Marshall Marshall Medicine 2014
Dr Rachael Trow-Poole Trow-Poole Medicine 2014
Dr Ewan Alexander McChesney Mcchesney Medicine 2014
Dr Daniel Kirkin Kirkin Medicine 2014
Dr Craig Dolan Dolan Medicine 2014
Dr Ananya Mohan Mohan Medicine 2014
Dr Matthew James Kilmurray Kilmurray Medicine 2014
Dr Sean Patrick Mackin Mackin Medicine 2014
Dr Aziz Ismail Medicine 2014
Dr Sophie Kumari Jain Jain Medicine 2014
Dr Laura Elizabeth Shaw Shaw Medicine 2014
Dr Jessica Evans Evans Medicine 2014
Dr Charlotte Dobinson Dobinson Medicine 2014
Dr Caroline Jane Whyte Whyte Medicine 2014
Dr Irene Enam Nusienyo Edem-Dartey Medicine 2014
Dr James Mark Williams Medicine 2014
Dr Lucy Harborow Medicine 2014
Dr Sophie Miller Medicine 2014
Dr Nicholas Winterton Bishop Medicine 2014
Dr Bryony Kate Brown Brown Medicine 2014
Dr Andy Lindsay Lindsay Medicine 2014
Dr Nathan Benjamin Flanagan Flanagan Medicine 2014
Dr Emily Reilly Reilly Medicine 2014
Dr Nicola Jane Yorke Arlow Arlow Medicine 2014
Dr Rose-Marie Kenny Kenny Medicine 2014
Dr Charlotte Gaul Gaul Medicine 2014
Dr Keith Ledwidge Ledwidge Medicine 2014
Dr Eamonn Kinally Kinally Medicine 2014
Dr James Leon Hartley Medicine 2014
Dr Richard Clarke Clarke Medicine 2014
Dr Andrew Charles Joseph Harbourne Harbourne Medicine 2014
Dr Connor Toorish Toorish Medicine 2014
Dr Zakwan Mohammed Shah Chowdhury Medicine 2014
Dr Peter Macneal Medicine 2014
Dr Akriti Naraen Naraen Medicine 2014
Dr Joseph Dennis Price Price Medicine 2014
Dr Lauren Phillips Phillips Medicine 2014
Dr Stefano Antonio Capozzi Capozzi Medicine 2014
Dr Anamaria Mihalache Mihalache Medicine 2014
Dr Patrick Brian Bogue Bogue Medicine 2014
Dr Brendan Gerard Black Black Medicine 2014
Dr Mark Aziz Aziz Medicine 2014
Dr Henry James Llywellyn Ashcroft Ashcroft Medicine 2014
Dr Rosalind Jane Harrison Harrison Medicine 2014
Dr Jonathan Smith-Williams Alexander-Williams Medicine 2014
Dr Katie James Stilwell Medicine 2014
Miss Yiwen Yang Yang Microbiology 2014
Mr Samuel Jones Jones Molecular Biol(Intercalated) 2014
Miss Mengyang Wang Wang Molecular Biology 2014
Miss Harriet Elizabeth Ashworth Ashworth Nursing 2014
Miss Emma Louise Bennett Occupational Therapy 2014
Miss Philippa Ann Dooley Dooley Occupational Therapy 2014
Miss Marian Mc Ardle Mc Ardle Occupational Therapy 2014
Ms Orla McHugh McHugh Occupational Therapy 2014
Miss Laura Watson Watson Orthoptics 2014
Miss Sarah Tran Tran Orthoptics 2014
Mr Timothy Rathe Rathe Pharmacology 2014
Mr Vivekananda Sarker Sarker Pharmacology 2014
Miss Holly Rose Butterworth Butterworth Pharmacology 2014
Mr Geoffrey Potjewyd Potjewyd Pharmacology 2014
Miss Georgina Emily Price Price Pharmacology 2014
Mr Steven Johnston Johnston Pharmacology 2014
Miss Peace Atakpa Atakpa Pharmacology 2014
Dr Andrew Jones Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2014
Mr Benjamin Seth Henley Henley Physiology 2014
Miss Danielle Laura Moore Moore Physiology(Intercalated) 2014
Miss Grace Hollister Hollister Psychology 2014
Miss Eleanor Freer Freer Psychology 2014
Miss Stephanie Cox Cox Psychology 2014
Miss Ruby Elisabeth Fletcher O'Connor Psychology 2014
Miss Stacey George George Psychology 2014
Miss Vanessa Baptiste Psychology 2014
Miss Hannah Elizabeth Cutler Cutler Psychology 2014
Miss Naomi Victoria Brayshaw Brayshaw Psychology 2014
Miss Alexandra Dodd Dodd Psychology 2014
Miss Sarah Louise Bryant Bryant Psychology 2014
Mr Jack Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Psychology 2014
Miss Ruth Holman Holman Psychology 2014
Miss Annabella Domineka O'Ruairc O'Rourke Psychology 2014
Miss Rosie Anne Murphy Murphy Psychology 2014
Mr Thomas Fitch Fitch Psychology 2014
Miss Katherine Hodson Hodson Psychology 2014
Miss Zoe Holland Holland Psychology 2014
Miss Ann-Marie Bradley Bradley Radiotherapy 2014
Miss Bethany Cheetham Radiotherapy 2014
Miss Louise Jayne Elton Radiotherapy 2014
Miss Kelly Alexandra Paxton Paxton Radiotherapy 2014
Mr Michael Thornton Surgery and Oncology 2014
Miss Emma Louise Barlow Trop Dis Biol(Intercalated) 2014
Miss Abigail Aboagye-Odei Aboagye-Odei Tropical Disease Biology 2014
Mr Niall David Mackenzie Anderson Anderson Tropical Disease Biology 2014
Dr Andrew James Spence Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Laura Claire Kettley Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Mhairi Kirsten Barclay Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Kumail Riyaz Versi Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Thomas Edward Locke Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Chloe Elizabeth Ross Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Zoe Elizabeth Neilson Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Susanna Kate Currie Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Sophie May Pooley Pooley Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Rhiannon Allen Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Harjeevan Gill Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Dr Chris Kai-Hu Chang Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2014
Miss Rebecca Crossfield Crossfield Veterinary Science 2014
Miss Katherine Alice Palshis Palshis Veterinary Science 2014
Miss Harriet Joseph Veterinary Science 2014
Mr David Christopher Livesey Livesey Veterinary Science 2014
Miss Ellen Griffiths Veterinary Science 2014
Miss Katie Galvin Veterinary Science 2014
Mr Thomas Burton Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2014
Mr Christopher David Bettridge Aerospace Engineering 2014
Mr Daniel Hills Hills Aerospace Engineering 2014
Mr Thomas William Callender Callender Aerospace Engineering 2014
Miss Ellen Wilder Cox Muller Aerospace Engineering 2014
Miss Roseanne Echeverry Echeverry Aerospace Engineering 2014
Mr William Gray Gray Aerospace Engineering 2014
Mr Joshua McCann McCann Astrophysics 2014
Mr Hamish Smellie Avionic Systems 2014
Mr Dennis Makomborero Muturuka Muturuka Avionic Systems 2014
Mr Matthew Dobson Chemistry 2014
Mr Benjamin William Cooper Cooper Chemistry 2014
Miss Rui Li Li Chemistry 2014
Mr Joseph Hunter Hunter Chemistry 2014
Mr Toby McFarlane McFarlane Chemistry 2014
Mr Matthew Sutton-Smith Sutton-Smith Chemistry with Nanotechnology 2014
Mr Egidijus Anupraitis Anupraitis Chemistry with Nanotechnology 2014
Mr Ryan Kenneth Shaw-Twigg Shaw-Twigg Civil & Structural Engineering 2014
Mr Jake Humphreys Humphreys Civil & Structural Engineering 2014
Mr Jack Christopher Lonsdale Lonsdale Civil & Structural Engineering 2014
Mr Clement Lisulo Sitali Sitali Civil & Structural Engineering 2014
Mr Alan Hobley Hobley Civil Engineering 2014
Mr Jing Wang Wang Civil Engineering 2014
Mr Tianqi Liu Liu Civil Engineering 2014
Miss Kunjue Wang Wang Civil Engineering 2014
Mr Daniel Hardy Computer Information Systems 2014
Mr Ajibola Oluwafemi Laleye Laleye Computer Science & Electronic Engineering 2014
Mr Michael Lowe Lowe Computer Science 2014
Mr Daniel Anthony Lockhart Computer Science 2014
Mr Stephen Anthony Morris Computer Security 2014
Dr Hannah Betts Earth Sciences 2014
Mrs Rebecca Ainsworth Rigby Ecology & Environment 2014
Mr Guangcheng Jiang Jiang e-Finance 2014
Miss Na Tian Tian e-Finance 2014
Mr Khamil Mumuney Mumuney Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2014
Mr Mohamed Albakri Albakri Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2014
Mr Mohit Chahal Electronic & Communication Engineering 2014
Mr Yang Deng Deng Electronic & Communication Engineering 2014
Mr Felix Hulbert Hulbert Engineering w Product Design 2014
Mr Michael Evans Evans Environment & Planning 2014
Miss Emer Cunningham Cunningham Environment & Planning 2014
Mr Chao Wang Wang Environment & Planning 2014
Mr Mark Angus Brewis Brewis Geography 2014
Miss Rebecca Louise Nelson Nelson Geography 2014
Miss Naomi Burley-Baker Burley-Baker Geography 2014
Mr Anthony James Midwinter Midwinter Geography 2014
Mr Thomas Philip McNamara McNamara Geography 2014
Miss Nia Anne Bevan Bevan Geography 2014
Mr George MacLeod Geography 2014
Mr Samuel James Etherington Etherington Geography 2014
Mr Joseph Grisdale Grisdale Geography 2014
Miss Gabrielle Rice Rice Geography 2014
Mr Yih Ren Lai Lai Geology 2014
Miss Jessica Elizabeth Bailey Bailey Geology 2014
Miss Natalie Laura Davison Davison Geology 2014
Mr Harry Robinson Whitwell Whitwell Geology 2014
Mr Alex Charles Wall Wall Geology & Physical Geography 2014
Mr James Logan Logan Geology & Physical Geography 2014
Miss Natalie Anne Bunker Geophysics (Geology) 2014
Miss Tessa Fitzgerald Perryman Perryman Geophysics (Physics) 2014
Miss Dionne McHugh McHugh Marine Biology 2014
Miss Leah McDougall McDougall Marine Biology 2014
Mr Ryan Farrington Mathematics 2014
Mr Martin Butler Butler Mathematics 2014
Mr Ashley Chambers Mathematics 2014
Miss Jie Zhou Zhou Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Wanda Wu Wu Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Haoran Bu Bo Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Yingjie Xu Xu Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Yuanyuan Yang Yang Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Min Guo Guo Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Sitan Jin Jin Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Yue Ru Ru Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Yiting Shi Shi Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Yishi Li Li Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Fangwen Tan Tan Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Yucheng Ma Ma Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Han Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2014
Miss Qianyi Zhang Zhang Mathematics with Finance 2014
Mr Xin Cao Cao Mechanical & Materials Eng 2014
Mr Amrith Saroj Anthony Abhayaratna Abhayaratna Mech Eng with Management 2014
Mr Kevin Mc Nulty Mech Eng with Management 2014
Mr Aaron Paul Jackson Jackson Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Dominic Evans Evans Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Robbie James Collins Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Sam Maitland Whitworth Whitworth Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Sze Long Wong Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Andrew Richard Moor Moor Mechanical Engineering 2014
Ms Jessica Kay Loveridge Loveridge Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Andrew Byrne Byrne Mechanical Engineering 2014
Miss Roquayah Al Mayman Al Mayman Medical Electronics & Instrume 2014
Mr William Johnston Johnston Oceans,Climate & Physical Geog 2014
Mr Luke Scott-Harkins Scott-Harkins Oceans,Climate & Physical Geog 2014
Miss Emily Florence Elizabeth Pearson Pearson Physics 2014
Mr Philip William Howard Howard Physics 2014
Mr Calvin Wraith Wraith Physics 2014
Mr James Kay Kay Physics 2014
Mr Craig Maurice Phillip Hayes Population Studies 2014
Mr Gareth Stephenson Stephenson Software Development 2014
Mr Zain Al-Abidin Amjad Amjad Software Development 2014
Miss Katie Helena Jones Jones Town and Regional Planning 2014
Miss Sisi Zhang Zhang Urban Regeneration & Planning 2014
Miss Jessica Royle Royle Business Studs w Year in Industry 2014
Miss Emily Elizabeth Humphrey Humphrey Combined Honours 2014
Dr Paul Anthony Dempster Mathematical Sciences 2014
Mr Yufeng Zhang Financial Mathematics 2014
Miss Lingyao Fan English and Finance 2014
Danni Guo English and Finance 2014
Zhun Huang English and Finance 2014
Mr David Jonathan Crofts 20th Century History 2014
Miss Natasha Tracey Advanced Biological Sciences 2014
Mr Wenyan Lin Advanced Engineering Materials 2014
Ms Jeannette del Carmen Delgado Holdsworth Delgado Holdsworth Applied Psychology 2014
Dr Andrew Gerald Blanshard Biol & Ctrl Of Para & Dis Vect 2014
Mr Conor Micheal Mcquaid Biomed Sci & Translational Med 2014
Mr Marco Pinheiro Pinheiro Business Administration 2014
Mr Kamal Kablan Kablan Business Administration 2014
Mr Jacob Abraham Abraham Business Administration 2014
Mr John Chukwuemeka Chukwuemeka Business Administration 2014
Dr Angela Gonzalez De Castro González De Castro Chemistry 2014
Mr Oliver James Duncan Woolf Civic Design 2014
Mrs Christine Allen Clinical Psychology 2014
Ms Aimee Kemp McDevitt Clinical Psychology 2014
Mr Timothy William Macrae Taylor Clinical Science (Medical Phy) 2014
Mr Robert Brass Clinical Science (Medical Phy) 2014
Dr Nicholas Andrew Bradley Clinical Sciences 2014
Dr Subhieh Moh'd Faraj S El Salhi El Salhi Computer Science 2014
Mr Xuanang Qin Consumer Marketing 2014
Dr Juan Jacobo Angulo Engineering 2014
Mr Mark Raynor Raynor English 2014
Mr Lawrie Martinez Abdullah English 2014
Miss Xiaosen Guan Guan Environmental Sciences 2014
Ms Brenda Ramirez Matias Ramirez Matias Forensic Psy & Criminal Invest 2014
Ms Sara Hussain Hussain Global Human Resource Management 2014
Ms Natalija Mijaljevic Mijaljevic Global Human Resource Management 2014
Mr Andre Stark Stark Global Human Resource Management 2014
Ms Souhad El Gharib El Gharib Global Human Resource Management 2014
Miss Elizabeth Broom Broom Health Sciences 2014
Dr Syed Burair Hassan Humanitarian Studies 2014
Dr Orla Shanahan Humanitarian Studies 2014
Dr Imogen Elizabeth Buck Humanitarian Studies 2014
Mr Ashley Christopher Radford Munday Munday Information Technology 2014
Mr Christopher Blatchford Blatchford Information Technology 2014
Mr Luis Felipe Camargos De Sousa Camargos De Sousa Internat Accounting & Finance 2014
Miss Wenjun Xu International Business 2014
Miss Moon Kanawati Kanawati International Business Law 2014
Mr Stephen McMahon Mc Mahon International Management 2014
Ms Denise Braithwaite-Tennant Braithwaite-Tennant International Management 2014
Miss Carys Weeds Investigative & Forensic Psychology 2014
Mr Hewa Khzrey Khzrey Law and Business 2014
Mr Qiao Tu Tu Management 2014
Miss Hannah Sara Ellison Marine Planning & Mngt 2014
Mr James Edward Dennis Dennis Mechanical Engineering 2014
Mr Ellis James Beaumont Harrison Microelectronic Systems & Telecommunications 2014
Miss Jade Ashleigh Gumbs Gumbs Musculoskeletal Ageing 2014
Miss Rachel Bradbury Bradbury Nursing 2014
Miss Natalie McCann McCann Nursing 2014
Miss Rosanne Louise Chapman Chapman Nursing 2014
Miss Rebecca Donnelly Post-genomic Science 2014
Ms Judith Darley Darley Public Health 2014
Mr Bonaventure Nzeyimana Nzeyimana Public Health 2014
Mr Darryl Howard Quantz Quantz Public Health 2014
Miss Mariam Sheikh Sheikh Radiotherapy 2014
Mr Christopher Beckett Research Method-Sociology 2014
Mr Mark Mensah Barton Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2014
Mr Anton Tynnikov Tynnikov Technol Lw&Intell Property Law 2014
Dr Sanie Samuel Sogoyan Sesay Sesay Tropical Medicine 2014
Dr Kate McMonnies Mcmonnies Tropical Paediatrics 2014
Mr Ross Hughes Urban Regeneration & Mngt 2014
Ms Peihua Yan Urban Regeneration & Mngt 2014
Miss Laura Rosemary Antlett Veterinary Professional Stds 2014
Dr Carolyn Anne Cummins Veterinary Professional Stds 2014
Dr Mark Grant Veterinary Professional Stds 2014
Mr Filipe De Oliveira Veterinary Professional Stds 2014
Miss Emily Grace Copp Veterinary Science 2014
Dr Eve Minna Leyshon Bunni Women's Health 2014
Dr Poppy Olivia Hazeldine Women's Health 2014