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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Miss Alison Gittens Combined Honours 2013
Mrs Jennifer Ann Casson HE Teaching & Learning 2013
Dr Victoria Rachel Browne Philosophy 2013
Mr Ian Burgess Business Administration 2013
Mr Ahmed Khudhair Abbas Microelectronic Systems & Telecommunications 2013
Ms Shannon Fitzpatrick Business Administration 2013
Mr Jun Wen Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Mr Perry Gammon Business Administration 2013
Mr Niall Gerard Mullan Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Yu An Electronic & Communication Engineering 2013
Dr Angela Maria Sims Biological Sciences 2013
Miss Aysha Mehak Rafiq Ancient History 2013
Dr Victoria Pamela Gates 2013
Miss Chantelle Arnold Architecture 2013
Miss Gabrielle Jennifer Lincoln Biological Sciences 2013
Mr Alastair Nicholas Jackson Geography 2013
Miss Maria Smith 2013
Mr Jamie Holmes Economics 2013
Miss Yinuo Chen Accounting and Finance 2013
Dr Alexandra Blacklay Mole 2013
Dr Helen Louise Preston Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2013
Dr Elikem Christian Tamaklo 2013
Dr Dominic Chun Yiu Wu Medicine 2013
Dr Ian Luke Robert Wilkinson Medicine 2013
Miss Jessica Beare Geography 2013
Dr William Mark Sowden Medicine 2013
Ms Anman Xu International Business 2013
Miss Andrea Staszewski Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Bellin Laura Bouquet Henderson Veterinary Science 2013
Miss Grace McMahon Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Miss Naomi Bacon Bacon Mathematics 2013
Miss Karima Essid Elazreg Genetics 2013
Mr Sheng Zhang Zhang Finance 2013
Miss Minyue Zhang Zhang Finance 2013
Miss Yunxia Pu Pu Finance 2013
Miss Jing Zou Zou Finance 2013
Miss Uthpala Sandamali Ekanayake Mudiyanselage Ekanayake Mudiyanselage Finance 2013
Mr Eamon Patrick McCarron Mccarron Pharmacology 2013
Miss Louise Marie Figueira Da Silva Medicine.MSurg. 2013
Dr Sadek Hamid Philosophy 2013
Dr Michael Hellenbach Health Sciences 2013
Dr Gareth Aled Williams Orthodontics 2013
Ms Lisa Brown Global Consumer Marketing 2013
Ms Ana Bela Marques Gouveia Gouveia Global Human Resource Management 2013
Mr Omar Mohamed Al Hashemi Al Hashemi Public Administration 2013
Mr Chris Niven Niven Psychology 2013
Dr Zoe Walkington Psychology (Science) 2013
Miss Stephanie Brennan Brennan Physiotherapy 2013
Miss Laura Louise Henry Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Bethany Lord Lord Radiotherapy 2013
Mr Matthew Costello Costello Orthoptics 2013
Mr Bavnesh Sond Sond Orthoptics 2013
Miss Emily Winder Winder Psychology 2013
Miss Eleanor Lucy Wood Wood Physiotherapy 2013
Mr Dale Martin Martin Orthoptics 2013
Miss Charlotte May Ackerman Ackerman Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Lauren Walsh Walsh Psychology 2013
Miss Frederica Parry-Jones Parry-Jones Psychology 2013
Miss Georgina Elizabeth Schwarz Schwarz Psychology 2013
Miss Elin Margetts Margetts Psychology 2013
Miss Rebecca Kate Williams Williams Psychology 2013
Miss Erin Story Story Psychology 2013
Miss Emily Gill Gill Orthoptics 2013
Miss Laura Cahill Psychology 2013
Miss Holly Nickisson Nickisson Orthoptics 2013
Mr Matthew Walker Walker Psychology 2013
Miss Nicola Alexandra Bennett Bennett Radiotherapy 2013
Miss Laura Siobhan Donnelly Donnelly Orthoptics 2013
Miss Danielle Amy Armstrong Armstrong Psychology 2013
Miss Wendy Louise Thomas Radiotherapy 2013
Miss Kelly Harpur Harpur Orthoptics 2013
Miss Melissa Emma Hazelden Hazelden Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Jennifer Louise Hindle Hindle Psychology 2013
Mr Niall Power Power Psychology 2013
Miss Emily Louise Adshead Adshead Psychology 2013
Miss Kate Louise Shaw Shaw Psychology 2013
Miss Kerrie McConville McConville Physiotherapy 2013
Miss Nina McWatt McWatt Diagnostic Radiography 2013
Miss Rachael Louise Lightbody Lightbody Physiotherapy 2013
Miss Aideen McMonagle McMonagle Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Tara Bryan Bryan Occupational Therapy 2013
Miss Ghazal Taghizadeh Vahed Taghizadeh Vahed Psychology 2013
Miss Emily Sarah May Davies Radiotherapy 2013
Miss Kathryn Elizabeth Mellor Veterinary Science 2013
Miss Ella Rachel Pimblett Pimblett Veterinary Science 2013
Miss Laura Brannon Brannon Town and Regional Planning 2013
Miss Rebecca Elizabeth Smith Smith Veterinary Science 2013
Mr Luke Anthony Edwin Yeates Yeates Veterinary Science 2013
Mr Christopher Mark Gleed Gleed Veterinary Science 2013
Mr Dominic O'Hare Bioveterinary Science 2013
Miss Bethan Sian Rowlands Rowlands Veterinary Science 2013
Mr William Harrison Harrison Geography 2013
Miss Holly Rachael Meadows Meadows Geology 2013
Miss Kathryn Anne Lyons Lyons Geography 2013
Mr Thomas Samuel Leech Town and Regional Planning 2013
Miss Danielle Paula Jenkinson Jenkinson Geography 2013
Miss Fiona Rushworth Rushworth Geography 2013
Mr Callum Reece Bebb Bebb Geology 2013
Ms Joanna Mary Suthers Philosophy 2013
Mr Richard Henry Evans Evans Geology 2013
Miss Lydia White White Marine Biology 2013
Miss Lucy Elizabeth Arnold Arnold Geography 2013
Miss Kerrell Natasha Walley Walley Geology & Physical Geography 2013
Miss Verity Jane Berry Berry Geography 2013
Miss Anna Taylor Taylor Geography 2013
Mr Sam Jacob Westwell Geography 2013
Mr Alistair William Masters Masters Oceans,Climate & Physical Geog 2013
Miss Hannah Hugo-Stanley Hugo - Stanley Geology & Physical Geography 2013
Miss Bethan Mary Williams Williams Geography 2013
Mr Thomas Coyle Maths With Ocean & Climate Stu 2013
Mr James Hartley Bioveterinary Science 2013
Mr John Etherington Etherington Maths With Ocean & Climate Stu 2013
Miss Hazel Vallack Vallack Geography 2013
Miss Ellenor Pritchard Pritchard Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2013
Miss Sadia Hana Tariq Tariq Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2013
Dr Sazziana Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil Medicine 2013
Miss Jennifer Samantha Codd Biochemistry w yr Ind/Research 2013
Dr Keiran James Rowan Rowan Anatomy & Human Biol(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Philippa Jane Sturgess Sturgess Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Philip John Rossiter Sajik Sajik Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Miss Grace Watkins Watkins Genetics w yr Ind/Research 2013
Dr Mariam Adetola Adegoke Adegoke Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Emily Grace Kendall Kendall Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Imran Khan Khan Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Christopher William Metcalfe Metcalfe Anatomy & Human Biol(Intercalated) 2013
Dr Matthew Ka Chung Chan Chan Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2013
Miss Rachel Natasha Gilbert Gilbert Zoology 2013
Mr Oliver Vincent O'Connell O'Connell Biochemistry w yr Ind/Research 2013
Miss Holly Patricia Douglas Douglas Biological Sciences 2013
Miss Alice Hannah Collier Collier Zoology 2013
Miss Abigail Sunderland Sunderland Biological Sciences 2013
Dr Thomas Guillaume Antoine Tropical Medicine 2013
Miss Abigail Blanca Renshaw Renshaw Tropical Disease Biology 2013
Mr Seth Pemberton Pemberton Physiology 2013
Miss Erin Whiteside Whiteside Zoology 2013
Miss Olivia Isis Reed Biological Sciences 2013
Miss Cheryl Bennett Bennett Zoology 2013
Miss Rose Patterson Zoology 2013
Miss Ivana Rajkovic Rajkovic Physiology 2013
Mr Michael Crowther Crowther Biochemistry 2013
Miss Semiramis Popova Popova Genetics 2013
Miss Saba Alimoradian Alimoradian Physiology 2013
Mr Edward Moody Moody Physiology 2013
Miss Natasha Leigh Hill Biological Sciences 2013
Mr Fang Zhou Zhou Biochemistry 2013
Mr Sodienye Halliday Halliday Physiology 2013
Miss Alexandra Elizabeth Sheardown Sheardown Physiology 2013
Mr Samuel James Row Row Pharmacology 2013
Mr Thomas Howson Howson Biological Sciences 2013
Mr Minkun He He Genetics 2013
Mr Li Dong dong Molecular Biology 2013
Mr Fangzhou Liu liu Molecular Biology 2013
Mr Xiangyu Gong Gong Microbiology 2013
Dr Andrew Thomas Wilson Classics 2013
Miss Kiran Mehta Mehta Evolutionary Anthropology 2013
Miss Sophie Anne Hutchins Hutchins English & French 2013
Miss Alice Kirby Kirby French & German 2013
Mr Richard Patrick Dixon Modern History & Politics 2013
Miss Miriam Olivia Towie Towie History 2013
Miss Rachael Kelly Kelly Irish Studies & English 2013
Miss Rosalind Arscott Arscott Hispanic Studies 2013
Miss Florence Catherine Cowen Cowen Modern Language Studies 2013
Mr Jonathon Patrick Parker Parker Ancient History 2013
Miss Melissa Elizabeth Henney Henney French/Communication Studies 2013
Mr Liam Howley Howley History 2013
Miss Laura Bollen Bollen English & French 2013
Miss Fay Victoria Ryan Ryan French & Hispanic Studies 2013
Mr George Matthew Edward Gibbons Gibbons Business Studies & Hispanic St 2013
Miss Katharine Harriet O'Leary O'Leary Hispanic Studies 2013
Mr Henry Bell Bell Philosophy & French 2013
Miss Gillian Elizabeth Rolet Rolet Evolutionary Anthropology 2013
Miss Bethany Kate Marsden Marsden English & French 2013
Miss Katie Nopondo-Mangan Nopondo-Mangan Modern European Languages 2013
Miss Emily Ann Jowett Jowett French & German 2013
Miss Sian Joanne Duffy Duffy History 2013
Mr Fiach McHugh-Hill McHugh-Hill Modern History & Politics 2013
Miss Louise Askey Askey French/Communication Studies 2013
Miss Lisa Amy Nolan Nolan French & German 2013
Ms Elisha Imogen Mason Mason Oriental Studies (Egyptology) 2013
Miss Rebecca Farrell Farrell History 2013
Mr Iain Anderson Anderson Classical Studies 2013
Miss Maria Smith Smith History 2013
Mr James Francis Robb Robb Modern History & Politics 2013
Mr Kristian Kennedy Kennedy History 2013
Miss Lucy Homewood Homewood Economic & Social History 2013
Mr Alastair Moore Moore Business Studies & French 2013
Miss Alicia McSweeney McSweeney Economic & Social History 2013
Mr Tom Jeffery Jeffery Economic & Social History 2013
Mr Bradley Marshall Marshall Modern History & Politics 2013
Mr Matthew Bennett Bennett History 2013
Miss Rebecca Johnson Johnson Ancient History 2013
Mr Joseph Cresswell Cresswell History 2013
Miss Blaine Merrie Cooper-Jones Cooper-Jones Economic & Social History 2013
Mr Jack Livesey Livesey Comparative American Studies 2013
Miss Bethany Lawrence Lawrence Ancient History 2013
Mr Samuel Salisbury Salisbury Classical Studies 2013
Mr Adam George Sherlock Sherlock Ancient History 2013
Miss Anna McDougall McDougall Modern History & Politics 2013
Mr Jalal Alsibahie Alsibahie Modern History & Politics 2013
Miss Chloe Taylor Taylor Ancient History & Archaeology 2013
Miss Kate Alicia Harland Law 2013
Mr Colin Thomas Neubauer Law (Cayman Islands) 2013
Mr Joseph William Mark Richardson Richardson Sociology 2013
Mr Matt Pound Pound Politics 2013
Mr Nesarul Haque Haque Law 2013
Miss Khelan Aziz Aziz Law 2013
Miss Lauren Easton Easton Law 2013
Miss Elizabeth Mary Wintle Law 2013
Miss Charlotte Emma Thornley Thornley Law 2013
Mr Scott Arran Garwell Garwell Law 2013
Miss Lily Evelyn Frances Cribbin Cribbin Criminology & Sociology 2013
Mr William John Dunbar-Sheppard Dunbar-Sheppard Sociology & Social Policy 2013
Miss Natasha Pidgeon Pidgeon Law and Business 2013
Miss Millie Kempley Kempley Law 2013
Miss Sophie May Pritchard Pritchard Sociology 2013
Miss Marilla Jayne Tolfree Tolfree Sociology & Social Policy 2013
Mr Harvel Ian Grant Law (Cayman Islands) 2013
Miss Chantal Sherri-Ann Byrd Law (Cayman Islands) 2013
Mr Alex James Campbell Harwood Harwood Law 2013
Mr Alexander Lyon Lyon Law 2013
Mr Matthew Smith Smith Law 2013
Miss Katya Krasimirova Varbanova Varbanova Law and Business 2013
Miss Mar'Yana Tuka Law 2013
Miss Lauren Pender Pender Law 2013
Mr Benjamin Taylor Taylor Law 2013
Miss Rebecca Claire Coates Coates Law 2013
Miss Jayne Louise Tregenza Tregenza Criminology & Sociology 2013
Mr Alexander Amechi Ezechi-Obiako Law 2013
Miss Alis Tiptivar Moore Law 2013
Miss Lauren Slater Slater Law 2013
Ms Denitsa Madzharova Madzharova Law 2013
Miss Margaret Hui Ling Tan Tan Law 2013
Miss Jessica Rachel Hudson Hudson Criminology & Sociology 2013
Mr Kwong Loong Ng Ng Law 2013
Miss Sian Catherine Edwards Edwards Politics 2013
Mr Alastair James Wake Architecture 2013
Ms Georgina Annabelle Holden Architecture 2013
Miss Rachael Gibson Gibson English 2013
Mr Richard Tatham Tatham Architecture 2013
Mr Rhys Eliot Byrom Byrom English 2013
Mr Tom John Wigley Wigley Communication & Media 2013
Mr Adam Robert Goodger Goodger Philosophy & Politics 2013
Mr Michael Roberts Roberts Philosophy 2013
Miss Rosemary Hindle Hindle English 2013
Miss Bethany Harrison Harrison Comm Media & Popular Music 2013
Miss Bethany Rachel Hall English 2013
Mr Matthew James Gurr Gurr English 2013
Miss Kate Penelope Rose McArdle McArdle Comm Media & Popular Music 2013
Miss Rhiannon Hughes Hughes English 2013
Miss Hannah Mary Scarr Scarr Politics & Communication Studies 2013
Miss Victoria Lucy Griffiths Griffiths English 2013
Miss Imogen Holly Clarke Communication & Media 2013
Mr Dominic Merchant Merchant Philosophy & Politics 2013
Mr Brendan McManus McManus Communication & Media 2013
Mr Niall Hood Hood Philosophy 2013
Mr Kyle Smith Music/Popular Music 2013
Miss Bethanie Ann Greenwood Greenwood English 2013
Mr Thomas Fennell Fennell English 2013
Mr Jed Sadler Sadler English 2013
Mr Mark Allinson Allinson English 2013
Miss Jessica Tanner Tanner Communication & Media 2013
Miss Sophie Mee Mee English 2013
Miss Madeline Stanford Stanford English 2013
Mr Mikael Pedersen Architecture 2013
Mr Jack McGurran Combined Honours 2013
Mr Dominic Gerard Lillie Lillie Accounting and Finance 2013
Miss Alice Lower Lower Combined Honours 2013
Miss Elizabeth Gerrard Gerrard Combined Honours 2013
Miss Georgia Weaser Weaser Combined Honours 2013
Mr Joshua William Behrendt Behrendt Accounting and Finance 2013
Mr Adam Daniel Jones Jones Business Studs w Year in Industry 2013
Miss Jingjing Ma Ma International Business 2013
Miss Lisa-Marie Machin Machin Combined Honours 2013
Mr Iain Coulston Coulston International Business 2013
Mr Matthew Guy Mason Mason International Business 2013
Mr Charles Eccleston Eccleston Business Studies 2013
Mr George Alexander Thompson Thompson Economics 2013
Miss Kimberley Ruth Holden Holden Combined Honours 2013
Miss Amy Sadler Sadler Business Studies 2013
Miss Marina Celine Cook Cook Combined Honours 2013
Miss Mary Theresa Abberton Combined Honours 2013
Miss Danielle Louise Steggles Combined Honours 2013
Mr David James Boothroyd Combined Honours 2013
Mr Richard Thelwell Thelwell Business Economics 2013
Mr Ciaran Michael Hanrahan Hanrahan International Business 2013
Mr Joshua Jackson Jackson Business Economics 2013
Mr Adam Marshall Marshall Business Economics 2013
Miss Laura Mansford Mansford Combined Honours 2013
Mr Conor Shiels Shiels Combined Honours 2013
Mr Sam Reffitt Reffitt International Business 2013
Mr Andrew David Gough Gough Combined Honours 2013
Mr Karol Janowski Janowski Business Economics 2013
Mr Laurence Hofmeister Hofmeister Economics 2013
Miss Irene Moucarry Moucarry Combined Honours 2013
Miss Charlotte Ann Turner Turner International Business 2013
Miss Yinghe Chen Chen Accounting and Finance 2013
Mr Anthony Conlon Business & Politics 2013
Miss Jade Lu Lu Combined Honours 2013
Miss Shanshan Han Han Accounting and Finance 2013
Miss Zhonghui Tao Tao Accounting and Finance 2013
Miss Wenjiao Wu Wu Accounting and Finance 2013
Miss Ping Qiu Qiu Accounting and Finance 2013
Mr Hanjun Wu Wu Marketing 2013
Mr Fei Peng Peng Economics 2013
Miss Lian Zhang zhang Accounting and Finance 2013
Mr Juefan Wu Wu Economics 2013
Miss Can Liu Liu Accounting and Finance 2013
Miss Yvonne Elizabeth Forrest Forrest Mathematics 2013
Mr Samuel Ablitt Ablitt Physics 2013
Mr Robert Pomohaci Pomohaci Astrophysics 2013
Mr Thomas Michael Whipp Whipp Chem with Research in Industry 2013
Mr Joshua Elliott Mitchell Mitchell Mathematics 2013
Miss Rebecca Ann Roberts Roberts Chemistry 2013
Mr Matthew Adam Curtis Curtis Physics for New Technology 2013
Miss Alice Parry Parry Chem with Research in Industry 2013
Mr Ryan Stephen Moore Moore Astrophysics 2013
Mr Liam Thomas Martin Martin Chemistry 2013
Mr Leo John Saffin Saffin Astrophysics 2013
Miss Jessica Amy Biggins Biggins Mathematics 2013
Miss Peggy Sweeney Sweeney Physics 2013
Mr Ben Langford Langford Physics for New Technology 2013
Ms Adau Bior Ajang Ajang Mathematical Sci With Eur Lang 2013
Mr Andrew Gordon Gordon Chemistry 2013
Mr Sean Andrew Heggarty Heggarty Mathematics 2013
Miss Ellen Sarah Phillips Phillips Mathematics 2013
Mr Jonathan Edward Cook Cook Mathematics with Management 2013
Miss Alexandra Davies Davies Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Jeremiah Suffolk Suffolk Mathematics 2013
Mr Lewis Hughes Hughes Mathematics 2013
Mr Declan Little Mathematics 2013
Mr Elliot Jones Jones Mathematics 2013
Mr Thomas Banks Banks Mathematics 2013
Mr Glyn Brooke Mathematics 2013
Mr Liam Michael Shropshire-Fanning Shropshire-Fanning Physics 2013
Mr Bryn Jones Jones Chemistry 2013
Mr Zeming Shan Shan Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Yi Wu Wu Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Xinhao Zheng Zheng Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Jingsong Huang Huang Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Jiahe Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2013
Miss Shiyang Tang Tang Mathematics with Finance 2013
Miss Zhan Liao Liao Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Yiwei Ma Ma Mathematics with Finance 2013
Miss Yue Zhao Zhao Mathematics with Finance 2013
Miss Yi Shi Shi Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Bofei Jiang Jiang Mathematics with Finance 2013
Mr Daniel Paul Gaskell Gaskell Pure Mathematics 2013
Mr Richard James Dowling Dowling Civil Engineering 2013
Mr Anthony James Wilson Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Phillip Charles Rushforth Rushforth Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Samuel Richard Spencer Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Charlie Mclaren Bruce Materials Science 2013
Mr Ehsan Gerami Civil & Structural Engineering 2013
Mr David Rhys Phillips Phillips Aerospace Engineering 2013
Dr Shuo Shang Shang Engineering 2013
Mr Michael Anthony Phillip Deaville Deaville Mechanical Engineering 2013
Dr Mohamad Zaki Hassan Hassan Engineering 2013
Mr Philip Rushton Rushton Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Andrew Martyn Peter Killick Killick Electronics 2013
Miss Rachel Dawn Grange Grange Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2013
Mr Siwei Li Li Product Design & Management 2013
Mr Robert Vivian Clayton Clayton Civil Engineering 2013
Miss Grace Clarke Clarke Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Michal Bartosz Bartosz Computer Science 2013
Mr Edward Canner Canner Civil Engineering 2013
Mr Vishal Pankhania Pankhania Computer Information Systems 2013
Mr Ellis James Carter Carter Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Gerard Nketiah Owusu Owusu Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Peter Gatens Gatens Computer Science 2013
Mr James Michael Alsop Alsop Civil Engineering 2013
Mr Philip Crilly Crilly Engineering 2013
Mr Brian Riley O'Neill O'Neill Civil Engineering 2013
Mr Christopher Wilson Wilson Engineering w Product Design 2013
Mr Lloyd Dutton Dutton Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Stephen O'Brien O'Brien Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Jamie Lucas Lucas Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Mr Elzein Hashim Abdelrazig Elzein Elzein Maritime Civil Engineering 2013
Mr Chao Wang Wang Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Miss Mariam Palekar Palekar Electronic & Communication Engineering 2013
Mr Samarth Rajan Rajan Mechatronics & Robotic Systems 2013
Mr Thomas Power Power Computer Information Systems 2013
Miss Xia Cui Cui Internet Computing 2013
Mr Yatin Rana Rana Mechanical Eng with Management 2013
Mr Ashley Ferguson Pullen Pullen Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Omar El Kaseh Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Mr Lee Michael Barnes Barnes Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2013
Dr Samer Omar Abdulluh Nofal Nofal Computer Science 2013
Mr Daniel Patrick Lehane Lehane Information Technology 2013
Mr George Smith Smith Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Oluyemi Olaoluwa Jegede Jegede Mechanical Engineering 2013
Mr Wencan Wang Wang e-Finance 2013
Mr William Coyt Jackson Jackson Information Technology 2013
Mr Gang Liu Liu Mechanical Engineering 2013
Miss Siti Nur Musfirah Binti Haji Mustafa Hj Mustafa Aerospace Engineering 2013
Mr Yuxuan Huang Huang Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Mr Ran Zhu Zhu Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Mr Yuhang Shi Shi Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Miss Siqi Xia Xia Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2013
Mr Bowen Guo Guo Electrical Engineering 2013
Mr Xinpei Jiang Jiang Electrical Engineering 2013
Mr Patrick Grier Urban Regeneration & Planning 2013
Mr Samuel Glen Gallop Gallop Geography 2013
Mr Nathan Lomas Lomas Geography 2013
Miss Sophie Benwell Benwell Geography 2013
Miss Bethany McQue McQue Geography 2013
Mr Daniel Peacock Peacock Geography 2013
Miss Jie Xue Xue Urban Regeneration & Planning 2013
Miss Junyao Zhang Zhang Urban Regeneration & Planning 2013
Miss Bowen Gao Gao Environment & Planning 2013
Dr Simon David Lawrance-Owen Lawrance-Owen Medicine 2013
Dr Subathra Anoma Sivanandan Medicine 2013
Dr Joy Greenwood Medicine 2013
Dr Alexa Jane Croffey Croffey Medicine 2013
Dr Chi Hong Tse Medicine 2013
Dr Salam Mohammed Fahad Fahad Medicine 2013
Mr John Lister Duthie Duthie Dentistry 2013
Dr Krish Shainthan Kulendran Kulendran Medicine 2013
Dr Adam Marnell Medicine 2013
Dr Thomas Jamieson Jamieson Medicine 2013
Dr Lulwah AlMatooq Al-Matouq Medicine 2013
Dr Benjamin Thomas Corrin Corrin Medicine 2013
Dr Fayez Almari Medicine 2013
Dr Angela Dusabe Semana Semana Medicine 2013
Miss Rebecca Alexandra Cowley Cowley Dentistry 2013
Dr Lamisha Patel Medicine 2013
Dr Matthew Milroy Medicine 2013
Miss Saranjit Patter Dentistry 2013
Dr Claudia Maria Gunga Gunga Medicine 2013
Dr Roland John King King Medicine 2013
Dr Richard Patrick John Murphy Murphy Medicine 2013
Dr Sherrie Danielle Samuels Samuels Medicine 2013
Dr Christopher Murphy Murphy Medicine 2013
Dr Thomas William Naylor Naylor Medicine 2013
Miss Japarsh Gill Gill Dentistry 2013
Dr Megan Alison French French Medicine 2013
Dr Simon Neil Williams Williams Medicine 2013
Dr Henry Luff Luff Medicine 2013
Dr Kathrin Anna Hofert Hofert Medicine 2013
Dr Reham Jusub Medicine 2013
Dr Thomas Edward Barry Wright Wright Medicine 2013
Dr Matthew Daniel Denham Denham Medicine 2013
Dr Kamran Baig Baig Medicine 2013
Dr Catherine Mary Harvey Harvey Medicine 2013
Dr Omar Hayyat Khan Khan Medicine 2013
Dr Rebecca Louise Sainsbury Sainsbury Medicine 2013
Miss Jaspreet Gakhal Gakhal Dentistry 2013
Dr Rebecca Ellen Dodson Dodson Medicine 2013
Dr David Nield Nield Medicine 2013
Dr James Masters Masters Medicine 2013
Dr Garr Dao Zhou Zhou Medicine 2013
Dr Jennifer Chell Chell Medicine 2013
Dr Daniel Mulholland Mulholland Medicine 2013
Dr Thomas Alexander Newton Newton Medicine 2013
Dr Joshua Michael Clements Clements Medicine 2013
Dr Thomas Edward Conley Conley Medicine 2013
Dr Jessie Chee Cheng Cheong Cheong Medicine 2013
Dr Kerrie McCann McCann Medicine 2013
Dr Rebecca Marie Crease Crease Medicine 2013
Dr Anne Haddick Haddick Medicine 2013
Dr Michael Jones Jones Medicine 2013
Dr Maysoon Badrideen Badrideen Medicine 2013
Dr Laura Amy Surgenor Surgenor Medicine 2013
Dr Syeda Rafia Ali Ali Medicine 2013
Dr Hannah Morrow Morrow Medicine 2013
Dr Emily Clare Dodds Dodds Medicine 2013
Dr Rebecca Ennis Burnham Medicine 2013
Dr Jinshan Zhang Computer Science 2013
Miss Lei Jin Civil Engineering 2013
Dr Kirsty Ann Kemmett Kemmett Veterinary Pathology 2013
Miss Roise Connolly Connolly Law, Medicine & Health Care 2013
Dr Jan Thomas Haywood SACE 2013
Mr Qijing Zhao Zhao Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Dr Catrin Huws Jones Jones Humanitarian Studies 2013
Ms Alexandra Fairfull Clinical Psychology 2013
Mr Vanny Soeun Soeun Information Technology 2013
Mr Anthony Drew Drew Business Administration 2013
Miss Catherine Malone Clinical Psychology 2013
Mr Daniel Jones Jones Economics 2013
Mr Andrew Hall Hall Economics 2013
Miss Leilei Jia Jia Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Miss Xiaolin Qi Finance 2013
Mr Yaoxing Shen Shen Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Miss Wei Jin Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Ms Chao Hao Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Mr Daniel Cahill Sustain Civil Eng (Structural) 2013
Miss Cong Yin Financial Mathematics 2013
Dr Colin McQuillan Mcquillan Computer Science 2013
Ms Deepa Theethan Aerospace & Mechanical Systems Engineering 2013
Mr Jixiong Song Song Microelectronic Systems 2013
Miss Liuyi Chen Civic Design 2013
Mr Chun Yin Pang Pang Computer Science 2013
Miss Jie Wang Advanced Engineering Materials 2013
Miss Yiming Hu International Business 2013
Ms Yang Lu Lu Human Resource Management 2013
Ms Tingting Zheng Zheng Consumer Marketing 2013
Mr Ming Yin International Business 2013
Miss Dandan Wang International Business 2013
Mr Ya Zhou Zhou Consumer Marketing 2013
Mr Xuxin Qi Qi Consumer Marketing 2013
Miss Ziqian Wang Consumer Marketing 2013
Mr Xiaolong Wu Human Resource Management 2013
Miss Xiyang Lu Lv International Business 2013
Miss Yanyan Wang Human Resource Management 2013
Mr Ningning Shi Shi Management 2013
Mr Binpeng Li International Business 2013
Mr Lixiang Hu Lixiang Consumer Marketing 2013
Miss Shunqi Gu Gu Consumer Marketing 2013
Ms Sarah Angela Rice Research Method-Population St 2013
Miss Heather Ann Piggott Piggott Research Method-Population St 2013
Miss Amohelang Patricia Lebona Lebona Sociology & Social Policy 2013
Mrs Emma Jane Gibbons Reading in Practice 2013
Mr Emmanuel Ememonye Okolotu Okolotu Law 2013
Ms Qianmei Lin Applied Linguistics 2013
Ms Laura Grace Giles Archives & Record Management 2013
Miss Fangru Lin International Business Law 2013
Ms Rebecca Anne Hitchmough Research Method-Sociology 2013
Mrs Natalie Kirstin Whittaker Bork Bork Clinical Psychology 2013
Dr Lisa Tang Tang Clinical Sciences 2013
Mr Hetan Harji Ajwani Clinical Sciences 2013
Dr Katherine Louise Bishop Bishop Clinical Sciences 2013
Dr Samuel Green Green Biomed Sci & Translational Med 2013
Dr Bahij Al-Hakim Al-Hakim Clinical Sciences 2013
Mr Matthew Elliott Elliott Biochemistry 2013
Miss Eleanor Frances Gray Clinical Psychology 2013
Miss Zhi Ling Tropical & Infectious Diseases 2013
Miss Holly Louise Davies Nursing 2013
Mr Benjamin Alyoshkin Alyoshkin Veterinary Science 2013
Dr Georgina Lucy Race Humanitarian Studies 2013
Mr John Benedict Edson Philosophy 2013
Miss Catherine Ann Priest Archives & Record Management 2013
Dr Mattea Margaret Hannah Clarke Public Health 2013
Miss Heidi Kaniok Kaniok Veterinary Science 2013
Mr Benjamin Kingsley Payne Payne Veterinary Science 2013
Ms Katy Saide Biomed Sci & Translational Med 2013
Dr Stephanie Joy Raybould Raybould Humanitarian Studies 2013
Miss Sarah Anne Martindale Mol Biol of Parasit & Dis Vect 2013
Miss Hannah Abigail Nelson Nelson Clinical Psychology 2013
Mr Joseph Zeguer Zeguer Biomed Sci & Translational Med 2013
Miss Ashleigh Melia Melia Law 2013
Miss Sophie Frances Childs Childs Nursing 2013
Miss Emma Louise Costigan Costigan Nursing 2013
Ms Rumesa Akmal Public Health 2013
Jason Alli Internat Accounting & Finance 2013
Lee Clements Business Administration 2013
Chinyere Emetu-Awa Public Health 2013
Ahmed Gamal Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2013
Analia Van Dyck Public Health 2013
Ms Dionne Dookhran Internat Accounting & Finance 2013
Tuty Julfa Financial Mathematics 2013
Ms Ka-Chun Liu Civic Design 2013
Baorong Liang Accounting 2013
Wei Zou Accounting 2013
Mr Fang Chi Cheng Marketing 2013
Mr Christian Ng Ping Cheun Marketing 2013
Yijun Hao Information Management & Information System 2013
Yishu Tang Information Management & Information System 2013
Ms Donshia Evans Information Management & Information System 2013
Mr Yu-Hsiang Lien Information & Computing Science 2013
Xiyin Liu English and Finance 2013
Mr Chi Zhang Economics 2013
Shunan Yu Financial Mathematics 2013
Wen Duan Financial Mathematics 2013
Miss Lu Zhang Financial Mathematics 2013
Miss Mengbing Sun Financial Mathematics 2013
Zhuowei Miao Financial Mathematics 2013
Yanan Zhang Financial Mathematics 2013
Weihan Zhang Financial Mathematics 2013
Mr Warren Glynn Richards Law 2013
Mr Matthew Paul Elliot Business Administration 2013