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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Benjamin Coles Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Rhiannah Jill de Carteret De Carteret Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Charlotte Mary Scott Inness Inness Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Emma-Louise Karen Akers Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Helen Nicola Price Price Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Mohammad Kahil Business Administration 2012
Miss Elizabeth Kimberly Tweddle Health Sciences 2012
Dr Adam Paul Lightfoot Pathophysiology 2012
Mr Yakob Hatami Business Administration 2012
Mr William Litchfield Project Management 2012
Mr Matthew Roberts Philosophy & French 2012
Miss Imogen Kate Brownlow Philosophy 2012
Mr Mitchell Platt Law 2012
Mr Thomas Edward Pritchard Pritchard Geography 2012
Dr Narges Aleyaasin Medicine 2012
Mr Thomas Anthony Martin Connell Hispanic Studies 2012
Miss Kirpal Kaur Basra Orthoptics 2012
Miss Hannah Francesca Sharp Sharp Psychology 2012
Miss Samantha Sullivan Harris Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Amy Victoria Howard Howard Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Sarah Rosalind Crawford Crawford Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Hannah Murray French & Hispanic Studies 2012
Mr James Lewis Parton Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Heather Margaret Holden Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Matthew Ross Lintern Geophysics (Physics) 2012
Miss Rebecca Dobinson Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Hannah Clare Sallabank Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Matthew Stuart Flavell Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Laura Elizabeth Morgan Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Catherine Anne Friel Friel Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Joseph Higgins Higgins Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Lucy Jane Gernon Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Stephanie Marr Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Emma-Gael Cole Cole Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Rebecca Helen Fairbairn Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Nicola Jayne Mather Veterinary Science 2012
Dr Robert Mikecz Geography 2012
Miss Katie Alice Gorton Gorton Veterinary Science 2012
Dr Gregg Alexander John Milligan Ecology & Environment 2012
Miss Leanne Elizabeth Forde Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Charlotte Jade Bradbury Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Nia Elisabeth Glyn Glyn Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Kathryn Mary Henderson Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Laura Elizabeth Kaye Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Gareth William Parry Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Sian Curtis Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Ross Meachin Meachin Urban Regeneration & Planning 2012
Mr Christopher James Fairchild Fairchild Town & Regional Planning 2012
Miss Julia Elizabeth Bell Bell Bioveterinary Science 2012
Dr John Paul Cummings Cummings Earth Sciences 2012
Mr Daniel Miles Marks Marks Geology 2012
Miss Anna Jacqueline Walby Walby Bioveterinary Science 2012
Miss Rachel Ann Lingard Lingard Ecology & Environment 2012
Miss Claire Martha Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Geography 2012
Dr Katherine Nisbet Earth Sciences 2012
Dr Samantha Jane Westgate Musculoskeletal Biol(Vet) 2012
Mr Liam Dennis Holt Holt Geology 2012
Miss Stephanie Jane Fox Fox Veterinary Science 2012
Mr Jon Woodward Woodward Town & Regional Planning 2012
Miss Leanne Catherine Cathers Cathers Bioveterinary Science 2012
Mr Kevin McLaughlin McLaughlin Town & Regional Planning 2012
Mr Andrew Adam Janes Hogg Hogg Town & Regional Planning 2012
Mr Adam Robert Dodd Dodd Geography 2012
Mr Alexander Grant Geography 2012
Miss Katrina Blair Blair Geography 2012
Miss Natasha Snowden Snowden Marine Biology 2012
Miss Laura Drury Drury Bioveterinary Science 2012
Mr John-Daniel Willsher Willsher Bioveterinary Science 2012
Mr Adam Sahinbas Sahinbas Geology 2012
Mr Thomas Scott Scott Geography 2012
Miss Imogen Ellen Ellsworth Race Race Geography 2012
Miss Michelle Matthews Matthews Geography 2012
Miss Carys Claffey Claffey Geography 2012
Ms Dk Rabiatuladawiyah Binti Pg Omarali Geophysics (Geology) 2012
Miss Rasidah Damayanti Binti Haji Daniel Alexander Iskandar Zulkarnain Daniel Alexander Geophysics (Geology) 2012
Mr Timothy John Lomas Geography 2012
Miss Georgina Charlotte Alicia Creer Creer Comparative American Studies 2012
Mr Christopher Fontaine Phillips Modern History & Politics 2012
Mr Jamie Leaney Gerred-Hart Business Studies & German 2012
Dr Charlotte Elizabeth Harrison Swire History 2012
Mr Simon Christopher Crowder Business Studies & Hispanic St 2012
Miss Jade Ione Hughes Hughes Irish Studies & English 2012
Mr Curtis Dingley English & French 2012
Miss Chloe Alexandra Smith French/Communication Studies 2012
Mr Nicholas Bradley Economic & Social History 2012
Miss Sarah Bell Bell Business Studies & Hispanic St 2012
Miss Suzanna White White Evolutionary Anthropology 2012
Miss Sian Louise Holmes Holmes Modern European Languages 2012
Mr Ivor Alexander Charl Colson Classical Studies 2012
Miss Rachel Louise Barry Barry French & Hispanic Studies 2012
Mr Isaac James Ward Ward French/Communication Studies 2012
Mr Ben Mitchinson Mitchinson Business Studies & Hispanic St 2012
Miss Hannah Kay Booth Booth Latin American & Hispanic Stds 2012
Mr Timothy George Gilbert Modern European Languages 2012
Miss Megan Loughlin Loughlin Modern European Languages 2012
Miss Isabel Sarah Horton English & French 2012
Mr Matthew Daniel Daniel Modern History & Politics 2012
Miss Kelsie Adams Modern European Languages 2012
Miss Jennifer Louise Dodd Dodd Oriental Studies (Egyptology) 2012
Mr Nicholas Paul Tate Tate Irish Studies & Politics 2012
Miss Jennifer Louise Morris Morris Classical Studies 2012
Mr Jack Cunningham Cunningham Modern History & Politics 2012
Miss Caoimhe Mc Dermott Mc Dermott French & Hispanic Studies 2012
Miss Anna McCaul McCaul History 2012
Miss Rosanna Frances Gillespie Gillespie History 2012
Miss Helen Ruth Rutley Rutley French & German 2012
Miss Georgina Rosanne Quinn Quinn French/Communication Studies 2012
Miss Sophie Heathcote Heathcote Comparative American Studies 2012
Mr Seth Alistair Cooke Price Archaeology 2012
Mr Morgan Alan William Tarr Tarr History 2012
Miss Hannah Kate Davies Davies Business Studies & French 2012
Miss Rachael Kenyon Kenyon Modern History & Politics 2012
Miss Hannah Victoria Barron Barron Film Stds(European)& Mod Lang 2012
Miss Aoife Catherine O'Kane Irish Studies & English 2012
Miss Katharine Florentina Toke-Nichols Toke-Nichols Archaeology 2012
Dr Rebecca Susan Jones Jones Zoology 2012
Miss Sophie Amanda Peacock Peacock Physiology 2012
Miss Amy McDowell Physiology 2012
Miss Charlotte Grace Jones Jones History 2012
Miss Emma Rotheram Life Science appl to Medicine 2012
Mr Balawal Rehman Pharmacology 2012
Mr Daniel Owen Bruce Bruce Pharmacology 2012
Miss Moira Rose Stanley Stanley Physiology 2012
Miss Emma Braddock Braddock History 2012
Miss Rhianwyn Howard Zoology 2012
Miss Rivka Anne Marks-Maran Biochemistry 2012
Mr Peter Lucas Lucas Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Sarah Kenny Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Christopher Russell Cocker Cocker Biochemistry 2012
Mr Joshua Bailey Bailey Anatomy & Human Biology 2012
Miss Grace Mary Roche Roche Modern History & Politics 2012
Mr Kevin Betts Betts History 2012
Miss Emily Iliadis Iliadis Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Eve Russell Russell Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Claire Hart Anatomy & Human Biology 2012
Miss Jessica Louise Slater Slater Physiology 2012
Miss Klaudia Anna Kaczmarek Kaczmarek Pharmacology 2012
Mr Charles Edward Littledale Littledale Tropical Disease Biology 2012
Miss Orla Mc Cone Mc Cone Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Rachael Kelly Kelly Microbiology 2012
Miss Florence Maughan Irish Studies & History 2012
Mr Lewis Williams Economic & Social History 2012
Mr James Alexander Cookson Cookson Life Science appl to Medicine 2012
Miss Janvi Thaker Thaker Genetics 2012
Miss Laura Jane Drury Drury Egyptian Archaeology 2012
Mr Robin Hardiman Hardiman Life Science appl to Medicine 2012
Mr James Macdougall Macdougall History 2012
Miss Ameeka Louise Thompson Tropical Medicine 2012
Miss Rosie Victoria Clemson Clemson Classical Studies 2012
Dr Jasper Miles Miles Modern History & Politics 2012
Mr Michael Froggatt Froggatt Economic & Social History 2012
Mr Robert Rowe Rowe Economic & Social History 2012
Miss Miranda Fulbright Fulbright Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations 2012
Miss Jasmine Gemmell Mitchell Mitchell Modern History & Politics 2012
Mr Joshua Edward Ray Ray Economic & Social History 2012
Mr Yingpu Li Li Genetics 2012
Mr Aaron Wheatley Wheatley Archaeology 2012
Mr Jordan Lynn Lynn Comparative American Studies 2012
Mr Gem Sudipto Auddy Auddy Pharmacology 2012
Dr William Nicolas Shaw Shaw Anatomy & Human Biol(Intercalated) 2012
Dr Holly Jane Brown Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2012
Dr Thomas Brynes Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2012
Mr Shaun William Shankly Cooper Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Rachel Jayne Addison Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Francesca Louise Claire Everest Everest Biochemistry w yr Ind/Research 2012
Mr Graeme Ian Grindley Grindley Biological Sciences 2012
Dr Susan Elizabeth Beveridge Tropical Medicine 2012
Mr Michael Sean Jensen Jensen Law and Business 2012
Miss Nadine Silman Silman Microbiology 2012
Miss Abigail Brett Brett Biochemistry 2012
Miss Jodie Elizabeth Webb Webb Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Hannah Verity Potten Potten Law 2012
Mr Adam Bailey Bailey Politics 2012
Miss Adele Katie Janice Charters Law 2012
Miss Clemma Ashley McKay Law 2012
Miss Laura Jane Ghafoor Law 2012
Miss Rosalind Susannah Hackett Hackett Sociology 2012
Mr Benjamin Harling Eaves Eaves Law 2012
Miss Kanwal Jabeen Mahmood Mahmood Criminology & Sociology 2012
Mr Samuel Michael Hall Hall Politics 2012
Miss Francesca Chialton Chialton Criminology & Sociology 2012
Miss Laura Olivia Rogers Rogers Law 2012
Mr James Samuel Murphy Murphy Law 2012
Mr Richard Taylor Taylor Politics 2012
Mr Luca Clitheroe Clitheroe Law 2012
Miss Saadiya Yusuf Yusuf Law 2012
Miss Jaskeerat Sanghera Law 2012
Miss Hannah Griffin Sociology 2012
Miss Sumiyah Ilahi Ilahi Law 2012
Mr Liam Price Price Law 2012
Dr Jennifer Elizabeth Platt Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Megan Thomas Thomas Criminology & Sociology 2012
Miss Alexandra Mary Hearne Hearne Law 2012
Miss Harriet Willmore Willmore Law 2012
Mr James Edwin Floyd Politics 2012
Mr Sean James McNeilage McNeilage Zoology 2012
Mr Daniel John Bellerby Bellerby Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Hannah Jane Evans Evans Law 2012
Miss Samantha Hollex Hollex Politics 2012
Miss Laura Michele Stonier Stonier Law 2012
Miss Jennifer Grace Lister Lister Tropical Disease Biology 2012
Miss Lateefah Wainwright-Owoo Wainwright-Owoo Law 2012
Miss Victoria Grace Wilkinson Wilkinson International Politics & Policy 2012
Miss Naomi Goodman Goodman Physiology 2012
Mr John Kemp Kemp Law 2012
Miss Lauren Stephanie Oakes Oakes Sociology 2012
Mr Paul Kumeta Biochemistry w yr Ind/Research 2012
Miss Phoebe Wood Wood Criminology & Sociology 2012
Mr Oliver George Matuszynski Law and Business 2012
Mr Andrew Kirk Kirk Physiology 2012
Miss Katherine Margaret Steele Steele Pharmacology 2012
Mr Peregrin Jones Jones Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Luke Ryan Ryan Pharmacology 2012
Mr Thomas Francis Gilchrist Gilchrist Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Carys Louise Ripley Ripley Biological Sciences 2012
Miss Victoria Elizabeth Briggs Briggs Physiology 2012
Miss Grace Prior Prior Criminology & Sociology 2012
Mr Graham James Dawson Dawson Criminology & Sociology 2012
Miss Charlotte Hunter Hunter Criminology & Sociology 2012
Mr James Cox Cox Politics 2012
Mr Nicholas Oliver Oliver Criminology & Sociology 2012
Miss Deeksha Jagroop Namah Namah Law 2012
Mr Sven Kai Cornelssen Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Mr Yeron Sacha Duran De Alwis-Seneviratne Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Mr Hallan Lloyd Ebanks Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Miss Emily Moore Loyd Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Mr Thomas Ralph Shaw Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Ms Zara Raquel Yates Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Mr Joahvon Timothy Myles Law (Cayman Islands) 2012
Miss Charlotte Cooke Cooke Sociology 2012
Dr Lois Clare Holliday Holliday Child Health 2012
Dr Kanchan Kiran Palial Medicine.MSurg. 2012
Dr Riya Susan Raju Medicine.MSurg. 2012
Dr Gashirai Kimeon Michael Mbizvo Clinical Sciences 2012
Mr Christopher Terence Wooder Wooder Chemistry 2012
Mr Tom Christian Jellicoe Jellicoe Chemistry with Nanotechnology 2012
Mr Guy Edward Moore Moore Chemistry 2012
Miss Taylor Jane Ward Ward Chemistry 2012
Mr Bartosz Adamas Medicinal Chemistry 2012
Miss Kate Louise Milburn Chemistry 2012
Mr Douglas Young Young Physics 2012
Mr Paul McKeown McKeown Chemistry 2012
Dr Abeer Tariq Hammoudi Gastroenterology 2012
Mr Paul Connorton Connorton Mathematics 2012
Mr Qasim Mughal Mughal Mathematics 2012
Miss Alison Simmonds Simmonds Mathematics 2012
Mr Matthew Ashley Williams Williams Pure Mathematics 2012
Dr Seonaid Margaret Murray Surgery and Oncology 2012
Ms Sarah McDonald Bird Public Health 2012
Mr David Sion Williams Williams Mathematics with Finance 2012
Mr Kyle Jonathan Bacon Bacon Medicinal Chem w Pharmacology 2012
Mr Thomas Francis Nation Medicinal Chem w Pharmacology 2012
Miss Nan Lu Mathematics with Finance 2012
Dr Emily Rose Draper Chemistry 2012
Mr Daniel Cleary Chemistry 2012
Dr Rebekah Shallcross Pharmacology 2012
Miss Clare Maguire Mathematical Sci With Eur Lang 2012
Miss Nicola Joanna Parkins Parkins Astrophysics 2012
Mr Michael Hallard Hallard Mathematics 2012
Mr Simon Graeme Johnson Johnson Mathematics 2012
Dr Faviel Francisco Gonzalez Galarza Immunology 2012
Miss Sophie Bromilow Bromilow Chemistry 2012
Ms Griselda Loza Diaz Loza Diaz Clinical Research 2012
Miss Louise Ann Platt Mathematics 2012
Miss Naomi Van Beirendonck Van Beirendonck Chemistry 2012
Mr Fangyi Chen Chen Mathematics with Finance 2012
Miss Emily Marshall Marshall Physics 2012
Miss Elizabeth Alison Asken Asken Mathematics with Finance 2012
Miss Mengying Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2012
Mr John Edward Mason Chemistry 2012
Miss Cara-Jane Goodchild Goodchild Mathematical Physics 2012
Mr Sam Lythgoe Lythgoe Mathematics 2012
Mr Matthew Kenningley Kenningley Mathematics with Finance 2012
Ms Lixiang Liu Mathematics with Finance 2012
Mr Zheyuan Zhang Zhang Mathematics with Finance 2012
Ms Ming Ma Mathematics with Finance 2012
Mr Usman Anwar Sajjad Physiology 2012
Dr Jun Qiu Management Studies 2012
Mr Maurice Peter Kagimu Kagimu Business Administration 2012
Ms Patricia Ingeborg Lynch Philosophy 2012
Mr Miao Xu Finance 2012
Mr Asim Pervaz Accounting and Finance 2012
Mr Sam Walker Walker Combined Honours 2012
Dr Linda Patricia O'Neill Psychology (Science) 2012
Mr Muhsin Ahmed Economics 2012
Mr Alexander Stephen Cousins Cousins Business Studies 2012
Mr Jonathan O'Reilly O'Reilly Combined Honours 2012
Miss Rachel Beverley Combined Honours 2012
Mr Robbie William Coyle Coyle Combined Honours 2012
Mr Sam Gibson Gibson Combined Honours 2012
Mr Jonathan Richard Foat Foat Business Studies 2012
Mr Nicholas Lowe Lowe Combined Honours 2012
Mr Ranjan Robert Joseph Waas Waas Business Economics 2012
Mr Miles Edward Vousden Vousden Business Studies 2012
Miss Julia Marie Bradley Bradley Combined Honours 2012
Mr William John Thomas Thomas Combined Honours 2012
Mr Samuel David Keeling Keeling Business Studies 2012
Miss Natasha Rose Cahill Cahill Human Resource Management 2012
Miss Stefanie Maria Sherlock Sherlock Combined Honours 2012
Miss Sarah Marie Tomkow Combined Honours 2012
Miss Justyna Dembowska Dembowska Combined Honours 2012
Mr Daniel Neary Neary Economics 2012
Miss Kirsty McKellar Combined Honours 2012
Miss Lydia Miriam Noor Noor Combined Honours 2012
Miss Anna Elisabeth Burns Burns Combined Honours 2012
Miss Sally Joanne Thompson Thompson Accounting and Finance 2012
Miss Sophie Elisabeth Charles Brett Combined Honours 2012
Mr Sean Chappell Combined Honours 2012
Mr Andrew Mark Ruscoe Combined Honours 2012
Miss Lauren Samantha Bruce Bruce Accounting and Finance 2012
Miss Yasmin Natalie Batchelor Business Studies 2012
Ms Louisa May Tomlin Business Studies 2012
Miss Shahana Naeem Sheikh Sheikh Accounting and Finance 2012
Ms Anna-Maria Przykuta Przykuta Business Studies 2012
Miss Clare Hansen Hansen Business Studies 2012
Mr Carl Rutherford Rutherford Economics 2012
Mr Simon Gardner Gardner Business Studies 2012
Miss Harriet Brady Brady Business Studies 2012
Mr Joseph Parham Accounting and Finance 2012
Mr Arian Kalantari Kalantari International Business 2012
Mr Jordan Byers Byers Business Studies 2012
Miss Anna Jane Godfrey Godfrey Marketing 2012
Mr Josh Oakes Oakes Economics 2012
Miss Jodie Keiana Davis Davis Combined Honours 2012
Miss Sarah Jane Cassidy Cassidy Accounting and Finance 2012
Mr David Lally Lally Business Studies 2012
Miss Salma Hanif Hanif Combined Honours 2012
Mr James Mclean Mclean Combined Honours 2012
Mr Dong Wang Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2012
Mr Andrew David Foster Business Administration 2012
Mr Oliver Young Business Studies 2012
Mr William Mendrek Mendrek Business Studies 2012
Miss Emily Rose Montague Montague Combined Honours 2012
Miss Oleksandra Fomichova Fomichova Business Studies 2012
Mr Arran Michael Scallion Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Graham Michael Parkinson Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Jack Alexander Newcombe Software Development 2012
Mr Anthony James Riley Civil & Structural Engineering 2012
Mr Lewis Paul Andrew Mullholland Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2012
Miss Lisa Rachael Laura Gough Gough Civil & Structural Engineering 2012
Mr Callum James Healey Healey Mechanical Engineering 2012
Mr Declan Samora McKenna McKenna Computer Science 2012
Mr Goran Sdiq Omer Hajipor Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Shu Rong Zhang Zhang Civil Engineering 2012
Dr Hussain Fadhel Hamdan Jaafar Hamdan Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2012
Miss Ffion Elen Jones Jones Aerospace Engineering 2012
Dr Jetinder Singh Engineering 2012
Mr Richard Anthony Francis Gurney Gurney Civil Engineering 2012
Miss Jessica Robinson Robinson Computing w Yr in Industry 2012
Mr Mouayiad Shebli Kermanshahi Kermanshahi Aerospace Engineering 2012
Mr Thomas Ashworth Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Thomas James Phillips Phillips Mechanical Engineering 2012
Mr James Edwards Edwards Civil & Structural Engineering 2012
Mr James Morgan Morgan Mechanical Engineering 2012
Mr Sebastian Paul Holt Holt Avionic Systems w Pilot Stds 2012
Mr Charles Henry Kirkman Kirkman Mechanical Engineering 2012
Mr Andreas Lardis Lardis Civil & Structural Engineering 2012
Mr Yuelong Hong Hong Internet Computing 2012
Mr Thomas William Jepson Jepson Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Shaun Andrew Hills Hills Information Systems Management 2012
Mr Joshua Pullin Pullin Computer Information Systems 2012
Mr Sam Cummings Cummings Internet Computing 2012
Mr Keith William MacDonald MacDonald Civil & Structural Engineering 2012
Mr Jared Leo Leo Computer Science 2012
Mr Mohamed Rasmie Mohamed Rasikim Mohamed Rasikim Mechatronics & Robotic Systems 2012
Mr YunHang Deng Deng Mechanical Engineering 2012
Mr Raymond Mark Leeman Information Technology 2012
Mr David Gerard Loftus Product Design & Management 2012
Ms Jian Yu e-Finance 2012
Mr Qinlong Li Li Electronics 2012
Mr Congkun Lin Lin Electronic Commerce Computing 2012
Mr Weike Sun Sun Artificial Intelligence 2012
Mr James Anthony Richardson Richardson English 2012
Dr Suzanne Leslie Heaton English 2012
Miss Katie Louise McEvoy Mcevoy Architecture 2012
Mr Tobias Frederick Gibaud English And Philosophy 2012
Miss Nicola Janice Rossiter Rossiter Music/Popular Music 2012
Miss Cherrol Pamela Lynch Lynch Communication & Business Studies 2012
Mr Gareth Richard Banton Banton Philosophy 2012
Miss Louisa Bridget Newman Newman Architecture 2012
Miss Hannah Brennan Brennan English 2012
Mr Daniel Parker Parker English & Communication Studies 2012
Mr Matthew Fraser Fraser Architecture 2012
Miss Laura Creed Creed English 2012
Miss Penny Hutchinson Hutchinson Politics & Communication Studies 2012
Miss Stephanie Roberts Roberts Architecture 2012
Mr Matthew John Roger Cutress Cutress Music/Popular Music 2012
Miss Lisa Marie McNicholas McNicholas English 2012
Miss Amy Davies Davies English & Communication Studies 2012
Miss Harriet Jane Orme Orme Communication & Business Studies 2012
Mr Thomas Storr Storr English 2012
Mr Mark Critchley Critchley English 2012
Mr Thomas James Powell Powell Architecture 2012
Mr Robert Edward Moore Moore Philosophy 2012
Miss Yumi Giles Giles Architecture 2012
Mr Josh Reed Reed English & Modern History 2012
Miss Sian Mary-Lee Lewis Lewis English 2012
Miss Megan Meleri Jones Jones Architecture 2012
Mr Christopher David Irvine Irvine Comm Media & Popular Music 2012
Miss Victoria Jackson Jackson English 2012
Mr Jeremy Woodcock Woodcock English 2012
Mr Edward Guy Hemmings Hemmings Architecture 2012
Miss Hannah-Louise Morris Morris Architecture 2012
Miss Anisa Abdo English 2012
Mr Jacob Hickey Hickey English 2012
Mr Ewen Sharpe Sharpe Communication & Business Studies 2012
Miss Meredith Nicola Dawson Dawson Architecture 2012
Mr Matthew James Burnett Burnett Architecture 2012
Miss Niamh Hogan Hogan English 2012
Miss Alison James James Popular Music 2012
Miss Maria-Cristina Banceanu Banceanu Architecture 2012
Mr Nicholas Milton Milton Architecture 2012
Mr Stuart Peachey Peachey Popular Music 2012
Mr Alastair James Clark Clark Philosophy 2012
Mr Joe Derrington Derrington Popular Music 2012
Mr Kristofer Frostick Frostick English 2012
Miss Georgina Upton Upton Popular Music 2012
Mr Austin Logan Logan Popular Music 2012
Mr Ye Seong Pee Architecture 2012
Miss Heather Carol Peters Architecture 2012
Dr Anna Teresa Fitzpatrick Medicine 2012
Miss Catherine Siobhan Caswell Caswell Dental Surgery 2012
Miss Emma Chamseghali Pourmahak Pourmahak Dentistry 2012
Dr Rebecca Louise Lund Medicine 2012
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Frances Broadbent Broadbent Dentistry 2012
Dr Michael Sharratt Medicine 2012
Dr Rameez Sheikh Medicine 2012
Dr Natalia Saad Alazzawi Medicine 2012
Miss Hayley Louise Leather Dentistry 2012
Dr Bence Nagy Medicine 2012
Dr Brendan McKenna McKenna Medicine 2012
Dr Samuel James Clark Medicine 2012
Miss Lauren Elizabeth Lloyd-Jones Dentistry 2012
Miss Chitra Jolly Dentistry 2012
Miss Allison Margaret Pearce Pearce Dentistry 2012
Dr Amy Elizabeth Al-Bayati Medicine 2012
Miss Gemma Louise Brunton Brunton Dentistry 2012
Dr Hannah Terefenko Bradbury Medicine 2012
Miss Alana Jennifer Davies Dental Surgery 2012
Miss Rebecca Wignall Wignall Dental Surgery 2012
Mr James Mead Mead Dentistry 2012
Dr Laura Madison Tarrier Tarrier Medicine 2012
Dr Kathryn Alexandra Ball Ball Medicine 2012
Dr Thishani Kaneswaran Medicine 2012
Miss Helene Schirmer Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2012
Mrs Toni Karmen Jones Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2012
Miss Brooke Jae Noble Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2012
Dr Fionnuala Mona Durrant Medicine 2012
Dr Heidi Maria Jones Medicine 2012
Dr Nicholas Oliver Wood Medicine 2012
Dr Sonia Kumari Bawa Medicine 2012
Dr Jenny Anne Pepper Medicine 2012
Dr Katherine Anne Herman Herman Medicine 2012
Dr India Nayanika Ramaiah Ramaiah Medicine 2012
Mr Ian James McKay McKay Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Dr Olivia Mary Bennett Medicine 2012
Miss Enya Saira Nawaz NA Occupational Therapy 2012
Dr Megan Elizabeth Lamb Medicine 2012
Dr Molly Kumar Kumar Medicine 2012
Dr Tom Peter Morris Medicine 2012
Dr Claire Louise Walters Medicine 2012
Dr Natalie Haidee Bell Bell Medicine 2012
Dr Punam Patel Medicine 2012
Dr Vickash Jankee Medicine 2012
Dr Sonia Reddy Nemakallu Nemakallu Medicine 2012
Dr Deepun Kumar Patel Medicine 2012
Dr Rebecca Vera Thompson Medicine 2012
Miss Rachel Elizabeth Callis Callis Psychology 2012
Miss Claire Elizabeth Pearson Pearson Psychology 2012
Miss Florence Helen Quinlan Dentistry 2012
Miss Harriet Clarke Clarke Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Jessica Newton Newton Psychology 2012
Dr Benjamin Edward Morris Morris Medicine 2012
Miss Natalie Claire Ruffell Ruffell Psychology 2012
Dr Sobia Maqbool Khan Khan Medicine 2012
Dr Thomas Baigent Medicine 2012
Dr Grace Elizabeth Cheyne Cheyne Medicine 2012
Dr Lauren Kate Walton Walton Medicine 2012
Miss Alice Louise Ward Ward Occupational Therapy 2012
Mr Mark Paul Stevens Stevens Physiotherapy 2012
Miss Kiera Butler Butler Physiotherapy 2012
Dr Numaera Sabir Medicine 2012
Miss Jodie Louise Rogers Rogers Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Isabelle Tremewan Tremewan Psychology 2012
Miss Claire Louise Handley Dentistry 2012
Mr Michael Carroll Carroll Psychology 2012
Dr James Alexander Cain Cain Medicine 2012
Dr Rhianne Elizabeth Edwards Medicine 2012
Dr Rhodri James Jenkins Medicine 2012
Mr David Anthony Smith Smith Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Rebecca Suzanne Hort-Atkinson Hort Psychology 2012
Dr Steffan Pierce Mc Dougall Mcdougall Medicine 2012
Miss Jane Elizabeth Oyston Oyston Psychology 2012
Dr Jamie David Howie Medicine 2012
Dr Alison Thorne Medicine 2012
Dr James Edward Hirst Medicine 2012
Mr Rohit Kumar Dentistry 2012
Dr Helen Lloyd Medicine 2012
Dr Lauren Emma McGarey McGarey Medicine 2012
Miss Ami Bickerstaffe Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Michelle Pitt Dentistry 2012
Miss Carla June Whale Whale Physiotherapy 2012
Dr Sarah Alexandra Smith Medicine 2012
Miss Karen Duda Duda Psychology 2012
Dr Suman Maddula Medicine 2012
Dr Jemma Louise Butler-Cain Butler Medicine 2012
Dr Kerry Anne O'Neill O'Neill Medicine 2012
Miss Emma Margaret Curran Curran Psychology 2012
Miss Kari-Anne Dale Lachlan Lachlan Dentistry 2012
Dr Helen Louise Prayle Prayle Medicine 2012
Miss Letitia Blaire Taylor Taylor Psychology 2012
Miss Amelia Clare Holford Occupational Therapy 2012
Mr Griffin Ashley Giliker Dentistry 2012
Dr Lauren Louise Elliott Medicine 2012
Mr Zeeshan Khan Dentistry 2012
Miss Stephanie Faye Hodgson Hodgson Psychology 2012
Mr Louis Alexander Robert Head Head Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Dr Philippa Jane Mourant Medicine 2012
Miss Alexandra Spooner Spooner Psychology 2012
Miss Chloe Anne Dixon Dixon Psychology 2012
Mr Jonathan Alan Pinkney Pinkney Physiotherapy 2012
Miss Lauren Maxey Maxey Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Georgia Elizabeth Mc Vittie Psychology 2012
Miss Laura Christine Scarisbrick Scarisbrick Psychology 2012
Miss Jessica Jane Roberts Roberts Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Dr Suyun Zhou Medicine 2012
Dr Olayinka Olateju Medicine 2012
Dr Samuel Philip Granger Granger Medicine 2012
Miss Rebecca Mcguinness Mcguinness Occupational Therapy 2012
Mrs Lisa McVey McVey Physiotherapy 2012
Miss Sarah Louise Mellor Mellor Psychology 2012
Miss Katie Anna Seville Psychology 2012
Miss Safiah Casooji Casooji Orthoptics 2012
Miss Elizabeth Anne Tungate Tungate Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Hollie Clayton Clayton Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Mr Matthew Dale Dale Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Katherine Haswell Physiotherapy 2012
Miss Emma Louise Ball Ball Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Laura Jayne Croucher Croucher Orthoptics 2012
Miss Claudia Tarbiat Tarbiat Psychology 2012
Miss Charlotte Shallcross Shallcross Psychology 2012
Mr Richard David Evans Evans Orthoptics 2012
Miss Lyndsey Anne Gainford Gainford Psychology 2012
Miss Ansa Jabeen Jabeen Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Aileen Owens Owens Orthoptics 2012
Mr Paul McCormick McCormick Psychology 2012
Mr Adam Jones Jones Psychology 2012
Mr Lewis Tattersall Baker Baker Psychology 2012
Miss Helen Williamson Williamson Psychology 2012
Miss Orla McMahon McMahon Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Briony Leggett Leggett Psychology 2012
Ms Yvonne Catherine Ritson Ritson Psychology 2012
Mr Raymond Healy Physiotherapy 2012
Ms Orna O'Halloran O'Halloran Orthoptics 2012
Miss Eleanor Ginn Ginn Occupational Therapy 2012
Miss Laura McMullen McMullen Radiotherapy 2012
Miss Jessica Sian Tilley Tilley Psychology 2012
Miss Jade Ambrose Ambrose Psychology 2012
Miss Kathryn Lindsey Fry Health Sciences 2012
Mr Marios Spindler Radiotherapy 2012
Miss Louise Dawn Ebbrell Ebbrell Psychology 2012
Ms Yifan Cao Cao English and Finance 2012
Miss Yan Zhu Zhu English and Finance 2012
Ms Jianhong Pei Pei English and International Business 2012
Ms Xu Qiu Qiu English and Finance 2012
Ms Shumeng Dong English and Finance 2012
Ms Zijun Xia English and Finance 2012
Miss Fan Zhou Zhou English and Finance 2012
Ms Zi Jin Jin Information Management & Information System 2012
Ms Qian Zhang Zhang English 2012
Ms Duan Wang Wang English 2012
Ms Meijuan Wang Wang English and Finance 2012
Mr Chiya Wang Wang Information Management & Information System 2012
Ms Wencheng Ma Ma Information Management & Information System 2012
Ms Xiaoran Liu Liu English 2012
Ms Xiao Liu Liu English 2012
Ms Tinghuan Wen Wen English 2012
Mr Lin Hou Hou English 2012
Miss Hsiang-Ning Chueh Chueh English 2012
Ms Haiyan Li Li English and Finance 2012
Mr Lei Wang Wang English 2012
Ms Xuemei Zhou Zhou English 2012
Ms Binhui Hao Hao English 2012
Ms Lei Wang Wang English 2012
Ms Xin Wang Wang Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Fuyuan Dai Dai Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Chao Zhang Zhang Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Mr Wenchao Hou Hou Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Shuai Lou Lou Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Mr Tairan Yi Yi Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yi He He Electronic Science and Technology 2012
Mr Fei Shen Shen Information & Computing Science 2012
Mr Haizhou Zhu Zhu Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Xuanzi Xia Xia Electrical Engineering 2012
Ms Yehan Xi Xi Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Ms Jing Yao Yao Electrical Engineering 2012
Ms Jingyi Zhang Zhang Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yiru Huang Huang Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Zixin Song Song Electronic Science and Technology 2012
Mr Jun Sun Sun Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Ms Yang Xia Xia Financial Mathematics 2012
Miss Yanxia Han Han Biological Sciences 2012
Ms Ye Shi Shi Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Shijie Yu Yu Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Junrui Wang Wang Financial Mathematics 2012
Miss Ruiqi Huang Huang Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Jun Gao Gao Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Xiaoyu Chen Chen Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yapei Wang Wang Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Shichuan Deng Deng Electrical Engineering 2012
Ms Nannan Su Su Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Tengfei Duan Duan Information & Computing Science 2012
Miss Qianqian Mou Mou Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Ximeng Yang Yang Financial Mathematics 2012
Miss Chi-yun Wu Wu Information & Computing Science 2012
Mr Xi Jin Jin Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Yang Zhao Zhao Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yunbo Zhang Zhang Electronic Science and Technology 2012
Ms Yanjun Jia Jia Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Yumeng Xiao Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yang Xu Xu Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Mr Kuan Chen Chen Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Bohai Li Li Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Hangcheng Qi Qi Information & Computing Science 2012
Mr Ziqiao An An Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Wenjie Guan Guan Information & Computing Science 2012
Ms Ya Gao Gao Biological Sciences 2012
Ms Pin Wang Wang Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Ming Ouyang Ouyang Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Mr Huan Bian Bian Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Yakun Ge Ge Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Ms Dingyi Yang Yang Biological Sciences 2012
Ms Jinhui Chen Chen Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Mr Tian Yang Yang Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Wei Liu Liu Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Tao Xu Xu Telecommunications Engineering 2012
Ms Xiaojun Wang Wang Biological Sciences 2012
Mr Yiyi Hu Hu Information & Computing Science 2012
Ms Xi Huang Huang Financial Mathematics 2012
Ms Lilian Dona Kein Dona Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Alex Amidulla Amidulla Geology 2012
Miss Sarah Bafarea Finance 2012
Ms Sian Beard McCall Veterinary Science 2012
Miss Jennifer Beardsall Civic Design 2012
Dr Kirsten Laurisse Besemer Besemer Geography 2012
Ms Zhi Bi Human Resource Management 2012
Mr Matthew John Blake Critical Incident Psychology 2012
Mr Matthew Benson Carver Archaeology 2012
Mr Alan Edward Chatburn Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2012
Mr Jingwei Chen Chen Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2012
Miss Ke Chen Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2012
Miss Anna Christopher Health Sciences 2012
Miss Jenifer Holly Daniels Daniels Combined Honours 2012
Mr Xin Du Du Management 2012
Mr Neal Caplin Politics & Mass Media 2012
Ms Julie Forrest Bovine Reproduction 2012
Miss Christine Donna Foster Health Sciences 2012
Mr Joseph Frederick Frederick Popular Music 2012
Dr Timothy Matthew Gilbert Clinical Sciences 2012
Miss Georgina Elizabeth Gous Investigative & Forensic Psychology 2012
Mr Yixiang Guo Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2012
Miss Rebecca Joy Haydock Victorian Literature 2012
Mr Roger William Hutchings Hutchings Information Technology 2012
Miss Tan Jiang Jiang Urban Regeneration & Mngt 2012
Mr Yu Jing Maritime Civil Engineering 2012
Mr Wisit Jiravimolkij Music Industry Studies 2012
Mr Samuel David Kirk Palaeoanthropology 2012
Ms Anudarshini Krishnasamy Business Administration 2012
Miss Amy Louise Lee Clinical Psychology 2012
Ms Yingqi Li Financial Mathematics 2012
Mr Hai Lin Architecture 2012
Mr Liang Liu Liu Consumer Marketing 2012
Miss Min Liu International Business 2012
Miss Anne Louise Lovejoy Archives & Record Management 2012
Miss Manhong Luo Finance 2012
Dr Ahmed Taha Mohammed Makki Surgery and Oncology 2012
Ms Nthatisi Makong International Management 2012
Mrs Sharon Margaret Marshall Jones Renaissance&18 Cent Literature 2012
Miss Siobhan Lisa Miller Miller Physiotherapy 2012
Ms Anne-Laure Millot Internat Relations & Security 2012
Mr Xiaodong Mu Aerospace & Mechanical Systems Engineering 2012
Miss Jing Mu Consumer Marketing 2012
Miss Lucy Nicholas Nicholas Diagnostic Radiography 2012
Miss Yuan Yuan Nie Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2012
Miss Caroline Rose Pinches Pinches Nursing 2012
Ms Sujia Qian Qian International Business 2012
Mr Wei Hong Rao Finance 2012
Miss Jie Ren Human Resource Management 2012
Mr Oliver Richard Sefton Clinical Psychology 2012
Miss Kerry Lynette Shaw Clinical Psychology 2012
Mr Lifan Shen Res Meth - Civic Design 2012
Mr Nan Si Civic Design 2012
Dr Matthew Ian Hamilton Smith Smith Engineering 2012
Miss Yang Tan Finance 2012
Mrs Hayley Anne Teshome Tesfaye Public Health 2012
Mr Craig Wakerley Music for Special Needs 2012
Miss Nan Wang Finance 2012
Miss Duo Wang e-Business Strategy & Systems 2012
Miss Xiaojing Wang Wang Management 2012
Miss Jia Wang Wang Human Resource Management 2012
Miss Qianqian Wei Music for Special Needs 2012
Miss Alison Ruth Winch Clinical Psychology 2012
Miss Xing Wu Wu Human Resource Management 2012
Mr Jian Xu Xu Management 2012
Miss Yiran Xu Xu Consumer Marketing 2012
Mr Zheheng Yan Yan Entrepreneurship 2012
Mr Jinhua Yang Yang Microelectronic Systems 2012
Miss Li Yuan Yin Management 2012
Dr Jianfei Yin Jianfei Architecture 2012
Mr Qijia You Product Design & Management 2012
Mr Yongzheng Yu Yu Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 2012
Mr Chao Yu Yu Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2012
Mr Ning Yuan Yuan International Business 2012
Dr Xiaotian Zhang Zhang Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2012
Mr Zuxun Zhang Advanced Engineering Materials 2012
Miss Liwen Zhang Zhang Consumer Marketing 2012
Miss Nan Zhang Entrepreneurship 2012
Miss Yaqian Zhang Zhang Entrepreneurship 2012
Mr Yue Zhang Management 2012
Miss Bo Zhu Zhu Management 2012
Miss Sijie Zhu Consumer Marketing 2012
Mr Yunnan Li Electrical Engineering and Automation 2012
Mr Jiyao Zhang Electrical Engineering and Automation 2012
Ms Jia'ning Song English and Finance 2012
Mr Chi Zhang Finance 2012
Miss Zhengzheng Mu Finance 2012
Mr Zetao Yang Finance 2012
Mr Ming-Chen Tsai Finance 2012
Mr Mustafa Aztopal Football Industries 2012