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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Matthew John Gavin Bradman Obesity & Endocrinology 2011
Dr Dhanya Mullassery Biological Sciences 2011
Mr Craig Jonathon Oliver Law and Business 2011
Dr Katherine Robinson Robinson Medicine 2011
Miss Samantha Dix Dix Ancient History & Archaeology 2011
Miss Theresa Emma Molloy Molloy Psychology 2011
Mr Alexander Asika Briggs Briggs Business Administration 2011
Mr Kevin Francis Hyslop Reid Reid Business Administration 2011
Mr Manuel Graft Graft Computer Security 2011
Miss Emily Joanne Hird Hird Combined Honours 2011
Miss Charlotte Louise Smith Combined Honours 2011
Miss Lucy-Anne Cross Law 2011
Mr Samuel David Lake Lake Geography 2011
Dr Zach Robbins Medicine 2011
Miss Nicola White White Zoology 2011
Miss Melissa Margaret Lawler Lawler Geography 2011
Miss Gabrielle Smith Smith English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Zoe Gill Gill English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Kerry Mather Mather Psychology 2011
Miss Sarah Lacey Lacey International Business 2011
Miss Jennifer Swann Astrophysics 2011
Mr Ashley Steed Dale Dale Aerospace Engineering 2011
Miss Leah Helen Magnall English And Philosophy 2011
Mr Meinir Gwen Thomas Thomas Sociology 2011
Dr Saritha Kappala Kalle Biological Sciences 2011
Miss Jessica Johnson Johnson Psychology 2011
Mr Andre Luiz Barbosa Ribeiro Ribeiro Business Administration 2011
Mr Andrew Williams Williams International Business 2011
Miss Sophie Beedell Business Studies 2011
Mr Adam Godfrey Mechanical Engineering 2011
Dr Sophia Lucia Deboick History 2011
Dr David Michael Banks Dentistry 2011
Miss Deveena Kaur Sahota Sahota Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Matthew John Stewart Stewart Business Administration 2011
Ms Jane Evans Evans Business Administration 2011
Mr Daniel Brown Brown English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Heather Joanne Rawcliffe Geology 2011
Miss Ley Theng Soon Law 2011
Miss Elinor Joyce Bagnall Bagnall Economic & Social History 2011
Miss Kirsten Louise Oakes Law 2011
Mr Patrick Robert Matthews Marketing 2011
Miss Shalene John Dentistry 2011
Miss Na Fan Fan Electronic Commerce Computing 2011
Mrs Dominika Agata Koltun-Davey Koltun Modern Language Studies 2011
Mr Simon Peter Holian Business Studies 2011
Dr Clint Lyle Heacock Philosophy 2011
Mr Andrew Edward Terence Nuttall Combined Honours 2011
Miss Fiona Mary Humphreys Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Simon Ian Yates Yates Economics 2011
Mr Edward Alexander Long International Business 2011
Mr Simon Charles Turner Turner Combined Honours 2011
Mr Kasim Javed Marketing 2011
Mr Harry David Cain Cain Business Economics 2011
Miss Deborah May Coan Coan Combined Honours 2011
Mr Benjamin Derek Andrew Illingworth Illingworth International Business 2011
Mr Daniel Eoin Carlisle Combined Honours 2011
Mr Michael Paul Curran Combined Honours 2011
Mr Adam James Stubbs International Business 2011
Miss Lisa Joanne Marshall Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Filip Krupa Accounting 2011
Miss Fiona Anne Swain Swain Marketing 2011
Mr Shay Daniel Mcmullan Rosenthal Rosenthal Combined Honours 2011
Miss Isabel Oriana Alexandra Allanwood Allanwood Combined Honours 2011
Miss Arlete Elisa Fernando Miguel Business Economics 2011
Miss Rachel Winter Winter Combined Honours 2011
Mr Jack Dominic Clementson Clementson Combined Honours 2011
Mr Mohammed Al-buainain Al-Buainain Accounting 2011
Miss Joke Lambers Lambers Combined Honours 2011
Miss Nanet Willumsen Combined Honours 2011
Miss Anna Whitaker Whitaker Combined Honours 2011
Mr Ali Hamad Al-Muhannadi Accounting 2011
Miss Hayley Mclean Mclean Marketing 2011
Mr Jonathan Andrew Clayton Clayton Combined Honours 2011
Mr Harry Collins Collins International Business 2011
Miss Alice Chowen Combined Honours 2011
Mr Tom Barcilon Barcilon Accounting 2011
Miss Jennifer Louise Dunn Dunn International Business 2011
Miss Sarah Ann Freeman Freeman Combined Honours 2011
Mr Dean Perry Perry Combined Honours 2011
Miss Sheena Chada Marketing 2011
Mr Laurynas Pilipavicius Pilipavicius Economics 2011
Mr Long Wu Wu International Business 2011
Mr Joe Peterson Business Studies 2011
Ms Alaa Mansour Ghouth e-Business Strategy & Systems 2011
Miss Helen Singleton Singleton Marketing 2011
Miss Jessica Clayton Clayton Combined Honours 2011
Mr Hung Vu Nguyen Nguyen Business Economics 2011
Miss Ruth Hannah Deborah Brewer Brewer Combined Honours 2011
Miss Maryam Mahmood Al-Jaidah Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Oluwaseun Ayomi Segun-ojo Segun-Ojo Finance 2011
Ms Barbara Wade Public Management 2011
Mr Xiao Ma Management 2011
Mr David Al Hilali Al Hilali Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2011
Mr Michael James Taylor Comp Sci & Electronic Eng 2011
Miss Eri Saito Kabaya Medical Electronics & Instrume 2011
Mr Malcolm William Mcmullen Mcmullen Computing w Yr in Industry 2011
Mr Martin David Chapman Internet Computing 2011
Mr Joseph Scott De Falco De Falco Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2011
Mr Richard Mark Gaunt Gaunt Computer Science 2011
Mr Munir Mohammedamin Sadiq Sadiq Electrical Engineering 2011
Mr Jon Asgeir Bjarnason Bjarnason Business Administration 2011
Mr Raage Deniz Deniz Esse Avionic Systems 2011
Mr Ibrahim Mansour H A Al-mannai Al-Mannai Electrical Engineering 2011
Mr Mohammed Ahmed M Q Al-Emadi Computer Science 2011
Mr James Ford Ford Computer Information Systems 2011
Ms Machiko Yoshida Information Technology 2011
Mr Daniel Banks Banks Software Development 2011
Mr Robert Williamson Williamson Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2011
Miss Jessica Brooks Brooks Computer Science 2011
Ms Zarin Buckingham Buckingham Business Administration 2011
Mr Michael Yerou Yerou Avionic Systems 2011
Mr Saleh Alsaleemi Alsaleemi Medical Electronics & Instrume 2011
Mr Roy Robert Wood Wood Software Development 2011
Mr Edgar Alexander Allanwood Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2011
Ms Caroline Elizabeth Jane Norman Business Administration 2011
Miss Bingyi Li Li Electronic Commerce Computing 2011
Dr Chao Zhang Zhang Electronic & Communication Engineering 2011
Mr Chen Du Du Software Development 2011
Mr Jiamin Li Li Electronic & Communication Engineering 2011
Mr Jianyang Ye Ye Electronic Commerce Computing 2011
Miss Jiao Tan Tan e-Finance 2011
Miss Meng Wang Wang Electronic Commerce Computing 2011
Miss Yuqian Zhao Zhao e-Finance 2011
Mr Zhiliang Li Li Internet Computing 2011
Mr Shun Zhang Zhang Software Development 2011
Miss Kate Elena Harrison Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Thomas William Righton Righton Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Clare Louise Gover Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Anna Kate Jones Jones Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Kathryn Elizabeth Cowley Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Mary Elizabeth Noon Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Rebecca Jane Pealing Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Emily Elizabeth Capes Capes Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Zoe Louise Allcock Allcock Marine Biology 2011
Miss Sarah Marie Long Long Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Mark Edward Waining Waining Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Carol Ruth Barrett Town & Regional Planning 2011
Miss Chelsea Jane O'reilly Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Sian Alice Bioletti Bioletti International Development 2011
Miss Sarah Bruce Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Joanne Elizabeth Forrest Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Michaela Mary Durbacz Animal Science 2011
Ms Kirsteen Ann Leake Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Lee Aaron Thwaites Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Emily Jane Sabin Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Louise Ellen Kenny Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Michelle Elaine Coward Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Abi Shrimpton Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Lester Harry Grant Grant Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Hamza Ibrahim Jamil Jamil Geography 2011
Miss Amy Louise Pemberton Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Lucy Hawley Town & Regional Planning 2011
Mr Jack William Murphy Town & Regional Planning 2011
Mr Matthew Robinson Bioveterinary Science 2011
Miss Maja Chadwick Chadwick Bioveterinary Science 2011
Mr Howard Nicholas Kellock Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Shona Caroline Dawson Dawson Geology & Geophysics 2011
Mr Christopher Andrew Wroe Wroe Geography 2011
Mr Jamie Mcgreevy Geology 2011
Mr Christopher James David Allen Allen Bioveterinary Science 2011
Miss Melanie Cross Geology & Physical Geography 2011
Mr Michael Thomas Maloney Geography 2011
Miss Nina Emanuela Krawczyk Town & Regional Planning 2011
Miss Claire Elizabeth Richardson Cukrowski Richardson Bioveterinary Science 2011
Dr Edward Damien Dempsey Earth Sciences 2011
Miss Victoria Natalie Wright Wright Ecology & Environment 2011
Mr Mohammed Hussain Almarzouq Al-Marzouq Geology 2011
Mr Khalid Falah Al-khaldi Geophysics (Geology) 2011
Mr Jamal Abdulqader Al-abdulqader Geology 2011
Mr Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-jaroudi Geophysics (Geology) 2011
Mr Turki Mohammed Bamarouf Geophysics (Geology) 2011
Miss Zoe Jay Stell Stell Geography for Management 2011
Mr David Charles Inman Inman Geography 2011
Miss Hayley Gillian Brobyn Bioveterinary Science 2011
Mr Matthew Hughes Hughes Ecology & Environment 2011
Miss Helen Sarah McWilliam McWilliam Maths With Ocean & Climate Stu 2011
Miss Sophie Harris Harris Geography 2011
Miss Catherine Margaret Hall Hall Geography 2011
Miss Lauren Hughes Hughes Geography for Management 2011
Miss Samira Azizi-torkanpour Azizi-Torkanpour International Development 2011
Mr Michael Scott Rhodes Rhodes Geography 2011
Mr Thomas Mark Harrison Harrison Geology & Physical Geography 2011
Miss Harriet Sarah Dolton Dolton Geography 2011
Miss Naidatul Arinah Salleh Salleh Geophysics (Physics) 2011
Mr Azree Ainul Hafiz Hjyunos HjYunos Geology 2011
Mr Charles Stephen James Cadby Fisher Geography 2011
Miss Harriet Elizabeth Gendall Gendall International Development 2011
Mr Hugo Edward Angus Wood Wood Geology 2011
Miss Clare Roslyn Lawry Lawry Geology 2011
Miss Amy Fay Sellers Edwards Edwards Geology & Physical Geography 2011
Miss Grace Louise Baddiley Geography 2011
Dr Lee Philip Benson Medicine 2011
Dr Clare Isabel Dutton Medicine 2011
Dr Stephanie Louise Toon Medicine 2011
Dr Keith Donald Green Medicine 2011
Dr Benjamin Sunkel-laing Medicine 2011
Dr Samuel Anthony Smith Medicine 2011
Dr Marion Frances Ashe Medicine 2011
Dr Laura Patricia Bubb Medicine 2011
Dr Natalie Clair Wood Medicine 2011
Dr Hollie Louise Dickinson Dickinson Medicine 2011
Dr Jennifer Ruth Sockett Sockett Medicine 2011
Dr Claudia Hannah Porteous Porteous Medicine 2011
Dr Hadeel Salam Nimaa Medicine 2011
Dr Michelle Ih Mei Nongbri Medicine 2011
Dr Andrew Cameron Henton Henton Medicine 2011
Dr John Paul Mullany Medicine 2011
Dr Lauren Elizabeth Ann Mullen Mullen Medicine 2011
Dr Charlotte Sarah Beeley Medicine 2011
Dr Stephanie Kim Taylor Taylor Medicine 2011
Dr Amanda Hui Fung Siew Medicine 2011
Dr Olivia Erin Beatrice Davies Davies Medicine 2011
Dr Zohaib Iqbal Medicine 2011
Dr Heba Madi Medicine 2011
Dr Zafar Mahmood Medicine 2011
Dr Shashi Singh Medicine 2011
Dr Darius Zeinali Medicine 2011
Dr Helen Francesca Stanworth Medicine 2011
Dr Laura Mckenzie Wark Medicine 2011
Mrs Louisa Duckmanton Hoyes Biomedical Sciences 2011
Dr Ben James Booth Medicine 2011
Dr Benjamin John O'Sullivan Medicine 2011
Dr Grainne Mckernan Medicine 2011
Dr Anna Louise Angotti Medicine 2011
Dr Michael Matar Medicine 2011
Dr Simon Murray Fairweather Fairweather Medicine 2011
Dr Philippa Wilson Wilson Medicine 2011
Dr Sehar Azim Medicine 2011
Dr Sam James Cunningham Cunningham Medicine 2011
Dr Joshua David Pilling Medicine 2011
Dr Hayley Samantha Webb Webb Medicine 2011
Dr Sunaya Helen Hirani Patel Medicine 2011
Dr Jessica Louise Macwilliam Medicine 2011
Dr Jennifer Amy Ramage Ramage Medicine 2011
Dr Claire Elizabeth Mathews Mathews Medicine 2011
Dr Christian Edward Longley Medicine 2011
Dr Samuel Alexander Funnell Funnell Medicine 2011
Dr Bethan Mary O'Brien Medicine 2011
Dr Cassandra Eileen Barrett Barrett Medicine 2011
Dr Leah Rebecca Walsh Medicine 2011
Dr Sarah Rathe Medicine 2011
Dr Rose Elizabeth Wainwright Medicine 2011
Dr Benjamin Zak Starmer Medicine 2011
Dr Christopher Robert Sparks Sparks Medicine 2011
Dr Sophie Rebecca Harding Medicine 2011
Dr Kathryn Amy Mallinson Medicine 2011
Dr Gregory Cross Cross Medicine 2011
Dr Razwana Tasneem Ahmed Ahmed Medicine 2011
Dr Gareth Martin Sheppard Sheppard Medicine 2011
Dr Hassan Saleem Medicine 2011
Dr Katie Louise Smith Medicine 2011
Dr Rehana Kausar Younis Medicine 2011
Dr Lucy Elizabeth Barr Medicine 2011
Dr Miriam Hart Medicine 2011
Dr Jessica Lynne Bowen Bowen Medicine 2011
Dr Alexandra Scrivens Medicine 2011
Dr Asia Bibi Medicine 2011
Dr Matthew John Roberts Medicine 2011
Dr Lauren Watson Medicine 2011
Dr Sidra Khan Medicine 2011
Dr Michael John Bradley Medicine 2011
Dr Matthew James Carroll Medicine 2011
Dr Caroline Maria Lewis Medicine 2011
Dr Syema Begum Medicine 2011
Dr Jade Myers Medicine 2011
Dr Caroline Emily Dover Medicine 2011
Dr Min Shan Chia Chia Medicine 2011
Dr Rupert Theo Cox Medicine 2011
Dr Sarah Helen Doherty Medicine 2011
Dr Stephanie Michail Medicine 2011
Dr Thomas Andrew Gordon Medicine 2011
Dr Anne-marie O'neill Medicine 2011
Dr Jessica Lucy Burke Medicine 2011
Dr Gareth Mark Dobson Medicine 2011
Dr Sarah Horton Medicine 2011
Dr Rachel Anne Lacey Medicine 2011
Dr Amit Mistry Medicine 2011
Mr Richard St Clair Tisdall Tisdall Public Health 2011
Mrs Clare Elise Ingham Balkeen Radiometrics Instrumentation & Modelling 2011
Mr Andrew James Wright Wright Mathematics 2011
Mr Robert Lee Mccarthy Mccarthy Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr John Gordon Green Green Mathematics 2011
Miss Emma Claire Donaghy Donaghy Medicinal Chemistry 2011
Dr Robert Purdy Mathematical Sciences 2011
Dr Kirk Waite Mathematical Sciences 2011
Miss Lyndsey Marie Vernon Chemistry 2011
Miss Victoria Louise Stoker Stoker Mathematics 2011
Miss Abhirami Danapathy Mathematical Sciences 2011
Mr Michael Anthony Boyle Chemistry 2011
Dr Erwan Faoucher Chemistry 2011
Mr Dieter Charles Terjung Maths & Comp Sci 2011
Miss Catherine Lester Chemistry 2011
Miss Kar Mun Lum Medicinal Chemistry 2011
Mr Christopher John Jewell Mathematics 2011
Miss Hannah Ruth Sherlock Chemistry 2011
Miss Frederica Marina Green Chemistry 2011
Miss Sally Power-hoolmans Power-Hoolmans Physics With Astronomy 2011
Miss Anne Barber Barber Mathematics 2011
Mr Joshua George Bowe Bowe Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Ammar Hassan Al-ahmed Chemistry 2011
Mr Neil Christian Makinson Makinson Physics 2011
Mr Amrit Lally Lally Physics 2011
Miss Rhian Marged Jones Jones Mathematics 2011
Miss Frances Day Day Maths & Statistics 2011
Miss Elizabeth Anne Britland Britland Physics w Medical Applicat 2011
Mr Alex Rory Smith Smith Physics for New Technology 2011
Mr Yan Jun Lang Lang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Daniel Richard Neil Peacock Chemistry 2011
Mr Chenqi Zhang Zhang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Di Yu Yu Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Haizhou Lin Zhou Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Hongjun Tang Tang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Jia Yin Yin Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Jingjing Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Nan Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Nuo Wang Wang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Shuting Zhang Mathematics with Finance 2011
Miss Xi Wu Wu Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Xiaobo Xu Xu Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Zhe Shen Shen Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Shi Su Su Mathematics with Finance 2011
Mr Simon Ridding Law 2011
Ms Caitlin Bateman Sociology & Social Policy 2011
Miss Stephanie Elaine Hinde English & French Laws with French 2011
Mr Adam Phillip Brophy Brophy Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Catherine Imogen Dyer Dyer Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Nicola Emma Hale Law 2011
Mr Daniel David Lee Law (Cayman Islands) 2011
Miss Chaya Domnitz Law 2011
Miss Emma Therese Jamison Law 2011
Miss Sarah Alexandra Crawford Law 2011
Miss Holly Sinead Kennedy Kennedy Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Zara Louise Hoos Hoos Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Iain Patrick Cooper Politics & Internat Bus 2011
Miss Victoria Emma Brearley Law 2011
Mr Alex Daniel Adamson Law and Business 2011
Mr William Richard Whelan Law 2011
Miss Olivia Jackson Sociology 2011
Miss Emma Grimley English & French Laws with French 2011
Mr Daniel Thomas Tyler Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Joseph William Robert Cater Law 2011
Miss Rebecca Burrows Burrows Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Kate Nolan Nolan Sociology 2011
Miss Rebecca Lavender Lavender Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Samuel Jones Law 2011
Mr Gregory Ryan Edwards Law 2011
Miss Sarah Walewski Walewski Sociology 2011
Miss Emily Bearman Bearman Politics 2011
Mr Erik Gale Gale Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Katherine Hannah Sykes Sykes Sociology 2011
Miss Penelope Jane Tunnard Tunnard Sociology 2011
Mr Harry James Billington Law 2011
Miss Ruth Higgins Higgins Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Richard Paul Kelly Law 2011
Mr Matthew Christopher Horton Horton Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Kara Catherine Heath Law 2011
Miss Maria-Luisa Romanova Law 2011
Miss Elina Mulkahainen Mulkahainen Sociology & Social Policy 2011
Miss Catrin Mared Phillips Phillips Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Jack Trevor Michael Hughes Law 2011
Mr Samuel Hallowell Sutcliffe Sutcliffe Politics 2011
Miss Elizabeth Millwater Law 2011
Mr Aaron Luke Gibbons Law 2011
Miss Chisara Chantal Sagay Law 2011
Mr Maximillian Oliver Cheyney Dudley Dudley Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Sam Holloway Holloway Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Lisa Martina Kane Law 2011
Mr Philip James Lea Lea Law and Business 2011
Miss Danielle Louise St John St John Criminology & Sociology 2011
Mr Owen Stewart Law 2011
Miss Amy Rebecca Devlin Law 2011
Miss Melissa Amy Swan Swan Sociology & Social Policy 2011
Mr Anthony Rabba Law (Cayman Islands) 2011
Miss Sophie Julia Farnsworth Farnsworth Sociology 2011
Mr Christopher George Essay Essay Business Studies & French 2011
Dr Cordula Werschkun SACE 2011
Mr Dominic Robert Costa French 2011
Mr Nicholas Matchett Matchett English & Hispanic Studies 2011
Mr Timothy Gorman Comparative American Studies 2011
Miss Rebekah Lydia Sheppard History 2011
Miss Melissa Louise Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick French & Hispanic Studies 2011
Mr Alexander Edward Keeble Wade Business Studies & German 2011
Miss Laura Elizabeth Baggaley Baggaley English & Hispanic Studies 2011
Mr Pedraam Bostan Business Studies & French 2011
Miss Tanis Nicole Pound Business Studies & French 2011
Mr Alexander George Gervase Milward Milward History 2011
Mr Daniel James Devine Devine History 2011
Miss Samantha Kerry Pumford Ancient History & Archaeology 2011
Miss Clare Louise Leggett Hispanic Studies 2011
Mr Raoul Carter Thornton Thornton French 2011
Mr Joseph Robert Parker Parker English & Hispanic Studies 2011
Miss Lisa Seabrook Seabrook Classical Studies 2011
Ms Amy Drinkwater Film Stds(European)& Mod Lang 2011
Miss Kara-lea Drummond Drummond French 2011
Miss Christine Colette Tinsley Tinsley Philosophy & French 2011
Miss Kathryn Jean Reddin Reddin Business Studies & Hispanic St 2011
Miss Emily Katharine Langston Langston English & German 2011
Mr Daniel Mark Jacques German 2011
Miss Jemma Elizabeth Frizelle Modern European Languages 2011
Miss Amy Katherine Melson Latin American Studies 2011
Miss Michelle Alexandre Ferry Modern History & Politics 2011
Mr Charles Edgar Forgham-Bailey Philosophy & French 2011
Miss Hayley Suzanne Campbell Campbell Classical Studies 2011
Miss Courtney Nadine Martin History 2011
Mr Michael Paul Offler Oriental Studies (Egyptology) 2011
Miss Lucy Dee Thomas Thomas History 2011
Miss Alison Michelle Walker Walker History 2011
Miss Lucy Elizabeth Nolan Nolan History 2011
Miss Eloise Madeleine Stott Stott History 2011
Mr Jonathan Peter Whiting Modern History & Politics 2011
Mr Benjamin William Davies Davies Business Studies & Hispanic St 2011
Miss Georgia Elizabeth O'connor Oconnor History & French 2011
Mr Michael John Wilkinson Wilkinson Economic & Social History 2011
Miss Anna Elizabeth Pocknell Pocknell History 2011
Miss Emily Kate Farrelly Farrelly Economic & Social History 2011
Miss Suzanne Howard Howard Classical Studies 2011
Miss Chelsea Powton-Thould Irish Studies & English 2011
Miss Natasha Nakandi-Bagisa Irish Studies & English 2011
Miss Fiona Davies Irish Studies & English 2011
Miss Francesca Grace Sanderson Sanderson History 2011
Miss Amanda Steatham Steatham Modern History & Politics 2011
Mr Fabian Liladhar Liladhar History 2011
Mr Thomas James Crofts Crofts Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations 2011
Miss Joanna Eccles Eccles Ancient History & Archaeology 2011
Miss Siriol Myfanwy Dyer Dyer History 2011
Mr William Imbo Imbo Ancient History & Archaeology 2011
Miss Marion Servat-fredericq Servat-Fredericq Oriental Studies (Egyptology) 2011
Mr Simon Guy O'Donnell History 2011
Mr Aaron Westley Cox Cox History 2011
Miss Helen Lowri Bradley Irish Studies & History 2011
Miss Harriet Sophie Grace Dare Dare Modern History & Politics 2011
Mr David Christopher Allen Allen Modern Language Studies 2011
Miss Holly Kate Whitaker Whitaker History 2011
Mr Ian Prowse Irish Studies 2011
Ms Elizabeth Gallagher Dentistry 2011
Miss Laura Anne Hoolihan Hoolihan Radiotherapy 2011
Dr Eva Martina Stuwe Medical Sciences 2011
Miss Ruth Elaine Black Dentistry 2011
Miss Emma Elizabeth Connor Connor Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Faye Nicole Rose Dentistry 2011
Miss Anisa Saaleha Rizvi Dentistry 2011
Mr John Mulligan Clinical Psychology 2011
Mr Darren Lee Macdonald Dentistry 2011
Miss Katrina Nicole Williams Williams Health Sciences 2011
Mr John Alsop Dentistry 2011
Mr David Andrew Griffiths Dentistry 2011
Mr Steven Brabander Dentistry 2011
Mr Imran Asghar Dentistry 2011
Miss Adele Nicol Physiotherapy 2011
Mr Sarfaraaz Ahmed Zahid Dentistry 2011
Miss Amy Arora Gallacher Dentistry 2011
Miss Orla Clare Tumilty Tumilty Dentistry 2011
Miss Rhian Eleanor Workman Workman Dentistry 2011
Miss Reema Sehair Khawaja Tanveer Dentistry 2011
Miss Abigail Charlotte Toft Toft Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Mrs Victoria Julie Hodge Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Jennifer Louise Woodfine Woodfine Dental Surgery 2011
Miss Nathalie Louise Mc Erlane Mc Erlane Dental Surgery 2011
Miss Shreena Kajal Mistry Dentistry 2011
Mr Samuel David Jackson Jackson Physiotherapy 2011
Miss Raadhika Shinh Orthoptics 2011
Dr Thomas Liam Coxon Clinical Dental Sciences 2011
Mr Steven James Dentith Dentistry 2011
Miss Julie Ann Anderton Dentistry 2011
Miss Afruza Khatun Dentistry 2011
Miss Lisa Macdonald Johnston Johnston Dentistry 2011
Mr Jordan Kyle Buckenham Buckenham Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Miss Emma Louise Pennington Orthoptics 2011
Mr Steven Bernard O'hare O'Hare Radiotherapy 2011
Miss Laura Bingham Bingham Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Faye Suzanne Inskip Orthoptics 2011
Mr Bradley Antony Palin Orthoptics 2011
Miss Emma Michelle Greener Greener Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Miss Laura Arbuthnot Arbuthnot Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Rachael Ann Hardman Hardman Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Miss Leanne Kirsty Shirreffs Shirreffs Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Ciara Michelle McAtamney Orthoptics 2011
Mr Jonathan Paul Picken Picken Physiotherapy 2011
Miss Louisa Elizabeth Desmet Orthoptics 2011
Mrs Dawn Louise Clow Physiotherapy 2011
Miss Carla Rawlinson Radiotherapy 2011
Gemma Ann Lynes-gee Lynes Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Mr James Henry Austin Architecture 2011
Dr Oliver Edward Hill English 2011
Mr Gregory David Scott Scott English And Philosophy 2011
Mr Matthew Tyzack Music/Popular Music 2011
Miss Phoebe Rose Farrell Farrell Architecture 2011
Miss Eleanor Louise Sanders English & Communication Studies 2011
Mr Tom Matthew Fenwick Philosophy 2011
Mr Daniel James Fallon Music/Popular Music 2011
Mr Rupert Slight Architecture 2011
Mr Thomas Earl Warriner Warriner English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Jenifer Helen Jones Philosophy 2011
Mr Mark Andrew Corbridge Corbridge Mathematics & Philosophy 2011
Mr Simon Giles Youngson Petty Petty Architecture 2011
Mr Simon Frances Dixon Dixon Comm Media & Popular Music 2011
Mr Robert Laurence Fraser Syme Comm Media & Popular Music 2011
Mr Alistair James Sims Popular Music 2011
Miss Chloe Carmen Mills Music/Popular Music 2011
Mr Felix Fetchenhauer-Charlton Fetchenhauer-Charl Popular Music 2011
Miss Mary Delphine Freedman Architecture 2011
Miss Meaghan Laura Ginty Ginty English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Claire Louise Cullimore Cullimore English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Alice Frances Young English Language & Literature 2011
Ms Kirstie Louise Mclean Mclean English & Modern History 2011
Miss Camilla Mcnatty Mcnatty English & Modern History 2011
Mr Jack Barton Barton English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Sian Leigh Evans Evans Comm Media & Popular Music 2011
Mr Michael Kehoe Kehoe Politics & Communication Studies 2011
Miss Lauren Kate Buckle Buckle English And Philosophy 2011
Miss Elizabeth Pamela Colquitt Colquitt English Language & Literature 2011
Mr Stephen Anthony Conroy Conroy English & Modern History 2011
Mr Daniel Paul Brookfield Brookfield Architecture 2011
Mr Calum Peter Ferguson Ferguson English & Modern History 2011
Mr Adam Mcerlane Mcerlane Popular Music 2011
Mr Stuart Andrew Steels Steels Music/Popular Music 2011
Mr Karl Stephen Healey Healey English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Isobel Megan Winstanley English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Abigail Sarah Baggley Architecture 2011
Miss Alice Gibbs Gibbs Architecture (Design Studies) 2011
Mr Rashad Al-Karooni Architecture 2011
Mr Gareth Gill English Language & Literature 2011
Mr Gregory Hudson Hudson English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Helen Rebecca Hughes Hughes Communication & Business Studies 2011
Miss Hannah Kate Blackburn Blackburn English & Communication Studies 2011
Miss Katherine Burnside Burnside English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Niamh Mackle Mackle English Language & Literature 2011
Miss Kirsty Amelia Thrasher Thrasher English Language & Literature 2011
Mr John Michael Hobson Hobson Philosophy 2011
Miss Claire Meadows Meadows English Language & Literature 2011
Mr Jonathan Alexander Ormonde Ormonde Philosophy & Politics 2011
Mr Joseph James Collins Philosophy 2011
Mr Luke Brook Brook Philosophy 2011
Miss Sophie Susan Rowe Rowe English & Modern History 2011
Miss Jessica Jolly Jolly Communication & Business Studies 2011
Mr Glen Steven Jones Civil & Maritime Engineering 2011
Mr Ryan Jon Southern Civil & Structural Engineering 2011
Mr Stephen Thomas Thomas Civil Engineering 2011
Dr Matthew Loughran Psychology(Intercalated) 2011
Mr Nicholas Edmund Durston Durston Aerospace Engineering 2011
Miss Alice Faye Millington Psychology 2011
Mr Stuart Clive Wilson Wilson Civil & Maritime Engineering 2011
Miss Lois Clara Hort Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2011
Mr Nicholas Paul Smith Smith Civil Engineering 2011
Mr Stephen Chege Waweru Aerospace Engineering 2011
Mr Howard John Williams Williams Mechanical Engineering 2011
Miss Philippa Lewis Psychology 2011
Miss Laura Kate Willis Psychology 2011
Mr Giles Christopher Walton Mechanical Engineering 2011
Mr Christopher Edward Parr Civil Engineering 2011
Miss Claudia Louise Bell Bell Psychology 2011
Miss Elizabeth Helen Gleek Gleek Psychology 2011
Mr Matthew James Pierce Psychology 2011
Mr Robert Graves Graves Aerospace Engineering 2011
Mr David Charles Stanier Stanier Aerospace Engineering 2011
Miss Abigail Rachael Kirkland Kirkland Psychology 2011
Mr Robert Jones Civil & Structural Engineering 2011
Mr Samuel Watson Mechanical Engineering 2011
Miss Menatullah Ahmed Sabbour Aerospace Engineering 2011
Mr James Terence Wibberley Wibberley Civil Engineering 2011
Mr Parth Aggarwal Aggarwal Aerospace Engineering 2011
Miss Annabelle Alice Wilson Wilson Psychology 2011
Ms Rachael Margaret Rose Johnson Johnson Psychology 2011
Miss Grayling Ann Shankley Shankley Psychology 2011
Miss Nicola Lee Doherty Doherty Psychology 2011
Miss Abigail Elizabeth Catherall Catherall Psychology 2011
Miss Rachel Alexandra Burns Burns Psychology 2011
Miss Emma Jayne Hall Hall Psychology 2011
Miss Megan Elizabeth Mousdale Mousdale Civil Engineering 2011
Mr Raphael Adetokunbo Imhansi - Jacob Imhansi - Jacob Mechanical Engineering 2011
Mrs Catherine Ann Pearson Rogers Psychology 2011
Miss Jenni Ann North North Psychology 2011
Miss Emily Julia Smyth Smyth Psychology 2011
Mr James Kirby Hopwood Hopwood Mechanical Engineering 2011
Miss Sian Pierce Psychology 2011
Miss Leigh Kristina Spurden Spurden Psychology 2011
Mr Zhizhong Zhang Zhang Mechanical Eng with Management 2011
Miss Holly Marie Rayner Psychology 2011
Dr Rachel Helena Nelson Biological Sciences 2011
Mr Jonathan Alexander Dickson Pharmacology 2011
Mr Simon Paul Clitheroe Clitheroe Pharmacology 2011
Dr Thomas Anson Fursdon Fursdon Anatomy & Human Biol(Intercalated) 2011
Miss Sian Clare Davis Zoology 2011
Dr Darren Andrew Neil Cook Tropical Medicine 2011
Dr Ciara Marie Coary Pharmacology(Intercalated) 2011
Miss Claire Wilkinson Biological Sciences 2011
Dr Charles Edward Dall'omo Biological Sciences 2011
Dr Michael Glenn Garratt Biological Sciences 2011
Miss Ofunne Joy Uyanwune Anatomy & Human Biology 2011
Dr Marta Veses Garcia Biological Sciences 2011
Mr Rowan John Doff Zoology 2011
Miss Roxanne Radcliffe Radcliffe Biochemistry 2011
Mr Jack William Houghton Houghton Biochemistry 2011
Mr Samuel Geoffrey Booth Genetics w yr Ind/Research 2011
Miss Willan Silva Vieira Vieira Molecular Biology 2011
Mr Liam Robert Dougherty Dougherty Biological Sciences 2011
Mr Kenshiro Matsumoto Pharmacology 2011
Mr Matthew John Threlkeld Threlkeld Physiology 2011
Miss Annaliza Kate Todd Todd Pharmacology 2011
Miss Muchaala Jennett Swana Swana Biochemistry 2011
Miss Sophie Elizabeth Lewis Lewis Zoology 2011
Mr Stefan Raymond Thomas Thomas Biochemistry 2011
Mr David Newton Fisher Fisher Zoology 2011
Mr Matthew David Jewell Jewell Anatomy & Human Biology 2011
Mr Jordan Michael Coughlin Pharmacology 2011
Mr James Whittaker Whittaker Physiology 2011
Miss Hannah Lucy Black Black Biochemistry 2011
Miss Rebecca Jayne Hardman Hardman Zoology 2011
Miss Caroline Sarah Hughes Hughes Biochemistry 2011
Miss Melissa Brown brown Biochemistry 2011
Miss Melissa Fallon Fallon Biochemistry 2011
Mr Adrian Percival Percival Biochemistry 2011
Mr Joseph Pryce Pryce Tropical Disease Biology 2011
Miss Naomi Lyons Lyons Microbiology 2011
Miss Hannah Kalwij Kalwij Microbiology 2011
Dr Sann Nu Wai Tropical & Infectious Diseases 2011
Dr Housam Edine Matar Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Jamal Al-Saca Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Lamis Bazzazeh Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Lina Omar Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Majid Bitar Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Basem Al-arsan Al-yaseen Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Chady Eldin Asaad Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Khaldoun Agha Health Systems Management 2011
Dr Abdel Kader Alkadi Public Health (Syria) 2011
Miss Chaimaa Al-zarzour Public Health (Syria) 2011
Dr Fadhl Mohammed Abdulwahid Al-akwaa Public Health (Syria) 2011
Dr Maisa Jahni Public Health (Syria) 2011
Miss Micheline Mansour Public Health (Syria) 2011
Dr Mohammad Firas Al-jalad Public Health (Syria) 2011
Dr Osamma Samman Public Health (Syria) 2011
Ms Roula Al-kazzaz Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Mr Mohamad Waeel Al-ahmad Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Eng Mahmoud Mattini Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Dr Anas Hasson Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Mr Joel Carras Information Technology 2011
Miss Ayomikun Phebian Olawale Olawale Chemistry 2011
Mr Bernd Olaf Haase Business Administration 2011
Miss Sinead Flatley Law 2011
Miss Nicola Elizabeth Hartley Vet. Sci. with interc Hons yr 2011
Dr Abd Elhannan Abou Hamdah Abou Hamda Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Mr Babatunde Oluwatosin Akintolu Radiotherapy 2011
Dr Emad Eddin Alassali Al-Assale Health Systems Management 2011
Mr Hassan Ali Aljawni Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2011
Ms Na An Management 2011
Mr Nicholas Peter Anderton Anderton Diagnostic Radiography 2011
Mrs Randa Salhin Mohamed Arhaiam Arhaiam Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2011
Mr Stuart Malcolm Ashton Ashton Archives & Record Management 2011
Mrs Susan Angela Ashton Ashton Health Sciences 2011
Ms Amanda Clare Atkinson Atkinson Business Administration 2011
Mr Abdul Aziz Management 2011
Dr Anita Balakrishnan Gastroenterology 2011
Mr Jonathan Bell Nuclear Sci & Technology 2011
Dr Aza Bik Bek Health Systems Management 2011
Mr Feargal Brennan 20th Century History 2011
Dr Harvey Robert Brown Medicine 2011
Reverend Bekure Daba Bultum Daba Philosophy 2011
Ms Hilary Jane Cahalane Cahalane Clinical Psychology 2011
Miss Chen Chen Finance 2011
Ms Yi Li Chen Aerospace & Mechanical Systems Engineering 2011
Miss Anna Marie Clarke Clarke Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Stuart Clarvis Clarvis Information Technology 2011
Miss Keensy Daher Aden Dasher Aden Humanitarian Studies 2011
Mr John-Rhys Davies Civic Design 2011
Mr Martins Ukanna Ememabelem International Public Health 2011
Mr Eren Erturk Product Design & Management 2011
Dr Khawla Essa Public Health (Syria) 2011
Mr Gavin John Evans Evans Clinical Psychology 2011
Ms Ella-Rose Farrar-Durrant Criminology & Sociology 2011
Miss Samantha Marie Fletcher Res-European Union Politics 2011
Miss Caroline Flint Flint Archives & Record Management 2011
Miss Yanhui Gan Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 2011
Ms Eleanor Josephine Garnett Public Health 2011
Miss Claire Gately Clinical Psychology 2011
Mr Jonathan Goudy Simulation in Aerospace Eng 2011
Miss Nicola Jane Grace Nursing 2011
Mr Kevin Griffiths Griffiths International Management 2011
Mr Luke John Halladay Veterinary Science 2011
Mr Christopher Edward Harrod Harrod Physiotherapy 2011
Dr Saad Ahmed Hasan Electrical Engineering & Electronics 2011
Miss Alice Marjorie Hasell Veterinary Science 2011
Dr Nathaniel Mark Hawkins Public Health 2011
Mr Maurice Hofmann Hofmann Business Administration 2011
Mr Peter Lewis Holmes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy PC 2011
Ms Taylor Patricia Horsley Victorian Literature 2011
Miss Danyang Hou Management 2011
Mr Xikan Hu Xikan Consumer Marketing 2011
Miss Rebecca Margaret Hunkin Hunkin Nursing 2011
Miss Maryam Jabbari Barzegar Barzegar Computer Science 2011
Miss Sian Lorna James James Nursing 2011
Miss Adelle Jones Occupational Therapy 2011
Mr Henry Llewelyn Jones-Hughes Civic Design 2011
Miss Emma Catherine Louise Karsten Karsten Humanitarian Studies 2011
Miss Nicola Louise Kelly Barber Nursing 2011
Mr Zeshan Hanif Khawaja Clinical Psychology 2011
Mr Vishal Klaire Dentistry 2011
Mr Bradley Klassen Business Administration 2011
Miss Matilda Sophia Lawrence Philosophy 2011
Miss Minhao Li Finance 2011
Mr Mengmeng Li Maritime Civil Engineering 2011
Miss Pingping Lian Management 2011
Miss Ni Liang Finance 2011
Mr Qi Liu Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2011
Miss Thepyuda Loytalay Consumer Marketing 2011
Mr Chaoying Ma Ma Management 2011
Miss Lauren Faye Mahoney Mahoney Radiotherapy 2011
Mrs Emily Mmodziaitana Maosa Maosa International Public Health 2011
Mr Suhayl Maqboul Physiology 2011
Dr Mohammed Salah Mayhoub Architecture 2011
Mr Ross Stephen McDonald Football Industries 2011
Miss Lesley Suzanne McGowan McGowan History 2011
Mr Philip Michael Hastings McKee McKee Football Industries 2011
Miss Spyroula Michael Management 2011
Dr Sara Nicola Mitchell Tropical Medicine 2011
Miss Chimene Mohammed Architecture (Design Studies) 2011
Mr Satyakam Conrad Nanda Biomedical Sciences 2011
Miss Gemma Lisa Nathan Nathan Nursing 2011
Ms Stephanie Nestawal Nestawal International Management 2011
Dr Emmanuel Okeke Biomedical Sciences 2011
Dr Mahdi Orchou Orchou Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Miss Fiona Elizabeth O'Reilly Public Policy 2011
Miss Carol Diane Paisley Paisley Nursing 2011
Miss Hannah Elizabeth Paterson Public Policy 2011
Ms Katy Philips Law 2011
Miss Elinor Jane Rosenfield Phillips Music Industry Studies 2011
Dr Victoria Ann Photiou Photiou Medicine (Grad) 2011
Dr Iman Rasti English 2011
Miss Jennifer Anne-Marie Roscoe Law, Medicine & Health Care 2011
Miss Olivia Anne Rowe Rowe Occupational Therapy 2011
Miss Naomi Rugg Rugg Nursing 2011
Miss Ailie Thomson Rutherford Civic Design 2011
Miss Victoria Louise Savage Savage Veterinary Science 2011
Ms Susan Elizabeth Saxton International Business Law 2011
Dr Rachel Anne Scholey Veterinary Pathology 2011
Dr James Edward Scriven Clinical Sciences 2011
Miss Emma Jane Sharman Sharman Radiotherapy 2011
Mr Yiyu Shen Eng Applications of Lasers 2011
Miss Ning Song Teach Eng to Spk of Other Lang 2011
Ms Christiane Storck Storck Business Administration 2011
Mr Huaici Su Su International Business Law 2011
Miss Nathalie Susanne Swidenbank Swidenbank Psychology 2011
Mr Hongyuan Tang Advanced Computer Science 2011
Dr Amani Tarbouch Hlth Econ Finance & Policy 2011
Mr Igor Termenon Herce Product Design & Management 2011
Miss Sarah Louise Tester Archives & Record Management 2011
Dr Olivia Hilary Tulloch Tropical Medicine 2011
Mr Robert Turnbull Turnbull Information Systems Management 2011
Ms Yan Wang Advanced Biological Sciences 2011
Mr Weiqiao Wang Applied Linguistics 2011
Mr Xinguang Wang Computer Science 2011
Miss Taoqi Wang Wang Finance 2011
Mrs Pamela Anne Watt Public Health 2011
Miss Abigail Lucy Winchester Veterinary Science 2011
Miss Josie Helen Wolstenholme Wolstenholme Occupational Therapy 2011
Mr Huichao Xu Microelectronic Systems & Telecommunications 2011
Mr Jiuzhou Xue Business Administration 2011
Miss Xiaowei Yang Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Taiyang Yu Architecture 2011
Miss Dan Hong Yu Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Hua Feng Yuan Advanced Engineering Materials 2011
Ms Mengmeng Zhang Zhang Human Resource Management 2011
Miss Xue Zhang Human Resource Management 2011
Mr Lei Zhao Zhao Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2011
Mr Yang Zhao Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2011
Mr Zhe Zhu Computer Science 2011
Mr Kai Lin Computer Science 2011
Mr Thomas Helmut Greiner 2011
Chong Li Financial Mathematics 2011
Minjuan Wu Financial Mathematics 2011
Menyin Cao Financial Mathematics 2011
Ms Yunjia Tue Financial Mathematics 2011
Ms Longyin Zhou Financial Mathematics 2011
Zhen Dong Financial Mathematics 2011
Yunxia Bao Financial Mathematics 2011
Mr Ruochen Liu Financial Mathematics 2011
Ms Shijun Li Financial Mathematics 2011
Yun Wang Financial Mathematics 2011
Chenglliang Lu Financial Mathematics 2011
Gzuanghui Huang Electronic Science and Technology 2011
Mr Miao Li Electronic Science and Technology 2011
Yunlong Zhou Telecommunications Engineering 2011
Dumu Zhao Information & Computing Studies 2011
Mr Changwei Zhang Information & Computing Studies 2011
Mr Everton Luis De Oliveira Football Industries 2011