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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Adam James Aspinall History 2010
Miss Samantha Harrison Nursing 2010
Mr Vignesh Reddy Angadi Angadi Computer Science & Electronic Engineering 2010
Mr Matthew Andrew Broadhurst Avionic Systems 2010
Miss Elizabeth Dyson Veterinary Science 2010
Ms Heather Arrott McCreery McCreery Business Administration 2010
Ms Gemma Lamsdale Occupational Therapy 2010
Mr Nayan Peshkar Peshkar Business Administration 2010
Mr Jia Wang Mathematics with Finance 2010
Miss Alicia Coyne Coyne English Language & Literature 2010
Ms Hang Xu Electronic & Communication Engineering 2010
Mr Peilong Ding Ding Mathematics with Finance 2010
Miss Jie Sun Sun Mathematics with Finance 2010
Miss Louise Caldecott Dentistry 2010
Miss Kim Loughhead Egyptian Archaeology 2010
Miss Lisa Bentham Dentistry 2010
Mr Nicholas Page Chemistry 2010
Miss Lauren Stainer English Language & Literature 2010
Mr Leon Holdgate Holdgate Business Studies & German 2010
Mr Darren Hallinan Physiotherapy 2010
Miss Gemma Dunk Combined Honours 2010
Mr Jay Nosiadek Hartland Popular Music 2010
Miss Georgina Thomas Thomas Law 2010
Mr Keith Kennedy Kennedy Computer Information Systems 2010
Mr Matthew Jon Billington Billington Law 2010
Miss Katherine Lawrence Lawrence Irish Studies 2010
Mr Christopher Collings Aerospace Engineering 2010
Mr James Roe Psychology 2010
Mr Andreas Loizou Information Technology 2010
Miss Judy Juan Business Administration 2010
Mrs Katie-Jane Bannett Fellows Orthoptics 2010
Mrs Joanna Angela Justin Business Administration 2010
Mr James Sharp Business Studies 2010
Mr Tao Zhang 2010
Mr David Miller Physics 2010
Miss Laura Wilford Combined Honours 2010
Mr Scott Burns Architecture 2010
Miss Laura Richardson Richardson Combined Honours 2010
Miss Ayesha Griffin Law 2010
Miss Rachel Ashley Physics 2010
Dr Laura Gould Medicine 2010
Mr Mark McAnulty Mcanulty English & Modern History 2010
Miss Gemma Harries Combined Honours 2010
Mr Stephen Moyer Information Technology 2010
Miss Poppy Brookes Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Clare Hunter German 2010
Miss Rosemary Roarty Roarty Classical Studies 2010
Dr Evelyn Anne Rogerson Tropical Disease Biology 2010
Miss Rosie Foulkes Geography 2010
Mr Adam Hughes Business Economics 2010
Mr Sean Crossman Tropical Disease Biology 2010
Mr Sergej Sergijenko Civil & Maritime Engineering 2010
Mr George Bolland Geology & Physical Geography 2010
Dr Oliver William Hassall Tropical Medicine 2010
Mr Richard Craig Appleton Veterinary Science 2010
Mr Dafydd Robert Evans Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Claire Louise Bentley Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Jennifer Anne Perry Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Jenny Morgan Veterinary Science 2010
Mr Paul Hindley Veterinary Science 2010
Mrs Michelle Williams Ware Veterinary Science 2010
Mr Stuart Matthew Williamson Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Catherine Elizabeth Rowley-neale Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Emma Ruth Orton Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Morwenna Clare Hughes Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Zoe Susan Ford Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Sarah Louise Lumsdon Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Catherine Jane Rivron Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Sarah Alice Springthorpe Springthorpe Veterinary Science 2010
Mr David Graham Aspinall Biological Sciences 2010
Miss Helen Lisa Stephens Veterinary Science 2010
Mr Adam Christopher Reeves Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Lauren Elizabeth Crompton Life Science appl to Medicine 2010
Mr James Ashley Thay Clayton Bioveterinary Science 2010
Miss Emma Louise Sykes Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Miriam Eve McGuigan Genetics 2010
Miss Rebecca Jody Kent Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Virginia Fleur Blott Veterinary Science 2010
Dr Roanna Mitford Medicine 2010
Miss Amy Jolene Docherty Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Kelly Jayne Bryant-Jefferies Veterinary Science 2010
Dr Matthew George Parry Medicine 2010
Mr Richard David Williams Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Rebecca Elizabeth Fallman Bioveterinary Science 2010
Miss Lauren Mort Biological & Medical Sciences 2010
Dr Rosalind Margaret Parkes Tropical Medicine 2010
Miss Kerris Farnworth Life Science appl to Medicine 2010
Dr Radoslaw Polanski Surgery and Oncology 2010
Miss Sarah Louise Ingham Ingham Zoology 2010
Miss Katherine Edith Leonora Manchip Veterinary Conservation Med 2010
Miss Kerry Suzanne Beacom Bioveterinary Science 2010
Miss Sophie Louise Martin Zoology 2010
Mr James Wellings Life Science appl to Medicine 2010
Miss Marnie Daisy Woods Zoology w Evolutionary Psychol 2010
Dr Jenny Helana Stavisky Vet Clin Sci & Animal Husb 2010
Mr Thomas Jack Spedding Spedding Zoology 2010
Miss Laura Joan Gibson Bioveterinary Science 2010
Miss Christina Margaret Dow Zoology 2010
Miss Laura Jane Oliver Bioveterinary Science 2010
Dr Urszula Maria Polanska Splisgart Biological Sciences 2010
Miss Kate Tyndall Biological Sciences 2010
Dr Tom Vogwill Biological Sciences 2010
Mr Andrew Hartley Genetics 2010
Dr Sally Jo Birkett Tropical Medicine 2010
Dr Julia Yvette Sloane Veterinary Pathology 2010
Mr Michael Joe Sebastian Hill Hill Genetics 2010
Dr Ashley Hughes Biochemistry 2010
Miss Gemma Chaddock Life Science appl to Medicine 2010
Miss Sophie Robbins Robbins Tropical Disease Biology 2010
Miss Alexandra Ivy Mary Matchwick Veterinary Conservation Med 2010
Mr Daniel Edward Brown International Development 2010
Miss Jayne Chisnall Town & Regional Planning 2010
Mr Adam Duffy Geology 2010
Mr Alan Park Mechanical Engineering 2010
Mr Matthew James Davis Geography 2010
Mr David Morse Urban Regeneration & Planning 2010
Mr David Peter Matthias Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010
Mr Daniel Luke Bradley Aerospace Eng with Pilot Stds 2010
Mr Stephen Michael Burgess Civil Engineering 2010
Mr Neil Philip Drage Geography 2010
Mr Mathew John Reid Civil & Maritime Engineering 2010
Mr Duot Bior Ajang Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010
Mr Simon Phillip Ridley Mechanical Engineering 2010
Miss Maia Rosa Alvarez Stratford Marine Biology 2010
Mr Ashvir Singh Jagdev Civil & Structural Engineering 2010
Miss Melanie Clare Louise Gleadall Civil & Maritime Engineering 2010
Mr Tom Merlin Phillip Pryse Pryse Civil & Structural Engineering 2010
Mr Howard Jonathan Thompson Mechanical Engineering 2010
Miss Hannah Victoria Cornforth Geography 2010
Miss Louise Clare Priamo Town & Regional Planning 2010
Mr Rory Beattie Mechanical Engineering 2010
Mr Joseph Thomas Snow Oceanography with Chemistry 2010
Mr Andrew Paul Magee Civil & Structural Engineering 2010
Mr Nathan Bruce Pearn Pearn Geography 2010
Miss Turkan Tijen Ahmet Civil Engineering 2010
Mr Adam Edward Keay Geology & Physical Geography 2010
Mr Kevin Ball Civil Engineering 2010
Mr Yue Tao Civil Engineering 2010
Mr Jules Aston-noone Geography 2010
Mr Adam Ellis Wolfe Wolfe Mechanical Engineering 2010
Mr Michael Tesfaye Tesfaye Mechanical Eng with Management 2010
Mr Adam George Marks Geography 2010
Mr David Twigg Town & Regional Planning 2010
Mr Alexander Macdonald Crombie Geography 2010
Mr Muzammil Abdul Hameed Mechanical Engineering 2010
Mr Yahya Awad Al-Qahtani Geology 2010
Mr Hassan Ali Al-janobi Al-Janobi Geophysics (Physics) 2010
Mr Adam Kerr Geology & Physical Geography 2010
Mr Bader Ahmed Alawi Mechanical Engineering 2010
Mr Ibrahim Saleh Al-Yami Geophysics (Geology) 2010
Miss Claire Robinson Civil & Structural Engineering 2010
Mr Phil Lowe Marine Biology 2010
Mr Daniel Lawerence Knox Geography 2010
Miss Sara Jane Mitchell International Development 2010
Mr Thomas Patrick Adams Geology & Physical Geography 2010
Mr Owen Lewis Anderson Oceans,Climate & Physical Geog 2010
Mr Mark Andrew Stone Stone Engineering w Product Design 2010
Mr Kevin Mark Lee Lee Geography for Management 2010
Mr Alexander Donohue Geography for Management 2010
Mr Joseph Paul Milner Geophysics (Physics) 2010
Mr Brian Milner Geography for Management 2010
Ms Mayuri Chamika Walgampalage Aerospace Engineering 2010
Mr Tom Edward James Hugill Engineering w Product Design 2010
Mr Anthony Curran Curran Geography 2010
Mr Alex Blair Newton Geography for Management 2010
Mr Matthew Joseph Carney Civic Design 2010
Dr Antonio Carlos Alves Pereira Da Cunha Ferreira Ferreira Civic Design 2010
Dr Tanya Lynsey Stevenson Gilmore Medicine 2010
Miss Neda Eftekhari Dentistry 2010
Dr Susan Waring Medicine 2010
Dr George Andrew Whitton Wilson Medicine 2010
Dr Catherine Sarah Parsons Medicine 2010
Dr Bryony Rose Corbyn Medicine 2010
Dr Rachel Victoria Chiumento Medicine 2010
Dr Gilly Laura Agnes Ennals Medicine 2010
Dr Molly Elizabeth Mahlako Makhoha Makhoha Medicine 2010
Dr Guy Lumley Lumley Medicine 2010
Dr Noor Dawn Assaf Medicine 2010
Dr Roy Rabbie Medicine 2010
Dr Caroline Priya Akhurst Medicine 2010
Dr Deirdre Watters Medicine 2010
Dr Orod Osanlou Medicine 2010
Dr Ebru Caroline Hack Medicine 2010
Dr Mohammad Abdul Kalam Rahman Medicine 2010
Dr Indrani Karpha Medicine 2010
Miss Marzyeh Parvizi Dentistry 2010
Dr Thomas David Fry Heseltine Medicine 2010
Dr Thomas William Syratt Medicine 2010
Dr Yuen Ting Carol Chan Medicine 2010
Dr Chantelle Marie Williams Medicine 2010
Dr Joanne Elizabeth Simpson Medicine 2010
Dr Thomas Peter Eadsforth Medicine 2010
Dr Laura Jane Stirratt Medicine 2010
Dr Amanda Tracie Goodwin Medicine 2010
Dr Michael Andrew Chapman Medicine 2010
Dr Thinh Vinh Thanh Ngo Ngo Medicine 2010
Dr Sarah-Jayne Samantha Herrington Medicine 2010
Dr Kiri Louise Dyer Medicine 2010
Dr Melissa Maria Johnson Medicine 2010
Dr Jemma Samantha Plant Medicine 2010
Dr Catherine Theresa Gallagher Medicine 2010
Dr Luke Edward Talbot Medicine 2010
Dr Laura Elizabeth Margaret Cooper Cooper Medicine 2010
Dr Amanda Rachel Elizabeth Kirrage Medicine 2010
Dr Heather Louise Rosser Medicine 2010
Dr Teresa McElholm Medicine 2010
Dr Owen Thomas Scrivens Medicine 2010
Dr Diane Jean Berry Medicine 2010
Dr Jennifer Amy Logan Medicine 2010
Dr Ian Robert Mulvey Medicine 2010
Dr Charlotte Neary-bremer Medicine 2010
Dr Susan Josephine Knott Medicine 2010
Dr Alice Nancy Law Medicine 2010
Dr Esther Maria Loganathan Dismore Medicine 2010
Dr Laura Catherine Hughes Medicine 2010
Dr Michaella McCoy Moody Medicine 2010
Mr Raza Ahmadi Dentistry 2010
Dr Hannan Saleh Medicine 2010
Miss Tiffany Lok Sum Chan Dentistry 2010
Miss Chisom Urenma Adizie Dentistry 2010
Dr Hannah Charlotte Pio Lawless Medicine 2010
Dr Bethany Denney Medicine 2010
Miss Hannah Thompson Dentistry 2010
Dr Lucia Catherine Manfredi Medicine 2010
Miss Catherine Anne Reid Dentistry 2010
Dr Paul Thomas Wilkinson Medicine 2010
Dr Stella Gael Williams Williams Medicine 2010
Dr Maria Takhreem Medicine 2010
Mr Christopher Joseph Meagher Dentistry 2010
Dr James Andrew Selwood Medicine 2010
Dr Gwenllian Sion Medicine 2010
Miss Ann Ruth Dutton Dentistry 2010
Dr Sophie Eleanor Cant Medicine 2010
Dr Nicola Louise Robinson Medicine 2010
Miss Hayley Jackson Dentistry 2010
Dr Charlotte Elizabeth Holden Medicine 2010
Dr Habiba Jabeen Zaman Medicine 2010
Dr Shimal Surandra Jobanputra Medicine 2010
Dr Prita Banerjee Medicine 2010
Dr Adnaan Kala Medicine 2010
Mr Christopher Nicolas Harker Dentistry 2010
Dr Adam David Shipp Medicine 2010
Dr Jacqueline Ann Brunet Medicine 2010
Dr Lisa Jane Smalley Medicine 2010
Dr Matilda Rosemary Dunne Medicine 2010
Dr Cara Elizabeth Slane Medicine 2010
Dr Fatima Akhtar Medicine 2010
Dr Sarah Doherty Medicine 2010
Dr David Andrew Finch Medicine 2010
Mr Eddy Chern Liang Liew Dentistry 2010
Dr Sarah Helen El Sheikha Medicine 2010
Mr Irfan Khokhar Dentistry 2010
Dr Christopher Edward Chadwick Medicine 2010
Dr Sarah Margaret Jarvis Medicine 2010
Dr Daniel Robert Nunnery Medicine 2010
Dr Sarah Jane Whomersley Medicine 2010
Dr Amy Danielle Turner Medicine 2010
Ms Meeda Jude Ramkhalawon Dentistry 2010
Dr Gethin Sion Pritchard Medicine 2010
Dr Rachel Taylor Medicine 2010
Miss Aneesa Patel Dentistry 2010
Dr Christopher Andrew McCoy Medicine 2010
Miss Gemma Roe Dentistry 2010
Miss Sukhdeep Kaur Bedwal Dentistry 2010
Dr Katherine Claire Whiteway Whiteway Medicine 2010
Dr Geraint Malcolm Powell Powell Medicine 2010
Miss Sofya Sayed Dentistry 2010
Mr Colin Niall Harvey-Woodworth Dentistry 2010
Dr Naomi Charing Medicine 2010
Dr Stephanie Elizabeth Smith Medicine 2010
Dr Kate Frances Lloyd Medicine 2010
Dr James Michael Redfern Medicine 2010
Dr Jennifer Lynne Burgess Medicine 2010
Dr Caroline Lois Cheesman Medicine 2010
Dr Nia Jones Medicine 2010
Dr Madeleine Laura Dibnah Medicine 2010
Dr Robert Fitter Medicine 2010
Dr Victoria Louise Blake Medicine 2010
Mr Neil Shah Dentistry 2010
Dr Nicholas James Taylor Archaeology 2010
Miss Dana Rohalova Modern European Languages 2010
Miss Angie Kusi Ramirez Latin American Studies 2010
Mr Joshua Andrew Brown History 2010
Mr Andrew Michael Moffat English & German 2010
Mr Sherriff Yousry Moustafa Economic & Social History 2010
Miss Jessica Marie Kilpatrick French & Hispanic Studies 2010
Miss Samantha Robotham European Bus Stud & French 2010
Miss Helena Michaels French & Hispanic Studies 2010
Miss Katie Louise Madden Latin American & Hispanic Studies 2010
Miss Holly Kim Parsons Parsons Hispanic Studies 2010
Miss Hannah Mary Gibney Modern History & Politics 2010
Mr Thomas Patrick Hall Economic & Social History 2010
Miss Stacie Louise Allan French 2010
Miss Kirsty Laura Hastings Economic & Social History 2010
Miss Tara Jane Katie Walsh Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 2010
Miss Jocelyn Yvonne Weale English & German 2010
Mr Kyri Koni Business Studies & Hispanic St 2010
Mr Jack Richard Owen Griffiths History 2010
Miss Dayna Jo Dawson Dawson History 2010
Mr Jonathan Peter Threadgold German 2010
Mr Daniel Richard Sheen German 2010
Miss Jennifer Corcoran Corcoran Modern European Languages 2010
Miss Elizabeth Margaret Lynn Lynn English & Hispanic Studies 2010
Mr Colin Clarke Samuel Elliott Elliott Ancient History & Archaeology 2010
Mr Daniel Thomas Evans German 2010
Mr Stephen Patrick Meers Meers Business Studies & Hispanic St 2010
Mr David Handy Classical Studies 2010
Miss Charlotte Heap History 2010
Mr Ben O'nolan Business Studies & French 2010
Miss Lauren Murphy Modern European Languages 2010
Miss Kirsty Louise McHugh History 2010
Miss Francesca Brady French 2010
Miss Holly Anna Jade Cockfield Business Studies & French 2010
Miss Fiona Elizabeth Shelley English & French 2010
Mr Todd Alexander Clarkson Economic & Social History 2010
Mr David Joe Watts Economic & Social History 2010
Miss Rebecca Frances Dutton Archaeology 2010
Miss Rachel Laura Denton Denton History 2010
Miss Laura Ann Jenkins Evolutionary Anthropology 2010
Mr Thomas Matthew Reynolds History 2010
Miss Charlotte Jane Tracey Ancient History & Archaeology 2010
Mr Charles Harper History 2010
Mr Thomas Morgan Smith Ancient History & Archaeology 2010
Miss Abigail Kate Dennis Dennis English & French 2010
Miss Samantha Koren Williams French 2010
Miss Sophie Gregg History 2010
Mr Joe Woods Woods Ancient History & Archaeology 2010
Mr Timothy Cole Economic & Social History 2010
Mr Richie Rees History 2010
Miss Emma Marie Wood Wood History 2010
Mr Richard John Wallace History 2010
Mr Mark Lewis Errington History 2010
Mr Andrew Gareth John Pritchard History 2010
Miss Kelly Jade Liddle History 2010
Miss Amy Jean Dann Economic & Social History 2010
Miss Lowri Anne Prosser Geography & Archaeology 2010
Mr David Teymouri Modern History & Politics 2010
Mr Daniel Richard Nixon Modern History & Politics 2010
Miss Laura Elizabeth Hill History 2010
Mr Barney Albert Soanes-Cundle Irish Studies & English 2010
Mr Joseph Christopher Humphreys Modern History & Politics 2010
Mr William James Ogilvy Scammell History 2010
Mr Vivian Edgar Elby Classical Studies 2010
Miss Laura Jane Pearson Classical Studies 2010
Miss Katherine Kim Williams Williams Classics 2010
Miss Katherine Helen Chalmers Chalmers Classical Studies 2010
Mr Killian Kevin Cieran Patrick Garvey History 2010
Dr Rhiannon Sian Austin Medicine 2010
Mr Lee Peter Dimelow Chemistry 2010
Miss Abigail Victoria Pinchin Mathematics with Management 2010
Mr Daniel Michael Williams Biological & Medical Sciences 2010
Dr Edward James Bass Medicine 2010
Dr Angela Lloyd Russell Medicine 2010
Miss Mahboobeh Rahman Setayesh Pharmacology 2010
Dr David Hesp Physics 2010
Mr Michael Robert Thomas Field Anatomy & Human Biology 2010
Dr Stephen Philip Jones Theoretical Physics 2010
Dr Chaoqun Li Chemistry 2010
Dr James Thomas Jones Chemistry 2010
Mr David Thomas Arrowsmith Chemistry 2010
Miss Christine Marie Oakley Oakley Mathematics with Finance 2010
Miss Bailey Ann Ewel Mathematics 2010
Mr Harvey Jonathon Maddocks Physics 2010
Mr Edward James Bailey Physiology 2010
Mr Paul Terence Mulligan Physics 2010
Miss Kim Mariana Warwick-Cowtan Chemistry 2010
Miss Victoria Helen Morgan Chemistry 2010
Mr Edward Thomas Greening Physics 2010
Mr Jack Coltman Conway Physics With Astronomy 2010
Mr Richard Michael Harrison Astrophysics 2010
Mr Joseph David Lyman Astrophysics 2010
Mr Alexander James Alan Cuthbertson Physics 2010
Miss Emily Wilkins Pharmacology 2010
Dr Masood Akmali Physics 2010
Mr Bradlee James Fallon Chemistry 2010
Mr Thomas Owen Harrison Chemistry 2010
Mr Christopher Hengler Physics 2010
Mr Michael Ryder Mathematics 2010
Dr David Peeney Physiology 2010
Mr Andrew David Winfield Anatomy & Human Biology 2010
Miss Victoria Jane Carr Biological & Medical Sciences 2010
Mr Matthew Kendrick Morris Pharmacology 2010
Mr Christopher James Jones Anatomy & Human Biology 2010
Miss Philippa Herbert Anatomy & Human Biology 2010
Mr Moneeb Afiz Pharmacology 2010
Miss Kathryn Jackson Physics 2010
Mr Ian Gaffing Physics for New Technology 2010
Mr Daniel Hugh Leith Mathematics with Finance 2010
Mr Daniel John Nathan Crouch Physics 2010
Miss Menaka Jayawardena Medicinal Chemistry 2010
Mr Oliver Kyle Mathematics 2010
Mr Michael Vanderpuye Pharmacology 2010
Mr John Mathew Devitt Anatomy & Human Biology 2010
Mr Ali Omar Mathematics & Business Studies 2010
Miss Maia Orsi Physics With Astronomy 2010
Miss Aimee Elizabeth Duke Mathematics 2010
Mr Jonathan Andrew Guy Vass Pharmacology 2010
Miss Katie Elizabeth Humphries Mathematics 2010
Miss Laura McNally Physiology 2010
Mr Thomas Fitzpatrick Pharmacology 2010
Mrs Catherine Diane Hughes Chemistry 2010
Mr James Clayton Mathematics 2010
Mr Stefan Ivan Serednycky Physics 2010
Miss Bridie Jane Dibble Mathematics & Business Studies 2010
Miss Alice Edmond Mathematics 2010
Mr Xunyi Yang Mathematics with Finance 2010
Miss Yi Hua Hua Mathematics with Finance 2010
Mr Yinchen Li Li Mathematics with Finance 2010
Mr Zahid Riaz Nuclear Sci & Technology 2010
Mr Jack David Tickle Law 2010
Miss Lucy Eleanor Chithru Maxwell Law 2010
Mr Oliver Long Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Rachel Collins Law 2010
Miss Talisha Marie Mills Criminology & Sociology 2010
Mr James Kevin John Davies Davies Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Helen Marie Stephens Law and Business 2010
Miss Sian Sarah Dickson Criminology & Sociology 2010
Mr Alexander Richard Alderson Law 2010
Mr Richard Blogg Law and Business 2010
Mr Mark Stephen Paul Casey Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Chelsea Louise Nichol Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Karen Amanda Bowman Sociology 2010
Miss Sarah Frances Roberts Politics & Internat Bus 2010
Mr Matthew James Peter Enevoldson Politics 2010
Miss Ciara Mary Moore English & French Laws with French 2010
Mr Joseph Paul Bilke Politics & Communication Studies 2010
Mr Joseph William Jackson Law 2010
Mr Darren Edward Edge Sociology 2010
Miss Amber Marie Strickland Strickland Law 2010
Miss Stephanie McGrath Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Samantha Ruby Smith Smith Law 2010
Miss Mbumba Mlenga Law 2010
Mr James Youens Politics 2010
Miss Emma Gillman Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Joanna Louise Codling Law 2010
Mr Jack Newman Politics 2010
Miss Eve Clare Loughrey Law 2010
Miss Maeve Kathryn Corrigan Law 2010
Miss Emily Rose McClean Criminology & Sociology 2010
Mr Bukky Durotimi Fehintola Law 2010
Miss Louise Barnett Law and Business 2010
Mr Matthew James Bainbridge Law 2010
Miss Zoe Hannah Birtwistle Criminology & Sociology 2010
Dr Vishwas Maheshwari Management Studies 2010
Mr James Thomas Holland Law and Business 2010
Miss Rosanne Edith Browning Law 2010
Miss Faye Bellass Law 2010
Miss Sarah Robertson Law 2010
Miss Carrie Ann Bright Law 2010
Miss Rebecca Mary Osborne Law 2010
Mr Martin David Renwick Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Hannah Sian Brookfield Law 2010
Miss Katie Louise Searles Politics 2010
Miss Jessica Gardiner Law 2010
Miss Stephanie Kate Lockwood Law 2010
Mr Greg Byron Law 2010
Miss Hannah Edwards Law 2010
Mr Ashley John Baxendale Law 2010
Mr Simon Philip Tyrrell Politics & Internat Bus 2010
Mr Saleh Ahmed Law 2010
Mr Noel Martin Scull Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Lauren Harrison Law 2010
Miss Claudia Fabiola Montoya Lozada Criminology & Sociology 2010
Miss Alexandra Jones Law and Business 2010
Mr Jonathan Paul Irvine Law 2010
Miss Heather Elizabeth MccCuskey Criminology & Sociology 2010
Mr Paul Michael Allen Politics 2010
Dr Hazel Cameron Sociology 2010
Miss Jennifer Clare Jackson Accounting 2010
Mr Robert Edward Henry Todd Accounting 2010
Mr Edward Patterson E-Business 2010
Mr Alex Sieber Economics 2010
Mr Francis McKeown E-Business 2010
Mr Robert James Cain Business Studies 2010
Mr Richard James Whitney Economics 2010
Mr Matthew Smith Smith Marketing 2010
Mr Calum McCombie E-Business 2010
Mr Adam Cheung Marketing 2010
Ms Salem Sally Amanuel Araya Business Administration 2010
Miss Suzanne Louise Hartnell Business Studies 2010
Mr Daniel Padgett International Business 2010
Mr Guo Xao Lee Business Economics 2010
Mr Ahmed Dhia Al-Sultan Human Resource Management 2010
Mr Chengrong Chen Business Studies 2010
Miss Katie-Jayne Holden Human Resource Management 2010
Mr Daniel Luke Maycock International Business 2010
Mr Andrew Choyce Human Resource Management 2010
Miss Niamh Deirdre McConnell Accounting 2010
Miss Yi Yang Accounting 2010
Mr Alexandre Gamberoni Business Administration 2010
Mrs Lyndsay Ann Fleming Fleming Accounting 2010
Miss Jennifer Anne Smith Accounting 2010
Mr Olayinka Abdul Rasheed Raheem Raheem Economics 2010
Mr Matthew William Hurst Economics 2010
Mr Adam James Williamson Williamson International Business 2010
Mr Rhodri Owen Davies Accounting 2010
Miss Naomi Natasha King King Human Resource Management 2010
Mr Jonathan Francis Doyle Accounting 2010
Mr Josh Nathan Woods Woods Accounting 2010
Miss Esme Ellen Harvey Business Studies 2010
Mr Oliver Martin Reynolds Business Studies 2010
Ms Nurhazirah Hj Ismail Human Resource Management 2010
Mr Xin Song International Business 2010
Miss Jing Liu Liu Financial Economics 2010
Mr Michael Zarri Zarri Business Administration 2010
Mr Michael Robert Bowen Bowen Business Administration 2010
Mr Imran Akuji Business Administration 2010
Ms Nada Atef Al-Yahri Business Studies 2010
Miss Emily Rachel Hirst Accounting 2010
Ms Sitabile Glorious Pswarayi Business Administration 2010
Miss Yuan Yue Finance 2010
Mr Henry Stephen Smith Computer Science 2010
Mr Yousef Riad Basma Mechatronics & Robotic Systems 2010
Mr Troy Alistair Graham Information Technology 2010
Mr Essa Nasser Al-Dallal Medical Electronics & Instrume 2010
Mr John Eastham Internet Computing 2010
Miss Juliet Mary McAllister Combined Honours 2010
Mr Majid Hassan Al-hajri Al-Hajri Computer Science 2010
Mr Martin Kerry Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2010
Mr Pablo Mariano Hernandez Deriquer Mechatronics & Robotic Systems 2010
Mr Danny Abbott Computer Science 2010
Mr Matthew John Hall Computer Information Systems 2010
Ms Iris Batalli Information Technology 2010
Mr Conor Clafferty Software Development 2010
Miss Claire Cintra D'Amelio Combined Honours 2010
Mr Humaid Abdulla Mohammed Al-macki Electrical Engineering 2010
Miss Karen Lesley Lucas Lucas Combined Honours 2010
Mr David John Dixey Architecture 2010
Mr Neil Andrew Campbell Architecture 2010
Dr Farid Ziaei Architecture 2010
Mr Liam Colin Kelly Architecture 2010
Mrs Angela Connor O'Donoghue Combined Honours 2010
Mr James Reilly Music/Popular Music 2010
Mrs Lesley Isobel Daphne Godsave Combined Honours 2010
Ms Naomi Sarah Griggs Biltcliffe Biltcliffe Combined Honours 2010
Mr Alexander Raimi-Scot Music 2010
Mr Richard Ian Vermont Communication & Business Studies 2010
Mr Alastair James Heaver Architecture 2010
Miss Samantha Ellen Horton Combined Honours 2010
Mr Matthew James Wells Architecture 2010
Mr Matthew Gary Dickinson English And Philosophy 2010
Miss Jessica Alice Floyd Floyd Philosophy & Politics 2010
Miss Laura Marie Fletcher Music 2010
Miss Roxanne Michelle Rowlands Combined Honours 2010
Miss Amy Laura Pritchard Combined Honours 2010
Mr Colin Edouard Van Den Brandt Architecture 2010
Miss Emma Barbara Kelly-Hollin English & Communication Studies 2010
Ms Priya Loomba Combined Honours 2010
Miss Nicola Rosemary Cooke Combined Honours 2010
Miss Jessica Florence Louise Reid Philosophy & Politics 2010
Miss Rachel Marion Kidd Music/Popular Music 2010
Miss Amy Loughe English And Philosophy 2010
Mr David Woods Philosophy 2010
Miss Judy Maria Wardle Combined Honours 2010
Mr Michael Bourne Music 2010
Miss Chloe Fern Elizabeth Sefton English Language & Literature 2010
Mr William Alexander Harvey Comm Media & Popular Music 2010
Miss Lois Jane Nash English & Communication Studies 2010
Mr Mark Alan Shears Shears Combined Honours 2010
Miss Jennifer Devlin Devlin Philosophy 2010
Miss Rachel Done Comm Media & Popular Music 2010
Miss Rebecca Quilliam Popular Music 2010
Mr Michael Emmerson Collins Popular Music 2010
Mr Alexander Richard Turner Architecture 2010
Miss Leanne Marthese Marsden English Language & Literature 2010
Miss Stephannie Alice Stokes Comm Media & Popular Music 2010
Mr Matthew William Roberts Architecture 2010
Mr Alex Edward Joseph Stewart Walters Philosophy 2010
Mr James William Crawford Architecture 2010
Mr Oladamola Babalola Communication & Business Studies 2010
Miss Alexi Patricia Cartwright Comm Media & Popular Music 2010
Miss Clarissa Amelia Hopkins Combined Honours 2010
Miss Emma Louise Huckerby Huckerby English Language & Literature 2010
Miss Linzi Katherine Aitken Combined Honours 2010
Mr Thomas Charles Quenault Music/Popular Music 2010
Mr Robert Sarkis Topalian Combined Honours 2010
Miss Heather Johnston English Language & Literature 2010
Mr Daniel Anthony Gerrard Music 2010
Miss Steffi Joy Camm English Language & Literature 2010
Miss Anne-Marie Noel English & Modern History 2010
Mr Michael John Evans Popular Music 2010
Miss Rebecca Margaret Douglas Douglas English Language & Literature 2010
Mr Thomas Cockburn Philosophy 2010
Mr Harold Hill Architecture 2010
Mr Thomas Carleton Gregory Architecture 2010
Miss Sharon Louise Cooney English & Modern History 2010
Miss Freya Claire Jonas Music/Popular Music 2010
Mr Gregory Vincent Bowler Architecture 2010
Miss Lauren Jayne Katherine Kopsis English Language & Literature 2010
Mr Sam Cooke Philosophy 2010
Miss Harriet Bonenfant Bonenfant Combined Honours 2010
Mr Kai Wang Architecture 2010
Mr Carlos Alberto Zepeda Gil Architecture 2010
Miss Emma McNeill Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Dr Cassia Elizabeth O'prey O'Prey Medicine 2010
Miss Annemarie Binnington Radiotherapy 2010
Miss Amy Maria Maher Shepherd Radiotherapy 2010
Dr Catriona Rachel Mayland Neurological Sciences 2010
Miss Deborah Kidd Psychology 2010
Miss Naomi Hannah Teresa McNeill Nursing 2010
Miss Michelle Gledhill Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Siobhan Ann O'Sullivan Psychology 2010
Miss Charlotte Louise Trewella Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Kathryn Hania Mosiewicz Psychology 2010
Miss Levi Andrea Wensley Physiotherapy 2010
Mr Thomas Stuart Norton Psychology 2010
Miss Joanne Helen Steward Clinical Psychology 2010
Miss Rebecca Linda Smith Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Olivia Ruth Blick Psychology 2010
Dr Danuta Katarzyna Gutowska-Owsiak Marciniak-Gutowska Infection & Immunity 2010
Miss Stacey Kathleen Kelly Radiotherapy 2010
Miss Alaina Claire Wood Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Mr Adam James Peck Psychology 2010
Miss Martha Wilson Psychology 2010
Miss Philippa Lucy Griffiths Physiotherapy 2010
Mr Jordan James Rhodes Psychology 2010
Miss Claire Laura Walters Physiotherapy 2010
Mr Aaron Robert James Shaw Psychology 2010
Mr Ryan Paul Blything Psychology 2010
Miss Claire Dowling Psychology 2010
Miss Tamasyn Louisa Bowler Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Katie Feeley Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Lucy Charlotte Silker Occupational Therapy 2010
Dr Tamara Ana Thiele Psychology 2010
Miss Sian Helena Roberts Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Gemma Kate Scattergood Scattergood Psychology 2010
Mr Brian Joseph Devlin Devlin Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Alysha Molloy Orthoptics 2010
Miss Jessica Louise Rees Psychology 2010
Miss Jessica May-ling Marfell Physiotherapy 2010
Miss Lisa Margery Marsh Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Nichola Jane Westlake Psychology 2010
Miss Helen Locke Psychology 2010
Mr Daniel Benjamin Galloway Psychology 2010
Miss Kate Rebecca Sampson Physiotherapy 2010
Mr William James Smethurst Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Stacey Marie Hendrickson Psychology 2010
Miss Myfanwy Elizabeth Johnson Orthoptics 2010
Miss Kimberley Jayne Morgan Psychology 2010
Miss Laura Joanna Seddon Seddon Psychology 2010
Miss Melanie Faye Jarvis Psychology 2010
Miss Emma Bloom Psychology 2010
Miss Aisha McLean Psychology 2010
Miss Rosalind Jane Langham Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Catherine Elizabeth Birmingham Psychology 2010
Miss Abigail Emily Alice Massey Psychology 2010
Miss Jessica Green Psychology 2010
Mrs Katherine Amanda McNulty Shorrock Diagnostic Radiography 2010
Miss Jessica Heather Phillips Orthoptics 2010
Miss Rebekah Elizabeth Hodt Psychology 2010
Miss Aimee Bennett Psychology 2010
Miss Georgia Helen Whiteoak Psychology 2010
Mrs Gillian Hartley Tongue Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Mikhaila Katherine Shine Psychology 2010
Miss Danielle Elisabeth Eckersley Orthoptics 2010
Mr Liam Harrison Psychology 2010
Miss Tessa Lucy Saunders Psychology 2010
Miss Louise Anne Clare Kelly Occupational Therapy 2010
Miss Sarah Catherine Powell Psychology 2010
Miss Robia Yasin Orthoptics 2010
Miss Hannah Ruth Sewell Psychology 2010
Ms Alysha Rawlins Williams Psychology 2010
Miss Lisa Jane Swinburne Psychology 2010
Mr Brian Harper Public Health 2010
Miss Sarah Alsawy Psychology 2010
Dr Rebecca Christine Hildyard Earth Sciences 2010
Dr James Lenhart Public Health 2010
Mr Zhongliang Chen Information & Computing Science 2010
Miss Yi Hua Financial Mathematics 2010
Miss Jie Sun Financial Mathematics 2010
Miss Xiaoyi Wu Financial Mathematics 2010
Mr Jie Zhu Financial Mathematics 2010
Mr Jiongjie Mao Financial Mathematics 2010
Miss Min Cheng Information Management & Information System 2010
Mr Songting Wang Information Management & Information System 2010
Miss Alison Lamb Lamb Popular Music Studies 2010
Dr Demetris Avraam Mathematical Sciences 2010
Mr Jieming Wu Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2010
Mr Ahmed Babader Bader Product Design & Management 2010
Mr Yansong Li Yansong Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 2010
Ms Linye Zhang Zhang International Business Law 2010
Ms Maryam Alquwaiei ALi Advanced Science 2010
Mrs Nicola Sweeting Sweeting Art Aesthetics & Cultural Institutions 2010
Ms Jun Zou Politics & Mass Media 2010
Mr Dominic Bignell Victorian Literature 2010
Mr Mujahed Qari e-Business Strategy & Systems 2010
Mr Zhiwei Wang Wang Finance 2010
Mr Thierry Pache Pache Business Administration 2010
Ms Hannah Paintinger Research Method-Sociology 2010
Mr He Li Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 2010
Miss Jingru Yan Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 2010
Ms Tianning Jiang Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages 2010
Ms Sharon Cohen Bachelor of Arts 2010
Ms Nawal Al-Johani Oda Human Immunity 2010
Ms Wei Xu Finance 2010
Mr Simon Lindsay Lindsay Information Technology 2010
Mr Bader Alfaiz Radiometrics Instrumentation & Modelling 2010
Miss Beatrice Flora McCorkell McCorkell Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Sarah Joanne Vandewalle Veterinary Science 2010
Mr Abdul Quddoos Ahmed Dentistry 2010
Dr Helena Nancy Garfit Humanitarian Studies 2010
Dr Kornad Panchanathan Kosygan Orthopaedic Surgery 2010
Miss Dympna Alicia Siobhan Ayles Nursing 2010
Dr David William Sharpley Clinical Sciences 2010
Miss Jacqueline Amy Langer Dentistry 2010
Dr Rachel Marie Kwiatkowska Mol Biol of Parasit & Dis Vect 2010
Miss Paula Fletcher Fletcher Nursing 2010
Miss Claire Louise Murphy Human Immunity 2010
Dr Jason Ramtahal Neurological Sciences 2010
Dr Rhiannon Louise Mather Earth Sciences 2010
Miss Chloe Bean Pharmacology 2010
Dr Craig James Mageean Biomedical Sciences 2010
Mr Nicholas James Rhead Humanitarian Studies 2010
Miss Rebecca Catherine Rosa Shelby Investigative & Forensic Psychology 2010
Dr Alexander Martin Howard Biol & Ctrl Of Para & Dis Vect 2010
Dr Joseph Man Fung Tang Surgery and Oncology 2010
Ms Anna Maria Magdalena Nordmark Veterinary Science 2010
Miss Kirsty Anne Ross Nursing 2010
Dr Celia Katharine Ballard Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2010
Dr Colin Thorbinson Child Health 2010
Miss Laura Louise Vowles Urban Regeneration & Planning 2010
Mr Jonathan Krzyzosiak Nuclear Sci & Technology 2010
Mr Adam Peter Ruane Civic Design 2010
Dr Mendel Emanuel in 't Veld Chemistry 2010
Ms Zhen Guan Environmental Mngt & Planning 2010
Dr Mustafa Karwad Biomedical Sciences 2010
Dr Doddabele Srinivas Deepak Endocrinology 2010
Miss Helen Read Nursing 2010
Dr Rhodri Mathieu Jerrett Earth Sciences 2010
Dr Elaine Rachel Garvican Vet Clin Sci & Animal Husb 2010
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Kent Occupational Therapy 2010
Dr Katarzyna Adela Uniewicz Biological Sciences 2010
Ms Pamela McCartney Occupational Therapy 2010
Dr Anna Fry Earth Sciences 2010
Miss Gemma Louise Wood Biochemistry 2010
Miss Holly Ann Clark Clark Psychology 2010
Miss Shona Harrison Orthoptics 2010
Miss Annabel Louise Trenchard Nursing 2010
Mr Joel Jack Khan Whelan Psychology 2010
Miss Ellen Carey Nursing 2010
Miss Hannah Charlotte Mitchell Nursing 2010
Miss Tammy Reed Nursing 2010
Miss Gillian Hunt Clinical Psychology 2010
Miss Jennifer Susan Morris Clinical Psychology 2010
Ms Angela Mary Smith Clinical Psychology 2010
Miss Mari Yanagisaki International Public Health 2010
Miss Amy Nicola Holman Bovine Reproduction 2010
Ms Fang Zhou Civic Design 2010
Mrs Hind Jaber Al Thagafi Human Immunity 2010
Miss Rehana Saleem Human Immunity 2010
Dr Natasha Gavathri Jesudason Tropical & Infectious Diseases 2010
Mr Andrew Iain Mckay Humanitarian Studies 2010
Mr Idean Farshbaf Urban Regeneration & Mngt 2010
Mrs Trung Thi Thanh Nguyen Internat Sexual & Reprod Hlth 2010
Mr David Matthew Forrest Biol & Ctrl Of Para & Dis Vect 2010
Miss Jessica Anna Reed Humanitarian Programme Mngt 2010
Miss Helen Thea Marubbi Mol Biol of Parasit & Dis Vect 2010
Dr Yasmin Ahmed-little Public Health 2010
Dr Neil Wigglesworth Public Health 2010
Dr Kyaw Linn Tropical & Infectious Diseases 2010
Dr Charlotte Rose Medley Law, Medicine & Health Care 2010
Mr David Gerard Gannon Law 2010
Mr Eamonn Francis Lavery Combined Honours 2010
Mr Simon Dillon Combined Honours 2010
Mr Jonathan Daley Research Method-Sociology 2010
Ms Shalom Ljeoma Nnadi-lloyd Business Administration 2010
Miss Kate McManus International Law 2010
Mr Carl Peter Platt Davies Business Administration 2010
Ms Li Huey Tan Finance 2010
Mr Yuan Ming Liang Liang Human Resource Management 2010
Ms Liyu Cheng Management 2010
Miss Qing Mao International Law 2010
Miss Emma Ruth James Consumer Marketing 2010
Mr Shengyue Xiao Operat & Supply Chain Mngt 2010
Mrs Hyun Ju Park Research Method-Sociology 2010
Miss Shuang Song e-Business Strategy & Systems 2010
Mr Kun Peng Tan Human Resource Management 2010
Miss Lei Jiang Lei Consumer Marketing 2010
Ms Jiajia Fan Fan International Business Law 2010
Miss Wenge Shi e-Business Strategy & Systems 2010
Miss Claire Jones Research Method-Sociology 2010
Ms Kylie Johnson Management 2010
Miss Katie Elizabeth Cornwell Music 2010
Mr Martin Helliwell Archives & Record Management 2010
Dr Alain Gough-Olaya Ancient History 2010
Mr Michael Corlett Politics & Mass Media 2010
Miss Hayley Clare Hazel Southwell Civil Engineering 2010
Mr James William May History 2010
Miss Jing Song Civil Engineering 2010
Mr Ramon Cahenzli Information Technology 2010
Miss Karen Blower Archives & Record Management 2010
Miss Jocelyn Marissa Sabori Ancient History 2010
Mr Claudio Mura Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages 2010
Mr Piotr Olszewski Microelectronic Systems & Telecommunications 2010
Mr John Stewart Palaeoanthropology 2010
Mr Naif Turky Alotaibi Alotaibi Aerospace & Mechanical Systems Engineering 2010
Ms Shan Hong Politics & Mass Media 2010
Mr Qing Xie Computer Science 2010
Ms Hanan Ibrahim Habebi Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages 2010
Mr David Edward Wood Product Design & Management 2010
Mr Daniel James Barber Maritime Civil Engineering 2010
Ms Kristen Knowles Evolutionary Psychology 2010
Mr Daniel Molina Morales Music Industry Studies 2010
Miss Siti Zuraida Mustafa Football Industries 2010
Mr Yan Shi Diploma 2010
Ms Yu Li Financial Mathematics 2010
Anmin Liu Information & Computing Science 2010
Mr Abhishek Vyas Management 2010
Mr Badr Hisham Alireza Football Industries 2010
Mr Eyman Moazzezi Football Industries 2010