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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Sherlon Adrian Atkins Social Work 1994
Mrs Helen Elizabeth Murray Maynard Nursing 1994
Mr John Anthony Owen Irish Studies 1994
Dr Noel Rawsthorne Honorary 1994
Mrs Judith Bradley Myers Classics 1994
Ms Carole Ann Trenaman (X)BAComb.H/Drama & Psychology 1994
Mr Andrew Cheong Development and Industrialisation 1994
Mr Neelam Sharma Law 1994
Mr Wei Leong Loh Law 1994
Miss Helen Thorley 1994
Miss Ariane Casrouge Democratic Theory & Practice 1994
Mrs Helen Victoria Owen Bell Davies Economic History 1994
Miss Martha Elizabeth Dixon (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mrs Susan Jane Biggs Hudson Education 1994
Miss Alison Gladman Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Mandy Ann Wood (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Tracey Ann Jemson 1994
Miss Colette Mary Fitzgerald Physiotherapy 1994
Mr Mark Duerden Tinker Geography 1994
Mr Michael Beaumont Smith Marine Biology 1994
Miss Klara Ann Durrant Law 1994
Miss Gillian Hayley Pearson Environmental Biology 1994
Mrs Maureen Hilda Rushton Dixon Family Planning 1994
Miss Katharine Howells (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Miss Rebecca Sophie Victoria Keys History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Mark Clive Smith Building Management And Technology 1994
Ms Lynn Ellis Shenton Family Planning 1994
Miss Hayley Cuthbertson English Lit./German 1994
Miss Nina Claire Taylor Business Economics 1994
Miss Debbie Ellen Blake Engineering Science 1994
Mr Alan Telford Archaeology 1994
Mr Jonathan Griffiths Architecture 1994
Miss Catherine Pidgeon Family Planning 1994
Mrs Beatriz Ida White (X)B.Ed.H/Art (Upr) 1994
Miss Lisa McEvoy Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Katherine Maria Moss (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr David Richardson Archaeology 1994
Miss Jane Fox English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Mr Paul Harold Mellor Physical Geology/Geomorphology 1994
Mr Edward Thomas Martin 1994
Miss Bridget Helen Holmes (HE)BAComb./Sociology & Relig.Studs. 1994
Miss Georgie Lucy Stevens Philosophy 1994
Mr Dominic Ashley Voyce Voyce Barton-Hill English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Zillah Bone Combined Honours 1994
Miss Anne Heselwood (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mrs Barbara Mary Beckett Huyton Family Planning 1994
Mr Madubuike Elochukwu Nwagbo (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Miss Emma Faye Bess Geography 1994
Miss Jessica Kate Cherry Combined Honours 1994
Mr Stefan Install Zoology 1994
Miss Elizabeth Jane Dobson Family Planning 1994
Miss Katie Kelsey Law 1994
Mr Peter Nicholas Sheldon Accounting 1994
Mr Peter Michael John Whibley Environmental Biology 1994
Mr Mark Sean Sargent 1994
Mr Simon Gerard Calvert (X)BAComb.H/Computer Studs.& Drama 1994
Miss Maria Louise Wellstead 1994
Miss Lee Lee Cheung 1994
Mrs Pauline McHugh Nursing 1994
Mr Laszlo Sztanko Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Miss Jacqueline Dawn Sayer Bachelor of Science 1994
Mr Kelvin Colin Hornsby (X) Mathematics & Physical Education 1994
Mr John Andrew McGiven Zoology 1994
Miss Jennifer Clare Joy Dove Genetics 1994
Miss Lydia Elizabeth Bray 1994
Mr Eugenio Gherardi Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Catherine Mary Sinclair 1994
Miss Nancy Georgina Ody Combined Honours 1994
Mrs Lucie Bride McKnight Hardy Bolam English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Miss Jeanette Teresa Yates (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Relig.Studs. 1994
Mr Paul Francis Economics 1994
Mrs Denise Lynne Smith 1994
Miss Alison Elaine Smith (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Miss Judith Isabelle Fahy Architecture 1994
Ms Susan Jane Ford Combined Honours 1994
Mr Christopher James Porter Geography 1994
Miss Sallyanne Victoria Armstrong Physiology 1994
Dr Christopher Lloyd Jones Chemistry 1994
Miss Clare Kathleen Sibley English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Claire Suzanne Bennett 1994
Miss Danielle Sara Matthews Information Systems 1994
Mr Michael Edward Youds Philosophy 1994
Dr Victoria Anne Eagling Eagling Pathology 1994
Miss Nicola Marie Keegan (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mrs Glenys Tattersall Prescott 1994
Miss Andrea Jane Hayes Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Victoria Louise Williams (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Lwr) 1994
Miss Karen Sarah Louise Taylor Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Catherine Anne Pearce Combined Honours 1994
Mr John Walton Mowbray Geography 1994
Miss Rachel Burt Economics 1994
Mr Lachlan Michael Cullen Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Amanda Jane Swift (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Mr Stephen Mark Ashley Vanoli Economic History 1994
Miss Emma Louise Foster Law 1994
Mr Dylan Sion Roberts Computer And Microelectronic Systems 1994
Miss Joanne Podesta Mathematics 1994
Dr Catherine Jane Carsberg Dermatology 1994
Miss Anthea Louise Cameron (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Rebecca Sian Thomas 1994
Mr Sean Folan Combined Honours 1994
Mr Christopher Thomas Darbyshire Building Services Engineering 1994
Ms Christine Todd 1994
Miss Karen Joan Faugstad Sociology 1994
Mr Harish Bhanabhai Patel Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mr Leon David Youngs Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Melissa Hall-Smith 1994
Dr William Mark Hirst Mathematics/Statistics 1994
Mr Stewart Andrew Jones Architecture 1994
Miss Rebecca Jane Foster Pharmacology 1994
Mr Richard Hooton Hooton Combined Studies 1994
Mr Wynford Alois Owen Economics & Economic History 1994
Mr David Jeremy Hall Combined Honours 1994
Mr Alexander Kenneth Brian Connell Philosophy/Politics 1994
Miss Perena Cheryl Polius 1994
Ms Alyson Rowemary Doyle Education 1994
Mr Mark Daniel Duignan Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Michelle Anne Clew Latin American Studies 1994
Miss Helen Kate Morgan-Harris Geography 1994
Dr James Stewart Craig Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Matthew Cain Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mrs Wendy Ruth Grime Postlethwaite Education 1994
Miss Rebecca De-Montjoie Rudolf Rudolf (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Miss Elaine Catherine Robertson Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Anna Abigail Wheeler Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Catherine May Beger English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Maria Clare Shivnan (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Simon Paul Woods Geophysics (Physics) 1994
Mr Simon Paul Mooney Mathematics 1994
Mrs Penelope Mary Warnes Severn Education 1994
Ms Faith Veronica Anderson Latin American Studies 1994
Miss Catherine Standen (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Lwr) 1994
Miss Sinead Elizabeth Devlin (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr James Robert Hamilton Wilson Bachelor of Arts 1994
Miss Elizabeth Jane Pollard (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Grace Isabelle Dorothy Winder Music 1994
Miss Julie Maria Sheppard Classical Studies 1994
Miss Helen Brigid Thouless Education 1994
Mr Rajesh Padmanabhan Vijayanarayanan Dentistry 1994
Miss Jane Hardy (HE)Art & Design 1994
Mrs Fiona Carr Carr History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Rebecca Louise Edge Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Melanie Theresa Corinna Train (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Marcello Mario Giovanelli English Language & Literature 1994
Ms Ann Starbuck Education 1994
Mr Andrew Jonathan Hamill-Stewart Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Janet Walsh (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr Patrick Michael Richard Daniel History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Luann Rachel Ukadia Geography 1994
Mr Rupert Alan Simmonds Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Beverley Anne Evans (HE)Art & Design 1994
Miss Sian Orchard Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Mr Richard Anthony Kneller Economics 1994
Miss Ceri Anne Hookins Economic History 1994
Miss Rizvana Hussain History 1994
Mr Joseph Thomas John Torpey Modern History & Politics 1994
Miss Lisa Helen Barlow (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mr Justin Oliver Mallett (X)BAComb.H/History & Physical Edcn. 1994
Mr Richard Leigh Baker English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Miss Iram Hussain History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Magnus Frederick Eyles Psychology (Science) 1994
Mrs Anne Patricia Riazi Burgess Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Joanne Wright Wright (HE)BAComb./French & Physical Edcn. 1994
Mr Steven Charles Owen (X)BAComb.H/Phys.Ed.& Psychology 1994
Ms Alice Joan Tilley (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Lisa Kinsella Biochemistry 1994
Miss Deborah Lesley Plunkett Forrester Education 1994
Mrs Susan Joan Worthington Bell Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Marie Doran (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Miss Cheryl Asterley (HE)Art & Design 1994
Mr Richard Peter Hird Geography 1994
Mr Mohammed Aslam Vaid Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Katy Josephine Pannell Geography 1994
Miss Clare Vida Cryer Certificate in Advanaced Study in Education 1994
Miss Tracey Anne Glover (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Samantha Michelle Hornick Combined Honours 1994
Miss Emma Jane Powell Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Mr Gary Stirrup Physical Educ./Movement Science 1994
Ms Pauline Cummins (HE)BAComb./Geography & Sociology 1994
Miss Anthea Elizabeth St Hill Mousley Combined Honours 1994
Mr Christopher Keith Hope Microbiology 1994
Mrs Alison Appleton Knight Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Allison Lindsey Cooper (HE)B.Ed.H/Biological Science (Lwr) 1994
Miss Claire Louise Espley (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Mr Neil James Bleasdale (X)BAComb.H/Phys.Ed.& Psychology 1994
Miss Nicola Alexandrea Goodey Geography 1994
Mr Tim James Farrant Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Mr Philip Anthony Garner Biochemistry 1994
Miss Maria Louise Neate Economic History 1994
Miss Julie Bernadette Church 1994
Mrs Sarah Louise Redman Haslock (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Gillian Pamela Smith (HE)BAComb./English & Sociology 1994
Miss Sarah Jane Ashworth Zoology 1994
Miss Anna Louise Bennett (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Miss Joanne Isabel Lucas (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Francis Graham Pink Ethics of Health Care 1994
Ms Allison Lynda Reynolds (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Elaine Sedgwick Combined Honours 1994
Mr Keat Chee Lee Law 1994
Ms Ruth Chadwick Ethics of Health Care 1994
Mrs Maureen Josephine Sobers Toomey Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Sorrel Louise Bullen (HE)Art & Design 1994
Miss Katherine Elizabeth Benn Marine Biology 1994
Mr Geoffrey Alan Sydney Peter Smith Sociology 1994
Mr David Harry Shaw Classical Studies 1994
Mr John Hughes Combined Studies 1994
Mr Alex Arthur Fitzhugh Cox History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Graeme Nicholas Elston Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Jane Marie Brooks (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mrs Joanna Lucy Johnson Stevens English & Modern History 1994
Mr Graham Ian Davies Music 1994
Miss Hannah Sumption Archaeology 1994
Mrs Maria Elaine Lyon Allen (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Miss Kate Josephine Ozanne English Lit./Philosophy 1994
Miss Sharon Elizabeth Day French & German 1994
Mr Steven Small 1994
Miss Caroline Eleanor Grey Environmental Biology 1994
Mr Craig Albert Moreton (HE) Computer Studs.& Geography 1994
Miss Elizabeth Ann Allen Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Juliette Clare Harries Geography 1994
Miss Andrea Elizabeth Garnett (HE)BAComb./History & Music 1994
Ms Helen Diana Patrick Ethics of Health Care 1994
Miss Catherine Sarah Louise Morley (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Mrs Sonia Joy Davies Paskin (HE) Biol.Studs. & Environ.Studs. 1994
Mrs Samantha Jane Chapman Taverner Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Mr Daniel Vion Tanswell (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Matthew Paul Denham-Jones History 1994
Ms Lisa Omar Sociology 1994
Mrs Linda Salmon Isam Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Tazeem Moledina Combined Honours 1994
Miss Eva Freischlaeger (HE)BAComb./English & Sociology 1994
Mr Sam Bailey Law 1994
Mr Patrick Alexander Johnson Sociology 1994
Miss Emma Jane Haynes Geophysics (Physics) 1994
Miss Julie Cowley Social Studies (p/t) 1994
Miss Clare Louise Davison (HE)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Lwr) 1994
Miss Tan Hung Wong 1994
Mr Kieran Hyder Marine Biology 1994
Mr Stephen Anthony Pope Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Emma Louise Cullis (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr Paul Jeffrey Naylor 1994
Miss Nicole Lois Evans 1994
Miss Amy Helen Brown Geography 1994
Miss Susannah Williams (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Sasha Lee-Nichols Philosophy/Politics 1994
Miss Catherine Voce 1994
Mr Letsebe Mogomotsi Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Julie Margaret Caddick (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Mrs Nicola Joanne Tiefenbrun Burchell Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Ravi Boojawon Pharmacology 1994
Mrs Jacqueline Rotherham Hignett (X)BAComb.H/Computer Studs.& Drama 1994
Miss Shani Lorraine Herron Zoology 1994
Mr Craig Russell Turner Physics 1994
Dr David Keith Minton Medicine 1994
Miss Caroline Jane Eley (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Ms Lucie Marie Genevieve Brunet Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Simon Pessumal Metharam 1994
Mr Lee Pillen Information Systems 1994
Dr Jane Hosking Medicine 1994
Miss Susan Alexandra Healey (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Immanuel Joseph Brooks Education 1994
Mr Mark Brian Robert Vaughan Latin American Studies 1994
Mr Andrew Douglas Hughes French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Mark Winston Evans Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Philip Michael Long Combined Honours 1994
Mr Stuart David Beardwell Archaeology 1994
Dr Greg Shelley Molecular Biology 1994
Mr Mark Simon Shaw (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Geography 1994
Mrs Glywen Lewis Education 1994
Mr Gregory John Randall Philosophy/Politics 1994
Miss Suzanne Grace Hatherill Sociology 1994
Mr Iain Richard Grosvenor History 1994
Mr Matthew Peter Sparkes Archaeology 1994
Mr Gary Jon Bright Geography 1994
Ms Rebecca Susan Sykes Education 1994
Dr Hugh Robert Gosden English 1994
Miss Claire Williams (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Dr Michael Robert Futter Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Martin James Bankes Geography 1994
Miss Claire Michelle Saunders Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Andrew David Johnson Geography 1994
Ms Stephanie Jane Baker Education 1994
Miss Carole Lesley Glover (X)B.Ed.H/Mathematics (Upr) 1994
Mr John Paul Howson Philosophy/Politics 1994
Mr Duncan Alistair Ellison Marine Biology 1994
Mr Christopher John Bevan Geology 1994
Ms Joan Pauline Coman Valerio (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Jennifer Jayne Banks (HE)BAComb./History & Sociology 1994
Mr Graham Robertson Dawson Economics 1994
Mr Spencer Jason Samaroo Sociology 1994
Miss Lehla Jordarna York Music 1994
Miss Frances Ann Carnall Education 1994
Dr Terence John Hale French 1994
Mr Andrew Bishop (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr David Alec Hart History 1994
Mr Declan John Ryan Civil Engineering 1994
Mrs Doreen Littlewood Ramsbottom Modular Programme 1994
Miss Roisin Langan (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Kate Rose Chesser (X)BAComb.H/Phys.Ed.& Psychology 1994
Ms Catherine Reed Sociology 1994
Mr Kieran Duncan Taylor Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mrs Lyn Maria Ramcharan Bronkhurst Education 1994
Dr Michael Philip Oakes Computer Science 1994
Miss Susan Marisa Lee (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Mr Martyn Thomas Carney Geology 1994
Miss Ann Margaret Leahy Sociology 1994
Mr David Abel Roberts Education 1994
Mr Ian Duncan Mather Science 1994
Miss Sally Ann Hughes (HE)BAComb./Drama & Music 1994
Mr James Andrew Bromley Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Michael David Pulford Education 1994
Dr David Lewis Physics 1994
Miss Fiona Louise Thompson Combined Honours 1994
Mr George Burgess Marine Biology 1994
Mr Ronald West Education 1994
Ms Susan Ida Devlin Upton English Language & Literature 1994
Ms Emma O'Halloran Ohalloran Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 1994
Miss Juliet Hannah Garrett Geography 1994
Mrs Judith Lee Bowden Education 1994
Dr Michael John Rose Clinical Psychology 1994
Mr Andrew Samuel Jessett (HE)BAComb./Geography & History 1994
Mr Neil Richard Smith Mechanical Systems/Design Eng. 1994
Mr David Alan Atkey Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Miss Alexandra Jane Bishop Geography 1994
Mr Andrew Paul Moody Surgery 1994
Mr Peter Rolf Wartenberg Architecture 1994
Miss Christine Anne Jones (HE)BAComb./English & Sociology 1994
Mrs Patricia Ann Richardson Collins (X) Computer Studs.& Psychology 1994
Mr Richard James Caulfield (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr Martin Clive Brett Surgery 1994
Miss Jean Errington (HE) Biol.Studs. & Environ.Studs. 1994
Miss Marie Jubb (X) Computer Studs.& Physical Edcn. 1994
Miss Andrea Therese Hurst (HE)BAComb./English & Sociology 1994
Mrs Suzanne Carol Berry Wright Education 1994
Miss Elizabeth Helen Glasse Mathematics/Philosophy 1994
Mrs Susan Lesley Finney Corbett Physical Educ./Movement Science 1994
Mr Nicholas MacHin History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Sheryl Tina Gibson Economic History 1994
Mr Gavin David Gilmoor Presman Law 1994
Miss Annette Myers (HE)BAComb./Sociology & Relig.Studs. 1994
Mrs Heather Georgina McParland Bibby Plant Science 1994
Mr Michael Staple Modern History & Politics 1994
Ms Marian Frances Prayle Combined Honours 1994
Miss Julia Ann Greenwood (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Dr Christopher Vincent Brown Genetics 1994
Miss Jane Margaret McGarry (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Miss Angela Christine Robinson Education 1994
Mrs Ann Marie Nicolle Granger (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mrs Anne Mary Beckerlegge Beckerlegge Classical Studies 1994
Miss Joanna Clare Randle Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Janet Marie Murray Witherspoon Education 1994
Miss Nicola Jane Rattigan (X)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Upr) 1994
Miss Jennifer Anne Hacking 1994
Mr Matthew James Edwards Zoology 1994
Ms Rui Qu Chan Chan Mathematics 1994
Miss Helen Anne Smith Education 1994
Miss Emma Julia Deaves (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mrs Maureen Agnes Bullivant Combined Honours 1994
Miss Anna Caroline Vickery Geophysics (Geology) 1994
Mr Anthony John Fitzgerald Pharmacology 1994
Mrs Catriona O'Rourke Carmichael Education 1994
Mrs Jennifer Anne Forsyth Breen (HE)BAComb./American Studs./History 1994
Mr Michael Anthony Humphreys Information Systems 1994
Miss Catherine Ann Jordan English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Jean Eleanor Underwood Zoology 1994
Mr Justin Rogerson Jardine (HE)BAComb./Geography & Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mrs Sarah Katherine Barria-Norton Education 1994
Mrs Jean Moon (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Mr Brian Mordaunt Architecture 1994
Miss Sarah Lispeth Owen Jones (HE)BAComb./American Studs./History 1994
Miss Janet Elizabeth Hartland Information Systems 1994
Dr Neville Edward Jones Earth Sciences 1994
Dr Christopher Henry Green Physics/Mathematics 1994
Ms Niamh Christina Reilly (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Dr Timothy Oliver Hill Marine Biology 1994
Mr Andrew Mark Evans Physics/Mathematics 1994
Mr James Edward Mottram English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Lisa Sarah Clarke Economics 1994
Dr William Guy Sanderson Marine Biology 1994
Miss Clare Paula Loveday Oriental Studies/Egyptology 1994
Ms Diane Jellet Jelley (X)BAComb.H/History & Psychology 1994
Mr Michael Joseph Sinnott Ethics of Health Care 1994
Miss Joanne Christine Stephen Geophysics (Geology) 1994
Mr Lee Craig Hollings Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Paul Thirlwall (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Miss Clare Mary Sterling English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Maria Stella Kool Combined Honours 1994
Mr Michael Robinson (X)BAComb.H/Art & Religious Studs. 1994
Miss Claire Elizabeth Arrowsmith Birtles 1994
Dr Helen Louise Philips Veterinary Clinical Science 1994
Miss Alison Barbara Nicholls Physiology 1994
Miss Louise Chibnall Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Samantha Anne Stickney History 1994
Miss Rachael Elizabeth Allen Allen (HE)BAComb./Drama & Music 1994
Mr Peter Anthony Leo Griffin Ethics of Health Care 1994
Dr Siobhan Margaret Casey Materials Science 1994
Miss Katherine Mary Robson (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Mr Richard James Ellis Economics 1994
Mrs Jean Tinsley Blower 1994
Mrs Kathleen Lyon Sorefan Cunliffe Ethics of Health Care 1994
Mrs Joan Alicia Donnelly Edwards (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Angela Brennan 1994
Miss Sarah Louise Ingram Marine Biology 1994
Mr Singen Cordingley Building Management And Technology 1994
Mr Anthony Kidd Forensic Behavioural Science 1994
Mrs Kathleen O'Leary (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Miss Marisa Ersilia Nestola Sociology 1994
Mr Sadhiv Mahandru Mathematics 1994
Mr Jonathan Stephen Shaw Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Mr Ian David John (X)B.Ed.H/Physical Education (Upr) 1994
Miss Desiree Uranie Clary Microbiology 1994
Mr Timothy Ian Meaker Architecture 1994
Mr James Royle Kennerley Philosophy/Politics 1994
Mr John Russell Fletcher (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Mr Simon Barker Pritchett History 1994
Miss Nicola Ann Meredith (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Dr Paul Devine Computer Science 1994
Miss Abigail Louise Parsons Combined Honours 1994
Mr Timothy Graham Geldard Computer Science 1994
Mr Adrian John Lewis Geology 1994
Mr Graham Martin Simpson 1994
Miss Zoe Kristine Thornton Accounting 1994
Mrs Julie Jane Rainford Gosling Politics & Communication Studies 1994
Mr Ashley Jonathan Rose Combined Honours 1994
Mr Kevin John Hollingworth Computer Science 1994
Mrs Joanne Louise Gould Nulty English Lit./Philosophy 1994
Miss Emma Joyce Leeson Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Tara Marie Geraldine McStay (HE)BAComb./Music & Physical Edcn. 1994
Mr Michael John Catterall History 1994
Mr Christian Queenan Civil Engineering 1994
Ms Sakina Burgess Ouzebiha Education 1994
Dr Steven Andrew King History 1994
Mrs Keeley Ann Murphy Fox English Lit./Philosophy 1994
Ms Julia Denise Perry Pharmacology 1994
Mr Gareth Ivor Mytton English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Melanie Alexandra Armstrong Sociology 1994
Dr Giles Marcus Mohan Geography 1994
Miss Luissa Jane Gimbert (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr Stephen Paul O'Reilly Mathematics (Combined) 1994
Mr Samuel Watson Bennett Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Mr Giles Bowden Building Management And Technology 1994
Mrs Lisa Clair Cassidy Freeman Education 1994
Miss Helena Catherine Foley (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Mrs Katherine Naomi Hargreaves Miles Geography 1994
Mr Gary Keith Jarvis Chemistry 1994
Mr Anton Jon Immink Marine Biology 1994
Dr Helen Jennifer Gill Pharmacology 1994
Mr Eshetu Mamo Teferi Veterinary Parasitology 1994
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Parry (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr Michael Edward Warr Philosophy/Politics 1994
Sister Aurette Prosper (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Mr Azman Bin Hamzah Industrial Studies 1994
Miss Elizabeth Mary Curtin Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Catherine Elizabeth Clare Martin Drama & English 1994
Miss Suzanne Clare Woollett Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Mr Richard Andrew Craig Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Richard Martin Sennett (HE)BAComb./Geography & Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mr James George Harvey 1994
Mr Robert Paul Glover Chemistry 1994
Mr Michael Andrew Kelly Environmental Biology 1994
Mr Simon Nathan Melia (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Lisa Jackson Classical Studies 1994
Mr Richard David Grieve Economics 1994
Miss Angela Catherine Foster Mathematical Statistics 1994
Mr Johann Alexander Karunaratne Mechanical Engineering 1994
Mr Paul Hugh O'Neill 1994
Mr Stuart James Flavell Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Mr Nicholas Philip Ralls History 1994
Mr Stuart David Munday Geology 1994
Mr Keir Ewan Hirst Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Anna Marie Totten History 1994
Miss Louise Michelle Edwards (X)BAComb.H/Art & Drama/Theatre Studs. 1994
Mr Roland Charles Higginson Mathematics 1994
Miss Emma Elizabeth Clark Classical Studies 1994
Ms Joanne Boddy English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Amelia Frances Barbor Oriental Studies/Egyptology 1994
Mr Liam Robert Delaney Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Charlotte Jane Bertles (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Mr Gregory Peter Nation Chemistry 1994
Mr John Galbraith Buchanan (X)BAComb.H/Art & English Literature 1994
Mr Angelo Filomeno Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Richard James Cash Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Martin James Brown (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Paul James Newton History 1994
Mr Andrew James Johnson Pure Mathematics(SES) 1994
Miss Karen Maria McDonough (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Mr Jonathan Owen Burgess (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Neil Leslie Winn Civil Engineering 1994
Mr John Malcolm Leonard Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Mairead Catriona Jane Holland Geography 1994
Mr Charles William James Howard Building Services Engineering 1994
Mr Paul David Graham Architecture 1994
Mr Peter Stephen Watts Combined Honours 1994
Mr David Ralph Firth Bachelor of Arts 1994
Miss Lucy Ann Finch Microbiology 1994
Mr Jean Didier Thinard Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Doreen Anne Scanlon (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr John Gavin Nattrass (HE) Environ.Studs & Geography 1994
Miss Anna Mary Maloney Edwards Nursing 1994
Miss Mishi Aung Law 1994
Miss Tracy Margaret Irving Combined Honours 1994
Mr Kenneth Edward Lynch Mathematics 1994
Miss Jane Rebecca Howarth Music 1994
Mr William John Davies Sociology 1994
Mrs Nicola Marie Denn Brown (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Mr Mark Andrew O'Rourke Modern History & Politics 1994
Mr Matthew Paul Newboult Information Systems 1994
Mr Jonathan James Chapman Civil & Maritime Engineering 1994
Miss Louise Sarah Hodgson History 1994
Dr Audrey Christine Smith Smith Physiology 1994
Miss Miranda Victoria Farby Geography/Prehist.Archaeology 1994
Mr David Colin Rhodes Architecture 1994
Mr Owen Jonathan Vaughan Martin Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Celia Ann Sullivan Sociology 1994
Dr Scott Crowther Medical Cell Biology 1994
Mr Jon Carlo Manzoni Law 1994
Mr Andrew Julian Birch Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Hannah Charlotte Beardon Latin American Studies 1994
Mr Stuart John Ballinger Microbiology 1994
Dr Simon Milburn Medical Cell Biology 1994
Miss Janet Avery Geography 1994
Dr Joanna Clare Leaviss 1994
Mr Colin John Wood (X)BAComb.H/Drama & Mathematics 1994
Miss Helen Mary Rice Physics With European Language 1994
Mrs Eileen McMahon Science 1994
Miss Natalie Chetwynd Psychology (Science) 1994
Miss Katherine Anne Tomlinson Zoology 1994
Mr Mark Anthony Fraser Tillett Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Sarah Louise Collett Geography 1994
Miss Alison Carol Sutcliffe Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Catherine Ard Combined Honours 1994
Mr David Edward Hulme Classical Studies 1994
Mr Stephen Duffy Philosophy 1994
Mr Edward Alexander Lamb Geology 1994
Miss Emma Jane Roberts Combined Honours 1994
Miss Jane Ann Elizabeth Bell Geography 1994
Mr Jonathan Christopher Scrowston Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Christopher James Clements Chemistry with Industrial Chemistry 1994
Mr Simon Andrew Harwood Geography 1994
Miss Sarah Lucy Frances Matthews Combined Honours 1994
Miss Eileen Teresa Murray Nursing 1994
Miss Victoria Anne Fraser Plant Science 1994
Miss Tracy Bainbridge Accounting 1994
Miss Lisa Don Francesco Popular Music 1994
Mr Daniel Elliot Joseph Combined Honours 1994
Miss Joanne Teresa Grimes (X)BAComb.H/Phys.Ed.& Psychology 1994
Miss Natasha Louise Dodds Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Beverley Marie Young Law 1994
Miss Robina Ann Qureshi Genetics 1994
Ms Fatima Fernandes Hispanic Studies 1994
Miss Eileen Michelle Hampshire 1994
Miss Charlotte Anne Lynas Combined Honours 1994
Miss Melanie Jane Dougan Biochemistry 1994
Mr Richard Cockcroft Economic History 1994
Miss Catherine Boyer Law 1994
Mr Matthew Charles Lenny 1994
Miss Michelle Emma Levin (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Julian Orr (HE)Art & Design 1994
Miss Gillian Ruth Osborne (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Miss Caroline Amanda Jane Wilson (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr Anthony Ferguson Economics 1994
Mrs Karen Marie Barker Burke Education 1994
Miss Catherine Wilson Law 1994
Miss Samantha Fenwick (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Louise Betts Mathematics 1994
Mr Kevin Price German 1994
Mr Neil Adrian Crawford Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Cathryn Mary Harker History 1994
Miss Marie Edwards (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Amy Louise Spiller Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Shirley Patricia Dent English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Martyn Alfred Hill Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Miss Helen West Psychology 1994
Mr Craig Ian Burrell Civil & Structural Engineering 1994
Miss Alison Grace Education 1994
Miss Louise Woinson (HE)B.Ed.H/Biological Science (Lwr) 1994
Mr Dominic Martin Murphy Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Karen Julie Baker-Wyatt (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Psychology 1994
Mr Peter Thompson Bachelor of Engineering 1994
Mrs Faith Avril Choueke Choueke Education 1994
Mr Simon Michael Sherriff Geography 1994
Miss Kerry Louise Bennett Combined Honours 1994
Miss Anna Catherine West Bachelor of Science 1994
Miss Janet Bramham Materials Science 1994
Miss Linda Ann Hargreaves (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mr Steven Shane Pointon Information Systems 1994
Mr Steven David Caton Geography 1994
Mr Michael James Connolly Microbiology 1994
Mr Stephen James Dover Materials Science 1994
Miss Lindsay Jane Dinwoodie 1994
Miss Teresa McGuinness (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Relig.Studs. 1994
Mr Mark Paul Muscroft Archaeology 1994
Miss Catherine Anne Molyneux Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Miss Emma Jane Lawrence (HE)B.Ed.H/Environmental Studs. (Lwr) 1994
Mr Colm Joseph Kavanagh Pure Mathematics(SES) 1994
Miss Anne Catherine McKinney Geography 1994
Miss Tatjana Gwen Ariadne Dickie Architecture 1994
Miss Johanna Neil Economic History 1994
Miss Ruth Patterson Classical Studies 1994
Mr Gareth Fulton Lavery History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Carole Veronica Roberts Pharmacology 1994
Mr Gary Anthony Chapman Physical Geology/Geomorphology 1994
Miss Jennifer Louise Staples Geography 1994
Mr Stephen Derek Wilkinson Philosophy/Politics 1994
Mrs Jacqueline Elizabeth Marie Snowdon Adams Geography 1994
Ms Catherine Ann McGiveron Sociology 1994
Miss Gabrielle Felicia Lewis Engineering/Management/Euro.Studs. (4yr) 1994
Miss Elaine Metcalf (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr Kevin Charles Robinson Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Ms Sally Elizabeth Horan (X)BAComb.H/Computer Studs.& History 1994
Mr James Peyton Hamilton Bunch Philosophy 1994
Mr Aidan John Brierley History 1994
Miss Tracy Langton Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Emma Jane Dempsey French 1994
Miss Victoria Clare Hindley Biochemistry 1994
Miss Abigail Catherine Dry Law 1994
Mr Antony Paul Jackson Politics 1994
Mr Hugh O'Rourke Sociology & Social Policy 1994
Miss Louise Jane Jackson (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Miss Joanne Jane Foulkes Law 1994
Miss Fiona Joan Maria Finan Law 1994
Mr Edmund John Armitage Engineering Science 1994
Mr David Gerard McDougall Mathematics 1994
Miss Marcia Jane King English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Miss Catherine Elizabeth Chisman Archaeology 1994
Mr Steven Geoffrey Kirk Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Jacqueline Mary Forde French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Chi Wai Chan Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr Neal Mark Fletcher Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Dr Anna Katherine Tucker Medicine 1994
Miss Helen Elizabeth Craven German with Dutch 1994
Miss Rachel Joy Flannigan (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Miss Julia Connolly Sociology 1994
Mr Raza Ali Jafree Economics 1994
Dr Stephen Anthony Mangar Medicine 1994
Miss Katie Ann Elvidge (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Miss Jane Gudgeon (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Mr Richard Michael Turner Mathematics 1994
Miss Rebecca Jayne Hayes Combined Honours 1994
Ms Hoe Chee May Law 1994
Miss Abigail Lisa Semal Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Karen Benson Combined Honours 1994
Miss Anita Claire Stars Applied Cell Science 1994
Miss Polly Rose Chetwynd Stapylton (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Hermione Suzanne Ellis Music 1994
Miss Claire Marie Waluda Marine Biology 1994
Mr Peter James Stott Mechanical Systems/Design Eng. 1994
Dr Katrina Jayne Powell Medicine 1994
Miss Ann Mary Lloyd Civil & Environmental Engineering 1994
Mr William Anthony Campbell (X)B.Ed.H/Physical Education (Upr) 1994
Mr Michael Drabble History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Dr Christopher David Stevenson Medicine 1994
Dr Syed Ayaz Lufti Sulaiman Pharmacology 1994
Mr Rhidian Andrew Cawdery Information Systems 1994
Miss Joanna Rosalind Horne Law 1994
Mr Terence Vincent Stacey English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Jeremy Mark Michael Perkins Medicine 1994
Mr Raj Cristophe Tulsiani (HE)BAComb./Sociology & Relig.Studs. 1994
Miss Claire Elizabeth Codling (HE) Environ.Studs & Geography 1994
Mr David Justin Smith Economics & Mathematical Statistics 1994
Mr Kevin John Totts Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Toby Portfield Colombe Applied Biochemistry 1994
Miss Louise Barbara Jowsey Jowsey Geography 1994
Mr David Lee Wright Architecture 1994
Mr Thomas Alexander Lyle Economic History 1994
Mr Niall Philip Browne Computer Science 1994
Dr Clare Elizabeth Metcalfe Medicine 1994
Mr Martin Anthony Brannigan (HE)BAComb./Computer Studs./French 1994
Miss Abigail Elizabeth James Psychology (Science) 1994
Miss Priya Gohil English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Franne Louise Sherwood History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Jonathan Alexander C Neves Geography 1994
Dr Sarah Elizabeth Phillipson Medicine 1994
Miss Rachel Irena Price (X)B.Ed.H/Geography (Upr) 1994
Mr Michael Gerard McGarry (HE)BAComb./French & Mathematics 1994
Mr Steven Johnson Geography 1994
Mr James Nigel Daw Building Services Engineering 1994
Mr Peter Andrew Borland Economics 1994
Mr Alexander James Shaw Kidd English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Avril Dawn McCarthy Physical Educ./Movement Science 1994
Dr Katherine Jane McKenzie Wilson Medicine 1994
Miss Alexandra Elizabeth Bishop Law 1994
Mr Carl Raymond Thompson Biochemistry 1994
Mr Mark Owen Cosgrove (HE)BAComb./Art & Geography 1994
Mr Benjamin Richard Mullen Environmental Biology 1994
Mr Alexandre Oleinikov Pure Mathematics 1994
Mr Garry Henry Bird (HE)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Lwr) 1994
Miss Fiona Elizabeth Barrett Philosophy/Politics 1994
Miss Sian Edwards Business Economics 1994
Mr Paul Michael Simpson History 1994
Mr Ian Michael Rawlin Combined Honours 1994
Dr Amanda Jane Hughes Medicine 1994
Mr Simon William Cowin Pharmacology 1994
Miss Margaret Hitchen (X)B.Ed.H/Computer Studies (Upr) 1994
Miss Lynn Hayley Morgan (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Miss Josephine Frances Harrison Genetics 1994
Miss Nikola Maria Golton Biochemistry 1994
Dr Timothy Stephen Sales Medicine 1994
Miss Kathleen Ann Doyle (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr Christopher Huw Taylor Geography 1994
Miss Gillian Wilson (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Peter George Austin-Bailey Accounting 1994
Mr Jason Christopher Darwen Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Jane Ross (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Miss Julia Ann Kelly (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Laura Justine Allsuch Law 1994
Dr Sohail Yunas Medicine 1994
Mr Ian John Philip Raymond (HE) Environ.Studs & Geography 1994
Miss Nicola Ann Tildsley (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Mohit Dhawan Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Catherine Elizabeth Baxter Nursing 1994
Ms Diana Marie Jones Combined Honours 1994
Miss Helen Rebecca Mather Music 1994
Miss Nicola Louise Chapman Geography 1994
Mr Javaad James Ahmad Pharmacology 1994
Miss Martina McCormack (X)B.Ed.H/Biology (Upr) 1994
Mrs Alexandra Convey Kelly (HE)BAComb./English & Sociology 1994
Mrs Deborah Jane Speight Plumb Zoology 1994
Dr Clare Elizabeth MacKay Psychology 1994
Miss Katherine Nichol Marine Biology 1994
Mr Chi Ho Kan Mechanical Engineering 1994
Dr Peter Andrew Dunne Medicine 1994
Mr Paul Anthony Abraham 1994
Mr Merlin George Sinclair History 1994
Mr Loh Ming Wei Electronic Engineering 1994
Mr Daniel Jacob Gray Architecture 1994
Mr Daniel Hunter (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Mathematics 1994
Mr Christopher Parker Geology 1994
Miss Karen Louise Wright Sociology 1994
Mr Alan Edward Ainsworth Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Miss Jotinder Kaur Singh Engineering Sci./Industrial Man. (4 yrs) 1994
Ms Caroline Anne Alton English Lit./Philosophy 1994
Miss Katherine Margaret Byles Combined Honours 1994
Mr Andrew Evans Civil Engineering 1994
Dr Susan Margaret Turner Medicine 1994
Miss Hazel Margaret Vidler (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Miss Hannah Maria Porter Combined Honours 1994
Mr Ian Michael Hough Economic History 1994
Dr Annette Mary Johnson Medicine 1994
Miss Michaela Janice Jago French & German 1994
Miss Samantha Elizabeth Cole Physiology 1994
Miss Sarah Jane Hargreaves Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Sarah Jane Robertson (HE)Art & Design 1994
Dr Ann Elizabeth Palathingal Joseph Medicine 1994
Miss Katie Louise Wells French 1994
Mr Graham Mark Forshaw (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Andrea Scott Archaeology 1994
Dr Angela Elizabeth Darcy Medicine 1994
Miss Joanne Emma Cox (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Miss Clare Patricia Tyson 1994
Miss Claire Marie Cosgrove Building Management And Technology 1994
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Watson Marine Biology 1994
Miss Kathryn Jane Fletcher French 1994
Mr Iain Patrick Whittaker Law 1994
Miss Kathryn Tansley Combined Honours 1994
Miss Justine Marie Terese Kilshaw (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Nicola Elizabeth O'Connor Geography 1994
Miss Josephine Frances Worthington 1994
Mrs Karen Ann Martin Jones (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mrs Julie Ann Bain Breen,McCaffrey 1994
Mr Philip Wai-Kee Lee Physics for New Technology 1994
Mr Peter William Hodson Microbiology 1994
Dr Sarah Jane Farrow Medicine 1994
Miss Tamsin Miranda Stanley Zoology 1994
Mr Michael Jacob Shaw (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Ms Deborah Wendy Raymond Sociology 1994
Ms Polly Thomas English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Miss Jayne Louise McDonagh Nursing 1994
Mr Simon Carl Lineton (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Kirsten Ann Walker Geography 1994
Mr Richard Julian Healey Law 1994
Miss Joanne Kershaw English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Mr Warren James Douwe Bal Geology 1994
Miss Andrea Marie Connearn (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Helen Stewart (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mr Neil Scott Hird 1994
Mr Ashley Justin Pegg History 1994
Miss Fiona Helene Hak Marine Biology 1994
Miss Melisa Stephanie Holloway Holloway History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Jonathan David Betts Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Miss Nicola Claire Greenwin Genetics 1994
Miss Samantha Louise Chambers Microbiology 1994
Ms Anita Raveendran Law 1994
Mr Ross Christian Sanger Marine Biology 1994
Miss Michaela Severn (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr John Benjamin MacKey Physics 1994
Miss Alison Kate Parsons Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Paul Anthony Booth (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Ms Ruth Johnson Latin American Studies 1994
Mr Jonathan Matthew Patrick Twomey History 1994
Miss Siobhan Mary Cannon English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Gaynor Elizabeth Mitra Creaby Medicine 1994
Miss Carolyn April Searling (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Psychology 1994
Mrs Nicola Geraldine Vondargen McDonald Classical Studies 1994
Miss Caroline Docking Wainman Sociology 1994
Mr Damon Galahad Branch Information Systems 1994
Dr Michael Rowland Parker Medicine 1994
Miss Anna Suzanne Fox Engineering Science 1994
Mr Lee John Harford Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Lesley Ann Green English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Tracy Anne Cliff Combined Honours 1994
Miss Michelle Anne Jackson (X)B.Ed.H/Physical Education (Upr) 1994
Miss Gursimran Kaur Johl Johl Law 1994
Mr Gareth David Evans Mathematics 1994
Miss Victoria Simmonds Archaeology 1994
Dr Jennifer Anne Perkins Wilson Medicine 1994
Miss Sandie Owen (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mr Matthew William Kallonas (HE)BAComb./Music & Religious Studs. 1994
Miss Tina Jean Rose Marine Biology 1994
Miss Julie Ann Price (HE)Art & Design 1994
Mr Mark Jeffrey Banks Veterinary Science 1994
Mr Simon David Walker Physiology 1994
Miss Wendy Ann Jermyn (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Mr Mark Pollock Microbiology 1994
Mr Thomas Joseph Alphonsus O'Connor (X)BAComb.H/History & Relig.Studs. 1994
Mr Jugdis Anthony Teeluck Mathematics 1994
Miss Sophia Louise Keyworth Zoology 1994
Mr Matthew Guy Pope Veterinary Science 1994
Mr Jonathan William Gladstone Mathematical Sci With Eur Lang 1994
Miss Siobhan Jane Goodin Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Mrs Alison Jones Williams Sociology 1994
Mr Craig Paul Kenyon Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr Pierre David Scotney 1994
Mrs Margaret Thompson (X)BAComb.H/History & Relig.Studs. 1994
Miss Claire Patrica Morley Genetics 1994
Dr Catherine Lindsey Moyes Plant Science 1994
Miss Victoria O'Callaghan Geography 1994
Miss Emily Rose Bremer Combined Honours 1994
Miss Sarah Rice Zoology 1994
Mr Stephen Coxon Electrical Engineering (4 yrs) 1994
Mr Steven William Szalcer (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Mr Duncan Thomas Mather (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Psychology 1994
Mrs Lynn Patricia Mercer Sullivan English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Peter Vaughan Jones Medicine 1994
Mr Richard Paul Young Zoology 1994
Miss Pauline Ann Beldon Zoology 1994
Mr Chiu Ho Gary Fok Fok Electronic & Communication Engineering 1994
Mr Christopher Duxbury Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr Samuel Benedict Hickey Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Ms Jane Elizabeth Munro English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Christopher James Webb Medicine 1994
Mr James Francis Balderson 1994
Mr William Crabb 1994
Miss Lisa Samantha Emma Williams English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Lynn Nicola Davis Combined Honours 1994
Miss Sharon Jennifer O'Callaghan Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Sonia Bell (HE)BAComb./French & Psychology 1994
Mrs Sandra-Ann Hitch (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Mr Richard Andrew Peers Mathematics 1994
Ms Catherine Sarah Chesterman Archaeology 1994
Miss Kam Yuk Wong (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Dr Roland Morgan Jones Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Richard Geraint Jones History 1994
Dr Lisa Joyce Wiggins Medicine 1994
Miss Caroline Collins (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr John David Knowles Geology 1994
Miss Lynne Ure Sneddon Marine Biology 1994
Miss Samantha Marie Barry Economic History 1994
Mr Alan Bai Leng 1994
Miss Lorraine Marie Torley (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Mr Matthew Charles Edward Blessington History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mrs Valerie Ann Pasco Needham History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Dr Penelope Anne Sutton Medicine 1994
Miss Jane Feeley (X)B.Ed.H/Physical Education (Upr) 1994
Ms Janet Rachael Winstanley French 1994
Miss Karen Janine Redhouse Combined Honours 1994
Mr Simon Anthony John Kershaw Archaeology 1994
Miss Sarah Louise Woods Latin American Studies 1994
Miss Alexandra Mary Louise Simpson Microbiology 1994
Miss Alison Mary Thorp English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Miss Emma Jane Doyle (HE)Art & Design 1994
Dr Elfyn Arfon Phillips Medicine 1994
Mr Simon Tristan Paul Brook Engineering Science 1994
Miss Joanne Cunliffe (HE)B.Ed.H/Physical Edcn. (Lwr) 1994
Miss Melissa Pollard (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Dr Michael James Hampson Microbiology 1994
Mrs Christine Morgan Naughalty (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Ms Susan Rose Rabin Politics 1994
Ms Kathryn Rebecca Wilde Combined Honours 1994
Miss Ruth Elizabeth Lawrenson (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Jill Robertson (HE)BAComb./French & Physical Edcn. 1994
Dr Martin Robert Thornton Physiology 1994
Miss Clair Dawson Biochemistry 1994
Mr Mark Hesketh Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Paul Ernest Harrison Building Services Engineering 1994
Miss Nicola Bowyer (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Mr Ronald Yusuf Thomas Sociology 1994
Miss Eleanor Harriet Caygill Architecture 1994
Miss Carol Anne MacDonald Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Mr Andrew Mark Currie Mathematical Sciences 1994
Miss Heather Jane Vryenhoef 1994
Miss Caroline Lesley Shaw Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Miss Melissa Jane Jones Weedall (X)BAComb.H/Biology & English Lit. 1994
Miss Elizabeth Ann Leece Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Jacqueline Claire Rowbottom English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Mark Andrew Warner Marine Biology 1994
Dr Joanne Elizabeth Davies Medicine 1994
Miss Jennifer Louise Kirkman Law 1994
Miss Rachel Stafford (X)BAComb.H/History & Physical Edcn. 1994
Ms Nicola Eastham (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Miss Patricia Margaret Oakley (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Miss Deborah Jayne Kehoe (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Comp.Studs. 1994
Mr Kristian Hugh Darcy Slack Chemistry 1994
Mr Owen Charles Dunbar Atkinson Veterinary Science 1994
Miss Helen Elizabeth Dainty (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Mr Jonathan Mark Creamer Modern History & Politics 1994
Dr Helen Claire Bird Pharmacology 1994
Miss Yvonne Hirschberg Webb (X)BAComb.H/Art & History 1994
Mr Colin Stewert Alexander Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Ruth Amy Bowen Psychology 1994
Dr Mohammad Faiz Ali Medicine 1994
Mr James Luke Sweatman Chemistry 1994
Mr Farook Akhtar Khan Law 1994
Miss Emma Louise Parker Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mrs Deborah Jane Kershaw Fanshawe Archaeology 1994
Dr Lynda Bernadette Coughlin Medicine 1994
Mr Cefn James Willis 1994
Mr Simon Neil Bode Architecture 1994
Mrs Ann Beverley Gordon Sociology 1994
Dr Dean John Naisbitt Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Mr Paul Stuart Craig Computer Science 1994
Mr Peter Julian Gardiner-Field Information Systems 1994
Mr Michael James Shumack (X)BAComb.H/Art & Drama/Theatre Studs. 1994
Miss Miranda Hayward (X)BAComb.H/Art & Drama/Theatre Studs. 1994
Miss Emma Gillian McNeil Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Ms Lynn Maylor (HE)BAComb./Computer Studs./Sociology 1994
Dr David Peter Gow Medicine 1994
Miss Sarah Margaret Hallam (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Mr Daniel Peter Newport Architecture 1994
Miss Caroline Blundell (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Mr Simon Paul King Architecture 1994
Miss Kate Emma Stanford (X)BAComb.H/Art & English Literature 1994
Miss Tracey Jane Smith Environmental Biology 1994
Mr Ian James Fitzgerald (X)B.Ed.H/Art (Upr) 1994
Mrs Adrienne Debra MacDonald Davies (HE) Computer Studs.& Environ.Studs. 1994
Miss Nicola Rhian Hyndman 1994
Miss Lesley Moss (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Phys.Edcn. 1994
Miss Helen Jane Gibbons (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Dr James Eric Moody Medical Cell Biology 1994
Miss Susan Jane Johnston Physiology 1994
Mr Michael David McHugh Combined Honours 1994
Mr Ian Frederick Dixon Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Paul Anthony Grover Electronics (4 yrs) 1994
Mrs Catherine Allingham Richards Richardson Accounting 1994
Mr Simon John Walker Genetics 1994
Miss Karen Ryan Combined Honours 1994
Mr Charles Ciaran O'Brien Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Simon Joseph Cayley Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Deborah Jane Farmer (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Kathryn Marie Wood Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr John Lawrence Peter McPhillips Architecture 1994
Dr Elizabeth Jean Hindle Medicine 1994
Mrs Jill Barnes Whiteley Law and German 1994
Mr Jonathan Peters Economics 1994
Miss Mandip Kaur Korotana Sociology 1994
Mr Jonathan Andrew Phillips Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Mr Jeffrey Alan Dulson Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Jennifer Ruth Boldon Law and German 1994
Miss Gemma Louise Lister Geography 1994
Mr Jolyon Richard Ramsden Ramsden (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Ms Roslyn Margaret Poole Zoology 1994
Miss Catherine Bernadette Moran (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mrs Pauline Ann Williams Gallagher (HE)BAComb./History & Sociology 1994
Dr Patrick Wing Hei Au Medicine 1994
Ms Linda Karen McAllister Conway (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Miss Heather Joanne Monk History 1994
Mr James Robert Tatch Economics & Mathematical Statistics 1994
Dr Tahera Iqbal Ansari Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Dr Rebecca Ann Jones Medicine 1994
Mr Andrew James Rogers Sociology 1994
Miss Jennifer Irene Procter (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Anouk Pascale Taylor (X)BAComb.H/English Lit.& Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mr Ritchie James Bembridge Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Rebecca Anna Marshall Physical Geology/Geomorphology 1994
Miss Maria Glorina McGuinness Combined Honours 1994
Dr Helen Margaret Sutcliffe Medicine 1994
Mr Richard David Lloyd Economics 1994
Miss Naomi Jane Chaning Pearce Sociology 1994
Miss Helen Chan Mathematics 1994
Miss Claire Ann Furnival (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Dr Emma Louise O'Donnell Medicine 1994
Mr Philip Michael Perry (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Sarah Anne Stephenson (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Sarah Emma Howarth Law 1994
Miss Tracy Lloyd Geography 1994
Mrs Jill Rose Evans Carr (HE)B.Ed.H/Computer Studies (Lwr) 1994
Miss Louise Wheeldon 1994
Miss Lauren Melissa Dalby (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Drama 1994
Mrs Anita Joy Snowdon Dennis Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mr Duncan Edward Cottrill Physical Educ./Movement Science 1994
Mr Simon Matthew Holden (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Miss Geraldine Mary Timson (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Miss Emma Jayne Woods Combined Honours 1994
Mr Gary William Blackmore Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Jonathan Charles Blackburn 1994
Miss Carla Elizabeth White (HE)B.Ed.H/Computer Studies (Lwr) 1994
Miss Jacqueline Diane Standish Physics 1994
Mr Peter James Irving Physics with Computer Science 1994
Miss Natasha Jane Corbett Geography 1994
Mrs Laura Victoria Atkinson Sewell Veterinary Science 1994
Ms Lesley Jane Ashcroft (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Miss Helen Catherine Martin (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Mr Jonathan Edward Lister Modern History & Politics 1994
Mr Angus Winslow Young Carter Geology 1994
Dr Dayang Kusnah Abang Mohammed Medicine 1994
Mr Peter Francis Coombe Accounting 1994
Miss Jacqueline Ann Lunardi (HE)BAComb./Psychology & Sociology 1994
Mr David Charles Lee Zoology 1994
Miss Samantha Michelle Taylor Chemistry 1994
Dr Benjamin Cheong Yau Chuen Cheong Medicine 1994
Mr David John Alty History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Jonathan Roger Jacom Geography 1994
Mr George Daniel Fletcher (HE)BAComb./Art & Environ.Studs. 1994
Miss Tessa Jane Ryall Geography 1994
Miss Sarah Louise Walmsley History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Danielle Georgia Topping Music 1994
Miss Amanda Kontzle English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Gary Paul Gouldson Sociology 1994
Mr Peter McIver (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Dr Nicola Jane Griffiths Microbiology 1994
Mr Matthew Christopher Cooper Marine Biology 1994
Mr John Robert Charles Wells Mathematics 1994
Mr Howard Dominic Reed (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Miss Nichola Gail Ashcroft (X)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Upr) 1994
Miss Rachel Lawrie Combined Honours 1994
Miss Nemone Elizabeth Hobbins Early Hominid Studies 1994
Mr Trevor Kevin Irvine Mathematical Sciences 1994
Ms Anna Thorne Architecture 1994
Miss Maria Argyrou (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr Michael Thomas Roberts History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Rebecca Jane Hand French & German 1994
Miss Misha Nateghi Law 1994
Miss Sarah Kathleen Hobbs English & French 1994
Mr Michael Paul Leaf Building Management And Technology 1994
Miss Angela Critchley (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Alan John Mason Building Services Engineering 1994
Miss Andrea Louise Frances Price German 1994
Miss Rebecca Louise Potter Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Dr John Anthony Bleasdale English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Matthew John Watson (HE)BAComb./Art & Geography 1994
Mr Philip James Browning Economics 1994
Ms Jayne Holden Davies (X) Computer Studs.& Physical Edcn. 1994
Dr Emma Louise Hayward Medicine 1994
Miss Sarah Helen Megson (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Miss Leanne Ogle Pharmacology 1994
Mr Philip James Oxley Geology 1994
Mrs Sharon Kayll-Mathews Mathews (HE)BAComb./Art & Geography 1994
Mr Timothy James Vaughan (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Mr Roshan Singh (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Jonathan Peter Hardy Economics 1994
Mrs Susan Mae-Lee Diaz Teran (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Dr Paul Nicholas Ogilvie Medicine 1994
Miss Debra Ryan (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr Ian Paul Morrissey Zoology 1994
Miss Sonia Margaret Craggs (HE)BAComb./Computer Studs./Music 1994
Mr James Christopher Mannouch Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Joshua George Chacko Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Richard Myles Geography 1994
Mr David Clegg Electronics (4 yrs) 1994
Mr James Dominic Connell Engineering Sci./Industrial Man. (4 yrs) 1994
Mr Richard Ian Jeremy Lee Law 1994
Mrs Joanna Thomas Wright (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr William Thomas Pike (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Dr Abigail Roberta Goodger Medicine 1994
Miss Gillian Brindle French & German 1994
Ms Joyce Gwenda Jones Sociology 1994
Mr Richard Andrew Pearson (HE)BAComb./English & Geography 1994
Miss Paula Banks Sociology 1994
Miss Lesley Hibbert Hague 1994
Mr Neil Firth Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Mr Neil James Livesey Combined Honours 1994
Mrs Amal Bawalsah Salfiti Archaeology 1994
Dr James Anthony Cuthbert Medical Cell Biology 1994
Miss Emma Louise Simon English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Colin Neville Beattie Genetics 1994
Mr Nicholas James Weston Geology 1994
Dr Helena Tabry Pomeroy Medicine 1994
Miss Emma Catherine Donlan Latin American Studies 1994
Miss Janine Maria Kay 1994
Miss Helen Louise Deeming Geography 1994
Miss Katherine Anne Arnold Nursing 1994
Mr Stephen James Rayner (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Miss Ann Elizabeth Gleeson (HE)BAComb./Geography & Music 1994
Miss Michala Jayne Hare (X) Mathematics & Psychology 1994
Mr Richard James Parkes Genetics 1994
Mr Timothy Nicholas Cope Geography 1994
Miss Rachel Bartlett Pure Mathematics(SES) 1994
Dr Jason Raymond Liggins Medical Cell Biology 1994
Mr Jason Anthony Yates Architecture 1994
Mr Jonathan Robert Donaldson Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Kirsten Hume Accounting 1994
Miss Danielle Louise Auerbach Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mr Antony John Finnegan Computer Science 1994
Mr Antony Nigel Sutton Economics 1994
Miss Nicola Jane Woodward Economics 1994
Miss Sarah Millicent Morris Mechanical Systems/Design Eng. 1994
Mr Takahiro Ishidate Sasaki Law 1994
Mr Richard Harvey Ward Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mrs Lindsey Clarke Sociology 1994
Miss Fiona Lambie Economics 1994
Dr Denis Andrew O'Leary Medicine 1994
Mrs Moira Margaret Ritchie Sim Law 1994
Mr Howard John Drummond Sparks Economics 1994
Dr Una Mary Parker Sheehy Clinical Psychology 1994
Miss Catherine Anne Amsdorf Sociology 1994
Dr Vipran Vijaya Medicine 1994
Miss Kerry Amanda Sutton Latin American Studies 1994
Miss Claire Simone Mortimer French 1994
Miss Claire Louise Bird (X)BAComb.H/History & Psychology 1994
Mr Richard Stephen Cosford Building Management And Technology 1994
Ms Julliet Yvonne Hall Stanton (HE)BAComb./American Studs./History 1994
Mr Justin Anthony Maynard Philosophy 1994
Miss Madeleine Victoria Swift (HE)BAComb./Music & Sociology 1994
Miss Lucy Mayhew French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Miss Anne Marie Power History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Mr Richard Victor Harrison Mechanical Engineering 1994
Dr Helen Elizabeth Reed Physiology 1994
Mr Paul Clive Kelly Law 1994
Miss Karen Goulden German 1994
Mr Jonathan William Todd German with Dutch 1994
Miss Susan Britton Mathematical Sci./Physics (4 yr) 1994
Mr Campbell John Harrison (HE)BAComb./Geography & Phys.Edcn. 1994
Ms Emma Louise Woodland Archaeology 1994
Miss Caroline Ruth Smelt-Webb German 1994
Mr Christopher Damian Russel Hopley German with Dutch 1994
Miss Sarah Claire Nicholls (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Mr Kirk Stewart England Architecture 1994
Dr Zulfiqar Ali Medicine 1994
Mr Matthew Brendan Connery History 1994
Miss Danielle Christina Mourant (HE)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Lwr) 1994
Mr Timothy George Parker Classical Studies 1994
Miss Alison Denise Barnett Combined Honours 1994
Mr Jonathan Simon Pears Physical Educ./Movement Science 1994
Ms Sarah Rachel Grace (X)BAComb.H/Art & Psychology 1994
Mr Steven Andrew Fletcher (X)BAComb.H/History & Physical Edcn. 1994
Mr David James Shann Economics 1994
Miss Caroline Louise Bradbury English Lit./Philosophy 1994
Ms Ciara Brid Brennan 1994
Mr Russell John Wilkinson Accounting 1994
Miss Carole Eve Feldman Philosophy 1994
Mr Jonathan Eliot Green Mathematical Sciences 1994
Ms Mary Gabrielle Blond Wilson English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Karen Jane Legge Sociology 1994
Miss Katherine Bell (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Mr Michael John Coughlin Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Miss Anne Marina Honey (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Comp.Studs. 1994
Mr Gareth Colin Jenkins Economics 1994
Miss Jedda Caldwell Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Helen Julia Fagg Law 1994
Dr Anna Jayne Bulley Master of Arts 1994
Mr Brian Paul Morrin Engineering Sci./Industrial Man. (4 yrs) 1994
Ms Phyllis Beryl Inez Combined Honours 1994
Mr Andrew Kewin Barker Law 1994
Dr Royce Logan Turner 1994
Mr Gareth Owen Jones Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Harkamaljeet Sandhu Sociology 1994
Miss Victoria Frances Lane-Gilhespy Nursing 1994
Mr James Malcolm Stevenson Architecture 1994
Mr Stewart James Priestley Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mr Nigel Edward Stapleton (HE)BAComb./French & Physical Edcn. 1994
Miss Elizabeth Rawlinson (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Mr Dinesh Balkrishna Dentistry 1994
Dr Christos Ioannidis Earth Sciences 1994
Mr Stuart Antony Beard Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Andrew Michael John Patterson Physics 1994
Mr Alastair James Littlewood Microbiology 1994
Mr Hugh MacPherson Modular Programme 1994
Miss Louise Harrington Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Dr David Philip Platten French 1994
Dr Joanna Sabina Woodger Physiology 1994
Dr Shirley Marie Jones English 1994
Mr Patrick Shafe 1994
Miss Sandra Ann Chadwick Nursing 1994
Mr John James Mc Elhinney Archaeology 1994
Miss Samantha Rose Simmonds Combined Honours 1994
Mr Marcus Anthony McMillan Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mr Jeffrey McCann Education 1994
Ms Caron Louise O'Leary Geography 1994
Ms Sandra Bateman Education 1994
Dr Catherine Ruth Woolley Gleave Medicine 1994
Mr Paul Smith Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Miss Karen Elizabeth Holman (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Dr Andre Salamin Stat.and Comp.Maths 1994
Miss Zeta Aynsley English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Dr Philip Norman Murphy Clinical Psychology 1994
Miss Michele Elizabeth Duffey (HE)BAComb./Geography & Psychology 1994
Ms Barbara Jeanne Murphy Castilla Applied Linguistics 1994
Miss Sarah Kate Lerner Physiology 1994
Miss Emma Tait Wade Zoology 1994
Mr Lewis Thompson Computer Science 1994
Mr Richard Lewis Sadlier Pure Mathematics(SES) 1994
Dr Thomas John Harry Mathematics 1994
Miss Elizabeth Naomi Kirk French 1994
Mr Mark Robert Ruston Electronic Engineering 1994
Mrs Mary Lou Ward Hayes Modular Programme 1994
Mrs Kerry Anne Connolly Ferguson Combined Honours 1994
Miss Jade Tran Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Michelle Louise Robinson (X)B.Ed.H/Art (Upr) 1994
Miss Louise Yvonne Drinkwater (X) Biology & Psychology 1994
Miss Janet Angela Sampson Physics 1994
Mr Michael Paul Ian James Business Economics 1994
Miss Helene Reeves Education 1994
Mr John William Duffy (X)BAComb.H/History & Psychology 1994
Dr Laurence Stuart Brooks Industrial Studies 1994
Mr Justin Taylor Mathematics/Computer Science 1994
Miss Lisa Jane Morley Geography 1994
Mr Matthew Morris Geography 1994
Mr Robin Simon Hodgkinson Veterinary Science 1994
Mr Peter Anthony Pawlik 1994
Mr David Francis Mason Education 1994
Mr Tissa Dias Mathematical Sci./Management 1994
Miss Angela Marie Walsh Education 1994
Miss Annabel Janet Planas French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Gary Neil Burgess (HE)BAComb./Music & Sociology 1994
Miss Emma Louise Varley (HE)BAComb./English & French 1994
Dr Duncan John Powrie Medicine 1994
Mr Antony Sydney Cooper Mechanical Eng./Management 1994
Mrs Sally Connelly Abbott Geography 1994
Mr Iain Andrew Davidson Genetics 1994
Mr Kevin Bratt Education 1994
Miss Annette Jane Sunners (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Alison Potts Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Bernadette O'Neill Geography 1994
Mrs Patricia Maria Stirling Cloherty Modular Programme 1994
Miss Claire Susan Robson Nursing 1994
Miss Clare Janet Tenner Environmental Biology 1994
Miss Nicola Roberts (X)BAComb.H/Art & English Literature 1994
Ms R Thomas Klottrop/reeves Education 1994
Mr Robin Thomas Alexander Hill 1994
Miss Sarah Louise Parry (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Liquat Ali Sheikh Psychology (Combined) 1994
Mr Peter Charles Brereton Modular Programme 1994
Ms Sophie Bridges Archive Administration 1994
Mr Ian David Carey (HE)BAComb./Computer Studs./Music 1994
Mrs Pauline Joan Bywood Seville English Language & Literature 1994
Dr Piyamol Sasanaluckit Medicine 1994
Mr David John Hare Veterinary Science 1994
Mr Christopher Gordon Thomas Pathology 1994
Ms Sian Elizabeth Collins Archive Administration 1994
Dr Bianca Maria Da Gama-Rose Medicine 1994
Ms Siobhan Anne Convery Archive Administration 1994
Miss Patricia Maria Hannan (X)B.Ed.H/English Literature (Upr) 1994
Dr Raja Badrul Hisham Raja zezeman Shah Hisham Medicine 1994
Mr John Hampson Modern History & Politics 1994
Dr Simon James Joseph Corcoran Archive Administration 1994
Dr Jonathan Guy Chemistry 1994
Dr Christopher Paul Berrie Human Anatomy 1994
Mr Ian Jonathan Braithwaite Orthopaedics.MSurg. 1994
Miss Julie Ann Gregson Archive Administration 1994
Ms Carol Ann Heath Archive Administration 1994
Dr Demetrius Evriviades Medicine 1994
Mr David Andrew Green Industrial Studies 1994
Mr Harvey Jackson 1994
Mr Barry Donald Martin Doherty History 1994
Miss Gulay Gok Chemistry with Pharmacology 1994
Miss Samantha Jane McNeilly Archive Administration 1994
Mr Darren Paul White German with Dutch 1994
Mr Andrew Michael Butler Geography 1994
Dr Smaila Hussain Medicine 1994
Mr Spencer Carl Bennett Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Sarah Jayne Edwards Edwards Classical Studies 1994
Dr Inderjeet Singh Veterinary Clinical Science 1994
Miss Jane Holmes Hispanic Studies 1994
Miss Emma Louise Hockenhull 1994
Mr Christopher Paul Weston Modular Programme 1994
Mr Martin Philip Taylor Archive Administration 1994
Miss Natasza Vivi Jeska Archaeology 1994
Dr Graham John O'Connor Medicine 1994
Miss Louise Whitworth Archive Administration 1994
Mr Kevin Stephen Burke Biochemistry 1994
Mr Robert Desmond Kilbride Economic History 1994
Miss Helen Clare Corlett (HE)BAComb./Geography & Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mr Christopher David Clarke English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Simon Gilbert Education 1994
Miss Rachel Jane Oliver (X)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Upr) 1994
Miss Cindy Karuna Nair Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Mr Christopher John Nutt Microbiology 1994
Mrs Miriam Ann Sawyer Jones Certificate In Education 1994
Dr David James Ogden Medicine 1994
Miss Amanda Jayne Sophia Fitzgerald Combined Honours 1994
Miss Alice Elizabeth Carlisle Law and German 1994
Mr Ali Ahmad Biochemistry 1994
Dr Nicola Jean Campbell Medicine 1994
Mr Jolyon Brown Computer Science 1994
Mr Albert Edward Constantine Education 1994
Mrs Karen Teague Hagin Hispanic Studies 1994
Ms Joanne Molloy Education 1994
Miss Nicola Bunting Archaeology 1994
Ms Gillian MacKay Education 1994
Mr Su Ju Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr Laura Grieve Education 1994
Miss Barbara Elsie Jackson French & German 1994
Mrs Ruth Josephine Blythe Griffin English Literature and Communication Studies 1994
Mr Robert John Eves Politics 1994
Miss Catherine McGowan Education 1994
Miss Deborah Biggers (X)B.Ed.H/History (Upr) 1994
Miss Margaret Elizabeth Jones Microbiology 1994
Mr James Forsyth Pullman French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Danny James Phillips Economics 1994
Mr St. John James Charlton-Meyrick Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Mark Edward Thompson Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Susan Tracy Butler Information Systems 1994
Mrs Poh Yean Lee Education 1994
Miss Kerry Davies (X)B.Ed.H/Art (Upr) 1994
Dr Zafar Iqbal Malik Medicine 1994
Mr Maroun Salim Mourani Education 1994
Mr Iain William George Elder Law 1994
Dr Gabriel Chidi Oti Medicine 1994
Mrs Rosemarie Kibbey Sociology 1994
Miss Eleanor Clare Goldie 1994
Dr Pui Shan Emma Lam Medicine 1994
Miss Jameela Sultana Shah Computer Science 1994
Miss Vanessa Victoria Swann Education 1994
Miss Maxine Ann Owen (HE)B.Ed.H/Environ.Studies (Upr) 1994
Mr Colin Taylor Education 1994
Mr Neil James Lynchehaun Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Christopher Raynes Mathematics 1994
Mr Jonathan Paul Taylor Education 1994
Miss Josephine Anne Sainsbury (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Mr Ronald Rees Davies Veterinary Science 1994
Mr Stuart John Farroll Mechanical Engineering 1994
Mr David John Towers Education 1994
Miss Jane Douthart Philosophy 1994
Mr Yogesh Chandra Patel Mechanical Systems/Design Eng. 1994
Miss Jane Rachel Platten Combined Honours 1994
Miss Elaine Susan Gaunt (X)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Upr) 1994
Miss Yvonne Wilcox (HE) Environ.Studs & Geography 1994
Dr Charles James Lane Medicine 1994
Mr Mark David Lindon Electrical & Electronic Eng.(4 yrs) 1994
Miss Angela Jean Corpes Hispanic Studies 1994
Mr Reinier Holst Politics 1994
Mrs Janice Ingham Law 1994
Miss Catherine Johanna Doyle (HE)B.Ed.H/Mathematics (Lwr) 1994
Mr Trevor Stephenson Long Popular Music 1994
Mr John Robert Anderson Modern History & Politics 1994
Dr Timothy Alec Oliver Stat.and Comp.Maths 1994
Miss Susan Rosemary Willan Education 1994
Dr Andrew Philip Miller Chemistry 1994
Miss Diana Louise Sargent 1994
Dr Rajinder Singh Shiwach Psychiatry 1994
Miss Gillian Williams Education 1994
Miss Elaine Janet Rhodes Combined Honours 1994
Miss Morwenna Davis Anatomy & Human Biology 1994
Mrs Maureen Horner Hanley Modular Programme 1994
Miss Beverley Diane Parker Law 1994
Mr Thomas Michael Ward-Jackson Geography 1994
Miss Fiona Mary Buckley (HE)BA/Theol.& Religious Studs. (3 yrs) 1994
Mr John Wilson Education 1994
Mr Philip Redman Building Services Engineering 1994
Miss Deana Karen Selby Archaeology 1994
Mr Othman Ayub Mechanical Engineering 1994
Miss Laura Deanne Murphy Geophysics (Geology) 1994
Miss Adele Dwyer (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Mr David Andrew Winkworth Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Dr Rachel Helen Manning Bateman Dentistry 1994
Mr Steffan Nicholas Jones Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Ms Susan Valerie Eva Sociology 1994
Miss Amy Samantha Cowie French 1994
Mr Thomas Richard Wilson Sociology 1994
Miss Sarah Jean Gates English & French 1994
Mr David Michael Kind Computer Science 1994
Dr Duncan Trevor Stacey Pathology 1994
Miss Clare Joanne Price American Studies 1994
Dr Mark Desmond McGovern Irish Studies 1994
Mr Paul Christopher Kenny Geology 1994
Mr David Christopher Wood Civil Engineering 1994
Mrs Caroline Victoria Bourne Lewis (HE)BAComb./Music & Physical Edcn. 1994
Dr Kondwani Albert Msiska Politics 1994
Mr Christopher McMullan Mathematics 1994
Mr Damian Jeffrey Brown Geography 1994
Mr Christopher Robert Hall Economics 1994
Mr Darren Charles Wood (HE)BAComb./Music & Physical Edcn. 1994
Mr Stephen Francis Boyle Building Management And Technology 1994
Mr Stephen Barrie Palin Economics 1994
Miss Jamila Bano Rashid Al-Fayed Law 1994
Dr Heather Jane Walker Medicine 1994
Miss Wendy Richardson (HE)B.Ed.H/Geography (Lwr) 1994
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Bond Veterinary Science 1994
Dr Paul Anthony Swinglehurst Medical Cell Biology 1994
Miss Karen Churchward Nursing 1994
Mr Jonathan Andrew Slattery Veterinary Science 1994
Ms Kim Elizabeth Morton Education 1994
Miss Susanne Clare Molyneux (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Claire Louise Maggs Law 1994
Miss Stephanie Anne Murnin Education 1994
Miss Karen Ann Turner (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Charlotte Rose Dawson English Language & Literature 1994
Miss Edwina Elizabeth Ussher Computer Science 1994
Miss Louise Marie Jennings History, Ancient/Archaeology 1994
Miss Amanda Jane Parkes Education 1994
Mr Simon Ash Economic History 1994
Dr Rachel Claire Webster Medicine 1994
Mr Stephen Waller Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr Mustaffa Abu Bakar Law 1994
Mr Richard James Dossetter Building Management And Technology 1994
Dr Nicola Jane Stevenson Medicine 1994
Mr Jonathan Douglas Kinson English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Chun Chuen Law Mechanical Engineering 1994
Mr David Alistair Chapman Philosophy/Politics 1994
Mr Christopher Matthew Herbert Physics 1994
Miss Paula Warburton (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Mr Timothy Mark Hutchinson Veterinary Science 1994
Mrs Agnes Lyde Hoy Education 1994
Dr Thomas John Pounds Chemistry 1994
Dr Tiina Alexandra Rayner Medicine 1994
Mr Paul Anthony Longden Education 1994
Miss Wendy Louise Jones (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Mr Richard Kwame Inyundo Modern History & Politics 1994
Dr Jane Louise Crompton Medicine 1994
Miss Joanne Blanchard (HE)BAComb./Computer Studs./French 1994
Mr Phillip Bernard Linsdell Education 1994
Miss Nicola Jayne Wilkinson French & Hispanic Studies 1994
Mrs Melanie Jane Atkins Archaeology 1994
Ms Mary Bernadette Wright Dundon Combined Honours 1994
Dr Alison Jayne Shaw Medicine 1994
Mr Mark Dougal Robinson Civil Engineering 1994
Miss Karen Yvonne MacAvoy Education 1994
Mr Andrew Jonathan Matthews (HE)BAComb./Geography & Phys.Edcn. 1994
Mrs Laurence Germaine Maxwell Defevere Education 1994
Mr Benjamin John Dutton Geology 1994
Dr Alan Stephen Owens Medicine 1994
Miss Bernadette Maria Errington Education 1994
Mr Robert David Peachey Mathematics 1994
Mr James Edmund Cartmell Mathematics 1994
Mr Steven Jevons Biochemistry 1994
Mr Nicholas James Black 1994
Mrs Catherine Margaret Fitzgerald-Taher Fitzgerald Education 1994
Miss Rachel Jane Cork Geography 1994
Mr Christopher Frederick David Spellerberg Psychology (Science) 1994
Mr Keith Charles Forbes Education 1994
Miss Kathryn Jervis (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Dr Catherine Elisabeth Foster Medicine 1994
Mr Kin Fai Lee Mechanical Engineering 1994
Mr Andrew Peter Duffy 1994
Mr Nicholas Maxwell (HE)BAComb./American Studs./History 1994
Dr Natalie Karen Smith Medicine 1994
Miss Katherine Hogan (HE)BAComb./American Studs./English 1994
Mr Gamal Mohamed Ibrahim Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Alexandra Elizabeth Phillips Political Theory and Institutions 1994
Mr Andrew David Webster Mathematics 1994
Miss Catherine Anne Gleeson Education 1994
Mr Alexander Colin Inglis Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Oliver Justin Campbell-Smith (HE)BAComb./Drama & Music 1994
Mr Mark William James Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Sam Richard Thomas Bond Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1994
Dr Bridget Maher Medicine 1994
Miss Vivien Kirsteen Little (HE)BAComb./History & Music 1994
Mr Paul Dobson Building Services Engineering 1994
Miss Rachel Hall (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Shelagh Jane Benford Modern History & Politics 1994
Miss Louise Anne Darcy (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Geography 1994
Dr Conor James Magee Medicine 1994
Mr David Sean Reay Marine Biology 1994
Miss Valerie Clare Thompson (HE)BA/American Studies (4 yrs) 1994
Mr Robert Mark Jones Chemistry with Materials Science 1994
Miss Nurul Asma Hussin Computer Electronics & Robotics 1994
Mrs Gillian Rosemary Gauterin Moulding Education 1994
Mr David Ian Porritt Computer Science 1994
Mr Karsten Krumpolt Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Karen Victoria Willshaw Zoology 1994
Mr Valentino Jefferson Munjan Electronic Engineering 1994
Miss Victoria Charlotte Gibbons Education 1994
Miss Suzanne Hall French 1994
Miss Francesca Lipeti Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr James Andrew Cessford English Language & Literature 1994
Mr Shahrum Mohd Sharif Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1994
Mr John Edward Green Education 1994
Miss Tanya Alexandra Ridley (HE)B.Ed.H/Theol.& Relig.Studs. (Lwr) 1994
Mr Neil Denis MacCarthy Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Stephen Wayne Venn-Dunn Civil Engineering 1994
Mr Peter Richard Clucas Mathematics 1994
Miss Penelope Sarah Bradley (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Mr Richard James Haseler Microbiology 1994
Mr Grant Steven Jones History 1994
Miss Donna Victoria Snowden (X)B.Ed.H/Biology (Upr) 1994
Mr Christopher Bywater Engineering Science (4 yrs) 1994
Miss Helen Caroline Viney (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Colin Ian Horrabin Physics 1994
Mrs Shann Roisin Momiss McCauley Nursing 1994
Mrs Clementia Vinaya Kumar Moses Fredericks Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Rohana Abdul Wahab Accounting 1994
Miss Anne Teresa Strickland Clays (HE)BAComb./English & History 1994
Miss Kate Elizabeth Davies History 1994
Mr Manyu Prakash Genetics 1994
Miss Collette O'Connor Education 1994
Mrs Lisa Adele Brannigan Bowen (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Miss Alide Maria Petri Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Martin Jones Genner Marine Biology 1994
Mr Khairul Esyani Puasa Accounting 1994
Mr Geoffrey Quail Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Imogen Denise McCarthy (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Andrew Alexander Golightly Geography 1994
Miss Katharine Mary MacDermott Combined Honours 1994
Miss Jayne Rogers (HE)B.Ed.H/Art (Lwr) 1994
Miss Ruth Joy Hopkinson (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Mr Duncan Brockway Law 1994
Mr Badrul Hisham Jamaludin Baharum Architecture 1994
Mr Robert Frederick Philliskirk Education 1994
Mrs Gina Mariam Samuel George Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Miss Joanne Marie Meehan Combined Honours 1994
Miss Faith-Marie Simmons Marine Biology 1994
Mr Paul Michael Mellor (HE)Art & Design 1994
Miss Sharon Marie Malinowski (HE)B.Ed.H/History (Lwr) 1994
Mrs Joan Margaret Bunting Stephenson Physical Geology/Geomorphology 1994
Miss Anom Ismail Accounting 1994
Miss Angela Marie Harrison (HE)B.Ed.H/Music (Upr) 1994
Miss Lucy Alexandra Dann (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1994
Miss Emma Charlotte Brisbourne (HE)BAComb./Geography & Sociology 1994
Miss Frances Helen Mulliner (HE)BAComb./American Studs./Sociology 1994
Mr Mohammad Azman Che Mat Architecture 1994
Miss Angelina Tuzza Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1994
Mr Jacob Charles Bartram Mathematics 1994
Miss Mary Lorraine Cassidy (HE)BAComb/English & Music 1994
Mr Stephen John Hampton Archaeology 1994
Miss Nor Arbee Ahmad Architecture 1994
Dr Emma Mary Witch Chemistry 1994
Miss Estelle Marie Booth History 1994
Ms Margaret Goodall Sociology 1994
Mr Matthew Russell Education 1994
Mr Liam Alexander Henderson Mathematics 1994
Ms Deepa Shetty Zoology 1994
Miss Joanna Lucy Bounds Genetics 1994
Mr Matthew Robert Symonds Geography 1994
Miss Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim 1994
Dr Elizabeth Nicola Russell Education 1994
Miss Karla Elizabeth Wood (HE)B.Ed.H/English (Lwr) 1994
Miss Leigh Sara Hutton (HE)Art & Design 1994
Mr Toby Richard Sallis Education 1994
Mr Abdelazim Almalik Medicine 1994
Ms Elizabeth Sanders Education 1994
Mr Paul For