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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Miss Sarah Anne Roberts Veterinary Science 1986
Dr Judith Helen Chaloner Medical Cell Biology 1986
Dr Peter Barrie Hill Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Jeremy David Johnson Veterinary Science 1986
Miss Catherine Jane Pinsent Fuller Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Guy William Wolverson Veterinary Science 1986
Dr Karen Anne Halstead Medicine 1986
Dr Glenda Mai Hill Medical Cell Biology 1986
Ms Helen Grubb Law 1986
Mrs Catherine Lena Peterson Dubourg Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Eric Michael Horne Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Beatrice Alexandra Merton Bachelor of Science 1986
Miss Susan Dora Ensall History Medieval and Modern 1986
Mr Simon Godsall Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Michael Hayter Veterinary Science 1986
Miss Deborah Hope Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Graham Michael Oliver Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Christopher Gordon Ranson Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Carl Temple Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Paul Williams Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Nigel Woolfenden Veterinary Science 1986
Dr Nicola Beverley Drake Anatomy 1986
Mr Kenneth Patrick Murphy Plant Science 1986
Mr Rebhy Ata El-Shaskh Mechanical Engineering 1986
Miss Siu Ling Yau Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Hing Ying Chong Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Idrisu Baba Alhassan 1986
Dr Catherine Aitken Medicine 1986
Mrs Frances Patricia Cooper Dale Bachelor of Arts 1986
Professor John Neville Baxter Thesis 1986
Mr Michael John Caddick Education, General 1986
Mr Jonathan Philip Duncan Davies Biochemistry 1986
Ms Julie Maria Davies 1986
Dr Nicholas Guy Barton-Hanson Medical Cell Biology 1986
Mr David Joseph McCormack Public Administration 1986
Mr Thomas Smith Combined Honours 1986
Miss Susan Cain Combined Honours 1986
Mr Andrew John Dawes Architecture 1986
Mr Richard Taylor Appleyard Architecture 1986
Mr Andrew Eric Reynolds Mathematics 1986
Mr John Michael Costello Computer Science 1986
Mr Claude D'ambrogio 1986
Mrs Gillian Margaret Thompson Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Keith David Driver Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1986
Mr Jeffrey Dunn Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Jacqueline Ann Daniels 1986
Mr Huw Geraint Dunley 1986
Miss Patricia Ruth Dugdale 1986
Mr Robert White 1986
Dr Stuart Alexander Kernaghan Chemistry 1986
Dr Suzanne Mulley Chemistry 1986
Dr Paul Stephen Fowles Physics 1986
Dr Christopher Andrew White Physics 1986
Mr Tze Wai Cheung 1986
Mr John Nicholas Boddy History, Modern 1986
Mr Richard Paul Bolitho Economics 1986
Miss Elizabeth Briggs Archive Administration 1986
Mr Robert L Callow Chemistry 1986
Mr Lance Graham Carter History, Modern 1986
Mrs Melanie Clark Kitchener (X)BAComb.H/Drama & English Lit. 1986
Mr Timothy Coates Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr David Abley Engineering Science and Manufacturing Systems 1986
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Murphy Acred Accounting 1986
Mr Paul Simon Adams Political Theory and Institutions 1986
Dr Ali Al-Tikriti Research 1986
Mr Derek Andrew Allan Modern History & Politics 1986
Mr Nicholas Obinna Alozie Thesis 1986
Miss Rhona Anderson 1986
Mr Ian Andrews 1986
Mr Kevin Anthony Anglim Mathematics 1986
Ms Maria Teresa E Anson-Bush 1986
Mr Allister James Armstrong 1986
Mr Alan Pennington Ashley 1986
Mr Raza Ashraf Thesis 1986
Mr Gary John Hutton Atkinson Pure Mathematics 1986
Ms Caroline Margaret Austin Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Philip Anderson Gawne Biochemistry 1986
Mr David Andrew Bailey 1986
Mrs Pamela Ann Bailey Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Elizabeth Anne Bainbridge Medicine 1986
Mr Paul Harold Baines Law 1986
Miss Elizabeth Ann Baker 1986
Mr Henry Philip Baker 1986
Miss Heather Joy Edwards Bakewell Modern History & English Literature 1986
Ms Jacqueline Claire Ball 1986
Mrs Cynne Ban 1986
Mrs Lesley Ann Athey Barker Biochemistry 1986
Mr Richard Barker Bachelor of Science 1986
Miss Karen Angela Bate 1986
Miss Angela Baxter 1986
Mrs Deborah Julia Baxter Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Catherine Helen Bayfield 1986
Mr Andrew John Baynham Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr Ian Andrew Beddow Mathematical Statistics 1986
Ms Sarah Bedell 1986
Mr John Daryl Bennett 1986
Ms Kathryn Louise Benson 1986
Ms Claire Elizabeth Beresford Bachelor of Education 1986
Mrs Judith Mary Blundell Education 1986
Mr Russell Gordon Blyth 1986
Mr Graham Hunter Boase 1986
Mr Dean Anthony Bodill 1986
Mr David Michael Boocock 1986
Ms Catherine Jane Booth Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Jane Elizabeth Borthwick Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Mandy-Ann Boswell Dental Surgery 1986
Miss Clare Louise Boule 1986
Mrs Melanie Joy King Bowler Computer Science 1986
Dr Qi Chen Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Miss Lynn Bradbury Economics 1986
Miss Sara Louise Brayshaw Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Simon Paul Alan Brewer 1986
Dr Robert Peter Broadbelt Medicine 1986
Ms Angela Margaret Brown Community Health 1986
Miss Joana Brunas 1986
Mr Hugh Bryder 1986
Mr Kenneth Bullock Thesis 1986
Mr Paul Dominic Burke Pure Mathematics 1986
Dr John Burthem Medicine 1986
Dr Elizabeth Anne Byrne Clinical Psychology 1986
Mrs Janet Catherine Sumner Dell (CC)BAComb.H/English Lit.& History 1986
Dr Michael Oritsetimeyin Ejuoneatse Medicine 1986
Ms Heather Louise Caffrey 1986
Mr Stephen James Callaghan 1986
Mr Robert Jeremy Carne Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Karen Ann Carter 1986
Mr Neil Carter 1986
Dr Robert Gregory Chadburn Research 1986
Mr Mark Ardern Chadwick Chemistry 1986
Ms Kathryn Shirley Frances Chambers 1986
Mr Simpson Wai Piu Chan Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Miss Lizette Kay Chapman Microbiology 1986
Mr Mark Christopher Chapman Medieval and Modern History 1986
Ms Tracy Jane Chatwin 1986
Mrs Kathleen M Cheyne 1986
Mr Kou Chiou Thesis 1986
Ms Anne Fraser Christie Chemistry 1986
Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Thompson Clack Mechanical Engineering with Management 1986
Ms Catherine Louise Clark Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Melanie Jayne Clark 1986
Ms Helen Louise Clarkson Sociology 1986
Mr Michael Cocks 1986
Miss Juliet Frances Collins 1986
Ms Pauline Mary Connor Law 1986
Mrs Ruth Elizabeth Cooper 1986
Mr Eric Thomas Corcoran Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Catherine Corker 1986
Mr Raymond Ademola Coulson Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1986
Miss Paula Cowin 1986
Mrs Alison Morley Crabtree-Wormwell Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Karl Craddock 1986
Mr Ian Croasdell 1986
Miss Marie Croft Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Michael Andrew Crossley Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Anne Catherine Crotch Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Diane Elizabeth Cureton 1986
Miss Sally Elizabeth Cutland 1986
Mr Kevin Paul Davies 1986
Miss Rachel Sian Davies 1986
Miss Rachel Davies 1986
Mrs Juli Sophia Hardy Davis French/Spanish 1986
Miss Julie Ann Davison 1986
Miss Alison Day Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Vincent Peter Jan De Wit Community Health 1986
Ms Christine Marie Dennett Microbiology 1986
Mrs Paula Mary Oliver Derbyshire Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1986
Ms Joy Derbyshire Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Lakshme Anant Deshpande Biochemistry 1986
Miss Nancy Jane Dixon 1986
Ms Deidre Margaret Dixon-Smith Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Sarah Patricia Dobson Bachelor of Education 1986
Mrs Moira Doherty Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Deane Donnelly 1986
Miss Elaine Anne Donnelly 1986
Mrs Angela Stansfield Douglas Accounting 1986
Miss Jane Dowbiggin 1986
Miss Donna Ann Elkin Law 1986
Mrs Alison Mary McArthur Ross Law 1986
Miss Gillian Anne Atkinson Microbiology 1986
Miss Gillian Ann Bateson Hispanic Studies 1986
Mrs Monica Isabelle Bridget Coughlan Day Law 1986
Professor Andrew Young Modern History 1986
Mr Peter Mario Todorov Electronic Engineering 1986
Miss Stefany Mansfield Bennett English Language & Literature 1986
Mrs Susan Elizabeth Crawford Dougill Law 1986
Mr Charles Robert Doyle Law 1986
Dr Brian Warrington 1986
Mr David Rodrigues De Miranda Engineering 1986
Mr David Lattimer Williams Education 1986
Dr Deborah Ruth Kinn 1986
Miss Prudence K Hopley Law 1986
Mr John Trevethan Law 1986
Ms Sandra Joyce Munro 1986
Mrs Helen Lorraine Bradley Wincote Mathematics 1986
Miss Alison Margaret Elliott Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mrs Carolyn Louise Russell Philpotts Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Kristine Lucia Lidgerwood Zoology 1986
Miss Kay Elizabeth Wallace 1986
Mr Alan Stuart Horton Engineering 1986
Dr Philippa Anne Mitchelson 1986
Mr Gary James Fletcher English Lit./Philosophy 1986
Mr William Ernest McCaig 1986
Mr Michael John Govin 1986
Mrs Jane Patricia Conway Ryan 1986
Mr Nicholas Alfred I Thomas 1986
Mr John Michael Le Conte 1986
Mr Dominic William Joseph Sibeth Geography 1986
Ms Jacqueline May Robinson 1986
Dr Elaine Roberts 1986
Mrs Gillian Keight Nelson 1986
Mrs Ruth Carrigan Morgan Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mrs Julie Mary Theres Ash O'Brien 1986
Mr Richard Adam Webster 1986
Miss Amanda Jane Wyatt 1986
Miss Melanie Jane Rawstron 1986
Miss Mandy Carol Flaherty 1986
Mrs Gillian Victoria Wilson Wright 1986
Mr David Walker Chemistry 1986
Mr Steven M Nunn 1986
Mrs Naomi Fowles 1986
Miss Maureen Lee 1986
Mr Alistair Graham Meadows Politics 1986
Mr Richard Alexander Walbourn 1986
Mr Kevin Goldsmith Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Caroline Jolanta Gajdecki Zoology 1986
Mr David James West 1986
Mr Richard John Newey Chemistry 1986
Mrs Janice Maxted Ladyman Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Katherine Jane Williams Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Nigel Kenneth Fagan 1986
Mr Christopher James Hill Bachelor of Science 1986
Mr Martin Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1986
Ms Susan Fiona Hall 1986
Mr John Leonard Oliver 1986
Mr Jonathon Mark Truman Electronic Engineering 1986
Miss Tracy Anne Foster 1986
Mr Richard Mark Jackson-Taylor Veterinary Science 1986
Miss Katharine Jane Neal 1986
Mr Paul Andrew Harrison Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr Roderick William Johnson 1986
Miss Catherine Fox 1986
Mrs Beryl Murphy 1986
Miss Christine Susan Shear 1986
Ms Carmel Joanne Patterson 1986
Mr Rajubha Patel 1986
Mr John Keith Tickle 1986
Mr Stephen Johnstone Ellison Bachelor of Education 1986
Miss Sarah Lyn Fewing 1986
Mr Paul William Morton Bachelor of Arts 1986
Ms Susan Murray 1986
Miss Vivian Maria Ramerez 1986
Mrs Margaret Vaughan 1986
Dr Thomas Keith Smith 1986
Ms Louise Elizabeth Kellett 1986
Miss Katharine E Wrigley 1986
Miss Noreen Edith O'Neill 1986
Mr Ian Douglas Scorer Biochemistry 1986
Miss Amanda Jane Littlewood Biochemistry 1986
Dr Anthony David Newland 1986
Dr Richard Edward Hodgson 1986
Mr Daniel Jonathan Lloyd 1986
Dr David Barry Shackleton 1986
Ms Madeline Ann A McLaughlin 1986
Miss Sara Jane Hathersich 1986
Ms Christine Jackson Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Stephen McKenna Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Derek John Evans Plant Science 1986
Mrs Carol Jenny Kerry Lee 1986
Mr Vincent Hetherington Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Helen Oglesby 1986
Mrs Brenda Mary Hughes 1986
Mr Mark David Speedman 1986
Ms Elizabeth Jane Halsall Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Clare Rosina Howard 1986
Miss Diane Heather Reeves 1986
Ms Beverley Ann Merricks 1986
Mr Kareem Suheil Sweiss Engineering Science 1986
Mr Kenneth Taylor Chemistry with Pharmacology 1986
Mrs Maria Cecily Hardie Connolly 1986
Dr Gillian Suzanne Gordon 1986
Miss Jacqueline Ann Mort 1986
Miss Alison Marie Trott Green 1986
Miss Susan Andrea Henderson (X)BAComb.H/Phys.Ed.& Psychology 1986
Miss Mary Teresa Windsor 1986
Mr Steven John David Lander 1986
Mr Peter Richard Houghton Engineering 1986
Mr Alan James Price 1986
Mr Ian Mason Mathematics 1986
Ms Catherine Siobhan O'Boyle 1986
Ms Sarah Elizabeth Inglis Modern History & Politics 1986
Miss Clare Elizabeth Taylor 1986
Mr Ian Peter Pritchard 1986
Mrs Pauline Thelma Sayers 1986
Mr Stephen John Kempson 1986
Miss Melanie Amanda Tellwright 1986
Miss Shuen P Kwong 1986
Mr Andrew John Giblin 1986
Miss Elinor Joan Petrie Geography 1986
Mr Kenneth Alec Lowe 1986
Mr Richard Francis Green Engineering 1986
Ms Pamela Christine Smith 1986
Ms Helen Anne Simpson 1986
Mrs Rose Ojiugo Hayter 1986
Miss Lise Kate Rhodes Chemistry 1986
Dr Steven Richard Gaffin 1986
Mr Peter John Scarlett 1986
Mr Hamid Korkchi 1986
Mr Mark Andrew Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Michelle Jayne Hayes 1986
Miss Susan Jones 1986
Miss Swee Choo Lau 1986
Miss Joanne Beverly Spence Bachelor of Science 1986
Mr Stepohen Lawrence Gould 1986
Mr Paul William Spark Engineering 1986
Miss Deborah Colette Street 1986
Mrs Kathryn Anne Dunn Hurlstone 1986
Mr Timothy Stuart Palin 1986
Miss Carnmel Marie Wickham 1986
Mrs Ann Boyd Hunter English Lit./German 1986
Mr Neil Sayer English Language & Literature 1986
Ms Oonagh Katherine Flynn 1986
Miss Julie Ann Wilkinson 1986
Miss Bernadette McGovern 1986
Dr Philip Morgan Flanagan Medicine 1986
Ms Helena Victoria Wilkinson 1986
Dr Debra Joan Wignell 1986
Mr Cyril John Green 1986
Dr David James P Willey 1986
Miss Stella Gormanly 1986
Mrs Rhian Gervaise Malinowski Grice 1986
Mr James Andrew Flynn Chemistry 1986
Mr Mark Winskel Bachelor of Science 1986
Mrs Kathryn Susan Farrell 1986
Mrs Julie Ann Lambert 1986
Miss Tracey Amanda Kleiman French 1986
Miss Jane Louise Heap 1986
Miss Paula Louise MacKintosh 1986
Miss Jane Bernadette Winer 1986
Dr Robert John Riley Pharmacology 1986
Miss Susan Michelle Morley 1986
Mr Richard Martin Fitzgerald 1986
Mr Timothy Edward Thompson 1986
Dr Ian Michael Eccleston Medicine 1986
Mr Andrew David Hamilton 1986
Mr Stephen John Green 1986
Mrs Patricia Foulkes 1986
Mr Thomas Owens 1986
Mr Michael Gerard Giblin Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr Leonard Anthony Hazelhurst 1986
Mr John Martin Arthur Malpas Geology 1986
Miss Angela Mary Heerey 1986
Miss Wendy Helen Pinnington 1986
Miss Bernadine Melia 1986
Mr Peter Gerard Kerswell 1986
Miss Joanna Mary Whitehead 1986
Mr Duncan Campbell Wright Chemistry 1986
Miss Susan Watkins 1986
Mr David William Lees 1986
Miss Anna Irene McDermott 1986
Mrs Debra Anne Hartley Fisk Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Julie Roughton Tansley 1986
Mrs Barbara Joyce Powell 1986
Mr Geoffrey Denham Price Geography 1986
Mr David Rhys Vaughan-Williams 1986
Mr Jonathan Roger Hemus Business Studies 1986
Ms Katherine Amanda Griffiths 1986
Miss Fiona Jane Madden 1986
Miss Linda Mary Stevenson 1986
Dr David Michael McKinlay 1986
Dr Janet Walls 1986
Mr David Edward Piercy 1986
Miss Sharon Lee Piper 1986
Miss Julie Evans Ordinary Degree 1986
Mrs Irene Ann Evans Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Sarah Janet Smith 1986
Mr George Ndungu Mbiri 1986
Ms Nicola Gabrielle Moran 1986
Ms Sharon Manners 1986
Mr Andrew Michael Haysey Civic Design 1986
Miss Heidi Randle 1986
Dr John Joseph Noblett Medicine 1986
Mr Timothy Ward Ellis Biochemistry 1986
Miss Gillian Walker 1986
Miss Kerrie Wilkinson 1986
Dr Conrad Wittram Medicine 1986
Mrs Catherine Mary George Slessor Geography 1986
Mr Andrew Howard Fawcett Ordinary Degree 1986
Mrs Joan Mary McCarthy 1986
Mrs Stephanie Jean Pratley Hall 1986
Miss Ruth Young Ordinary Degree 1986
Miss Catherine Mary Hughes 1986
Mrs Rachael Joan Riggs Housley Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mrs Alison Nicole Hart Price Combined Studies 1986
Miss Ruth Alison Niven 1986
Ms Susan Jane Watt 1986
Mrs Suzanne Claire Bzikot King Zoology 1986
Mr David Alan Gill 1986
Mr Mark Richard Wrigglesworth Accounting 1986
Ms Loretta Agnes F Powley 1986
Miss Fiona Lyde Stuart 1986
Miss Carol Ann Sproat 1986
Mr Richard John Longford 1986
Mr Fiona Jane Scarlett 1986
Ms Joanne Helen Williams 1986
Mr Anthony Charles Phelps 1986
Mr Michael Gerald Powell Physics with Electronics 1986
Mrs Jane Ann Guy 1986
Miss Gemma English Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Gillian Ann Herd 1986
Ms Lynda Margaret Greene 1986
Mr Stephen Charles Phillips Biochemistry 1986
Miss Susan Margaret Wilkinson 1986
Mrs Rose June Robinson Public Health 1986
Ms Ann Louise Newton 1986
Dr Joane Lesley McInerney 1986
Ms Maria Bernadette O'Neill 1986
Miss Alison McCormick 1986
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Kelly Witt 1986
Ms Lucy Ruth Katterhorn 1986
Miss Mary Frances Kershaw Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Jeremy Paul Weaver 1986
Ms Kathleen Gabis 1986
Mr Simon Giovanni P Grilli 1986
Mr Craig Arthur Martin 1986
Miss Jane Murray Rutherford 1986
Miss Caroline Anne Henshall 1986
Ms Andrea Jacqueline Kerr 1986
Mr Paul Edward Leeson 1986
Mr David Kenneth Owen 1986
Miss Hilary Megan Shergold 1986
Father Peter Walsh Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Andrew Young Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Heather Ann Uren 1986
Mrs Flamina Miyamasu Stevenson 1986
Mr Erik Holden 1986
Mr Bupendra Parmar Engineering 1986
Mrs Margaret Mary Harvey Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Paula Jane Kidd Chemistry & Pharmacology 1986
Miss Andrea Hall 1986
Dr Andrew Thomas 1986
Miss Stephanie C Laurence 1986
Miss Marian Diane Murray 1986
Miss Emma Kate Milburn 1986
Mrs Carole Jane Jones Walsh 1986
Miss Hayley Mylchreest 1986
Ms Hilary Elizabeth Henderson 1986
Ms Penelope Ann Walker 1986
Mr Mark Henry Maxfield 1986
Mrs Christine Ann Hyde 1986
Miss Laura Sharpe 1986
Mrs Stacey Lee Shelton Wilks Physics 1986
Dr Nicola Louise Manley 1986
Mr Peter Ruddock Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Dr Amanda Jane Taylor 1986
Ms Julie Margaret Murphy 1986
Mr Ian Roger Mills Combined Studies 1986
Miss Amanda Louise Verhoven Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Jeremy Robert Thompson Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Stephen Rodgers 1986
Miss Elizabeth Mitchell Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Christopher Jon Hardman 1986
Ms Jane Waters 1986
Mrs Elsie Rosalind Franklin 1986
Miss Susan Jane Price 1986
Miss Kathryn Anne Ling 1986
Mr Michael Slater 1986
Mr Kieth Richard Powewll 1986
Mr Ian Maxwell Smith 1986
Miss Susan Mary Fisher 1986
Mr Gerard James Reilly 1986
Mr Carl David Jones Physics 1986
Mr Simon James Secretan 1986
Miss Heather Jane Osborn 1986
Mr Tak Kit Lao 1986
Mr Peter Robert Gribbin 1986
Miss Beverley Jane MacKereth 1986
Mr Michael Patrick Roberts 1986
Mrs Ann Elizabeth L Sowerby Bachelor of Arts 1986
Ms Mirembe Jane A Weston 1986
Ms Catherine Anne Smith 1986
Dr Richard John Turner 1986
Mrs Marieanne Elizabeth Newton Nanson Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Simon Geoffrey Hughes 1986
Mrs Julia Ellen James Graham 1986
Dr Matthew Edward Ellis Medicine 1986
Mr Patrick Dwaine Richards 1986
Mr Kevin Murtagh 1986
Mr Paul McCarthy Education 1986
Miss Helen Jane MacKenzie 1986
Ms Anna Keast 1986
Mr Ian Frank Salt 1986
Mrs Wendy Susan Gensler Jackson Botany 1986
Mr Ronald Frank Sutherland 1986
Mr Paul Kinsey 1986
Mrs Saskia Marshall Gavin 1986
Ms Elaine Watson 1986
Miss Sophie Monica Gately 1986
Mrs Sally Ann Magee Feeney 1986
Miss Julie Laura Wright 1986
Mr Simon Eliot Fiddes Chemistry 1986
Miss Sandra Owen 1986
Mr Christopher W Martin 1986
Sister Lesley Irene O'Sullivan 1986
Miss Helen Fiona James Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Susan Jane Riley 1986
Mr Neil Robert Thomas 1986
Mr Gerald Thomas Moran 1986
Dr Andrew Leslie Lear 1986
Miss Esme Joanne Swanton 1986
Mr Richard Arwel Horton Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Mr Philip Edward Green Master of Science 1986
Mr Prakash Patel 1986
Mr Andrew Philip Sawyer 1986
Mr Adrian John Maddox 1986
Mr Yong Ee Phan Engineering Science 1986
Dr John Charles Pauley Geology 1986
Mrs Jane Winter Lodwick Master of Arts 1986
Mr Fung Fung Kong 1986
Mr Kevin Patrick Power 1986
Mr John Kevin Eastell Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Saud M Maghrabi 1986
Dr Robert Charles Patterson Medicine 1986
Mrs Santosh Mehta 1986
Mr Christopher Elliiot Rhodes Dental Surgery 1986
Miss Carol Ann Plastow 1986
Dr Suneel Kumar Medicine 1986
Mr Stephan Solat 1986
Mr Erode B Sethu Ramanathan 1986
Mr Darrell Antony Pearce 1986
Dr Luke James Okeefe 1986
Mr Patricio Manuel Piazrro Irribarra 1986
Mr Timothy Robin Johnson Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Peter Jones 1986
Dr Peter Ian Williams 1986
Mr Bisalahalli N Muddu 1986
Mrs Christine Ann Taylor Dental Surgery 1986
Mrs Maria Siobhan Rushton McGuinness 1986
Mrs Grace Miles Wyatt 1986
Mr Nicholas John O'Hare Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Owen Dominic J Hanrahan Latin American Studies 1986
Mr James Anderson Piggott 1986
Dr David Hugh Williams Orthopaedic Surgery 1986
Dr David Graham 1986
Ms Sarah Catherine Horton Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Neil Richard Lockmuller Physics 1986
Mr Sunil Koduuathu Mani 1986
Mrs Paula O'Neill 1986
Miss Lynn Warhurst English Language & Literature 1986
Mr George Bernard Thwaites Engineering 1986
Dr Deborah Mary Power Doctor In Philosophy 1986
Miss Yee Kitty Hui 1986
Miss Janet Louise Wright 1986
Mrs Elizabeth Eccleston Harper Bachelor of Arts 1986
Miss Sian Elin Prysor 1986
Mrs Ruth Mary Jennings Sworder Education 1986
Mrs Angela Jane Moore Saynor Physics & Mathematics 1986
Dr Andrew John Thornber Microbiology 1986
Dr Steven Keith Pascoe Engineering 1986
Dr Rupert Ian Lewis 1986
Dr David Brown Chemistry 1986
Dr Juliet Amanda Staples Zoology 1986
Dr Maureen Ann Bampton Butler 1986
Miss Susan Joanne Tittensor Biochemistry 1986
Mrs Aghdas Cullen Health Visitors Certificate 1986
Dr Rosalind Elspeth Jenkins Biochemistry 1986
Dr Andrew Richard Coughlan Veterinary Science 1986
Dr Martin Richard Owen Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Andrew Cockrell 1986
Mr D B Mason Physics 1986
Mr T S Goodman Physics 1986
Miss Jackie Coleman Geography 1986
Miss Sarah Jayne Smith Physics 1986
Mrs Judith Eyre 1986
Ms Tania Mary McGregor Law 1986
Dr Gabriel Michael Crehan Chemistry with a European Language 1986
Dr David Birch Doctor In Philosophy 1986
Mr Simon Melber Geography (Combined) 1986
Mr Colin Gearing Design 1986
Mr Richard Hudson Economic History 1986
Ms Janet Elizabeth Porteous Social Work 1986
Mr Christopher John Wilson Genetics 1986
Mr Andrew P Wilkinson Philosophy 1986
Mr Nigel Sander Civil Engineering 1986
Mr Christopher Bunting Chemistry 1986
Mr Paul Anthony Thompson Chemistry 1986
Miss Lena Wheatley Wheatley Education 1986
Ms Angela Ward Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Michael Caldwell Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Mr Claudio Capozzi Chemistry 1986
Mrs Rosemary Carroll-Marsh Psychology 1986
Ms Alison Jane Cattell Geography 1986
Mr Rolando Enrique Celeda-Quezada Community Health 1986
Dr Cha'o-Kuang Chen Mechanical Engineering 1986
Mr Perry Christian Management & Business Studies 1986
Mr Graham Andrew Clark Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Julian Arnold Cliff Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Mark Robin Cobbett Physics 1986
Mr Andrew James Colthorpe Geophysics (Physics) 1986
Mr Kevin Michael Cooney Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Robert Austin Coward Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Tanya Mary Crossland Environmental Biology 1986
Mrs Paula Marie Shannon Cunningham English Language & Literature 1986
Mr Paul Nigel Curry Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr John Lawrence Curry French & German 1986
Ms Rebecca Jane Darby Zoology 1986
Mr Jonathan Philip Duncan Davies Biochemistry 1986
Ms Julie Maria Davies Medieval and Modern History 1986
Ms Ruth Louise Davies Bachelor of Arts 1986
Ms Katherine Rachel Davies Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Maura Yvonne Adele Cabine-Davies Davies Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Angela Vera Mary De Freitas Law 1986
Ms Susan Elizabeth Dougill Law 1986
Mr Christopher Mark Dring Architecture 1986
Ms Alison Clara Druce Sociology 1986
Mr Anthony Charles Drummond Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Patricia Ruth Dugdale French and Italian 1986
Mr Chris Dumont Geophysics (Physics) 1986
Mrs Sara Francesca Cooper Tomkinson Dunn Chemistry 1986
Mr Stephen Mark Dunn Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Timothy Joseph Quinn French & Hispanic Studies 1986
Ms Helen Reaveley Philosophy 1986
Mr Gordon Brian Reid Archive Administration 1986
Mr David John Restall Bachelor of Science 1986
Mr David Rice Civil Engineering 1986
Mr Andrew Charles Ridout Geography 1986
Ms Joan Lesley Rigg Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Barry Anthony Rimmer Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Mark Aidan Roberts Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Ian David Roughsedge Chemistry 1986
Ms Carol Ann Hackman Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Christopher John Harding English Language & Literature 1986
Ms Jessica Anne Hargreaves French 1986
Mr Neil Harrison French & German 1986
Dr Donald Alexander Harrison Medicine 1986
Ms Hilary Elizabeth Henderson Medieval and Modern History 1986
Dr Robin Timothy Hensley Marine Biology 1986
Ms Sarah Hepworth Mathematics 1986
Ms Gillian Sarah Higgins Microbiology 1986
Mr David Charles Hind Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1986
Mr Nigel Anthony Hire Ordinary Degree 1986
Ms Charlotte Emilia Hodgson Music 1986
Mr Nigel John Hornby Management Economics and Accounting 1986
Ms Diane Houghton Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Elizabeth Anne Ireland Houghton Medicine 1986
Mr Peter Richard Houghton Electronic Engineering 1986
Dr Deborah Howe Physics 1986
Mr Sean Dominic Howe Combined Honours 1986
Beverley Rachel Hull Mathematical Physics 1986
Ms Caroline Patricia Hunter Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Amanda Jane Hurtley Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr James Stephen Hutton Geology Combined Studies 1986
Ms Nicola Janet Ilsley German with Dutch 1986
Tari Iniekio-Suboh Public Administration 1986
Ms Lucy Emma James Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Harvey Ivor James English Lit./Philosophy 1986
Dr Abdul-Kareem Jasim Marine Biology 1986
Mr James Frederick Pendered Jeffreys Electronic Engineering 1986
Ms Anne Shirley Nightingale Jones Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Marc Grahame Jones Mechanical Engineering 1986
Mr William Craig Jones Bachelor of Arts 1986
Dr Mervyn David Hywel Jones Geography 1986
Mr Neil Jones Geophysics (Physics) 1986
Lindsey Ann Juggins Law 1986
Mr Alexander Gavin Barlow Bachelor of Science 1986
Ms Susan Pritchard Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Stephen Arthur Edwards Political Theory and Institutions 1986
Dr Kevin Morgan Evenett Microbiology 1986
Ms Sharon Joan Evans English Language & Literature 1986
Mr Andreas Euripidou Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Deerek John Evans Botany 1986
Mr Christopher Andrew Wright Physics 1986
Glennys Jennifer Fitzpatrick Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Liam Timothy Fitzpatrick Dental Surgery 1986
Dr Julie Fisher Organic Chemistry 1986
Ms Julie Alison Fisher Botany 1986
Ms Jane Elizabeth Finney Bachelor of Arts 1986
Ms Claire Anne Finnerty English Literature and French 1986
Mr Nigel Kenneth Fagan Law 1986
Mr Peter Timothy Fellerman Dental Surgery 1986
Mrs Fiona Margaret Mary Hind Feighoney Combined Honours 1986
Catherina Wyche Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Deborah Margaret Sian Williams Geography 1986
Mr John Leech Glover Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Adrian George Gibson Modern History & Politics 1986
Mr David Godfree Music 1986
Dr Gillian Suzanne Gordon Medicine 1986
Mr David Richard Gilkes Architecture 1986
Mr Stephen Lawrence Gould Computer Science 1986
Mr David Jonathan Gay Management & Business Studies 1986
Mr Christopher Daniel Gooch Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr James Gallagher Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Michael John Elliot Garside Medicine 1986
Dr Sian Amanda Edwards Leach Medicine 1986
Ms Sarah Leonards Combined Honours 1986
Ms Vicki Cathrene Lees Sociology 1986
Mr Kin Seng Lee Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1986
Ms Naomi Ladlow Archaeology 1986
Mr Tak Kit Lao Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Anthony Michael Langan Combined Honours 1986
Ms Andrea Mary Lambert Environmental Biology 1986
Mr John Lancaster Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Timothy Patrick Love Computer Science 1986
Ms Suzanne Lomax Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr David Andrew Lyon Chemistry 1986
Ms Stella Lena Liddell Bachelor of Arts 1986
Dr Hilary Janice Loch Loch Medicine 1986
Mohamed Gulam Kibria Community Health 1986
Ms Carol Anne Kindon Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Anna Keast Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr James Peter Keane Hispanic Studies 1986
Ms Hayley Mylchreest Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr John Daniel Murphy English Lit./Philosophy 1986
Mrs Louise Elizabeth Cartwright Marks Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Juan Roberto Menendez Electronic Engineering 1986
Dr Heather Margaret Crilly Meecham Medicine 1986
Dr Paul Robert Morris Medicine 1986
Mr Neil Anthony Metcalfe Geography 1986
Ms Rhona Margaret May Physiology 1986
Mr Neil Patrick Murphy Pharmacology 1986
Ms Lorna Gail Morgan Psychology 1986
Mr Andrew Duncan Macfarlane Psychology 1986
Akhter Qureshi Mehboob Public Administration 1986
Ms Philippa Clare Lander Meadley Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Michael Robert McCarthy Ordinary Degree 1986
Jaroslaw Jan Michalak Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Technology 1986
Mr Kevin Murtagh Law 1986
Ms Nuala Anne Mulholland Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Jacob Mani Orthopaedic Surgery 1986
Koduvathu Sunil Mani Mechanical Engineering 1986
Mr Paul Nichols Mathematics 1986
Mr Steven Martin Nunn Civil Engineering 1986
Dr Andrew David Noble Medicine 1986
Mr Michael Chan Ying Jung Ning Biochemistry 1986
Mr Richard Elliot Noar Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Deborah Jane Pomfret Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Sheila Napper Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Katharine Neal Psychology 1986
Mr John Wesley Oram Combined Honours 1986
Ms Maria O'Reilly Sociology 1986
Mr Fekret Osman Genetics 1986
Mr Stephen Patrick Frith Civil Engineering 1986
Mr Ian Leonard Frowe Bachelor of Education 1986
Dr Abiola Monisola Olatokunbo Ogunsola Sociology 1986
Ms Beryl Elizabeth Peterson Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr Hugh William Prescott Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Mr William Oswald Pikett Mechanical Engineering 1986
Dr Duncan Hamish Plummer Oceanography 1986
Ms Gillian Palframan Geography 1986
Mr Gareth Anthony Pearson Marine Biology 1986
Ms Tanya Teresa Paulo Law 1986
Mr Andrew John Kennedy Scott Ordinary Degree 1986
Mohammed-Reza Salamat Mechanical Engineering 1986
Ms Caroline Saysell German 1986
Beverley Jean seddon Archaeology 1986
Mr Adrian William Matthew Sharman Computer Science 1986
Mrs Julie Alexis Wakerley Smith Veterinary Science 1986
Mr Anthony Mark Smith Economics 1986
Mr Joseph Gerard Smith Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Joanne Beverley Spence Chemistry with Materials Science 1986
Mr Martin James Stansbury Geophysics (Physics) 1986
Mr Jonathan Paul Stevens Geography 1986
Ms Margaret Beryl Stocker Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr David Nicholas Sutton Dental Surgery 1986
Mr David Charles Symes Geography 1986
Ms Carolyn Janet Tyson Combined Honours 1986
Dr Paul Thompson Geological Sciences 1986
Ms Carol Turner Geography 1986
Ms Deborah Vernon Archive Administration 1986
Mr Timothy Edward Thompson Microbiology 1986
Ms Carolina Vidal Mathematics 1986
Mr Jeremy Bruce Thomas Marine Biology 1986
Mr Hamish McDonald Telfer Bachelor of Education 1986
Mr Mark Christopher Terry Computer Science 1986
Mr Gareth Vaughan Thomas Geography 1986
Mr Paul Scott Taylor Electronic Engineering 1986
Ms Denise Fredericka Taylor Bachelor of Education 1986
Ms Andrea Jane Taylor Electronic Engineering 1986
Ms Ruth Taylor English Language & Literature 1986
Ms Barbara Anne Tozer Biochemistry 1986
Mr Robert James Tootell Philosophy 1986
Mr Joseph Rashid Talibudeen Bachelor of Science 1986
Ms Alison Joanne Thompson Pharmacology 1986
Mr Paul Christopher Thornton Architecture 1986
Mr Russell Terry Thornton Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Mark David Tomlinson Psychology 1986
Ms Sarah Terea Tinn French and Italian 1986
Mr Stephen Keith Wearing Latin 1986
Mr Jeremy Paul Weaver Modern History & Politics 1986
Mr Ian Richard Weald Dental Surgery 1986
Mr Simon Waddington Environmental Biology 1986
Ms Kathryn Anne Weeds Sociology 1986
Mr Timothy Holmes Ward Ordinary Degree 1986
Dr John David Warbuton Biochemistry 1986
Mr Colin Woodall Dental Surgery 1986
Ms Rachel Jane White Law 1986
Ms Eileen Mary Walsh Combined Honours 1986
Ms Laura Ruth Walsh Combined Honours 1986
Majib Ibrahim Al-Zuhair Mechanical Engineering 1986
Mrs Patrica Jane Hamade Anderson Philosophy 1986
Ms Jayne Carletta Ashton Geology 1986
Mr Stephen Alan Aspey Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1986
Ms Kathryn Jane Avens Bachelor of Arts 1986
Mr Richard Peter Barker Operational Mathematics 1986
Mr Antony Giles Bark-Jones Economics 1986
Mr Michael John Barratt Management & Business Studies 1986
Mrs Amanda Ann Barron-Cutts Barron French 1986
Ms Sandra Jill Bennett Hispanic Studies 1986
Mr Robert Anthony Rowland Berkeley Management & Business Studies 1986
Mr Jasbir Singh Bhakar Electronic Engineering 1986
Mr Rakesh Rasik Bhansali Orthopaedic Surgery 1986
Mr Tim Billington Mechanical Engineering 1986
Mr Paul John Binns Marine Biology 1986
Mr David Bolton Ordinary Degree 1986
Mr David Boulton Ordinary Degree 1986
Ms Suzanne Caroline Bowes English Language & Literature 1986
Mr Arthur Stuart Brook Civil Engineering 1986
Mr Jonathan Douglas Tom Bulbeck Geography & Botany 1986