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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Melvyn Charles Rendle Chemistry 1979
Mr Andrew Keith Griffin Veterinary Science 1979
Mrs Cynthia Jeffries Turnbull Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Donald Andrew McArthur Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Adrian John Roberts Veterinary Science 1979
Miss Lorna Francis Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Anthony Stephen Riley Veterinary Science 1979
Dr Catherine Sarah Graham Bowler Medicine 1979
Dr Peter Nicholas Hargreaves Medicine 1979
Dr John Francis Navein Medicine 1979
Dr Elizabeth Mary Jones Ordinary Degree 1979
Dr Anthony Martin Whitehead Medicine 1979
Mr Neil Totten Roberts Sociology 1979
Miss Felicity Anne Hopkin Law 1979
Mr Stuart Bruce Chisholm Classics 1979
Miss Patricia Joan Eckersall Economics 1979
Mrs Kathryn Margaret Barcham Howard Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Alun Jones Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Stephen Le Gros Clark Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Stephen Kiernan Lomax Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Ian Robinson Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Christopher Williamson Veterinary Science 1979
Professor David Brian Collinge Genetics 1979
Dr Alan McNeill Medicine 1979
Dr Rachel Alyron Clare Connor Medicine 1979
Mrs Darlene Denise Storrar Mason-Lee Law 1979
Mr Andrew Pearson Law 1979
Dr Jeffrey Norman Crabb Chemistry 1979
Miss Carol Murray Bailey Bachelor of Education 1979
Mrs Doreen Ann Bamber Social Studies 1979
Dr Julia Margaret Beardmore Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 1979
Mr Martin William Benedict Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Heather Lorraine Bennett 1979
Mr David Martin Brumfitt Chemistry 1979
Ms Gillian Maria Entwistle Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Mr P J Carr 1979
Dr Derek F Connon 1979
Mr J C P Couteur Dentistry 1979
Mrs Susan Mavis Odom Coward Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mrs M Doherty Bachelor of Education 1979
Mrs Patricia Cooper Regan Law 1979
Mr Kevin Joseph Quinlan Law 1979
Mrs Richman 1979
Mrs Selina Shun Lau Hui Li Economics 1979
Mr Levy 1979
Dr David Peter Meaden Environmental Biology 1979
Miss McIntosh 1979
Mr Thane 1979
Mr Kennedy 1979
Mr Moroney 1979
Mr Flynn 1979
Mr Leech 1979
Mr John A O'Neill History 1979
Mr Harding 1979
Mr Halliday 1979
Mrs Howcroft 1979
Mr Peter Martin Ryder Mechanical Engineering 1979
Mr Frith 1979
Mr Roberts 1979
Mrs Barbara Graham Connell 1979
Mrs Wilson 1979
Mr Law 1979
Mr Christopher Lord Music 1979
Mr Kenneth Mackenzie Milligan Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Milnes 1979
Mrs Topping 1979
Dr M Hurst 1979
Mr Staniforth 1979
Mrs Karen Maultby Hopkin 1979
Mr Graeme Paul Trotter Law 1979
Mr Kenneth MacKreth Honorary 1979
Mr Rich 1979
Dr John Simpson Physics 1979
Ms Lesley Anne Johnson English Language & Literature 1979
Miss Jayne Wilcox Bachelor of Arts 1979
Dr Llewellyn 1979
Mr Henley 1979
Dr Faruk Majid 1979
Dr Peter Gareth Thomas Biochemistry 1979
Dr Thomas James O'Neill Computational Science 1979
Dr Graham Foat Medicine 1979
Dr Simon Gregory Robinson Geography 1979
Mrs Smeaton 1979
Miss Alison Ravenshaw Jones Law 1979
Mr John Kennedy 1979
Mr Ray Hedley 1979
Ms Miller 1979
Ms Nicholls 1979
Mr Dermot John Morgan Education 1979
Mr Peter Evans Transport Design 1979
Mr Martin Stower Philosophy 1979
Miss Maureen Gallagher Geography 1979
Mrs Bernadette Whelan Carroll Ordinary Degree 1979
Mrs Margaret Rose Daley Geography 1979
Mrs Susan Caroline Shuttleworth Jervis Veterinary Science 1979
Miss Colette Mary Quirk French 1979
Mr Ian John Butler Architecture 1979
Mrs Susan Fannon Hill Social Science And Social History 1979
Mr Simon John Anthony Mathematical Physics 1979
Mr John Martin Barnes French & German 1979
Mrs Alison Fraser Graham Geography 1979
Mrs Elaine Kathryn Mitchell Jackson Social Studies 1979
Mrs Sheila Simpson Hart Egyptology 1979
Mr Hugh Nicholls Law 1979
Miss Linda Caldicott French 1979
Mr David Risley Mathematical Physics 1979
Mr Paddy Neville Civil Engineering 1979
Mr David Cook French 1979
Dr Jonathan Michael Horner Environmental Biology 1979
Mr Avtar Singh Ghattaora Biochemistry 1979
Mrs Yvonne Annette O'Hare Bachelor of Education 1979
Professor John Haig Marsh Engineering 1979
Dr Stanley Andrew Tan Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1979
Mrs Jillian Anne Cullen Thomas Bachelor of Science 1979
Mr Richard Courtney Stanhope Economics 1979
Mr Michael Alexander Jones Chemistry 1979
Ms Anne Catherine Gregory Chemistry 1979
Mrs Ann Cleeves Richardson Social Work 1979
Ms Helen Wynne Hughes Psychology 1979
Mr Paul Joseph Hopkins Computational & Statistical Science 1979
Mr Brian Horton Sociology 1979
Mr Peter Neil Higgins Physics 1979
Mr William Oswald Herbert Physics 1979
Ms Michael Raymond Hallett Electrical Engineering 1979
Mr Leonard Martin Hurst Civil Engineering 1979
Mr David Mark Haworth Electronic Engineering 1979
Mr Michael Guy Hutchence English Language & Literature 1979
Ms Elsie Alma Hughes Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Fiona Elizabeth Hart Modern History 1979
Ms Susan Lesley Hallam Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Elizabeth Jean Harrison Ordinary Degree 1979
Mrs Brenda Mary Allmark Holmes Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Bronwen Rees Hughes Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Thomas Frederock Hardy Honorary 1979
Dr John Neville Howse Veterinary Science 1979
Ms Clare Margaret Williams Geography 1979
Ms Nicola Ann Williams Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr David Henry Williams Medieval and Modern History 1979
Mr Keith Vaughan Williams Civil Engineering 1979
Ms Myrtle Pearline Williams Honorary 1979
Ms Katherine Jane Wilsea Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Nigel Kenneth Wilson Honorary 1979
Ms Linda Wilson Ordinary Degree 1979
Dr Stuart Ronald Winchurch Medicine 1979
Yuen Foh Wong Building Engineering 1979
Ms Gabrielle Ann Woodley Bachelor of Education 1979
Mr Mark Robert Woodroffe Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Jill Sarah Wright Ordinary Degree 1979
Mrs Elizabeth Louise Hughes Wright Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Elaine Yardley Sociology 1979
Ms Patricia Ann Young Honorary 1979
Ms Julie Marie Ablett Zoology 1979
Mr Nicholas Bailey Marine Biology 1979
Mr Andrew Kingsford Babbs Civil Engineering 1979
Mr Paul Duncan Atkinson Mechanical Engineering 1979
Mr Clifford Laurence Allen Economics & Economic History 1979
Mr Kayode Olawale Amure Chemistry with Materials Science 1979
Mr Sami Ibrahim Abi-Haidar Mechanical Engineering 1979
Ms Wendy Lindsay Bailey Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Mark Edward Anderson Medieval and Modern History 1979
Ms Lynn Marie Adams Honorary 1979
Oena Valerie Armstrong French 1979
Mrs Kay Maureen Thomson Atherton Honorary 1979
Mr John Allen Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Andrina Hilda Bamber Archaeology 1979
Mr Denis Baggaley Master of Arts 1979
Ms Maxine Michelle Arison French 1979
Ms Alison Akehurst Italian 1979
Mr Joseph Oladiti Akinyemi Veterinary Science 1979
Mr Robert William Lewis Ayre Dental Surgery 1979
Mr Terence Bouch Sociology 1979
Ms Maureen Christine Bowe Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Stephanie Elizabeth Boxall Philosophy 1979
Mr Nicholas James Boyce Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Ms Sian Caroline Bradshaw Psychology 1979
Ms Priscilla Brammer Chemistry with Industrial Mngt 1979
Dr Jeremy John Bright Medicine 1979
Dr Arlene Brookes Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr Gary Brookes English Language & Literature 1979
Ms Dorothy May Brown English Language & Literature 1979
Mr Colin William Brown Economics & Economic History 1979
Ms Mira Rosa Buob Economics & Economic History 1979
Ms Carol Elizabeth Burrows Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Philip William Burton Music 1979
Mr Paul John Bussey Architecture 1979
Mr Alan Robert Cameron Combined Honours 1979
Ms Frances Elizabeth Mary Booth Geography 1979
Mr Richard Anthony Bayes Honorary 1979
Mr Martin William Benedict Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Colette Monica Margurite Bleakley Honorary 1979
Mr Simon Bestall Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Philip Kenneth Baylay French 1979
Mr Timothy John Patrick Beamish Philosophy 1979
Mrs Beverley Patricia Maher Bee Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr John Michael Barton Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Jane Rith Bodansky Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Julie Marie Birch Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Derek Ian Benning Education 1979
Ms Sonia Veronica Fagence Honorary 1979
Mr Michael Anthony Fallon Physics 1979
Mr Shahin Farazi Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Sylvie-Nicole-Elizabeth Fayolle French 1979
Mr Ashley Marwick Flett Geology 1979
Ms Rosemary Therese Flynn Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Sandra Louise Ford Archaeology 1979
Mr Ian Michael Forshaw Mathematics 1979
Dr John Joseph Fox Medicine 1979
Dr Peter Fox English Language & Literature 1979
Mr Duncan Mitchell Frazer Law 1979
Mr Stephen John Gardner Applied Mathematics 1979
Mr John Garthwaite Economics & Economic History 1979
Mr Mark Christopher Taberham Civil Engineering 1979
Mr Nigel William Tasane Philosophy 1979
Ms Grace Mary Thompson Science 1979
Ms Claire Marie Thompson Honorary 1979
Mr Miles Brendon Thornton Zoology 1979
Ms Angela Carmel Timlin Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Jennifer Ruth Tregilgas Sociology 1979
Ms Nicola Jane Treherne Social Studies 1979
Mr Stephen Gary Vickers Law 1979
Mr Robert Edward Wade Economics & Economic History 1979
Mr Brian Wake Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Grant Walder Marine Biology 1979
Mr Steven Walker Combined Honours 1979
Mr Peter Gerard Walsh Psychology 1979
Mr Gerard Robert Ward Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Francis Paul Watson Combined Honours 1979
Mr Anthony Gerard Watts Modern History 1979
Mr William John Webb Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1979
Mirand Gay Westwell Honorary 1979
Mr Michael Whitty Geography 1979
Ms Jane Elizabeth Deacon Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Jacqueline Dent Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Timothy Jon Dixon Zoology 1979
Ms Samia Djeghri Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Paul Martin Rendell Dodd Honorary 1979
Mrs Helen Mary Fleming Dolan Modern History 1979
Mr Neil Donaldson Botany 1979
Ms Denise Mary Doyle Honorary 1979
Mrs Maria Karen Duffy Duffy Modern History 1979
Mr Alan Michael Dunn Sociology 1979
Mr Matthew William Dunning Honorary 1979
Mr Adrian John Durey Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Janice Enid Eastwood Social Studies 1979
Ms Barbara Julie Eaton Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Gabrielle Edwards English Literature and French 1979
Mrs Christina Edwards Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Christine Egan Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Andrew Thomas Ellis Modern History & Politics 1979
Ms Caroline Joy Ellis Archaeology 1979
Ms Christine Ellwood Social Studies 1979
Mr Michael Evans Electronic Engineering 1979
Dr Jaafar Kadhum Jawad Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr William Gordon Johnson Master of Arts 1979
Dr Andrew James Goudie Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr Simon Christopher Johnson Biochemistry 1979
Mr Suhaimi Ismail Electronic Engineering 1979
Mr Stephen Paul James Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Pauline Ann Johnson Sociology 1979
Ms Linda Jane Griffiths Commerce 1979
Ms Anne Christina Innes Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1979
Mr Andrew Robert Johnston Economic History 1979
Mrs Glynis Dianne Relf Grossmith Honorary 1979
Ms Diane Elizabeth Jones Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Roderick Aren Michael Iedema Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Beryl d'Arcy Gray Honorary 1979
Mr Jeffrey Johnson Honorary 1979
Mrs Hazel Janelle Cave Ivory Honorary 1979
Ms Anne Lorraine Johnson Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Anne Elizabeth Jackson Ordinary Degree 1979
Dr Lothar Noethe Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Ms Tina Mary Gleig Pharmacology 1979
Ms Debra Lauraine Norman Physical Geography and Geology 1979
Mr Alan Nickson Ordinary Degree 1979
Dr Dianne Olivia Gibson Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr Mohamad Bin Othman Mechanical Engineering 1979
Mr David Peter Gilbert Geology 1979
Mr Stephen Orme Electronic Engineering 1979
Mr John Nichols Economics & Economic History 1979
Mr Christopher Michael Stuart Girling Geology Combined Studies 1979
Mr Charles David Gjertsen Civil Engineering 1979
Mr Charles Ivan Nicholas Computational Science 1979
Ms Manon Anne Butler Ogden Medieval and Modern History 1979
Ms Siobhan Margaret mary O'Connor Honorary 1979
Ms Frances O'Brien Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Michele Mary Otway Honorary 1979
Mr Adrian Martin Over Sociology 1979
Ms Lucie Marie Ngesa Oketch Science 1979
Mr Frank Donald Nutter Education 1979
Dr David John Morris Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Mr Barry Lindsay McNamara Master of Arts 1979
Ms Jill Briony Elizzabeth Mawson Zoology 1979
Ms Anne Catherine Mackenzie Maclean Genetics 1979
Mr James Keith Murray Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Hugo John Marchant Microbiology 1979
Ms Claire Marie McGettigan General Degree 1979
Mrs Angela Diane Devon McArdle Psychology 1979
Mr Peter Neil Martin Physics 1979
Mr Frederyk Mehta Geology 1979
Mr William MacKenzie McNicol Computational Science 1979
Mr Bogdan Jovan Manojlovic Civil Engineering 1979
Mr David John Metcalfe Honorary 1979
Datuk Azman Mohd Electrical Engineering 1979
Ms Marie Catherine Theresa McKeegan Honorary 1979
Ms Sheila Mary Maddocks Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Angela Martin Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Gillian Mary Malpas Modern History & English Literature 1979
Ms Veronica Teresa McKenna Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Arthur Manley Honorary 1979
Ms Paula Marie McEntegart Honorary 1979
Ms Lesley Melia English Language & Literature 1979
Mrs Margaret Elaine Bisson MacLean French 1979
Ms Helen Marr Medieval and Modern History 1979
Mr Peter John Main Honorary 1979
Ms Anne McDonald Honorary 1979
Ms Silvia Susana Martinez Science 1979
Ms Jennifer Dawn Mills Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Carole Ann McAney Ordinary Degree 1979
Mrs Catherine Mary Pye McGrath Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Yvonne Mary Mercer Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Christopher John Keeton Dental Surgery 1979
Ms Carmel Maria Kelly Psychology 1979
Mr Peter James Kelly Honorary 1979
Ms Susan Anne Killen Geography 1979
Ms Sheila Marion Kitts Honorary 1979
Dr Ricardo Klimek Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Daryl Lesley Knight Botany 1979
Mr Paul Martin Knox Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Klaartje Pieternel Koomans Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1979
Mr Jeremy Hugh Lakey Zoology 1979
Mr Graham White Lance Building Engineering 1979
Ms Susan Mary Lane Botany 1979
Mr Jonathan Charles Philip Le Couteur Dental Surgery 1979
Ms Ann Leaker Mathematical Statistics 1979
Mr Geoffrey Leech Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Rodney Bracken Leighton Oceanography 1979
Mr Steven Edward Leone Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Joanna Leser Sociology 1979
Ms Frances Helen Meredith Lewes Oceanography 1979
Mr Ronald Michael Lewis Honorary 1979
Ms Ann Linton Honorary 1979
Mr Joseph Peter Liptrot Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Teresa Mary Lloyd Honorary 1979
Mr Matthew James Lockyer Biochemistry 1979
Ms Michelle Andrea Lofthouse French & German 1979
Ms Sharron Longmore Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr David Rees Loveluck Science 1979
Mr Tunggul Lumbanradja Community Health 1979
Mr John Robert Luxford Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Mr Carlos Pachecco Master of Arts 1979
Mr Michael Parker Environmental Biology 1979
Ms Karen Francine Parr Biochemistry 1979
Ms Fiona Jane Paton Botany 1979
Ms Barbara Maria Frances Pawlowska Architecture 1979
Mr Peter Edward Pearce Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Andrew Farley Pearce Medieval and Modern History 1979
Ms Mary Laura Peelo Education 1979
Mr Keith Penn Physics (Combined) 1979
Ms Sarah Frances Penn Zoology 1979
Mr Alan George Perkins Civic Design 1979
Dr Stuart McIvyn Pinkerton Medicine 1979
Mr Stephen Potts Geology & Geophysics 1979
Ms Helen Lesley Prince Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr David Nigel Prince Honorary 1979
Mrs Margaret Elaine Finney Prior Combined Honours 1979
Mr Robert William Pritt Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Susan Elizabeth Proud Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Anthony John Pryor Philosophy 1979
Ms Alison Edna Quinn Ordinary Degree 1979
Dr Steven David Chappell Chemistry 1979
Ms Lesley Margaret Rawson Environmental Biology 1979
Ms Stephanie Joy Redfearn Biochemistry 1979
Ms Margaret Alison Redfern Philosophy 1979
Ms Jacqueline Ellen Redford Geography 1979
Dr Vivian Christina Reeves Doctor of Philosophy 1979
Mr Peter Edward Rendle Dental Surgery 1979
Ms Sylvia Ruth Riding Bachelor of Arts 1979
Mr Dewi Roberts Civil Engineering 1979
Mr Mark Richard Roberts Economics & Economic History 1979
Mr Keith Edward Roberts Civil Engineering 1979
Ms Susan Jill Robson Hispanic Studies 1979
Ms Eileen Mary Robson Biochemistry 1979
Ms Clare Marie Roche Ordinary Degree 1979
Mrs Susanne Rogers Rogers Honorary 1979
Ms Gillian Mary Rome Computational Science 1979
Mr Geoffrey Malcolm Rothwell Honorary 1979
Mrs Julie McCulloch Girling Campbell Modern History & Politics 1979
Mr Leslie John Carroll Honorary 1979
Mr Philip Gordon Challinor Honorary 1979
Mr Chwee Yin Chan Business Administration 1979
Mr Cheong Swee Chang Electronic Engineering 1979
Mr Ah Chye Cheah Building Engineering 1979
Mr Stephen Chell Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Yong Jew Chew Mechanical Engineering 1979
Mr Fook Choy Chey Mechanical Engineering 1979
Ms Jessica Alice Chivers Biochemistry 1979
Wai Fatt Chow Mechanical Engineering 1979
Mr David Alan Cobley Physical Geography and Geology 1979
Ms Eileen Anne Coleman Philosophy 1979
Mr Michael John Colley Honorary 1979
Ms Helen Connor Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Louise Helen Coombs Geography 1979
Mr Nigel Rowan Cooper Civic Design 1979
Ms Gabriella Victoria Costello Honorary 1979
Dr Peter Anthony Costigan Doctor In Philosophy 1979
Ms Therese Cottam Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1979
Mr David John Coulburn Zoology 1979
Dr Ann Coulson Medicine 1979
Ms Hilary Joy Craine Ordinary Degree 1979
Ms Janie Margaret Crawford Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Andrew Crompton Civil Engineering 1979
Ms Catherine Mary Curtin Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Susan Mary Darling Genetics 1979
Mr Martin Ian Davies Bachelor of Arts 1979
Ms Jane Dawes Ordinary Degree 1979
Faidhi Abdul-Rahman Salman Science (Engineering) 1979
Mr Thomas Martin Sawer Economic History 1979
Ms Sylvia Mary Secker Science 1979
Mr Gian Carlo Sereni Honorary 1979
Mr Peter William Seubert Mechanical Engineering 1979
Kamalijit Kumar Sharma General Degree 1979
Ms Rosemary Jane Shaw Modern History & Politics 1979
Mr Peter Stephn Silcock Honorary 1979
Ms Bernadette Lucy Catherine Singleton Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1979
Mrs Hilary Margaret Slack Jones Biochemistry 1979
Mr Ian Thomas Slater Combined Honours 1979
Ms Lynette Patricia Smith Community Health 1979
Ms Sara Elizabeth Smith Social Studies 1979
Ms Shirley Ann Smith Ordinary Degree 1979
Mr Paul Sonabend Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Mr Andrew Sai Ho Soong General Degree 1979
Mr Neil Raymond Southworth Geography 1979
Ms Dawn Marguerite Stahl Computational & Statistical Science 1979
Mr Graham Steel Political Theory and Institutions 1979
Wieslaw Andrzej Stepien Electronic Engineering 1979
Ms Fiona Merrie Bernadette Stewart Psychology 1979
Ms Carol Yvonne Stringer Archaeology 1979
Mr Michael John Sullivan Bachelor of Arts 1979
Dr Christopher William Sutton Biochemistry 1979
Mr Charles Dean Sweeney Pure Mathematics 1979
Ms Wendy Elizabeth Swinton Economics & Economic History 1979
Ms Yuen Ching Rebecca Yeung Bachelor of Education 1979