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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr William Graham Cooper Chemistry 1978
Ms Ellen Cockburn Chemistry 1978
Dr Christopher Michael Adams Chemistry 1978
Mr Paul Joseph Rodgers Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Alan Shuttleworth Veterinary Science 1978
Mr James Jeffrey Yellowley Veterinary Science 1978
Dr Evelyn Leslie Blundell Medicine 1978
Ms Hilary Margaret Burbidge Veterinary Science 1978
Dr Michael Joseph Desmond Medicine 1978
Dr Jimmy Eric Elizabeth Medicine 1978
Mr Philip John Simms Veterinary Science 1978
Miss Helen Smyly Veterinary Science 1978
Dr Stuart Douglas Merchant Medicine 1978
Dr Mohamed Zulficar Mughal Medicine 1978
Dr Paul Jeremy Trafford Biochemistry 1978
Miss Diane Lewis Civic Design 1978
Dr Kenneth Clarke Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Michael John Dallimore Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Graham John De Bolla Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Christopher John Green Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Nigel David Griffiths Veterinary Science 1978
Mr John Christopher Low Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Ian Orr Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Trevor J Sainty Veterinary Science 1978
Mr John H Smith Veterinary Science 1978
Dr Rosemary Jean Irene Anderson Biochemistry 1978
Professor Brian Anthony Thomas-Peter Clinical Psychology 1978
Miss M H Davidson 1978
Dr Ian Anthony Cliffe Research 1978
Mrs L Allcorn 1978
Mr D J Allenby 1978
Dr Elspeth Mary Alstead Medicine 1978
Dr Eric Ansell Medicine 1978
Mrs S Bell 1978
Mrs Barbara Bienkowski 1978
Mr Anthony Muray Davies Bachelor of Education 1978
Mr John Michael Charles Blackburne Law 1978
Dr Keong Chua 1978
Dr Michael John Coombs Research 1978
Mr C Corbett Bachelor of Arts 1978
Dr M S Cranney Medicine 1978
Mr Paul Davies Zoology 1978
Mr Haydn G Davies Thesis 1978
Mr R D Vaughan Davies 1978
Dr Mark Diamond Zoology 1978
Mr Paul Lindsey Kitson Russian(A) 1978
Ms Nicola Cavendish Harrison Law 1978
Mrs Judith Anne Hirst Shutler Combined Studies 1978
Miss Fry 1978
Miss Agnes Galaagher 1978
Mr Geraghty 1978
Dr Andrew David Mcafee Hart Environmental Biology 1978
Miss Jones 1978
Mr Kitson 1978
Mr Lester 1978
Mr Lynch 1978
Mr McGuire 1978
Mr Nigel Robert Melen Hispanic Studies 1978
Mrs Milner 1978
Mr Mohajer 1978
Ms Morrison 1978
Mr Mulhern 1978
Mr Peter Lester Nelson Italian 1978
Dr Stephen John Pennington Biochemistry 1978
Dr Ram Community Health 1978
Mr Rees 1978
Mr Christopher Marshall Thomas Architecture 1978
Mr Thorpe 1978
Mr Tomlin 1978
Mr Robert Edward Turner French & Hispanic Studies 1978
Mr William David Molyneaux Waters Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr Wignall 1978
Mr Wilton Law 1978
Sir Robert Mark 1978
Mrs Helen Mary Jones Environmental Biology 1978
Mr Charles Agar Law 1978
Mr James Anthony Kraushaar Mechanical Engineering 1978
Dr Leck 1978
Dr McFarthing 1978
Dr Heong Wah Ng Mechanical Engineering 1978
Dr Robert John Parsons Mathematical Physics 1978
Mr Slater 1978
Mr Pearce 1978
Dr Martin John Walshaw Medicine 1978
Dr John Henry Peterkin Botany 1978
Mrs Jillian Raymont Eaton 1978
Mr Richard Andrew Robinson Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Stephen David Thompson Geology 1978
Mrs Jacqueline Smith Bachelor of Education 1978
Miss Marie Gettings 1978
Mr Sarabchi Engineering 1978
Mrs Catherine Mary Bass Overmeer Law 1978
Mr David Hughes Civic Design 1978
Mr Steven Carter Geography 1978
Mr Stephen David Elliott Bromley Geography 1978
Miss Irene Cackett Biochemistry 1978
Mr Robert Anthony Jones Civil Engineering 1978
Mr Stephen Glover Hispanic Studies 1978
Miss Louise Graham Veterinary Science 1978
Mr Richard Park Bannerman Veterinary Science 1978
Ms Sue Griffiths Politics 1978
Mrs Evelyn Murray Bugarski English & Modern History 1978
Mr Robert S Pritchett Zoology 1978
Mr Andrew Robinson 1978
Mrs Carole Ann Webster Gornall Bachelor of Arts 1978
Dr Francesca Crawford Doctor of Clinical Psychology 1978
Mr Christopher Dean Chemistry 1978
Mr Stephen Kelly Chemistry 1978
Mr Brian John Oulton Social Work 1978
Ms Esther Mary Hill Honorary 1978
Mr Stuart Adrian Hooper Mathematics 1978
Ms Jane Hardill Psychology 1978
Mr William Howie Sociology 1978
Mr John William Humpherys Chemistry 1978
Dr Keith Melvyn Trevor Hearne Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mr Richard George Helmn Sociology 1978
Dr Patrick Michael Hughes Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr Ian Harrison Architecture 1978
Ms Elizabeth Jane Hourie Combined Honours 1978
Mr Stephen John Harding Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Gina Marie Hilda Hearn Political Theory and Institutions 1978
Ms Kathryn Isabelle Holmes Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1978
Ms Elaine Hamill Honorary 1978
Dr Hilary Anne Mallet Hughes Medicine 1978
Dr Susan Elizabeth Mallett Hughes Medicine 1978
Mr Michael Adrian Hickley Dental Surgery 1978
Ms Julie Ann Harrington Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Deborah Mary Wilkes English Language & Literature 1978
Ms Astrid Maria Cristina Willan Combined Honours 1978
Mr Barry Daniel Williams Environmental Biology 1978
Mr Colin Paul Willman Economics & Economic History 1978
Mr Colin Andrew Wilson Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 1978
Mr Martin John Wiltshire Economic History 1978
Ms Elizabeth Woon Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Lynn Worthington Russian 1978
Mrs Jennifer Christine Stevenson Wright Ordinary Degree 1978
Dr Isable Luisa Soares De Albergaria Ambar Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mrs Susan Ann Delahunty Bairstow Bachelor of Education 1978
Ms Mary Elizabeth Atherton Honorary 1978
Ms Lesley Anne Archer Honorary 1978
Ms Toni Frascina Archbold Honorary 1978
Dr Christopher Robert Andrews Doctor of Philosophy 1978
Mr John William Anfield Marine Biology 1978
Mr Paul Ashley Chemistry with Materials Science 1978
Ms Joy Olive Anderton Modern History & Politics 1978
Mr Peter William Atkins English Language & Literature 1978
Ms Laura Jane Baker Combined Honours 1978
Simir Masoud Abu-Zahra Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Julie Ann Atherton Medieval and Modern History 1978
Ms Janet Doreen Adams Ordinary Degree 1978
Dr Mohammad-Ebrahim Abookazemi-Amiri Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Dr Fazal Ahmad Doctor of Philosophy 1978
Mr John Michael Anderton Orthopaedic Surgery 1978
Ali Yousif Abdulla Science 1978
Mr John Richard Boulton Environmental Biology 1978
Mr Reginald John Ungoed Bowen Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Jayne Elizabeth Bown Economics & Economic History 1978
Ms Gina Marie Bradley Geography & Botany 1978
Mr Timothy Martin Branch Mechanical Engineering 1978
Ms Veronica Mary Brannan French 1978
Ms Victoria Mary Brennand Environmental Biology 1978
Ms Heather Kathryn Margaret Brown Social Studies 1978
Ms Barbara Jane Buchanan Physics 1978
Ms Anne Elizabeth Byrne Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Catherine Frances Beevers Honorary 1978
Mr Stephen Bonati Honorary 1978
Mr Stephen William Bates Microbiology 1978
Ms Joanne Stella Bishop Botany 1978
Mr Howard Philip Benson Geography 1978
Mr Antony Victor Baring Honorary 1978
Mr Michael John Barnsley Social Studies 1978
Mr Paul Blundell Economics & Economic History 1978
Mr Steven Binns Mathematics 1978
Dr Hazel Elizabeth Bloomfield Doctor of Philosophy 1978
Mr Patrick John Billson Physiology 1978
Chabbi Benchabbi Mechanical Engineering 1978
Mr David Richard Barber Philosophy 1978
Mr Hugh Wilfrid Beeley Honorary 1978
Mr David Bellingham Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Neville Lees Barton Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Michael Farmer Dental Surgery 1978
Davod Frank Farnworth French 1978
Ms Jennifer Anne Farrington Honorary 1978
Mr Nigel John Fazakerley Bachelor of Arts 1978
Mr Robert Charles Fazakerley Honorary 1978
Dr James Nicholas Fenner Medicine 1978
Ms Marguerite Fennerty Italian 1978
Ms Clare Mary Ffrench-Mullen Medieval and Modern History 1978
Mr Clive Richard Field Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Mr Patrick John David Field Bachelor of Arts 1978
Dr Michael James Finnegan Medicine 1978
Mr Walter Joseph Fitzpatrick Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Mr Kieran Philip Fitzsimons English Language & Literature 1978
Mr Paul John Flaherty Dental Surgery 1978
Ms Gillian Patricia Fox Geography 1978
Ms Pauline Ann Fraine Honorary 1978
Ms Sandra Estelle Frake Science 1978
Mr Leonard Graeme Fry Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr Neil James Garbett Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr William Frederick Penman Gardiner Architecture 1978
Mr Colin Alexander Garrett General Degree 1978
Kaiss Yousif Tahir Science (Engineering) 1978
Dr John Storey Talbot Medicine 1978
Ms Amanda Barbara Tarrant Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Nigel Lovett Taylor Dental Surgery 1978
Ms Patricia Anne Taylor Education 1978
Ms Susan Mary Carne Taylor Psychology 1978
Mr Mark Dennis Taylor Chemistry 1978
Mr Cheng Yan Teow Science (Engineering) 1978
Dr Stephen Richard Terry Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Dr Robert Stephen Thomas Medicine 1978
Ms Helen Elizabeth Thomas Hispanic Studies 1978
Ms Isobel Thompson Bachelor of Arts 1978
Ms Susan Margaret Thompson Honorary 1978
Mr Timothy Bonar Oldaker Thompson Computational & Statistical Science 1978
Mr John Elsdon Thomson Honorary 1978
Ms Elaine Tills Honorary 1978
Mr Ian Bernard Lucien Trotman Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Mr Douglas Turnbull Architecture 1978
Mr Richard Eastham Turner Civil Engineering 1978
Mr John Gerard Turner Honorary 1978
Ms Hilary Jane Waites Bachelor of Arts 1978
Mr William Newboult Walker Social Studies 1978
Mr Michael Ian Walker Bachelor of Science 1978
Ms Bridget Heather Walker French 1978
Ms Helen Patricia Walker Bachelor of Arts 1978
Dr Stephen Thomas Ward Medicine 1978
Ms Lynne Warrington Honorary 1978
Mr Timothy Michael Webb Marine Biology 1978
Ms Alison Jane Webster Geography 1978
Mr David John Kersey West Pure Mathematics 1978
Mr Anthony Paul Whitaker Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Susan Mary White Civil Engineering 1978
Mr Alan Whitehead Bachelor of Education 1978
Mrs Carol Joanne Bernadette Roberts Whittaker Honorary 1978
Mr Adrian Michael Deane-Daniels Physical Geography and Geology 1978
Mr Colin Paul Dearmer Sociology 1978
Ms Anita June Dedman Modern History & English Literature 1978
Mr Patrick Deignan Bachelor of Science 1978
Ms Norma Denton Honorary 1978
Mr Timothy Jon Dixon Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Christine Dowling Honorary 1978
Ms Gillian Mary Dunham Physical Geography and Geology 1978
Ms Patricia Ann Dunne Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Catherine Violet Edwards Biochemistry 1978
Dr Anthony John Ellis Medicine 1978
Miss Pamela Emery Bachelor of Arts 1978
Ms Pauline Mary Eppy Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr John Michael Evans Economics & Economic History 1978
Ms Sheila Ann Grosvenor Honorary 1978
Mr Colin Hugh James Biochemistry 1978
Ms Jacqueline Graham Mathematics 1978
Ms Catherine Margaret Irvine Physics 1978
Mr Paul John Jordan Geology 1978
Dr Theresa Alice Jolley Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Ms Sally Anne Gray Environmental Biology 1978
Mr Steven Richard Jump Geology Combined Studies 1978
Mr Peter John Jauneika Biochemistry 1978
Mr John Scott Jackson Electronic Engineering 1978
Massyuki Inoue Philosophy 1978
Ms Jean Maria Jones Ordinary Degree 1978
Dr Nigel Morrison Gunn Philosophy 1978
Ms Andrea Jackson Ordinary Degree 1978
Dr Nabeeh Mohammed Atta Jawad Philosophy 1978
Mr Francis Raymond Judge Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Adnan Abas Jasim Science (Engineering) 1978
Ms Linda Christine Taylor Goodwin Honorary 1978
Mr Glyn Philip Dovener Owen Honorary 1978
Mr Thomas O'Brien Microbiology 1978
Ms Rosalie Anne Naylor Geography 1978
Mrs Audrey Maria Coupland Oakes Sociology 1978
Mr Hugh Charles O'Donnell Biochemistry 1978
Ms Moira Elizabeth Naismith French 1978
Mr Charles Wright Ness Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Ms Carole Elizabeth Norton Modern History & Politics 1978
Mr Clive Frederick Goldthorpe Modern History 1978
Mr Nouri Nourallah Mechanical Engineering 1978
Mr David Arthur Golding Political Theory and Institutions 1978
Mr Francis David Norman Newberry Architecture 1978
Suwannee Nitiuthai Veterinary Science 1978
Dr Patrick Nwanze Okoh Doctor of Philosophy 1978
Ms Jane Anne Nottingham Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Brian George MacDonald Honorary 1978
Ms Janet Mary McManners Honorary 1978
Mr Peter David Major Honorary 1978
Ms Mary McGarr Honorary 1978
Mr Neil Leslie William Marcroft Economics & Mathematics 1978
Ms Katherine Susan Marsden Geography 1978
Ms Deidre Emilie Mary Moriarty Geography & Botany 1978
Mr Robert David Mitchell Honorary 1978
Ms Ruth Cecilia Mercer Sociology 1978
Mr Christopher McIlveen Physics (Combined) 1978
Mr William John Murphy Economics & Economic History 1978
Mr Christopher Joseph Myerscough Veterinary Science 1978
Ms Elizabeth Ann Metcalfe Honorary 1978
Mr John Michael Mulcahey Psychology 1978
Mr Khalid Mohammed Physics 1978
Mr Stuart Mason Honorary 1978
Ms Wendy Ann Martland Psychology 1978
Mr Duncan McDonald Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr David Hugh Morton Electronics 1978
Ms Margaret Mary Bernadette McLoughlin Music 1978
Mrs Alisa Helen Eastman McCaw Architecture 1978
Kalamalijit Singh Masonde Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Joan McGeough French 1978
Ms Carmen Morales-Guarda Master of Arts 1978
Ms Deirdre Frances McAllister Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Veronica McGarry Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Sarah Elizabeth McIllwaine Ordinary Degree 1978
Mrs Dorothy McInerney McInerney Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Stephen Peter Marron Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Kevin John McAuley Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Nicholas John Mawdsley Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Robert Michael Mahoney Philosophy 1978
Mr John Mottram Kerr Geography 1978
Mr Martin Thomas King Bachelor of Education 1978
Mr Michael Andrew Kirby Zoology 1978
Mr Christopher Paul Kitson Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Michael Kossifou Economics & Economic History 1978
Ms Anne Nicolas Krimke Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Alison Susan Kutner Geography 1978
Ms Margaret Kathleen Lacey Education 1978
Mr Philip Lakeland Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Judith Kay Laken Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Ronald Stephen Lalek Honorary 1978
Ms Jane Leach Bachelor of Arts 1978
Mr Philip Roger Leng Bachelor of Arts 1978
Ms Marie Claire Peng Chin Li Kwong In Honorary 1978
Ms Catherine Loughe Dental Surgery 1978
Mr John Christopher Lowery Greek 1978
Ms Elizabeth Victoria Lucas Modern History & English Literature 1978
Dr Jeffrey Lunt Medicine 1978
Ms Nicola Mary Palmer Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Simone Ann Parker Veterinary Science 1978
Ms Pamela Joy Parrett Social Studies 1978
Mr Timothy Maurice Parsons Dental Surgery 1978
Ms Philippa Rustom Patel Psychology 1978
Ms Annette Patterson Honorary 1978
Mr Thomas Frederick Peacock Political Theory and Institutions 1978
Mr Robert Austin Pickering Geology 1978
Mr David Jeremy Howard Pilling Architecture 1978
Mr Marc Walter Pimbert Marine Biology 1978
Michael-Patrick Pimbert Environmental Biology 1978
Mr John Martin Pollitt Honorary 1978
Ms Julie Ann Porter Social Studies 1978
Ms Susan Margaret Potter Bachelor of Arts 1978
Dr Jonathan Richard Powell Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Dr Richard Adam Powell Medicine 1978
Ms Kathryn Powney Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Paul William Prescott Chemistry 1978
Ms Ann Joyce Priest Honorary 1978
Ms Judith Meryle Pring English Language & Literature 1978
Mr Garry James Prior Honorary 1978
Ms Alison Janet Purdie English Language & Literature 1978
Mr James Richard Pyrah Sociology 1978
Ms Anne Brigid Quigley Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Margaret Anne Quirk Italian 1978
Mr Brian Quirk Mechanical Engineering 1978
Ms Helen Mary Rae Honorary 1978
Fazlur Rahman Philosophy 1978
Mr Philip James Ralli Chemistry 1978
Mrs Jennifer Anne Taylor Ratcliffe Medieval and Modern History 1978
Mr Mark Simon Reed Honorary 1978
Ms Karen Jane Rhodes Combined Honours 1978
Mr John Alastair Rice Honorary 1978
Mr Malcolm Edward Roberts Mathematics 1978
Ms Jocelyn Robson Combined Studies 1978
Mr John Edmund Rowson Dental Surgery 1978
Mr Simon Henry Carey Engineering Science and Industrial Management 1978
Mr Stephen Sydney Carney English Lit./Philosophy 1978
Ms Kathleen Carroll Biochemistry 1978
Ms Heather Mary Carruthers Psychology 1978
Ms Jacqueline Carter Computational & Statistical Science 1978
Ms Michele Diane Cavannah Cavannah Honorary 1978
Mr Kenneth Chadwick Economic History 1978
Dr Klaus Chen Medicine 1978
Mrs Ann Cregreen Cherry Honorary 1978
Mr Michael Gerard Clarkson Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Robert Gary Coleman Biochemistry 1978
Ms Janet Patricia Connor Social Studies 1978
Dr Keith Coooper Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mr Malcolm Henry Cooper Education 1978
Ms Christine Elizabeth Ann Copeland Physics 1978
Mrs Ruth Matthews Cornthwaite Honorary 1978
Mr David Anthony Coyle Philosophy 1978
Ms Brenda Coyle Honorary 1978
Mrs Janine Kay Bell Critchley Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr Richard George Croll Mechanical Engineering 1978
Mr Roger Alan Crook Building Engineering 1978
Ms Katherine Dachowski Honorary 1978
Mr David Allan Dales Honorary 1978
Mr Michael Goerge Daly Bachelor of Arts 1978
Ms Colette Dalziel Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Mary Bernadette Davenport Honorary 1978
Dr Lindsay Muir Davidson Doctor In Philosophy 1978
Mr Peter Gwyn Davies Science (Engineering) 1978
Ms Carolyn Leigh Davies Ordinary Degree 1978
Mr William Ewart Dawson Electronic Engineering 1978
Mr Andrew Gerald Day Physical Geography and Geology 1978
Mr Nael Mohamed Salah Electronic Engineering 1978
Ms Anne Salisbury Honorary 1978
Ms Jill Marion Sanders Physics with Industrial Management 1978
Dr Jennifer Barbara Saunders-Davies Medicine 1978
Mr Simon Gregory Thomas Scott Social Studies 1978
Mr William Robert Sergeant Law 1978
Ms Barbara Shane English Language & Literature 1978
Mr Joseph Patrick Shaw Ordinary Degree 1978
Mrs Christiana Ayodele Laditan Ordinary Degree 1978
Ms Maris Anne Shone Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 1978
Mr Paul Andrew Sinclair Biochemistry 1978
Mr Donald Sinden Philosophy 1978
Ms Gillian Smiles Pharmacology 1978
Dr Patricia Ann Smith Medicine 1978
Dr Graham Lawrence Smith Medicine 1978
Ms Ruth Stafford Sociology 1978
Ms Catherine Marie Stamper Medieval and Modern History 1978
Mr Hugh Stuart James Stuart-Buttle Biochemistry 1978
Mr Andrew Christopher Sweeney Honorary 1978