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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Thomas Caulfield Education 1977
Dr Stephen Andrew Sharp Philosophy 1977
Dr John Grocott Philosophy 1977
Dr Mark Richard Macnair Philosophy 1977
Dr Adbulaziz Abdullah Saleh Al-Suhybani Philosophy 1977
Dr Lindsay Margaret Laird Philosophy 1977
Lap Ying Tang Engineering 1977
Mr Joseph Benedict Davies Engineering 1977
Mr Mohd Shif Bin Ismail Engineering 1977
Mr Abdul-Ghafoor Mohammed Abdul Jabar Engineering 1977
Fook Khew Engineering 1977
John-Joe Odili Okoye Engineering 1977
Dr Warwick David Thorpe Philosophy 1977
Nisar Ahmed Sheikh Veterinary Science 1977
Dr Noelle Whiteside Philosophy 1977
Mr Roderick John Maxwell Waters Science 1977
Abdul Karim Khfaji Science 1977
Dr John Matthew Howard Peters Philosophy 1977
Osama Mahmoud Said Abdulla Engineering 1977
Mr Patrick Howard Auger Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Susan Kay Ashworth Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Keith Martin Briggs Zoology 1977
Mr Stuart Bruce Zoology 1977
Mr Marcus Hugh Bailie Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Graham David Batty Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Angela Joan Moore Zoology 1977
Ms Mary McNicholls Zoology 1977
Mr Keith Joesph Morris Zoology 1977
Mr Michael John Gibbs Zoology 1977
Ms Susan Veronica Murphy Zoology 1977
Mr Evan Henry Morris Zoology 1977
Mrs Christine Martin Abrahams Zoology 1977
Ms Julie Dawson Zoology 1977
Mr Clive Michael Jones Environmental Biology 1977
Ms Amanda Jane Honey Biochemistry 1977
Wan Zurinah Wan Ngah Biochemistry 1977
Mr David John New Genetics 1977
Ms Shirley Patricia Campbell Biochemistry 1977
Ms Georgina Margaret Dawson Genetics 1977
Mr Martin John Francis Fowler Biochemistry 1977
Mr Trevor Thomas Hansel Biochemistry 1977
Mr David Christopher Heslop Biochemistry 1977
Mr Philip Abel Genetics 1977
Ms Lindsay Helen Nutt Genetics 1977
Mr Eryl Wyn Davies Genetics 1977
Mr Brian Keith Jordan Botany 1977
Mrs Janice Elliott Howell Botany 1977
Ms Janet Mary Goodwin Botany 1977
Mr Alan Towler Botany 1977
Ms Alison Margaret Pickup Biochemistry 1977
Mr David Michael Holmes Environmental Biology 1977
Mr Alan Dickinson Environmental Biology 1977
Mr Mansukh Chhaganbhai Patel Biochemistry 1977
Mr Mark Jesney White Microbiology 1977
Ms Jean Rosemary Freeman Microbiology 1977
Mr Gavin Edwards Microbiology 1977
Ms Elizabeth Cynthia Haigh Zoology 1977
Mr Neil Ralph Lankston Psychology 1977
Mr David Arthur Gough Psychology 1977
Ms Gillian Margaret Bayley Pharmacology 1977
Ms Margaret Emily Wray Geography 1977
Dr Amnat Rojanapaibul Philosophy 1977
Dr Ian Klaus Sykes Philosophy 1977
Dieno George Biochemistry 1977
Ms Wendy Jill Myring Marine Biology 1977
Ms Janet Hodder Marine Biology 1977
Ms Amanda Jane Coombs Marine Biology 1977
Mr Nicholas James Rummery Geography 1977
Ms Angela Rosalind De Mouilpied Jelfs Geography 1977
Mr Philip Gibb Geography 1977
Ms Ann Teresa O'Garra Geography 1977
Mr Andrew Philip Hamilton Paterson Geography 1977
Ms Christine Lesley Priestley Geography 1977
Mrs Helen Mary Dale Roe Geography 1977
Maryse Marie-France Chung-Faye Geography 1977
Mr Roger George Crabb Geography 1977
Mr Anthony Dyer Geography 1977
Mr Ian Macdonald Lee Bachelor of Science 1977
Ms Ida Mary O'Brien Bachelor of Science 1977
Mr Alan Christopher Paul Bachelor of Science 1977
Ms Nicolette Smith Bachelor of Science 1977
Dr Peter Matthew Ward Philosophy 1977
Mr David Richard Evans Geography 1977
Ms Mary Corcoran Psychology 1977
Mr Alan Gerard Davies Psychology 1977
Ms Carol Lesley Davies Psychology 1977
Ms Suzanne Diver Psychology 1977
Mr Terence John Dunn Psychology 1977
Mr Edmund Keith Helmer Psychology 1977
Ms Ann Maria McKeon Psychology 1977
Mr John Elwyn Thomas Psychology 1977
Ms Jane Louise Thornton Psychology 1977
Mr Stephen John Mulholland Psychology 1977
Ms Kathleen Helen Prescott Psychology 1977
Mr David Henry Wallace Psychology 1977
Mr Anthony David Hartley Geography 1977
Mrs Carol Littler Hastie Geography 1977
Ms Alison Ruth Naish Geography 1977
Ms Barbara Ann Pollard Geography 1977
Mr Richard John William Radcliffe Geography 1977
Mr Richard Kenneth Sharples Geography 1977
Mr Nicholas John Symondson Geography 1977
Mr William Frederick Howarth Geography 1977
Mr Jonathan Andrew Potter Psychology 1977
Mr Paul Adrian Lalgee Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Susan Charlotte Lawless Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Hilary Margaret Lloyd Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Jane Alison Norman Zoology 1977
Mr John Julian Norton Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Mark Ovenden Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Marianne Riley Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Moira Kathleen Cranney Ordinary Degree 1977
Dr Mark Diamond Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Michael John Connolly Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Sylvia Winifred Kneebone Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Anne Christine England Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Vicneswari Chinnathamby Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Jane Hampshire Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Gwendoline Glenis Hickerton Ordinary Degree 1977
Ms Rosemary Jean Irene Williamson Ordinary Degree 1977
Leslie Watts Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Lenard John Mitchell Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Michael Toner Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Richard Brian Gillion Bachelor of Science 1977
Ms Eileen Ann Gibson Bachelor of Science 1977
Mr Norman Anthony Slater Ordinary Degree 1977
Mr Christopher Martyn Fulford-Brown Bachelor of Science 1977
Mr Douglas Raymond Forsyth Adams Commerce 1977
Mr Laurence Robert Harold Michael Smith Mathematical Physics 1977
Mr Brian Michael Clark Commerce 1977
Mr Christopher John Ablott Physics 1977
Mr Jonathan Richard Michael Cliff Commerce 1977
Mr David Anthony Burleigh Physics 1977
Mr David Ian Fildes Commerce 1977
Mr Anthony Peter Jewitt Social Studies 1977
Ms Una Elizabeth White Mathematics 1977
Ms Sheila Nicholls Social Studies 1977
Mr Christopher Paul Wise Social Studies 1977
Ms Kay Laura Woodham Social Studies 1977
Mr Roger Christopher James Bickley Pure Mathematics 1977
Mr Thomas Michael Windle Mathematical Physics 1977
Mr Vincent Thomas Walsh Social Studies 1977
Mr Raymond Ormsby Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Robin Michael Hull Economics & Economic History 1977
Ms Alice Sai Kam Wong Computational & Statistical Science 1977
Mr Andrew Timothy Chamberlain Geology & Geophysics 1977
Dr David William Hughes Mathematics 1977
Mr David John Price Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Ms Madeleine Mary Frances Sullivan Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Mr Paul Gerard Healey Mathematics 1977
Mr Gareth Morgan Griffiths Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Mr Michael Maxwell Warren Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Mr Graham Malcom Hall Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Graham Philip Greene Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Richard Harry Knights Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Mr Paul Howard Stockley Commerce 1977
Mr Simon Frederick Walshe Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Ms Helen Rowena Pearce Mathematics 1977
Mr Andrew Michael Lewis Commerce 1977
Ms Gillian Anne Davies Mathematics 1977
Mr Leonard Williamson Mathematics 1977
Dr Timothy Jonathan Woodhead Mathematics 1977
Mrs Mary Richards Dodd Mathematics 1977
Mouayed M.Muhsen Alberfagani Mathematics 1977
Mr David John Faulkner Mathematics 1977
Mr Paul James Woollard Commerce 1977
Mr Michael Sinclair Wallbridge Commerce 1977
Mr Satwant Singh Marwaha Economics & Mathematics 1977
Miss Halina Zotkiewicz Mathematics 1977
Mr John Gordon Woolham Sociology 1977
Ms Mary Greenough Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Michael Lewis Jones Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Ms Judith Clarke Sociology 1977
Mr Kevin Brady Sociology 1977
Mr Paul Maurice Mitchell Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Michael Johnston Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Clive Martin Porter Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Mr Peter Maurice Anthony Jones Economics & Economic History 1977
Ms Pauline Edna Heap Sociology 1977
Ms Elaine Sylvia Evans Political Theory and Institutions 1977
Ms Ruth Diana Gorthy Sociology 1977
Mr Mark Jeremy Smith Pure Mathematics(SES) 1977
Mrs Jane Margaret Clamp Russell Pure Mathematics(SES) 1977
Ms Sally Ann Dyke Sociology 1977
Ms Linda May Grant Sociology 1977
Ms Nicola Jean Dunthorne Physics (Combined) 1977
Mr Stephen Albert Melton Physics with Electronics 1977
Mr Martyn Brian Hill Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Andrew Gordon Pugh Physics 1977
Mr David William Forrest Physics (Combined) 1977
Ms Diana Moira Graneek Physics (Combined) 1977
Ms Gillian Margaret Bacon Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Martin John Moores Physics (Combined) 1977
Mr Thomas Jeremy Dyke Acland Pure Mathematics(SES) 1977
Mr Robert Peter Biezenski Social Studies 1977
Ms Emily Ann Reed Social Studies 1977
Mr Thomas Ingham Social Studies 1977
Mr Steven Paul Allcock Economics & Economic History 1977
Ms Sylvia Margaret Hide Social Studies 1977
Dr John Ewart Thomas Lewis Physics 1977
Ms Susan Margaret Hibbert Social Studies 1977
Ms Carole Elaine Hamera Social Studies 1977
Ms Gillian Shirley Hughes Physics 1977
Ms Janice Anne Lawler Sociology 1977
Ms Patricia Kelly Sociology 1977
Ms Susan Irene Kear Sociology 1977
Mr William John Hunt Sociology 1977
Mr David William Dodd Physics 1977
Mr Charles Stoll Economics & Economic History 1977
Ms Anne Jacobs Chemistry 1977
Ms Christine Jones Chemistry 1977
Ms Elaine Yarwood Mathematical Statistics 1977
Ms Jean Randles Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Paul David Thompson Computational & Statistical Science 1977
Mr Kevin Alan Grewcock Computational & Statistical Science 1977
Mr Glenn Chaney Macromolecular Chem. with Ind. Studies 1977
Mr Paul Richard Marsh Macromolecular Chem. with Ind. Studies 1977
Dr Jose Alvarez Torres Philosophy 1977
Dr Christopher Jeremy Lister Philosophy 1977
Dr Donald Roy Innes Philosophy 1977
Dr Jose Antonio Portugal Baptista De Almeida Philosophy 1977
Ms Christine Ann Miller Economics & Economic History 1977
Dr William Alfred Robinson Philosophy 1977
Mr John Benbow Chemistry 1977
Mr Andrew Reed Holmes Bottomley Chemistry 1977
Mr Ted Kiong Chen Chemistry 1977
Mr Andrew Hilton Economics & Economic History 1977
Mr Nigel John Woolley Economics & Economic History 1977
Ms Monica Jane Lee Mathematical Statistics 1977
Mr Michael Bernard Cawley Economics & Economic History 1977
Shahrad Tabibzadeh Business Administration 1977
Mr Edward Basil Pandukabhaya Wiratunga Community Health 1977
Dr Mehdi Rashidi Philosophy 1977
Mr Michael Rupert Jones Philosophy 1977
Mr Anthony Percy Perry Civic Design 1977
Kawaye Kamanga Community Health 1977
Ms Susan Margaret Barker Philosophy 1977
Mr Shoba Kalia Science 1977
Dr Alan Chapman Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Ms Rosalind April Ferguson Community Health 1977
Dr David Robson Philosophy 1977
Dr Christine Elizabeth Rossington Doctor In Philosophy 1977
Ebenezer Jones Asimeng Science 1977
Dr Zeph-Yun Chang Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Augustine Oghenovo Emojevbe Community Health 1977
Dr Ian Richards Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Mr Russell Parkinson Science 1977
Dr Jeremy George Hamlyn Leaman Philosophy 1977
Mr Douglas Graham Cowden Science 1977
Soesanto Tjokrosonto Community Health 1977
Ms Catherine Ann Watkinson Dental Surgery 1977
Dr Abid Rajah Medicine 1977
Boakye Adwini Boatin Community Health 1977
Mohammed Galal Ahmed Abdel-Halim Orthopaedic Surgery 1977
Ms Enid Lucille Hall Community Health 1977
Ms Mary Josephine Finch Education 1977
Dr Thomas Gerard Heaney Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Ms Susan Elizabeth-Anne Clarke Dental Surgery 1977
Dr Captain Lee V Hensley Doctor In Philosophy 1977
Mr Sunny Jacob Veterinary Science 1977
Esmail Babolian Science 1977
Ms Janice Husson Dental Surgery 1977
Mr Wajiha Ali Al-Mushtaq Community Health 1977
Dr Christopher Robin Coggins Philosophy 1977
Dr Mohammad Ali Pour Abdollah Philosophy 1977
Dr Allan Caine Philosophy 1977
Ms Carole Anne Edwards Dental Surgery 1977
Mr Christopher Joseph Conroy Philosophy 1977
Dr Ian David Harrison Doctor of Medicine 1977
Dr Adrian Paul Wood Doctor In Philosophy 1977
Ms Joyce Elizabeth Kent Science 1977
Khalid Abdullatiff Zawati Veterinary Science 1977
Ms Karen Jean Ollerton Dental Surgery 1977
Ms Sara Lara de Gonzalez Science 1977
Dr Kheng Hong Ooi Medicine 1977
Dr Andrew Gordon Cudworth Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Mr Timothy Harold Knight Dental Surgery 1977
Mr Damian Peter Murphy Dental Surgery 1977
Mr Volodimer Korotchenko Engineering 1977
Ms Drancin Patricia Armytage Dental Surgery 1977
Dr Mansoor Keyanpour-Rad Philosophy 1977
Ms Barbara Karina Zarod Dental Surgery 1977
Kyriacos Georgiou Veterinary Science 1977
Mr Gareth Wynn Lloyd Dental Surgery 1977
Dr Kenneth Ronald Lum-Shue-Chan Philosophy 1977
Dr Andrew Bromilow Medicine 1977
Dr Eric Nicholas Philosophy 1977
Ms Patricia Anne Thompson Dental Surgery 1977
Ms Pauline Lambert Dental Surgery 1977
Mr Andrew Simon Bridle Dental Surgery 1977
Dr Bridget Mary Lawes Medicine 1977
Dr Mark Timothy Douglas Philosophy 1977
Mr Luis Felipe Gonzalez Science 1977
Ms Ena Kathleen Walters Community Health 1977
Dr Steven Michael Smith Medicine 1977
Dr Jacqueline Barbara Leck Ordinary Degree 1977
Mrs Audrey Illidge Shearn Veterinary Science 1977
Mr Harry William Scott Veterinary Science 1977
Dr Anthony Clegg Medicine 1977
Miss Pamela Susan Hawkins Roberts Veterinary Science 1977
Mr Nicholas John Timson Veterinary Science 1977
Dr Wendy Gatling Medicine 1977
Dr Derrick Andrew Hinkes Medicine 1977
Dr Caroline Anne Humphrey Medicine 1977
Dr Michael John Kent Medicine 1977
Dr Robert Kenneth Lamb Medicine 1977
Dr Jonathan Richardson Medicine 1977
Dr Richard Roulston Turnock Medicine 1977
Dr Andrew Whittaker Medicine 1977
Dr Patricia Jane Wickenden Pilling Medicine 1977
Mr Stephen Neil Farquharson Brookhouse Architecture 1977
Mr Peter Michael Green Chemistry with Materials Science 1977
Dr Peter Damien Saul Medicine 1977
Mr Raymond Prins Computational & Statistical Science 1977
Mr David John Todd History Medieval and Modern 1977
Mr Paul John Bailey Geography 1977
Mr Michael Iwan Davies Law 1977
Mr Jeremy Peter Cookson Veterinary Science 1977
Mr Christopher Pole Veterinary Science 1977
Mr Timothy Western Veterinary Science 1977
Dr David Andrew Fenton Medicine 1977
Dr Gefrey Meyer Medicine 1977
Mr Richard Jonathan Andrew Classics 1977
Mr Peter Anthony Dunn Physics 1977
Mr Neil John Andrews Physical Geography and Geology 1977
Mrs Lorraine Antonia Carrol Bailey History Medieval and Modern 1977
Miss Christine Anne Bailey Geography 1977
Dr Ramesh Chander Bhatt Medicine 1977
Mr Alan John Kay Bisbrown Building Engineering 1977
Dr Jan Bloemendal Geography (Combined) 1977
Mr Keith Stewart Brown Commerce 1977
Mr Martin William Bush Architecture 1977
Mr Peter Alan Lewis Butler Economics & Economic History 1977
Mrs Susan Jane Butler Berridge History Medieval and Modern 1977
Mr J Cohen Bachelor of Education 1977
Ms A M Crawley Music 1977
Dr Colin Demellweek Psychology (SES) 1977
Mrs Carolyn Denison Bachelor of Arts 1977
Mrs Fiona Wood Adler Law 1977
Mr John Richard Edwards Law 1977
Miss Margaret Forrest Geography (Combined) 1977
Mr Lt Robert John Glenning Pharmacology 1977
Miss Ruth Rebecca Grodner Combined Honours 1977
Dr Timothy Roderick Hopkins Philosophy 1977
Mrs Huxley 1977
Mr Stephen Robert Kirton Geology 1977
Mrs Vivien Marjorie Mallinson History, Modern/English Lit. 1977
Mr Philip Michael Ross Markey Bachelor of Education 1977
Mrs Carol Ann Hindley Morris Geography 1977
Mr Paul Vincent Moorhouse Combined Honours 1977
Dr Laurence Hugh Morgan Medicine 1977
Miss Kathleen Mary Mulligan Law 1977
Mr Kenneth Phillip Owen Combined Studies 1977
Mr Michael James Owen Chemistry with Materials Science 1977
Miss Rayter 1977
Miss Diane Elaine Roome Combined Honours 1977
Mrs Roscoe 1977
Mrs Sampson 1977
Miss Sidonio 1977
Mr Smart 1977
Mr Philip James Smith Social Studies 1977
Mr Andrzej Jerzy Szumski Social Studies 1977
Mr Tindall 1977
Mr John Norman Waddington Geography 1977
Mr Waite 1977
Mr Waring 1977
Mrs Yvonne Muriel McDonald Wilson History 1977
Ms Catherine Jane Gargan Law 1977
Mr Stuart Miller Law 1977
Miss Jill Trevellick 1977
Mr Slaughter 1977
Dr Christopher Somerton Chemistry 1977
Dr Kenneth White 1977
Dr Sewell 1977
Mrs Theresa Jane Parker History, Modern 1977
Mr Veska Jones 1977
Dr Keith Joseph Morris Zoology 1977
Mr John Lever Law 1977
Mr Anthony M Staines 1977
Dr Christopher John Tulloch Medicine 1977
Mr Robert Laurence Reid Mechanical Engineering 1977
Mrs Patricia Marion Barton Williams Law 1977
Mrs Diana Margaret Horner Mayes Law 1977
Dr John Roy Gosney Physiology 1977
Dr Michael David Williams Medicine 1977
Mr Paul Leon Slagel Commerce 1977
Miss Susan Ann Goddard Sociology 1977
Mr Alan Thomson Sociology 1977
Mrs Lynn Rummery 1977
Miss Katherine Smith Geography 1977
Mr Peter John Morton Sociology 1977
Dr Michael Thrasher 1977
Dr Leslie A Fairburn 1977
Mr Paul Rafferty Bachelor of Education 1977
Captain Robert William Fraser Law 1977
Mrs Anna Meryl McFarland 1977
Mr Paul Stockley 1977
Dr Don Bhasavanich Doctor of Philosophy 1977
Mrs S Richmond 1977
Dr Derek John Timmins Medicine 1977
Dr Paul L Harrison Medicine 1977
Mr Simon Morgan Gill Law 1977
Mr Georges Plakides Architecture 1977
Mrs Jean Willis Tinman Medieval and Modern History 1977
Mr Patrick Bird Economics 1977
Mr Robert Wynn Stephens Physics 1977
Miss Helen Martin Botany 1977
Mr Nathan Forrest 1977
Dr Raymond Hart Medicine 1977
Ms Maureen Amanda Lindsay Combined Studies 1977
Mr Richard Edward Kromolicki Civil Engineering 1977
Mr David Neil Ayre Mechanical Engineering 1977
Ms Ann Elizabeth Hayes Chemistry 1977
Mr Gregory John Roebuck Chemistry 1977
Dr Bartley James McNeela Medicine 1977
Mr Christopher Martin Newton 1977
Dr Beatrice Udezuo Umeh Medicine 1977
Mr Rowland Ibrahim Shehu Agbede Veterinary Science 1977
Dr Susan Lynn Davies Medicine 1977
Dr Colette Lewin Medicine 1977
Dr James Holman McWhirter Medicine 1977
Dr Judith Elizabeth Robinson Medicine 1977
Dr John Ronald Fisher Chemistry 1977
Dr Deborah Joan Hibberd Hall Geography 1977
Mr Gerard Cross Chemistry 1977