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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Robin Appleton Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Mark Payne-Johnson Physiology 1975
Dr Salim Said Seif Busaidy Medicine 1975
Mr John David Bailey Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Timothy Paul Brown Veterinary Science 1975
Dr Gareth Thomas Edwards Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Richard Hartley Phillips Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Clive Alan Rossiter Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Rowland John Stibbards Veterinary Science 1975
Dr Stephen Fox Medicine 1975
Dr Rosemary Anne Latham Medicine 1975
Dr Anne Macintosh Morrison Medicine 1975
Dr David John Poulton Medicine 1975
Dr Edwin Stephen Searle Medicine 1975
Dr Rosalind Anne Wilmot Medicine 1975
Mr Christopher John Archer Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr R B Daniel 1975
Ms Gemmell Law 1975
Mr Neil Francis Titley Mathematics/Statistics 1975
Dr Vyse Medicine 1975
Mrs Frances Patricia Bonner Kaukas Bachelor of Education 1975
Mrs Barbara Mary Crossley Veterinary Science 1975
Mr James Ralph Dring Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Timothy Jolyon Edwards Veterinary Science 1975
Mr John Terence Kinvig Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Ian Fraser McDonald Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Phillip Owen Williams Veterinary Science 1975
Professor Ashour M Shareha Research 1975
Miss Kathryn Ann Dalton Music 1975
Mrs Alyson Christine Abbott Davies History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr M J Dale 1975
Mrs M T Leaver Darwin Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr John Peter Wright Law 1975
Mr Martin John Andrew Smith Mathematics 1975
Miss Alyson Christine Davies History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr Andy Armstrong Law 1975
Mr Iain M Davidson 1975
Mrs Lindsay Frances Smith Flett Geography 1975
Mr Donald John Daintith Geography 1975
Mr W G Davies 1975
Mr Paul Richard Dakin Mechanical Engineering 1975
Miss Margaret Ross Dale French & German 1975
Mr I B Davidson 1975
Mrs Carole Ann Dudson Speck 1975
Mr Charles Warmsley Duckworth Ordinary Degree 1975
Mrs Janice Ann Rutherford Bloor Sociology 1975
Miss Farhat Saeeda Ahmad Combined Studies 1975
Mrs Helen Margaret Steele Alder Bachelor of Education 1975
Dr Mohammed Nabiollah Alefi Community Health 1975
Miss Patricia Anne Alexander Physical Geography and Geology 1975
Miss Kathrine Mary Allan English Language & Literature 1975
Mr Saeed Mohammed Jawad Almudaifa Building Engineering 1975
Miss Rowena Margaret Alvey Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Peter Lawrence Osborne Anthony Political Theory and Institutions 1975
Miss Marisa Antonietta Appugliese Italian 1975
Miss Angela Gail Hatton Askew Economics 1975
Mrs Janet Elizabeth Astall Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Ian Lewis Astle Law 1975
Miss Helen Judith Atkin Political Theory and Institutions 1975
Mr Nigel Edmund Atkins Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Bahram Abbass Attaie Electrical Engineering 1975
Mr Myles Simpson Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Michael Thomas Bailey Hispanic Studies 1975
Mrs Patricia Isobel Wilson Ballantyne Bachelor of Science 1975
Mr Glynn Edwards Davies Law 1975
Mr Michael Howard Barringer Economics 1975
Mr Alan Thomas Barrow Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr John Anthony Barrow Pharmacology 1975
Mr Andrew William Arthur Bartlett Law 1975
Mr John Charles Davies Law 1975
Mr J R Davies 1975
Mr Hugh David Barwise Combined Honours 1975
Mr Timothy Beamish 1975
Mr Neil Andrew Davies Law 1975
Mr Robert Mitchell Beedie Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr George Peter Beharrell Electronic Engineering 1975
Miss Helen Mary Bell French/Russian(A) 1975
Mrs P J Bell 1975
Dr Susan Bennett Medicine 1975
Miss Lynda Jean Benton Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr David Birtwistle Research 1975
Sister Angela Mary Black Bachelor of Education 1975
Miss Wendy Elizabeth Reid Bland Honorary 1975
Miss Jessica Aphra Bloom Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Robert Bernard Blythe Geography 1975
Mr Anthony Arthur Board Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Maurice Edward Boddy Social Studies 1975
Mr Harry Leo Bogdanovs Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Philip Bolt Philosophy & Politics 1975
Mrs Anne Payne Boorman Combined Studies 1975
Mr Pierre Bouvet Law 1975
Mrs Julie Bradbury Physics 1975
Mr Stephen Leslie Brettell Honorary 1975
Mr Michael Denis Briggs French 1975
Miss Barbara Ann Broadhead History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr David Brogan Electronic Engineering 1975
Dr Elizabeth Brown Medicine 1975
Miss Hilary Ann Brown Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Stephen David Brown Social Studies 1975
Mr Andrew Peter Buckley Civil Engineering 1975
Mrs Shelagh Christine Buckley Bachelor of Education 1975
Miss Patricia Margaret Buddle Ordinary Degree 1975
Miss Janice May Burcham Bachelor of Science 1975
Miss Linda Constance Burcham Psychology (Science) 1975
Mr Richard William Burn Geology 1975
Mr Daniel Roger Burns Sociology 1975
Mr Brian Thomas Burscough Bachelor of Education 1975
Mrs Jennifer Anne Burscough Bachelor of Education 1975
Mrs Jeannette Marie Butt Buxton Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Stephen Williamson Byers Biochemistry 1975
Mr Richard Simpson Caddy Law 1975
Reverend Brother J J Cainen Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr I Cairns Commerce 1975
Mr James Joseph Anthony Campbell Chemistry 1975
Mr A R Cardiff Commerce 1975
Miss J Carne 1975
Mr Terence Anthony Carr French 1975
Dr Alexander Peter Carter Medicine 1975
Miss Marian Bernice Carter Geography 1975
Dr W F Casey Medicine 1975
Mr W Chang 1975
Mr K K Chen 1975
Mrs P M Chudleigh 1975
Dr John Howard Clark Medicine 1975
Miss Valerie Elizabeth Clark Geography 1975
Mr Barry Clay Mechanical Engineering 1975
Miss Penelope Clover Geography & Botany 1975
Mr David Clusky Commerce 1975
Mrs Cheryl A Coard Mathematical Statistics 1975
Mr A D Coates Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Ian Cocker Law 1975
Mr A J Cohen 1975
Mr S R Colcough 1975
Miss Patricia Ann Coleman French 1975
Miss Deborah Collett Law 1975
Dr Mary Elizabeth Corcoran Medicine 1975
Miss C M Cosgrove Bachelor of Education 1975
Mrs Lynne Maureen Cottrell Combined Honours 1975
Mrs Giselle Emma Cragg-Edgar Cragg French & German 1975
Mr Thomas Curran 1975
Mr N E Devons Philosophy 1975
Miss Pauline Diamond English Language & Literature 1975
Miss Elizabeth Anne Dibley Dental Surgery 1975
Dr D P E Dickson Research 1975
Mr Damian Dignam English Language & Literature 1975
Miss H M Dixon Bachelor of Education 1975
Miss Marian Dobson Psychology 1975
Mr J J Doherty Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Paul David Renwick Chemistry 1975
Mrs Newman 1975
Miss Stonehouse 1975
Mr Richard Malcolm Stubbins Commerce 1975
Mrs Joan Kathleen Stubbs Rodick Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Sullivan 1975
Mr Sullivan 1975
Miss Sullivan 1975
Mr Surgeon 1975
Miss Yvonne Mary Swannell Honorary 1975
Miss Sweeney 1975
Mr David James Sykes Law 1975
Mr Paul James Sykes Life Sciences 1975
Dr Katherine Elizabeth Hankinson Symonds Medicine 1975
Mr Tebble 1975
Mr Terbutt 1975
Dr Thind 1975
Mr Thompson 1975
Mr Thornhill 1975
Mrs Ann Burnley Thursfield 1975
Mr Tinsley 1975
Mr David Tomley Honorary 1975
Dr Tong 1975
Mr Toole 1975
Mr Travers 1975
Mr Tsang 1975
Mr Tucker 1975
Mr Tweedie 1975
Miss Ulyett 1975
Miss Vivien Irena Van Ham Physiology 1975
Mr Vaudrey 1975
Mr Veevers 1975
Mr Wadsworth 1975
Mr Ian Walker Bachelor of Arts 1975
Mr Wallace 1975
Mr Wan Mohd Yusoff Wan Othman Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Warren 1975
Mr Brinley John Watkins Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Watkins 1975
Mrs Watson 1975
Mr Watson 1975
Mr Thomas Webb 1975
Mr Webster 1975
Mr Weights 1975
Mrs Jacqueline Dobson Welburn Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 1975
Mr Andrew Michael Westland Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1975
Mr S Wharton 1975
Miss Wheatley 1975
Miss Wheeler 1975
Mr White 1975
Miss Whiteley 1975
Mr Whittall 1975
Mr Wickenden 1975
Mr Williams 1975
Mr Wilson 1975
Mrs Snelling 1975
Mrs Elizabeth Patricia Hurren Wiltshire French 1975
Mr Wingate 1975
Mr Wise 1975
Mr Wong 1975
Miss Wood 1975
Miss Woodhead 1975
Mr Stephen Woodhouse Dentistry 1975
Mrs Woods 1975
Mr Peter David Woods 1975
Miss Woods 1975
Mr Woodworth 1975
Miss Wrigley 1975
Dr D W Yates Community Health 1975
Mr Anthony Mark Leslie Roberts Law 1975
Dr Mark Roberts Law 1975
Mrs Margaret Elaine Morgan Earnshaw Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Majid Vazirzadeh Ebrahimi Transport Design 1975
Miss Susan Jane Eccleston Law 1975
Mr Stephen Philip Edmonds Architecture 1975
Miss Elizabeth Sian Lewis Edwards Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Kenneth Ellis Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr Robin Josh Lewis Ellis Architecture 1975
Mr Neil Trevor Embleton Architecture 1975
Mr Philip James Guy Emslie Architecture 1975
Miss Veronica Louise Enderby Bachelor of Education 1975
Dr Andrew Neil Evans Medicine 1975
Mr Jeffrey Peter Evans Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Keith Evan-Jones Veterinary Science 1975
Mr Richard Huw Evans Mechanical Engineering 1975
Miss Margaret Patricia Everson Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr David Falcus Physics With Materials Science 1975
Mr Martin Francis Fallon Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Farrant 1975
Mr Peter James Farrimond History Medieval and Modern 1975
Dr Faulks 1975
Mr Fearnley 1975
Mr Featherstone 1975
Mr Feeney 1975
Mr Jonathan David Fenner Architecture 1975
Mr Nigel Richard Arnold Fieldhouse Honorary 1975
Mr Fisher 1975
Dr Flowers 1975
Mr Alan Flynn Russian(A) 1975
Mr Maurice Flynn Geophysics 1975
Miss Ford 1975
Mr Dermot Mark Foster Political Theory and Institutions 1975
Mr Fox 1975
Dr Fox 1975
Miss Fraine 1975
Mr Alan James Fraser Law 1975
Mr Nigel Graham Freeman Geography 1975
Mr Gabriel 1975
Mr Gaddas 1975
Mr Robert James Gallagher Social Studies 1975
Miss Clare Mary Gardner Biochemistry 1975
Mr Garner 1975
Mr Gaunt 1975
Mr George 1975
Mrs Gibbons 1975
Mr Kenneth Edmond Gibson English Language & Literature 1975
Mr Gilhooly 1975
Mr Alasdair Campbell Gillies Law 1975
Miss Kathleen Ann Gilman German 1975
Mrs Hilary Jean Ingram Godfrey Geography 1975
Miss Vivien Joy Mary Godwin Music 1975
Miss Gordan 1975
Mrs Goss 1975
Dr Evelyn Joyce Green Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Gregory Bachelor of Science 1975
Dr Christopher Charles Davies Griffith Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr Paul Adrian Griffiths Architecture 1975
Miss Susan Lily Guest History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr Richard John Haddleton Social Studies 1975
Mr Robert Michael Hagget Architecture 1975
Miss Katherine Halliwell Italian 1975
Miss Hambidge 1975
Mr Hancox 1975
Mrs Harlow 1975
Miss Harris 1975
Mr Ian Shand Haselhurst Law 1975
Miss Haslam 1975
Mr Stephen Minter Hayes Ordinary Degree 1975
Miss Hayman 1975
Mr Haywood 1975
Mrs Casey 1975
Miss Janet Heil 1975
Mr Hendry 1975
Mr Finbarr Hennessy Law 1975
Dr Hennessy 1975
Miss Henry 1975
Mr Herbert 1975
Miss Heywood 1975
Miss Hibbert 1975
Mr Robin Ian Higgons Public Administration 1975
Miss Cheryl A Hookey 1975
Mr Malcolm John Holdsworth Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Holland 1975
Mr Holliday 1975
Miss Hollis 1975
Mr Hollos 1975
Mr Holman 1975
Miss Holt 1975
Miss Hopkinson 1975
Mr Horner 1975
Mr David Scott Hossack Law 1975
Miss Howse 1975
Mrs Margaret Mary Ager Hughes Bachelor of Education 1975
Miss Hughes-Jones 1975
Mr Hunt 1975
Dr Ilchyshyn 1975
Mr Steven Iredale 1975
Mr Michael Dennis Jackson Geophysics 1975
Mr Jackson 1975
Dr David Raymond James Medicine 1975
Miss James 1975
Miss Jeffery 1975
Mr Jenkinson 1975
Miss Jessop 1975
Mr Johal 1975
Miss Johnson 1975
Mrs Johnston 1975
Dr Anthony Yardley Yardley-Jones Jones Medicine 1975
Miss Jones 1975
Mr Jones 1975
Mr Jones 1975
Mr Jones 1975
Miss Jowett 1975
Mr Kalbakk 1975
Dr Kay 1975
Mr Edward Joseph Keane Chemistry 1975
Mr Keaney 1975
Mr Kelleher 1975
Dr Kelsey 1975
Mrs Hitchcock Kemp 1975
Dr Nigel Kemp Medicine 1975
Mr Kendell 1975
Mrs P Johnston Kenworthy 1975
Mr Kenwright 1975
Mr Kerslake 1975
Mr Khaira 1975
Mr Khairuddin 1975
Mr Khan 1975
Miss Kirton 1975
Mr Richard Hedley Knight Law 1975
Dr John William Lamb Medicine 1975
Miss Lane 1975
Mr David Ian Langton Geography 1975
Miss Lanning 1975
Dr Richard Law Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Paul Lawrence Bachelor of Science 1975
Miss Catherine Mary Leddy Law 1975
Miss Lees 1975
Mr Leonard 1975
Mr Liddell 1975
Mr Livett 1975
Mr Edward Lloyd-Jones Law 1975
Miss Lonsdale 1975
Mrs Lukacs 1975
Miss Marie Lupton Law 1975
Mr McCallum 1975
Miss McClelland 1975
Mr McClurg 1975
Miss McConville 1975
Mr John Raymond McDermott Law 1975
Mr McGregor 1975
Mr Edward McHugh Mechanical Engineering 1975
Miss McInnes 1975
Mr Gerard S McKean English Lit./German 1975
Ms Catherine Mary Tebbutt McKenna Law 1975
Miss McLean 1975
Miss McLean 1975
Mr McLeod 1975
Miss McLoughlin 1975
Mr McMorrow 1975
Mr MacDonald 1975
Mr Maddox 1975
Mr Magill 1975
Mr Maher 1975
Dr Lawrence Hugh Mair Medicine 1975
Mr Maloney 1975
Miss Marsh 1975
Mrs Theresa Ann Marshall Medicine 1975
Miss Wendy Joy Marson Philosophy 1975
Mr Martindae 1975
Mr Laurence Paul Martindale Metallurgy and Materials Science 1975
Mr Page 1975
Mr Palin 1975
Dr Kevin George Pardoe Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Miss Parr 1975
Mr Parry 1975
Mr Pascoe 1975
Mr Patel 1975
Miss Paton 1975
Mrs Pearson 1975
Miss Percy 1975
Mr John Christopher Phelps Law 1975
Miss Philpott 1975
Miss Pickering 1975
Mrs Pickup 1975
Mr Pike 1975
Mr Pinch 1975
Mrs Valerie Joyce Edmonds Plimbley 1975
Mr Polson 1975
Miss Price 1975
Miss Price 1975
Mr Price 1975
Mr Robert John Prosser Bachelor of Education 1975
Mrs Pugh 1975
Miss Quinn 1975
Dr Rahim 1975
Mr Randle 1975
Mr Ray 1975
Miss Julia Louise Reddaway Law 1975
Miss Redfearn 1975
Mr J Rees 1975
Miss Rhead 1975
Mr Richards 1975
Mrs Helen C Meehan 1975
Miss Robertson 1975
Mr Roberts 1975
Miss Robson 1975
Mr Paul Verney Robertshaw Law 1975
Mr Robinson 1975
Miss Robinson 1975
Dr William Rollinson Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Miss Rostron 1975
Miss Round 1975
Mr Rowland 1975
Mr Rowney 1975
Mr Roy 1975
Mr Rudd 1975
Miss Rudoff 1975
Mr Geoffrey Russell 1975
Mrs Clare Anne Finnegan Sands Law 1975
Mr Scanlan 1975
Dr Scannell 1975
Miss Scott 1975
Mr John Francis Scott Dentistry 1975
Mr Scott 1975
Mr John Martin Scowcroft Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Sedgwick 1975
Mr David Sharples Electronic Engineering 1975
Mrs Christine Maria Kneale Shaw Honorary 1975
Mr Ian William Shaw Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Sheppard Bachelor of Science 1975
Miss Sherwood 1975
Miss Shields 1975
Mr Peter John William Shipwright Law 1975
Mrs Anne Kirker Shorrocks History 1975
Dr David Newton Simister Physics 1975
Dr Simonian 1975
Mr Simpson 1975
Mr Singh 1975
Mr Siregar 1975
Miss Skalla 1975
Miss Slade 1975
Miss Sloan 1975
Miss Small 1975
Mr Smart 1975
Mrs Amanda Louise Sorrell Smith Law 1975
Miss Catherine Smith Psychology 1975
Miss Smith 1975
Dr Lorna K R Smith 1975
Mr Solomon 1975
Mr Somerset 1975
Mr Stamforth 1975
Mr Stapley 1975
Mr Rory Staunton Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr Stewart 1975
Mr Mayhew 1975
Mr Meddle 1975
Mr Meigh 1975
Mr Milbank 1975
Mr John Henry Millbank Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mrs Mills 1975
Dr Mkandawire 1975
Miss Montgomery 1975
Mr Moore 1975
Mr Stephen Robert Moore Electrical Engineering 1975
Mr Morrell 1975
Miss Morrissey 1975
Miss Mort 1975
Mr Andrew Stuart Morton Medicine 1975
Miss Moule 1975
Mr Mounsey 1975
Mr Mount 1975
Miss Kathryn M Mountford 1975
Miss Moverley 1975
Miss Moynihan 1975
Miss Moxon 1975
Mrs Claire Patricia Porterfield Mulkeen English Language & Literature 1975
Mr Murphy 1975
Miss Murray 1975
Miss Murton 1975
Miss Myler 1975
Mr Nance 1975
Miss Neale 1975
Mr Thomas Julian Neville English Language & Literature 1975
Mr Ngadimon 1975
Mr Nichols 1975
Mr Nigel Norman 1975
Miss Northcott 1975
Mr Norton 1975
Mr O'Boyle 1975
Dr O'Brien 1975
Mr P`sullivan 1975
Miss Oakley 1975
Mrs Jordan 1975
Mr Osman 1975
Mr Geffrey Richard Whaler Owen Law 1975
Miss Owen Bachelor of Arts 1975
Dr Oyemade 1975
Mr Walter Wasyl Iwaniuk Biochemistry 1975
Mr Clive John Hurren French & German 1975
Dr Rosario Albanese Genetics 1975
Mrs Susan Wright Whittaker Law 1975
Miss Hall 1975
Mr Stephen James Paine Engineering 1975
Mr Higham 1975
Dr Myint 1975
Dr Moriset 1975
Mr Russan 1975
Miss Postletwhaite 1975
Miss Pasiniewicz 1975
Mr Pang 1975
Mr Marston 1975
Mr McIlwaine 1975
Mr Andrew Gaston McCullough Veterinary Science 1975
Dr Lakshminmarasimha 1975
Mr Jelley 1975
Mr Nicholas Peter Iddon Ordinary Degree 1975
Miss Greaves 1975
Mr Gautern 1975
Mr Gains 1975
Dr Harmer 1975
Dr Morley 1975
Dr Barbara Seeney Dentistry 1975
Mr James R Williams 1975
Mr Keith McIndoe Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr John Callaghan Law 1975
Mrs Joan Mary Kennedy Harrison English Language & Literature 1975
Mrs Sheila Margaret Renwick Chemistry 1975
Miss Christine Massam Honorary 1975
Mr Simon Douglas Jenking Commerce 1975
Dr Diana Jelley Sociology 1975
Miss Irfana Zia Jones 1975
Mr Michael Quille 1975
Miss Ruth Hibbert 1975
Mr Walter Warren Economics 1975
Mrs Caroline Mair 1975
Mrs C Watkins History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr Paul Thomas Honorary 1975
Mr Paul Dilworth 1975
Dr Michael J Hughes Medicine 1975
Ms Christina Pentland Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr Alan Holmes Geophysics 1975
Dr Colin Klappa 1975
Mr David Wareing Commerce 1975
Mr Jack Owen English Language & Literature 1975
Dr Susan Ann Chadwick Chesters Medicine 1975
Dr Lynne Jocelyn Flowerdew Scovell French 1975
Mr Jonathan Paul Findler Business Studies 1975
Mr Charles David Smallbone Philosophy 1975
Mrs Catherine Cockburn Education 1975
Mr Ian Stuart Hart Chemistry 1975
Mr Nicholas Patrick McDonnell Chemistry 1975
Mr Peter Thompson Chemistry 1975
Ms Barbara Holt Modern History & English Literature 1975
Magret Lisa Hughes Celtic 1975
Ms Anne Elizabeth Hayward History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr David Brian Hollos Honorary 1975
Ms Louise Hickman Honorary 1975
Ms Claire Petrina Harris English Language & Literature 1975
Ms Gabrielle Elizabeth Holmes Honorary 1975
Ms Catherine Hughes-Jones Celtic 1975
Mr John Ronald David Hunter Architecture 1975
Dr Sara Jacqueline Hobbs Medicine 1975
Ms Kathryne Hart Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Stephen Lindsay Hulm Physics With Materials Science 1975
Mr Nicholas Paul Halford Biochemistry 1975
Mr Nicolas Jane Hill Sociology 1975
Dr Richard Douglas Hopkin Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Ms Alison Margaret Holt Psychology 1975
Ms Anne Margaret Holmes Oceanography 1975
Mr John Stephen Richard Hanstock Geography 1975
Dr John David Hall Medicine 1975
Mr Stephen Humphreys Bachelor of Science 1975
Mr Edward Mervyn Holden-White Social Studies 1975
Mr Robert Graeme Holliday Philosophy 1975
Mr Soe Htun Orthopaedic Surgery 1975
Dr Alan Roy Williams Medicine 1975
Mr Colin Derek Edward Williams Honorary 1975
Mr Andrew Robert Hattersley Williams General Degree 1975
Mrs Valerie Judith Snelling Wilson Music 1975
Mr Martin John Winter Combined Honours 1975
Ms Janet Wood Sociology 1975
Mr Edwin Charles Wood Biochemistry 1975
Ms Susan Penelope Woods Sociology 1975
Mr Anthony John Young Honorary 1975
Ahmed-Yassin Ali Yusuf Economics 1975
Ms Patricia Bagwell Honorary 1975
Mr Brian Gordon Anderson Philosophy 1975
Ms Eileen Jane Ainsworth Honorary 1975
Mr Peter Jeffrey Bounds Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr Sidney Bowden Education 1975
Mr Roy James Brockhurst Honorary 1975
Mr Anthony Charles Bushell Microbiology 1975
Dr Michael Andrew Bussell Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mrs Clare Margaret Price Beynon Zoology 1975
Mr Francis Xavier William Bond Honorary 1975
Ms Pauline Mary Barley Honorary 1975
Ms Mary Bond Honorary 1975
Mr Nigel Hugh Bennett Honorary 1975
Ms Elizabeth Fraser Barrow Political Theory and Institutions 1975
Dr Christine Frances Bell Medicine 1975
Mr Peter William Bisset Economics & Mathematics 1975
Dr Stephen John Becker Medicine 1975
Mr John Stephen Barber Geology 1975
Mr Howard Anthony Blunden Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Richard Strathearn Blakey Psychology 1975
Ms Carol Mary Barton Philosophy 1975
Dr David Birtwisle Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Andrew Farr Dental Surgery 1975
Mr Frederick Ian Farrall Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Stephen Ben Farrant Combined Studies 1975
Mr Brian Michael Faulkner Social Studies 1975
Mr Paul Andrew Flanagan Honorary 1975
Dr Thomas Hugh Flowers Doctor of Philosophy 1975
Ms Ann Scott Fordham Psychology 1975
Mr Michael James Freeman Honorary 1975
Mr Robin John Fry Chemistry with Materials Science 1975
Dr Michael Geraint Medicine 1975
Dr Elizabeth Taylor Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr Timothy George Tebbutt Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Abdul Aziz Aziz Muda Tengku Mechanical Engineering 1975
Ms Eunice Thompson Education 1975
Dr William Thomson Medicine 1975
Mr John Andrew Thurlby Economics 1975
Dr Geoffrey Alan Trotter Medicine 1975
Mr Kwok Hung Kenneth Tsao Dental Surgery 1975
Wai Lai Tse Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Christopher Pearse Turbitt Building Engineering 1975
Ms Pauline Muriel Turner Geography 1975
Ms Maxine Jean Ulrich English Language & Literature 1975
Mr Gareth Unsworth Ordinary Degree 1975
Dr Andrew Ernest John Vyse Medicine 1975
Ms Claire Patricia Waddington Honorary 1975
Dr Kathleen Margaret Wain Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Ms Frances Joan Walker Combined Honours 1975
Mr Stefan Waner Mathematics 1975
Ms Elizabeth Kendrick Ward Architecture 1975
Mr David Roy Wareing Honorary 1975
Mr James William Watson Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr Roy Webster Modern History & Politics 1975
Ms Susan Elizabeth Weedall Sociology 1975
Dr David Martin West Medicine 1975
Ms Judith Elizabeth Whalen Honorary 1975
Ms Patricia Maura Mary Whelan Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Steven White Sociology 1975
Mr Kevin Geoffrey White Honorary 1975
Mr Vincent Deane Honorary 1975
Mr Kenneth John Dentith Philosophy 1975
Mr Richard John Dinham Architecture 1975
Ms Patricia Margaret Donegan Combined Honours 1975
Ms Mary Josephine Dove Honorary 1975
Mr Barry Kieth Drake Master of Arts 1975
Mr Francis Ian Edgar Economics 1975
Mr Brian Richard Edwards Education 1975
Ms Mary Clare Enright Combined Studies 1975
Dr Leslie Roy Johnson Doctor of Philosophy 1975
Dr Richard William Guy Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Ms Rachel Patricia Jenkins Honorary 1975
Ms Susan Marie Smith Greaves Honorary 1975
Ms Margaret Johnston Education 1975
Mr Stuart Jackson Electrical Engineering 1975
Mr Martin Leo Jackson Geology 1975
Mr Andrew Kim Irwin Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Robert Grafton-Small Business Administration 1975
Dr William Hyde Jones Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Ms Ruth Anna Elisabeth Gibson Russian 1975
Mr Norman Frederick Newbury Education 1975
Ms Gillian Lesley Gibbons Honorary 1975
Mr Peter John Gibbons Honorary 1975
Ms Elizabeth Ann Ollier French 1975
Ms Sarah Margaret Oldham French 1975
Dr Paul Francis Gordon Chemistry 1975
Mr Nigel Philip Norman Botany 1975
Mr Leong Boon Ong Orthopaedic Surgery 1975
Ms Rosemarie Carina Macmaster Honorary 1975
Mr John Evan Mawdsley Honorary 1975
Mr Angus William McCallum Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 1975
Mr John Raymund McDermott Honorary 1975
Ms Celia Mary Mortimer Music 1975
Mr Adrian Vernon Mullany Honorary 1975
Mr Graham Jeffrey Morris Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Graham Phillip Mount Psychology 1975
Mr Ian Alistair MacDonald Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Charles Edward Moore Building Engineering 1975
Mr Paul Raymond Maddox Biochemistry 1975
Dr Bernard John Mulligan Biochemistry 1975
Ms Elizabeth Ann McClelland Physics 1975
Ms Linda Jean Morse Social Studies 1975
Mr Neil Murphy Social Studies 1975
Dr Elaine Louise Mitchell Medicine 1975
Dr Keith Robin McLean Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Christopher John Marsden Building Engineering 1975
Ms Fiona Catherine McLean Social Studies 1975
Mr George Henry Mounsey Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr Andrew Robert Marston Building Engineering 1975
Mr Daniel James Patrick McIvor Electronic Engineering 1975
Mr John Henry Millbank Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Massoud Motamedi Civic Design 1975
Myo Myint Orthopaedic Surgery 1975
Mr Seyed Mohammad Ali Kamrava Civic Design 1975
Mr James William Kenwright Social Studies 1975
Mr Richard John Kerans Psychology 1975
Ms Cecilia Winefriede Kevill Combined Honours 1975
Mr Michael Patrick Paul Killen Civil Engineering 1975
Mr Mehmet Kinali Mechanical Engineering 1975
Ms Suzanne King Honorary 1975
Mr Paul William Kirkham Honorary 1975
Mr David Walter Kitching Philosophy 1975
Mr Christopher Kneen Mechanical Engineering 1975
Dr Jane Margaret Leach Medicine 1975
Mr Gerard Anthony Leahy Economics 1975
Ms Elisabeth Jane Lee Sociology 1975
Ms Christine Dianne Leman-Lawrie Hispanic Studies 1975
Ms Judith Anne Limb Ordinary Degree 1975
Dr John William Limbeek Electronics 1975
Mr Philip John Long Building Engineering 1975
S. Farhad Palizban Science (Engineering) 1975
Mr Nicholas Hargrove Parker Civil Engineering 1975
Dr Derek John Parkinson Medicine 1975
Ms Sian Parry Italian 1975
Ms Susan Deborah Pearce English Language & Literature 1975
Ms Kathryn Margaret Peart Sociology 1975
Mr Clive Francis Philips Civil Engineering 1975
Ms Susan Anne Philpott Geography 1975
Ms Susanne Pitcher Honorary 1975
Mr Robert Porter Electrical Engineering 1975
Ms Margaret Winifred Prinn Psychology 1975
Maigread Maire Quilty Honorary 1975
Mr Dilip Rajkumar Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr James Michael Ratcliffe Honorary 1975
Mr Simon Derek Cyril Ravine Electrical Engineering 1975
Ms Shirley Elizabeth Reek Geography 1975
Mr Allan Reeves Honorary 1975
Ms Jane Rhead Ordinary Degree 1975
Ms Sally Anne Rice Combined Honours 1975
Ms Helen Claire Richmond History Medieval and Modern 1975
Mr Richard Ian Roberts Mechanical Engineering 1975
Mr Stephen Foster Roberts Biochemistry 1975
Ms Christine Anne Robinson English Language & Literature 1975
Mrs Iris-Jacqueline Mayne Robson Psychology 1975
Mr David Robert Rose History, Ancient/Archaeology 1975
Ms Glyn Rowland Bachelor of Science 1975
Ms Paula Anne Rutter Geography 1975
Mr John Patrick Carolan Pharmacology 1975
Dr John Bryan Carroll Zoology 1975
Dr Richard Charles Carter Medicine 1975
Mr Derek Charles Chesterton Economics 1975
Mr Peter Chetty Economics 1975
Mr John Cohen Honorary 1975
Mr Joseph Colley Bachelor of Education 1975
Mr Victor Eric Conduit Civil Engineering 1975
Ms Margaret Cooke Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr Timothy Coolbear Biochemistry 1975
Ms Fiona Coulter Genetics 1975
Ms Sarah Louise Craven Social Studies 1975
Ms Cora Jean Crowcroft Master of Arts 1975
Ms Meryl Foulkes Davies Bachelor of Education 1975
Ms Clare Marie Crouch Davies Geography 1975
Ms Gillian Elizabeth Saunders Honorary 1975
Dr Shahid Sayyid Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Paul Scarlett Honorary 1975
Dr Ashour Massoud Shareha Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Mr Christopher John Wyndham Shipp Dental Surgery 1975
Dr Raymond Silcock Microbiology 1975
Mr Peter Michael David Smart Bachelor of Science 1975
Mr Stephen Paul Smith Honorary 1975
Ms Andrea Gay Smith Honorary 1975
Ms Rosalind Claire Mitchell Ordinary Degree 1975
Mr Andrew Stapley Economics 1975
Ms Julia Mary Steel Sociology 1975
Ms Wendy Stephenson Honorary 1975
Dr Robert William Stephenson Doctor In Philosophy 1975
Ms Susan Patricia Steward Mathematics 1975
Dr Karen Anne Suckling Medicine 1975
Ms Pauline Anne Symes Modern History & Politics 1975
Mr David Emlyn Williams Science 1975