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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Graham Paul Farmelo Mathematical Physics 1974
Mr Stephen Richard Lee Cannon Veterinary Science 1974
Mrs Patricia Margaret Grant Godwin Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Keith Lyndhurst Watkins Veterinary Science 1974
Dr David Arthur Hicks Medicine 1974
Dr Stephen Holt Medicine 1974
Dr John Robert Lord Medicine 1974
Mr Geoffrey John Boutle Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Dr Norman Everett White English Language & Literature 1974
Dr Richard Henry Charles Gillespie Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Mr Dennis Cryer Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Lee Holden Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Richard David Owen Veterinary Science 1974
Mr Ian George Symons Geography 1974
Mrs Elizabeth Catherine Mary Aiello Scott Geography 1974
Mr Clifford James Pinsent Law 1974
Mr Michael Vincent Aiello Modern History & English Literature 1974
Mr Michael Wilfred Applegate Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Mavis Julia Arrick Social Studies 1974
Mr Ian Philip Atkinson Geography 1974
Mr Raymond Barnes Architecture 1974
Mr John Allan Barnes Paddock Hispanic Studies 1974
Mrs Susan Catherine Barr Booth Geography 1974
Dr Peter Austin Barry Chemistry 1974
Miss Marion Eileen Bazeley Bachelor of Science 1974
Miss Felicity Anne Berry Combined Honours 1974
Mr John Colin George Bingham English Literature 1974
Mr Francis Bowman Physics 1974
Mr Francis Joseph Brady Electronic Engineering 1974
Mr Peter Robert Bryan Hispanic Studies 1974
Mr Christian Westermann Childs Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Mrs Gilian Clarke English Language & Literature 1974
Mr John Stephen Cliff Civil Engineering 1974
Mrs Jane Ann Patricia Cliff Biochemistry 1974
Dr Brian Cottier Medicine 1974
Ms Elizabeth Anne Cousins Sociology 1974
Dr Alfred George Jackson Chemistry 1974
Mr Robert James Easton Geography 1974
Dr Miriam Edelsten Medicine 1974
Mr John Leslie Forshaw Mechanical Engineering 1974
Miss Jane Elizabeth Tracy-Forster Law 1974
Miss Alison Elizabeth Geldard Music 1974
Mr Christopher Charles Hodge Geology 1974
Miss Hunton 1974
Miss Helen L Janewska Bachelor of Science 1974
Mrs Glynis Johnston 1974
Mr Graham Jowett Ordinary Degree 1974
Dr Charles Anthony McConnell Medicine 1974
Mr John Anthony Meleady Sociology 1974
Mr Brian Thomas Millward Mechanical Engineering 1974
Miss Susan Elizabeth Parker Geography 1974
Mr Richard Kenneth George Paul Marine Biology 1974
Mr Willliam Edmund Rickarby Rickarby Law 1974
Miss Paula Jane Elizabeth Robinson Music 1974
Miss Robson Modern History & Politics 1974
Mr Peter John Squires Electronic Engineering 1974
Mrs Stooks 1974
Dr Yashvir Sunak Medicine 1974
Mr Nicholas Charles White Ordinary Degree 1974
Dr Susan J Hobbs 1974
Mrs Denise E Haworth German & Hispanic Studies 1974
Mr Peter Wilkinson Civic Design 1974
Ms Susan Elizabeth Thompson History 1974
Mr Colin Robert Sim Law 1974
Mr Paul Ritson Electronic Engineering 1974
Mrs Reilly 1974
Mr Philip Lobao Politics 1974
Mr Iain Jennings Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Dr Levycky Dentistry 1974
Dr Tillbrook 1974
Mrs Anne Williamson Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Lindsay Nixon Bachelor of Education 1974
Dr Mary Kiely English Language & Literature 1974
Mr Graham Lindsay Lewis Chemistry 1974
Mrs Marnie Hughes 1974
Dr Mary Jackson Psychology (SES) 1974
Miss Kathryn Parsons Sociology 1974
Mr Michael Andrew Radnor Commerce 1974
Mrs Janice Elizabeth Parker Pulford Geography 1974
Dr Susan Elizabeth Walker Southwell Geography 1974
Mr Roger C Moore 1974
Mr Jeremy Philip Smith Geography 1974
Dr Keith Michael Farrington Geography 1974
Mrs Barbara Denise Clay Veterinary Science 1974
Mrs Lucy Elizabeth McCarraher Wagner Bachelor of Arts 1974
Mr Brian Scott 1974
Dr Jeffrey Ivan John Morris Medicine 1974
Mr Andrew Winter 1974
Dr Paul Wythe Medicine 1974
Mr Colin Balmford Law 1974
Dr C E Jachacy Orbertelli Medicine 1974
Mrs Angela Cropley Wilson Geography 1974
Mrs Geraldine Ann Hurl Delahaye Geography 1974
Dr Frank G Rose Medicine 1974
Mr Mike Harbach Engineering 1974
Mr John Burman Law 1974
Mr Stuart Hutcheson Dentistry 1974
Miss Janet Roberts Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Baron Brian Hilton Flowers 1974
Ms Louise Russell Zoology 1974
Mr John David Pugh Philosophy 1974
Mr Andrew Arthur Risbridger Law 1974
Mrs Judith Eva Haggie 1974
Mrs Marjorie Lorna Thomas Smith 1974
Mr Ronald John Cattell Electronic Engineering 1974
Mr David Eric Berry Chemistry 1974
Mr Thomas Ryan Chemistry 1974
Miss Susan French Chemistry 1974
Mrs Shotton Bachelor of Arts 1974
Mr Jayantha Premalal Jayasuriya Anaesthesia 1974
Mrs Marilynn Hughes Heal Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Alan Hunter Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Paul Jonathan Howell Law 1974
Mr John Nelson Howarth Biochemistry 1974
Mr Christopher John Henderson Law 1974
Mr Timothy Stuart Hotchkiss Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Bernard Hoyle History 1974
Gwendalyn Jane Hughes Modern History & English Literature 1974
Ms Norma Catherine Hardman Honorary 1974
Ms Christine Alberta Hartley Honorary 1974
Mr Ian Richard Hall Honorary 1974
Ms Anne Lorraine Hallard English Language & Literature 1974
Ms Patricia Mary Hunter Bachelor of Education 1974
Ms Felicity Anna Higginson Hispanic Studies 1974
Ms Denise Ann Hewitson Honorary 1974
Mr Michael Richard Hughes Honorary 1974
Mrs Wendy Girling Hands German 1974
Mr Martin Holder Honorary 1974
Dr Andrew Charles Hawkes Medicine 1974
Rodin Fellowes Hyde Medicine 1974
Mr Christopher Francis Halley Metallurgy and Materials Science 1974
Mr John Harold Horsley Electrical Engineering 1974
Mr Geoffrey David Hancock Civil Engineering 1974
Dr Susan Harding Medicine 1974
Dr Geoffrey Stuart Hedley Medicine 1974
Dr yousef Aly Salem Hegazy Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mr Charles Hopkins Dental Surgery 1974
Mr David Gordon Wilcoxon Honorary 1974
Mr Stephen William Wilde Dental Surgery 1974
Mr Ian Wilkinson Hispanic Studies 1974
Ms Jane Rosalie Williamson Oceanography 1974
Mr Geoffrey Wilson Physics 1974
Mr John Richard Wingad Civic Design 1974
Ms Susan Wolstencroft Honorary 1974
Ms Maria Fung Yee Wong Biochemistry 1974
Mr Michael Anthony Wyatt Dental Surgery 1974
Mr Richard Zdaniewicz Ordinary Degree 1974
Dr Buddhadeb Banerjee Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Dr Brian James Anness Biochemistry 1974
Dr Malcolm Bain Philosophy 1974
Mr John Goudall Anderson Marine Biology 1974
Mr Richard Atkinson Law 1974
Mr Peter Christopher Ashby Civic Design 1974
Mr Robert Keith Andrews Civic Design 1974
Mr Colin Baines Music 1974
Mr Roger Anthony Macfarlane Allison English Lit./Philosophy 1974
Mr Stuart Royden Allen English Language & Literature 1974
Mr Brian Andrew Auld History, Ancient/Archaeology 1974
Dr Rosemary Elaine Alexander Medicine 1974
Mr Khalid Mahmood Al-Mulla Science (Engineering) 1974
Mr Stephen David Bower Civic Design 1974
Ms Mary Elizabeth Boyle Philosophy 1974
Mr John Brady Dental Surgery 1974
Dr John Edward Brewis Medicine 1974
Mr David Norman Brigden Honorary 1974
Mr Derek Britton Electronic Engineering 1974
Mr Edward George Brooke Pharmacology 1974
Mr Peter Henry Bryan Architecture 1974
Ms Deborah Jane Budd Combined Studies 1974
Mr John Barron Bulmer Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Mr John Burman Law 1974
Ms Sally Elizabeth Butler English Language & Literature 1974
Mr Alexander Charles Calder Master of Arts 1974
Dr Graham Garfield Baxter Science 1974
Mr Christopher John Barnard Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Christine Barrowclough Psychology 1974
Ms Wendy Blakemore Combined Honours 1974
Dr James Bertie Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Noda Subraya Bhat Orthopaedic Surgery 1974
Ms Margaret Jane Fenlon Dental Surgery 1974
Dr Michael Fennell Medicine 1974
Dr Ian Ernest Fenwick Medicine 1974
Mr Anthony Paul Fielding Oceanography 1974
Mr Stuart Maitland Finlayson Chemistry with Materials Science 1974
Mr Peter John Fitzgerald Science 1974
Ms Elizabeth Jane Fleming Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr David Stephen Floyd Geography 1974
Mr Michael Robert Ford Honorary 1974
Mr Philippe Alain Forget Computational & Statistical Science 1974
Mr Mark Stephen George Forknall Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr John Nigel Fowler Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Gordon Philip Angus Fraser Social Studies 1974
Mr Martin John Gallagher Economics 1974
Mr Colin William Gallagher Physics 1974
Dr Alistair John Gardiner Medicine 1974
Ms Lorna Anne Taylor Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Roger Heap Taylor Architecture 1974
Mr Peter David Taylor Honorary 1974
Ms Lesley Gillian Thomas Combined Honours 1974
Ms Helen Beatrice Thomason Civic Design 1974
Mr Thomas William Threlfall Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Gary Howard Tomlinson Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr John Phillip Tommony Honorary 1974
Mr Yakup Ergin Toren Mechanical Engineering 1974
Mr Robert Toynton Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Mr Adrian Tranter Social Studies 1974
Ms Angelina Trovato Italian 1974
Mr Keith Alexander Turnbull Electrical Engineering 1974
Dr Terence Robert Vernazza Microbiology 1974
Mr Stuart Terence Walker Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Ronald Edward Walker Zoology 1974
Mr Christopher Michael Whitehouse Law 1974
Ms Valerie Anne Dearden English Language & Literature 1974
Mr George Richard Derby Honorary 1974
Mrs Susan Glenys Alderson Doley Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Benjamin Dorkin Chemistry 1974
Ms Linda Margaret Dowding Honorary 1974
Mr Ernest John Downing Building Engineering 1974
Mr Saihou Sheikh Hanoun Drammeh Physics with Electronics 1974
Mr John Hugh Duthie Dental Surgery 1974
Ms Jean Hewitt Easton Dental Surgery 1974
Mr Christopher John Elton Master of Arts 1974
Ms Janet Emery Social Studies 1974
Mr Nigel Lynn Evans Physics 1974
Mr Anthony Greenwood Chemistry 1974
Balram Anil Gupta Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Susan Aisla Jones Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Mark Stephen Grant Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Gillian Margaret Rose Gould Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Christopher Richard Jenkins Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Vincent David Jones Honorary 1974
Ms Carys Mary Jones Geography 1974
Ms Patricia Sheila Jordan Honorary 1974
Ms Dorothy May Janes Bachelor of Education 1974
Mr Stephen Howard Jennings Civic Design 1974
Mr Roger Vaughan Jenkins Modern History & English Literature 1974
Ms Sheila Christine Jones Honorary 1974
Mr Michael Charles Alexander Johnson Electronics 1974
Mr Ian Alexander Jones Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Kevin Douglas O'Donovan Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Edith Anne Ousby Honorary 1974
Mr Roy Michael O'Grady Philosophy 1974
Mr Patrick Anthony O'Donoghue Honorary 1974
Ms Catherine Joan Gillespie Civic Design 1974
Ms Ethel Elizabeth Oney Honorary 1974
Dr Stephen Paul Glascoe Medicine 1974
Mr James Terence O'Rourke Building Engineering 1974
Dr Margaret Vicki Nath Medicine 1974
Dr James O'Connor Medicine 1974
Dr Susan Mary Ockelford Medicine 1974
Mr John Francis Moffatt Law 1974
Her Honour Judge Eleri Mair Rees Morgan Law 1974
Mr James Metcalf Mathematics 1974
Mr David James Moffat Botany 1974
Ms Hilary Alexandra McCauley Law 1974
Mr Paul McDonald Law 1974
Mrs Jane Robina Davidson Matthews Geology 1974
Mr Roderick Harris Macrae Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Kevin Stuart Murgatroyd Bachelor of Science 1974
Ms Helen Marian McClorry Music 1974
Ms Ellen Ruth Mary Casson McCobb Honorary 1974
Ms Julia Frances McLaughlin Oriental Studies 1974
Ms Benedikte Andree Lisa Martensson-Grux French 1974
Ms Ann Myfanwy McKee Bachelor of Education 1974
Mr Vincent John Morrison Modern History & Politics 1974
Ms Anne Jane Elizabeth McLoughlin Economics 1974
Ms Mary Teresa Makin Honorary 1974
Mr Iain MacLean Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Philip Harold Monk Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Stephen Malone Building Engineering 1974
Dr Lindsay Anne Murray Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Ms Fiona Alexandra McNaughton Science 1974
Mr Robert James McNeil Philosophy 1974
Hillar Olav Kangro Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Sakuntala Karat Orthopaedic Surgery 1974
Campbell Anderson Keir Geophysics (Physics) 1974
Mr Michael Joseph Kelly Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Ada Kewley Law 1974
Mr Richard Killick Law 1974
Ms Rosamund Elizabeth Kirk Geology 1974
Ms Rosamund Ann Klawitter French & Hispanic Studies 1974
Dr Lloyd Robert Laing Philosophy 1974
Mr Anthony Lamb Honorary 1974
Mr John Kearon Langley Architecture 1974
Mr Anthony Charles Larcombe Honorary 1974
Mr Michael Raymond Henri Latham Law 1974
Mr William Lauriston Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Jean Elizabeth Ann Lawrence Law 1974
Mr David John Laythorpe Honorary 1974
Mrs Loretta Anne Watson Leddy Honorary 1974
Mr Lawrence Anthony Lee Pharmacology 1974
Ms Patricia Leonard Honorary 1974
Ms Anne Barbara Leuchars Geography 1974
Ms Judith Anne Lewis Honorary 1974
Ms Iris Anne Lewis Combined Honours 1974
Ms Ellen Rose Lewis English Literature 1974
Ms Margaret Ann Luthi Honorary 1974
Mr Frederick Errol Luzanycia Geography 1974
Mr James Edwin Palmer Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Peter John Pannett Sociology 1974
Ms Lynda Margaret Parker Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Ms Iola Jones Parry Biochemistry 1974
Mr Raymond Pearson Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Nigel Laurence Perry Civic Design 1974
Mr David Arthur Peyton Civil Engineering 1974
Ms Christine Sandra Phelps Biochemistry 1974
Mr David Anthony Pinney Civic Design 1974
Ms Hilary Anne Pitts Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Richard Henry Charles Pollard Social Studies 1974
Mr Arthur Jeremy Ponsford Economics 1974
Mr Anthony Potterton Honorary 1974
Mr Robert Nigel Price Physics 1974
Mr Richard Gary Pritchard Ordinary Degree 1974
Ms Christine Pugh Science 1974
Ms Lesley Ann Purchase Honorary 1974
Mr John Michael Colin Quirk Economics 1974
Mrs Voirrey Alice Carr Radcliffe English Language & Literature 1974
Dr Peter Jacob Rahn Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mrs Janet Pook Rainford Architecture 1974
Ms Maeve Beresford Randle Political Theory and Institutions 1974
Chiravuri Venkat Ratnam Orthopaedic Surgery 1974
Dr Philip John Rawcliffe Medicine 1974
Mr Alan John Richardson Education 1974
Ms Elizabeth Rose Riley Honorary 1974
Mr John Phillip Roberts Honorary 1974
Dr Gareth Wyn Roberts Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mr Paul Brian Roberts French 1974
Ms Gillian Robson Modern History & Politics 1974
Mr Samuel Alvin Rogers Biochemistry 1974
Mr Brian Rourke Economics 1974
Mr Edward John Rowland Honorary 1974
Mr Philip Charles Cannon Veterinary Science 1974
Maria-Laura Capaldi Pharmacology 1974
Mr Geoffrey John Chadwick Bachelor of Science 1974
Mr Trevor James Challenger Sociology 1974
Ms Gillian Clarke English Language & Literature 1974
Ms Christina Mary Collins Honorary 1974
Mr Nigel David Compton Sociology 1974
Andret Timothy Conn Civic Design 1974
Mr John Norman Cooper Biochemistry 1974
Ms Barbara Evelyn Corish Honorary 1974
Ms Jane Catherine Cox Honorary 1974
Mr Geoffrey Purvis Craigs Mathematics 1974
Mr Robert William Adrian Crawford Electronic Engineering 1974
Ms Lynda Crisp Ordinary Degree 1974
Mr Paul Clifford Scrivener Architecture 1974
Ms Yvonne Mary Crofton-Sleigh History 1974
Ms Agnes Mary Cullen Honorary 1974
Ms Pauline Anne Curry Honorary 1974
Mr Julian Evan Davies Civil Engineering 1974
Mr Neville Davies Honorary 1974
Mr George Hugh Salmon Civic Design 1974
Ms Gillian Elizabeth Salter Honorary 1974
Ms Jacqueline Sandra Sandham Dental Surgery 1974
Ms Susan Elizabeth Sawyer Physical Geography and Geology 1974
Mr David Alexander Scott Electrical Engineering 1974
Mr Richard Christopher John Scott Chemistry 1974
Mr Gary Arthur William Setford Mechanical Engineering 1974
Ms Lynn Beryl Shaw French & Hispanic Studies 1974
Mr Robert John Sheldon Economics 1974
Mr Thomas David Sheriff Economics 1974
Dr Donald Graeme Bartlett Slade Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Ms Corinne Elizabeth Slater Chemistry 1974
Ms Dorothy Inez Smethurst Economic & Social History 1974
Mr Alan Warwick Morgan Smith Civic Design 1974
Eduard Samuel Steiner Medicine 1974
Mr John Morris Stevens Master of Arts 1974
Mr Paul Stonier Civic Design 1974
Mr Stephen Leslie Stratford Economics 1974
Ms Alison Mary Stretton Geography 1974
Ms Sandra Olive Suckling Geography 1974
Dr Fumie Suzuki Doctor In Philosophy 1974
Mr Derek Swallow Honorary 1974
Dr Anne Barnes Swarbrick Medicine 1974
Ms Mary Frances Rowe Psychology 1974