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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Dennis Archie Smith Chemistry 1973
Mr Nigel Harcourt-Brown Veterinary Science 1973
Mr William Trevor Pritchard Veterinary Science 1973
Mrs Noorissa Maragaret Davies Evans Veterinary Science 1973
Mrs Christine Rauchmann 1973
Mr David Allan Slinger Veterinary Science 1973
Mr John Foulkes French 1973
Dr Hilary Sarah Murray Nash Medicine 1973
Mr Ian Paul Youngman Economics 1973
Sister Ann Byrne Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Leonard Fox Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Timothy Martin Phillips Veterinary Science 1973
Dr Geoffrey Lloyd Architecture 1973
Mrs Lesley Hartley 1973
Mr David John Davey Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Melvyn Richard Akers Modern History & Politics 1973
Mr Robert Edwin Allen Social Studies 1973
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Attwood Business Administration 1973
Mrs Rosemary Bornsall Bamford Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Timothy Adrian Banks Ordinary Degree 1973
Dr Phillip David Barnard Medicine 1973
Dr K M Beale Medicine 1973
Miss Margaret Mary Patricia Beeson Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Stephen Richard Bentley Physics With Materials Science 1973
Mr Adrian Bottoms Marine Biology 1973
Mr David Ashley Cockram Electronics (4 yrs) 1973
Miss Regina Helen Corbett Sociology 1973
Mr Jeremy Richard Coulson Civil Engineering 1973
Miss Veronica Anne Cowling Bachelor of Science 1973
Miss Lorraine Annette Culley Social Studies 1973
Mr P H Davis Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr John R Dobson Economics 1973
Miss Finnigan 1973
Mr Foulkes Economics 1973
Mr Francis 1973
Mr James Francis Franey Political Theory and Institutions 1973
Mr Glover 1973
Mrs Goodwin 1973
Mr Henry James Heckford English Language & Literature 1973
Mr Philip Gorden Frederick Hemstritch Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Christopher Ian Hepher Law 1973
Mr Anthony Lon Izon Combined Studies 1973
Mr John Matthew Jacobs Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Timothy Andrew James Law 1973
Mr John Nicholson Kemp Combined Studies 1973
Miss Maureen Anne Lloyd Modern History & Politics 1973
Mr Roger Wreford Longstaff Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Martin John Lowe Mechanical Engineering 1973
Miss Lindsay French 1973
Mr Denys John MacDonald Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Presland 1973
Mr Peter Michael Mace Orthopaedic Surgery 1973
Dr Susan Mary Marsden Medicine 1973
Mr John Marsh Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Philip John Marshall Dentistry 1973
Dr Victoria Elizabeth Marshall Medicine 1973
Mrs Mears 1973
Mr Peter Charles Merritt Commerce 1973
Dr Ian Milsom Medicine 1973
Dr Murray David Mitchell Chemistry 1973
Miss Leigh Winifred Mounce Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr David Graham Murphy Economics 1973
Mr Prentice 1973
Mr John Harold Raby Commerce 1973
Mr Chris Alexander Rayne Bachelor of Education 1973
Miss Rigby 1973
Mr Glwyndwr Roberts 1973
Miss Sally Ann Robinson Bachelor of Education 1973
Miss Mary Rouine Physics 1973
Mr Jeremy Guy Schofield Civic Design 1973
Mr Shand 1973
Mr Nigel William Stgrachan Shepherd Physics 1973
Mr John Short Social Studies 1973
Mr Paul Short Architecture 1973
Mr Robert Smart Smart Architecture 1973
Mr James Lyle Smith Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Michael Patrick Weldon Tarlton Physiology 1973
Miss Hilary Vaughan Ordinary Degree 1973
Dr Stanley Ward Philosophy 1973
Miss Barbara Gayle Westhead History 1973
Miss Whiting 1973
Mrs Frances Margaret Harcourt-Brown Strong Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Keith Carrick Bannerman Law 1973
Mr Keith McDean Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Geoffrey Mitchell Geography 1973
Mr Timothy John Wallbank Economics 1973
Mrs Margaret Mary Gray-Williams Gray Psychology (SES) 1973
Mrs Geraldine Jackson Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Nelson 1973
Mr Frederick Thomas Mitchell Mechanical Engineering 1973
Miss Susan Patricia Mary Hart History, Ancient/Archaeology 1973
Mrs Guthrie 1973
Mr Bernard Francis Moore Botany 1973
Mr Stephen Charles Suggitt Geography 1973
Dr Alan Stephen Evans Medicine 1973
Mr Douglas Harry Stewart Morton Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Peter Rowland Lake Civil Engineering 1973
Squadron Leader Donald Robert Macintosh Economics 1973
Mr James Patrick Higgins Political Theory and Institutions 1973
Mr Brian Hobbs Geography 1973
Miss Irene Knott 1973
Mr Charles Munton Physics With Materials Science 1973
Mr Ian Edisbury Gittins Commerce 1973
Mr Andrew Alan Nicholl Geography 1973
Mrs Julia Yeadon 1973
Mr Andrew Gow Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Andrew James Sheppard Law 1973
Mr Brian Reginald Ewart Architecture 1973
Dr Keith Roger Myerson Medicine 1973
Mr Michael Raymond Bradbury Architecture 1973
Dr Geoffrey Frank Francis Electronic Engineering 1973
Mrs Linda Paul Molyneux German/Russian 1973
Rabbi Melvyn Bloom 1973
Mr Terence Anthony Green Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Kenneth William Hankinson Economics 1973
Mr Vincent Campbell Bachelor of Science 1973
Dr Andrew William Dunn Chemistry 1973
Dr James Douglas Rush Physics 1973
Miss Julia Russell Geography 1973
Miss Elizabeth Ann Williams Geography 1973
Mr David Frank Mobbs Geography 1973
Mr Anthony William Moore Geography 1973
Mr Derek Edward Harris Geography 1973
Mr Ian Andrew Hayes Architecture 1973
Ms Cynthia Mary Hibbard English Language & Literature 1973
Ms Carol Elizabeth Harding English Language & Literature 1973
Ms Brenda Felicia Hooper Architecture 1973
Ms Helen Marie Hodson Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Carolyn Jane Hessel Sociology 1973
Mr Antony Hygate History 1973
Ms Christine Howden German 1973
Mr Roger James Hardiman Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr David Cunliffe Heap Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Ian Gordon Hannah Law 1973
Mr Peter Harding Mathematics 1973
Mr Ralph Anthony Hope Science 1973
Ms Barbara Rosemary Halliwell Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Ian Henderson Law 1973
Mr Robert Leslie Hirst Law 1973
Mr Eric Geoffrey Holligan Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Stephen Richard Harris Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Christopher Hewison Law 1973
Mr Christopher Robin Hailey Civil Engineering 1973
Morton Paul Hibbert Medicine 1973
Mr John Hodgkinson Electronics 1973
Dr Nicholas Anthony Halstead Medicine 1973
Mr Brian Edward Harrison Civil Engineering 1973
Mr Christopher Neil Harrison Electronics 1973
Mr John Barrie Harvey Mechanical Engineering 1973
Mr John Norman Heath Architecture 1973
Mr John Frederick Hawkins Dental Surgery 1973
Ms Caroline Mary Wightman Geography 1973
Mr Hugh Bernard Wilkins Physics 1973
Mr Lawrence Willey Law 1973
Ms Jean Elisabeth Lloyd Williams Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Alfred Glyn Williams Music 1973
Mr Emyr Glyn Williams Chemistry 1973
Mr Laurence Anthony Williams Electrical Engineering 1973
Mr Jonathan Robert Wilson Philosophy 1973
Ms Susan Rowena Wilson Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr John Michael Witherick Architecture 1973
Mr Ian Alastair Wood Civil Engineering 1973
Ms Karin Jane Wright Law 1973
Dr Lin Wu Doctor of Philosophy 1973
Dr Geoffrey Paul Wyatt Medicine 1973
Ms Kay Zareh Civic Design 1973
Dr Andrew Peter Zarod Medicine 1973
Ms Charlotte Mary Allen Architecture 1973
Adel Said Al-Aubaydi Civic Design 1973
Ms Julie Sharon Anderson Social Studies 1973
Mr Arthur Lionel Austin French & German 1973
Ms Carol Elizabeth Awcock Honorary 1973
Valentin Alexandru English Language & Literature 1973
Mr Philip Stephen Bailey Law 1973
Mr Donald Agnew Law 1973
Ms Hilary Atkinson Law 1973
Mr James Edward John Adams Law 1973
Dr Colin Stanley Askill Medicine 1973
Ms Anne Caroline Atkinson Dental Surgery 1973
Mr Wilfred Lionel Gwyn Ashton Veterinary Science 1973
Mr Keith Robert Brady Geography 1973
Devendra Shantilal Brahmbhatt Orthopaedic Surgery 1973
Mrs Alison Margaret B Buchanan Brown Civic Design 1973
Ms Susan Ann Brazier Geography 1973
Mr Stephen Charles Briscoe History 1973
Mr Roger John Brown Electronics 1973
Ms Patricia Doris Esmonde Brown Honorary 1973
Mr Malcolm Peter Fisher Brown Architecture 1973
Dr Alan Brown Electronics 1973
Pamela Maureen Burrows Geography 1973
Mr Stephen Robert Burrows Geography 1973
Ms Deborah Helen Beard History, Ancient/Archaeology 1973
Mr Terence Ralph Barker German 1973
Ms Christine Barbara Boon Sociology 1973
Ms Gillian May Bode Economics 1973
Mr Raymond David Black Law 1973
Ms Jane Rosalind Bayley Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Robert Alan Booth Chemistry 1973
Mr Peter Barlow Physics 1973
Dr John Bryan Borradaile Metallurgy 1973
Ms Margaret Mary Faill History 1973
Mr Alan Stewart Fairley Law 1973
Mr Andrew Jonathan Fearn Law 1973
Ms Hilary Anne Finch Hispanic Studies 1973
Mr Thomas Michael Flannery Psychology 1973
Dr Styart Joseph Flockton Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mr Ian Christopher Fordie Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr John Leslie Foulkes French 1973
Ms Julia Margaret Franklin Geography 1973
Dr Anthony Charles Garrood Doctor of Philosophy 1973
Mr Peter Henry Gee Mechanical Engineering 1973
Mr Brian Georgious Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Robert James Taylor Geography 1973
Mr Patrick John Taylor Classics 1973
Mrs Linda Ann Williams Taylor French 1973
Dr Lewis Taylor Commerce 1973
Ms Judith Elgar Templeton Combined Honours 1973
Mr Christopher Charles William Terrell Architecture 1973
Mr Edward Roger Thomas Law 1973
Dr David Anthony Thomas Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Ms Mary Clair Thornley French 1973
Mr Christopher John Tindall Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Ian Tombleson Law 1973
Paulene Ann Trevallion English Language & Literature 1973
Dr Philip Marcel Tromans Medicine 1973
Mr Martin John Vellacott Combined Honours 1973
Mr John Vivis Architecture 1973
Mr David Andrew Wakefield Chemistry 1973
Ms Jean Walmsley Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr David Macdougall Watson Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Gordon Douglas Watterson Geography 1973
Mr Graham Paul Weaver Mechanical Engineering 1973
Ms Elaine Lesley Wells Geography 1973
Mr Kevin Paul Westlake Ordinary Degree 1973
Ms Hilary Lynne Wharf Economics 1973
Mr John Robert Wheelwright Architecture 1973
Mr Hugh Francis Gerrard Whitehead Architecture 1973
Ms Catherine Whiteside Combined Honours 1973
Mr John Thomas Delany Law 1973
Dr Marvin L. Denburg Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mr Ian Barry Dickinson Architecture 1973
Ms Anne Dickinson Oceanography 1973
Ms Hilary Joyce Dyke Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Lawrence Henry Earl Social Studies 1973
Ms Vivien Myra Eddy Psychology 1973
Dr Alan William Edwards Physics 1973
Mr Philip Ronald Edwards Electronics 1973
Ms Bridget Mary Ellison Italian 1973
Mr Barry Elsey Master of Arts 1973
Mr Philip Courtenay Evans Law 1973
Adrjan Gordon Innocent Honorary 1973
Ms Rosemary Margaret Francesca Joseph Music 1973
Ms Christine Margaret Jessup Psychology 1973
Mr Julian Frederic Ives Law 1973
Dr Roderick Ian Smitton Gow Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Ms Susan Mary Gwinnell Botany 1973
Mr Stephen Thomas Irving Law 1973
Mr Michael John Grundy Law 1973
Glynys Ceri Jenkins Law 1973
Mr Ross Gilmore Griffiths Law 1973
Dr David Ireland Medicine 1973
Mr Peter William Haigh Jones Mechanical Engineering 1973
Mr Nicholas William Ince Mechanical Engineering 1973
Dr Jonathan Newton Iddon Medicine 1973
Mr Robert James Electronics 1973
Dr Dennis Greenslade Doctor of Philosophy 1973
Dr Geoffrey Edward Gymer Philosophy 1973
Ms Marcia Penelope Goldstone Sociology 1973
Mr Michael John Gibson Civic Design 1973
Mr William Henry Goodwin Law 1973
Mr Richard Anthony Giddens Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Walter Raymond Girven Law 1973
Mr Paul Roderick Norman Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Peter John O'Brien Physics 1973
Mr Nigel Patrick Gibney Mechanical Engineering 1973
Dr Robert Thomas Owen Medicine 1973
Mr Edmund William George McKeegan Geography 1973
Ms Elizabeth Morag Macdonald English Language & Literature 1973
Dr Alan John Moran Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mrs Avril Carol Links Myers Philosophy 1973
Ms Veronica Myerscough Honorary 1973
Mr John Stuart McLean English Language & Literature 1973
Mr Michael John Myers Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Peter John McCormick Architecture 1973
Ms Katherine Frances Johnson Marshall Architecture 1973
Mr Geoffrey Richard Molyneux German 1973
Ms Audrey Miller Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Margaret Elizabeth Manning Combined Honours 1973
Mr Ian David Mitchell Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Julia Marsh Geography 1973
Mr Stephen John Mason Architecture 1973
Mr Paul Laurence Mackrell Sociology 1973
Mr Philip Patrick Matthews Architecture 1973
Mr Stuart Christopher Munro-Hay Oriental Studies 1973
Mr James Charles Robert Marshall Law 1973
Mr Ian Maxwell Mitchell Law 1973
Dr William James Megaw Doctor of Science 1973
Mr Peter Merriman Law 1973
Mr John Joseph Molloy Law 1973
Mr Anthony James Mogridge Geology 1973
Dr Vicki Elizabeth Marshall Medicine 1973
Mr Keith Martin MacGregor Civil Engineering 1973
Mr Peter Kassapis Transport Design 1973
Mr Ian Peter Kavanagh Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Graham Kellie Law 1973
Mr Richard Stephen Kelly Psychology 1973
Ms Christine Mary Elizabeth Kelly History 1973
Mr Robert Stuart Kelly Chemistry 1973
Mr Robert Barles Boyd Kerr Geography 1973
Mr Seng Siew Koh Architecture 1973
Dr Arvind Kumar Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mr Cho On Lam Electronics 1973
Jurg Lauterburg German 1973
Mr Stuart Clive Lester Social Studies 1973
Dr Roger Simon Lewin Medicine 1973
Mr Bary William Lewis Ordinary Degree 1973
Ms Carole Anne Lewis Honorary 1973
Mr Robins John Limmack Business Administration 1973
Ms Barbara Anne Lindley Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Brian Victor Lloyd Mathematics 1973
Mr Peter Graham Lovatt Law 1973
Ms Geraldine Joan Lowman Bachelor of Education 1973
Mrs Ruth Margaret Hart Lyttle Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Ronald David Pacey-Green Law 1973
Mr Alan Stuart Padley Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Jacqueline Susan Pass Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr John Stephen Payne French & German 1973
Ms Anne Peary French 1973
Dr John Edward Phillips Medicine 1973
Ms Ann-Lynn Phillips Law 1973
Mr Michael John Pickavance Law 1973
Mr David Alan Pigott Chemistry 1973
Mr John Pinnock Geography 1973
Mr Philip John Pond Modern History & Politics 1973
Mr Andrew Charles Poole Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Ann Claire Porter English Language & Literature 1973
Ms Lynda Potts Chemistry 1973
Ms Alison Jean Povall Geography 1973
Mr Robert Prescott Electrical Engineering 1973
Mr David John Prescott Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Hilary Price Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Nigel Charles Price Law 1973
Mr Peter Thomas Prior Physics 1973
Mr Stephen Kenneth Pritchard Bachelor of Science 1973
Ms Iris Joy Pulham Bachelor of Education 1973
Mr Martin Pursell Geography 1973
Mr Anthony Leslie Putt Civil Engineering 1973
Dr Abdul Rahman Rasul Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Ms Jill Elizabeth Redford Psychology 1973
Mr Paul Redmond Biochemistry 1973
Mr John Michael Reid Geography 1973
Mr David Rice Social Studies 1973
Mr John Hesketh Rigby Richards Law 1973
Mr Maurice Nigel Richards Science (Engineering) 1973
Ms Norma Flores Rimando Science 1973
Mr Douglas Frank Andrew Ritchie Biochemistry 1973
Mr Anthony Roberts Mechanical Engineering 1973
Mr Glyndwr Roberts Business Administration 1973
Mr John Edward Robertshaw Economics 1973
Mr David Ian Robinson Dental Surgery 1973
Mr John Roughsedge Civil Engineering 1973
Ms Mary Winifred Rutherford Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Christine Mary Ryan French 1973
Mr Alan Gilbert Carr Law 1973
Ms Gail Caroline Carrodus Ordinary Degree 1973
Dr Judith Carter Medicine 1973
Mrs Dorothy Marion Carvell Geography 1973
Ms Catherine Mary Chadfield Physics 1973
Mr John Anthony Chadwick Honorary 1973
Ms Judith Carolyn Chapman Combined Honours 1973
Mr Dinesh Narotam Chavda Computational & Statistical Science 1973
Dr Ian Michael Chesner Medicine 1973
Ms Susan Margaret Clark Geography 1973
Mr Peter Robin Clarke Geography 1973
Mr Colin Clayton Dental Surgery 1973
Dr Peter Robert Clothier Medicine 1973
Ms Patricia Maria Coffey Geography 1973
Mr Terence John Colam Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Stephen Barnet Collins Geography 1973
Ms Jill Condliffe Honorary 1973
Ms Mary Angela Connolly Geography 1973
Mr Peter James Cookson Law 1973
Mr Philip Copple Bachelor of Science 1973
Mr Nicholas Corder Architecture 1973
Mr Richard Jeremy Corney Law 1973
Mr Martyn Thomas Cowley Bachelor of Science 1973
Ms Jean Cowley Russian 1973
Honoria Mary Creedon History 1973
Ms Kathleen Mary Crook French 1973
Ms Shelagh Jane Elizabeth Crosbie Combined Honours 1973
Mr Christopher John Cudmore Electrical Engineering 1973
Mr Christopher Culshaw Psychology 1973
Ms Maura Helen Dand Music 1973
Mr Michael Robert Darkins Bachelor of Science 1973
Ms Hilary Claire Davis Chemistry 1973
Mr John Robert Davison Law 1973
Mr Howard Stephen Dawson Electronics 1973
Dr Ramesh Chander Sachdeva Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Ms Jane Barbara Sadd Economics 1973
Dr Izumi Sakamoto Doctor of Philosophy 1973
Mr John Arthur Sands Civic Design 1973
Dr Pepalla Satyanarayana Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Dr Stephen Peter Savage Sociology 1973
Mr John Paul Scannell Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Brian Schofield Chemistry 1973
Ronni Lynne Sergeant Combined Honours 1973
Mr George Raymond Beverley Shand Psychology 1973
Mr John Graham Sharples Ordinary Degree 1973
Ms Wendy Shaw Geography 1973
Mr Philip Robin Shearman Bachelor of Science 1973
Ms Gaye Frances Sheridan Modern History & Politics 1973
Jannis Elizabeth Shimmin Geography 1973
Mr Walter John Shirley Law 1973
Ms Susan Shute French 1973
Mr Pussellage Thomas Anton Silva Orthopaedic Surgery 1973
Mr Brian John Simpson Physical Geography and Geology 1973
Mr Paul Nigel Singleton Law 1973
Dr David Ashley Sissons Medicine 1973
Mr Robert Leslie Smart Architecture 1973
Ms Wendy Margaret Smith Geography 1973
Mr Harold Marsh Smith Geography 1973
Mrs Linda Dorothy Pettergill Snelling Geography 1973
Ms Judith Ann Soppet Geography 1973
Mr Alan Souter Ordinary Degree 1973
Mr Julian Patrick Stansfield Civil Engineering 1973
Ms Patricia Stansfield Geography 1973
Mr Colin Peter Stebbing Law 1973
Ms Jacqueline Mary Stephens Bachelor of Education 1973
Ms Anne Stewart History 1973
Ms Judith Anne Stirland Geography 1973
Dr Ronald Stout Medicine 1973
Dr Devarakonda Swaminadhan Doctor In Philosophy 1973
Mr Robert Ray Swaston Law 1973
Dr Neil Graham Hargreaves Chemistry 1973
Mr Nigel John Moore Architecture 1973
Mr Derek William Price Architecture 1973
Dr Peter John Thompson Chemistry 1973
Dr Michael Stuart Yates Bachelor of Science 1973