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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Kenneth Young Chemistry 1972
Dr Stephen John Baines Chemistry 1972
Dr Christopher James Percival Newton Chemistry 1972
Mrs Ann Elizabeth Hayes Chandler Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Robert John Ankcorn Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Eric Alan Hughes Veterinary Science 1972
Dr Denise Mary Jones Medicine 1972
Dr Bronwen Ellen Thomas Medicine 1972
Mr Keith Roger Millward Economics 1972
Mr Joseph Eng Leong Yeoh Commerce 1972
Mr Christopher Joseph Browne Geography 1972
Mr Graeme Marrett Doddy Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Anthony Monk Veterinary Science 1972
Mrs Joyce Tibbetts James Veterinary Science 1972
Dr Richard Wyn Williams Medicine 1972
Dr Michael Graham Forsyth Architecture 1972
Mrs Irene Margaret Pritchard Bailey Bachelor of Science 1972
Dr Stephen Alec Billings Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr Jeffrey Clarke Music 1972
Miss Sheila Elizabeth Adnitt Chemistry 1972
Mr Mark Kendall Aston Ordinary Degree 1972
Mrs Hilary Farrand Atkins Whalley French 1972
Mr Joseph Norman Atkinson Chemistry 1972
Mrs P D Barnard Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Brian Geoffrey Birkhead Mathematics 1972
Dr Ian Sedgwick Blakebrough Bachelor of Science 1972
Miss Hilary Jane Bolan Computational & Statistical Science 1972
Miss Violet Catherine Charlott Bradford Dentistry 1972
Miss Charlotte Rosamond Bray History 1972
Mr A G Close-Smith Architecture 1972
Mrs Joy Williams Biochemistry 1972
Dr Rosemary Jennifer Corke Psychology (SES) 1972
Miss Helen Anne Cowling English Language & Literature 1972
Mr Peter Dinsdale Geography 1972
Mr G A Donald Electrical Engineering 1972
Dr George Peter Sharples 1972
Miss Anne Rosemary Sherwin Social Studies 1972
Mrs Sinclair 1972
Dr Robert Geoffrey Taylor Philosophy 1972
Mr Duncan William Templeton Architecture 1972
Mr Walker Dentistry 1972
Mr Harold George Weatherley Geography 1972
Mr Peter Roy Wilson Bachelor of Education 1972
Miss Linda Wright Sociology 1972
Mr Geoffrey Edge Electronic Engineering 1972
Miss Nigel Anthony Sutcliffe Architecture 1972
Mr Kevin Lee Parkes Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr John David Roberts Bachelor of Education 1972
Dr Kenneth McDonald Chemistry 1972
Mrs Harvey 1972
Miss Hector Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Andres Dixon Hodgson Thesis 1972
Mrs James 1972
Mr Kearney Dentistry 1972
Mr Roger Thomas Kelly Electrical Engineering 1972
Ms Gillian Mary Knight English Language & Literature 1972
Mr Jonathan Graeme Long Geography 1972
Mr I MacAulay 1972
Dr MacKay 1972
Mrs Morello 1972
Mr John Joseph Murphy History 1972
Mr Patrick Joseph O'Connor Geography 1972
Mr Osborne Zoology 1972
Mr Sydney Pace Mechanical Engineering 1972
Dr Pettengell 1972
Mr Preston 1972
Mr Philip Simon Corderoy Rankin Law 1972
Mr Richardson Bachelor of Science 1972
Mr Gavin John Roberts Combined Honours 1972
Mr Gwynn Price Rowlands Law 1972
Dr John Stuart Ryle Electrical Engineering 1972
Dr Osman Kamil Sag Engineering Science 1972
Mr Peter Morris Sandford Electronic Engineering 1972
Miss Christine Margaret Hughes Music 1972
Miss Mary Geaney Physics 1972
Mr Gavin Richard Hughes-Jones Law 1972
Mr John Michael William Dunn Law 1972
Ms Brigid Agnes Knight Law 1972
Dr Ann Laura Hughes History 1972
Dr Richard Stewart Hayward Architecture 1972
Dr Susan Margaret Lewis-Jones Medicine 1972
Mrs Shirley Ellen Talbot Social Studies 1972
Mr John Dearden Law 1972
Dr Kathleen Anne Whyte 1972
Mr Michael John Fraser History 1972
Mrs Hanora Kerambrum 1972
Miss Margaret Knapton Geography 1972
Mrs Catherine Ballard Croudass German 1972
Mr Peter Basterfield German 1972
Mrs Jackie Kearns Munton German 1972
Mrs Margaret Nicholson Mitchell German 1972
Mrs Ann Amelia Rodgers Groves German 1972
Mr Michael Geoffrey Halstead 1972
Mr Stephen John Twist Law 1972
Mr M Mallinson 1972
Mr Adrian Richard Carter Law 1972
Mrs Margaret Hart Bousfield Geography 1972
Dr Bernard Mark Penfold Medicine 1972
Mr Michael David Boyce Hispanic Studies 1972
Mr Christopher Hugh Tuite Zoology 1972
Mrs Vivian Yvonne Higgons Russian 1972
Mr Daniel Paul Shearing Oceanography with Chemistry 1972
Mr Richard Merrick Thorpe Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Derek J Lemon Electrical Engineering 1972
Mrs Catherine Eleanor Daycock Whall Certificate In Education 1972
Mr Richard Underwood Chemistry 1972
Mr John Lawrence Quirk Chemistry 1972
Mr John Derek Roberts Chemistry 1972
Mr David Evans Chemistry 1972
Mr Peter John Nixon Chemistry 1972
Mr David William Davies Chemistry 1972
Mr Robert George Green Chemistry 1972
Dr Robert Graeme Smith Medicine 1972
Dr William Arthur Roy Davies Medicine 1972
Mr Philip Leslie Cooper Architecture 1972
Mr Hywel Wyn Jones Architecture 1972
Mr William John Ward Architecture 1972
Dr Richard Charles Jones Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr Marfu Chigwenzi Zinyowera Education 1972
Mr Shahid Ul Haque Science (Engineering) 1972
Dr John Anthony Hatfield Philosophy 1972
Mr Peter Haworth Law 1972
Mr Ian James Hampton Law 1972
Mr Paul Llewelyn Hesketh Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr John Kenneth Hyland Law 1972
Mr David Clark Horsley Law 1972
Mr Jeffrey Harrison Ordinary Degree 1972
Ms Fiona Elizabeth Macdonald Hull Law 1972
Dr Anne Marie Henry Pharmacology 1972
Mr Adil Mihssin Hado Architecture 1972
Ms Catherine Agnes Hak Honorary 1972
Ms Christine Hughes Bachelor of Education 1972
Ms Glynis Myra Hughes Combined Honours 1972
Tangye Lynn Hopkins English Literature and French 1972
Ms Patricia Elizabeth Howson Architecture 1972
Ms Ffion Elizabeth Hassall Combined Honours 1972
Ms Judith Elizabeth Hampson Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Robert Anthony Holden Ancient & Medieval History & Archaeology 1972
Ms Susan Jayne Chadwick Hodges Combined Honours 1972
Ms Gillian Margaret Hobson History 1972
Dr Colin Anthony Humphreys Education 1972
Ms Susan Jane Hector Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Adrian Keith Heaven Geography 1972
Mr David John Heaton Combined Honours 1972
Mr Thomas James Hill Civil Engineering 1972
Dr Jeremey Henry Medicine 1972
Mr Peter James Michael Hanlon Civil Engineering 1972
Mr James Howard Hughes Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr Robert George Holloway Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr John Holdsworth Electronics 1972
Mr Derek Geoffrey Horseman Science 1972
Mr Charles Edward Walter Wilkins Honorary 1972
Mr Robin Edward Wilkinson Electrical Engineering 1972
Ms Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Robert Gwyn Williams Law 1972
Ms Susan Jane Williams History 1972
Mr John Alexander Williams Law 1972
Mr Philip Michael Williams Law 1972
Ms Elizabeth Ann Williams Chemistry 1972
Mr Harold Eric Wilson Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Paul Jackson Wong Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Gerald Charles Wood Architecture 1972
Ms Eve Worton Pharmacology 1972
Ms Helen Jane Wright Geography 1972
Mr Kenneth Stuart Wrigley Veterinary Science 1972
Mr Peter John Wrycza French and Italian 1972
Mr John Michael Wyatt Geography 1972
Mr Eng Leong Yeoh Honorary 1972
Dr David Alun Armstrong Philosophy 1972
Dr Kahhim Haidar Al-Jawadi Philosophy 1972
Ms Hazel Atkinson Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr John Michael Aspinall Law 1972
Mr Alan Maurice Balbes Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Peter John Anderson Law 1972
Ms Nora Terese Bailey Bachelor of Science 1972
Ms Elizabeth Joanna Gertrude Amphlett English Language & Literature 1972
Mrs Anne Elizabeth Withall Ball History 1972
Ms Stephanie Catherine Bamford Music 1972
Ms Jean Dorothy Adams Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Joseph Peter Alston Architecture 1972
Dr John Basil Archdeacon Medicine 1972
Mr Kelvin Philip Arden Civil Engineering 1972
Dr David Eric Awbery Medicine 1972
Ms Gillian Baines Philosophy 1972
Sebhan Ismail Al-Khaidaire Orthopaedic Surgery 1972
Dr John Ashworth Philosophy 1972
Ms Kathleen Bamber Philosophy 1972
Ms Kay Bowen Law 1972
Mr John Alan Boyd Architecture 1972
Ms Paula Brazier Italian 1972
Mr Hugh Lindsey Brenchley Law 1972
Ms Patricia Margaret Brown Political Theory and Institutions 1972
Ms Helen Susan Brown English Language & Literature 1972
Mr Paul Antony Buckley Electronics 1972
Mr Nicholas Jeremy Joseph Buckley Law 1972
Ms Andrea Bucknell Philosophy 1972
Mrs Patricia Susan Pengelly Bultitude Modern History & English Literature 1972
Ms Geraldine Jane Butchoff Political Theory and Institutions 1972
Mr Christopher Roger Bygrave Electronics 1972
Mr John Gerald Cahill Architecture 1972
Mr Wilfred Alan Cain Architecture 1972
Mr Ian Cairns Honorary 1972
Mr Nigel Howard Campbell Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Michael David Barrett Law 1972
Mr Eric John Ernest Barnett Law 1972
Ms Hilary Jane Bolan Computational & Statistical Science 1972
Mr George Michael Barlow Botany 1972
Mr Keith Bentley Geography 1972
Mr David Billington Biochemistry 1972
Mr Howard Bolland Architecture 1972
Ms Jennifer Carole Boothman Combined Honours 1972
Mr Geoffrey Bartholomew Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Howard Bond Economic & Social History 1972
Mr Michael John Bolton Geography 1972
Mr Alan Arthur Billington Mechanical Engineering 1972
Ms Janet Mary Farley Sociology 1972
Dr Anthony Stephen Farmer Philosophy 1972
Mr Michael John Faulkner English Language & Literature 1972
Mr William John Lomas Ford Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr George Randolph Forster Bachelor of Education 1972
Kinglsey George Foster Economics 1972
Mr David George Foster Geography 1972
Mr Michael John Fowler Architecture 1972
Mr John Walter Gardner Bachelor of Education 1972
Dillys Jane Garner History 1972
Ms May Margaret Garton Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Robert Lister Tacey Geography 1972
Dr Martin David Talbot Medicine 1972
Mr Robert Kevin Taylor Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Graham Ernest Taylor Zoology 1972
Mr John Charles Timmis Law 1972
Ms Catherine Mary Titley Psychology 1972
Mr Andrew Thomas Joseph Topley Architecture 1972
Abdullah Baha-Uddin Toukan Physics 1972
Mr Charles Colin Andrew Turnbull Economics 1972
Mr Noel Goldthorpe Turner Geography 1972
Mr Peter Andrew Tyrer Psychology 1972
Dr David Venters Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr Jeremy Teale Walker Dental Surgery 1972
Mr Christopher James Wallace Bachelor of Science 1972
Ms Joan Sheila Warwick Geography 1972
Mr Peter Stephen Waters Architecture 1972
Mr Frederick George Watson Honorary 1972
Mr Malcolm Robert Wharton Orthopaedic Surgery 1972
Mr Arthur Whimperley Psychology 1972
Mr Keith Richard Whyman Law 1972
Dr Margaret Susan Harris Denman Medicine 1972
Ms Sarah Margaret Dennis Law 1972
Dr Selwyn Leon Dexter Pharmacology 1972
Mr Geoffrey Allan Donald Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr Adrian Gerard Donkin Law 1972
Mr Charles William Maloclm Donnelly Law 1972
Mr David Myers Dooley Law 1972
Ms Kathleen Margaret Doyle Law 1972
Mr Melvyn Stuart Draper Mechanical Engineering 1972
Ms Valerie Anne Dufton Geography 1972
Ms Gabrielle Elizabeth Monica Dutton Bachelor of Education 1972
Dr Stuart John Edwards Medicine 1972
Mr Jeffrey Eggleston Electrical Engineering 1972
Ms Brenda Susan Elcombe Geography 1972
Ms Linda Jennifer Elkington Music 1972
Mr Roger Michael Ellender Modern History & Politics 1972
Mr Ivor Ellis Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr Malcolm Elsby Chemistry 1972
Ms Victoria Jaquiss Ewens Russian 1972
Mr Colin John Greaves Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Christopher Gordon Groves Law 1972
Mr Alan Joyce Bachelor of Science 1972
Mr Dewi Griffith Zoology 1972
Mr Allan Jellett Physics 1972
Mr Robert Sheriden Jones Geography 1972
Ms Kathleen Wilmot Griffith-Jones English Language & Literature 1972
Ms Beryl Mavis Green Architecture 1972
Mr Kenneth Douglas Johnson Economics 1972
Mr James William Jones Philosophy 1972
Mr Peter Anthony Grenville Honorary 1972
Ms Lydia Jane Greig Music 1972
Ms Vivien Mary Jenkins Architecture 1972
Mr Roger Herbert Greenwood Geography 1972
Michel-France James Geography 1972
Mr Colin Richard Jones Electrical Engineering 1972
Mr Peter Maldwyn Jones Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Abdul Sattar Jassim Issa Science (Engineering) 1972
Ms Julia Anne O'Neill Master of Arts 1972
Mr Joseph Naujokas Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Robert John Gilbert Law 1972
Ms Rosalind Sylvia Oates Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Alan Charles Edwin Nocholson Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Stephen Neary Law 1972
Ms Lilian Marilyn Gore Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr David Nicholas Physics 1972
Dr Talal Jaber Nassar Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Ms Susan Mary Glover Geography 1972
Ms Jane Frances O'Hare Celtic 1972
Mr Christopher Moses Lubale Nyonyintono Architecture 1972
Mr Michael John O'Malley Modern History & Politics 1972
Mr Michael William Harold Gilbert Honorary 1972
Ms Averil Margaret O'Hanlon Political Theory and Institutions 1972
Mr Christopher Edward Gilbert Geography 1972
Mr Gabriel Ioan Negroiu English Language & Literature 1972
Mr David Anthony Nicholson-Cole Architecture 1972
Ms Anthea Mary Nicholson-Cole Architecture 1972
Mr Richard Anthony Gordyniec Architecture 1972
Ms Veronica Alberta Ponsonby Gill Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr John David Orkney Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Philip James Napper Building Science 1972
Mr John Pearson Nightingale Veterinary Science 1972
Ms Susan Elizabeth Owen Dental Surgery 1972
Dr Farzanehe Mohammadi-Tabrizi Doctor of Philosophy 1972
Nurul Mustafa Science (Engineering) 1972
Dr David Robin Myres Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr David Gwyn Mason Law 1972
Mr Andrew Hugh Munday Law 1972
Ms Lynda Joyce Brinkworth Marsh Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Michael McQuillan Law 1972
Mr Norman Manley Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Jonathan Morris Law 1972
Mr Gary Morris Law 1972
Mr Douglas Joseph McQueen Ordinary Degree 1972
Mrs Bridget Ann Marshall Orr Law 1972
Mr Zbigniew Stanley Matusiak Chemistry 1972
Dr Robert Peter Millar Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr Panycos Chris Mavron Computational & Statistical Science 1972
Dr Kamal Abdel Moniem Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Dr Colin George Moore Zoology 1972
Mr Niall Benedict MacCormack Architecture 1972
Mrs Linda Christine Jensen Moss Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Philip Martin Architecture 1972
Mr Richard James Mudford Architecture 1972
Mr Graham MacIntosh Sociology 1972
Mr Keith John Morris Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Stephen Asbury Mortall Geography 1972
Mr Christopher John Morley Geography 1972
Mr Arthur Michael Mulholland Architecture 1972
Mr Stephen Richard Murray Geography 1972
Mr David Bruce Moore Honorary 1972
Ms Bridget Katherine McLaughlin History 1972
Mr John Walton Morris Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Abdul Khair Mohammed Golam Mostafa Science (Engineering) 1972
Mr Fredrick Arthur McGeough Mechanical Engineering 1972
Babu Lal Kathel Surgery 1972
Ms Andrea Mary Keightley Geography 1972
Ms Cathrine Pamela Kelly Physics 1972
Mr John Charles Rufus Kelly Law 1972
Mr Philip Christopher Kelly Bachelor of Science 1972
Dr Peter Leonard Kent Medicine 1972
Dr Colin Michael Kenyon Medicine 1972
Dr Mahbubar Rahman Khan Philosophy 1972
Ms Gillian Kirkham English Language & Literature 1972
Phing Chin Kong Bachelor of Education 1972
Dr Jeffrey Thomas Latham Master of Arts 1972
Mr Michael Lawlor Architecture 1972
Mrs Joyce Porteous Leech Bachelor of Science 1972
Ms Carol Edith Lees Biochemistry 1972
Mr Jeffrey Alan Lett Honorary 1972
Mr Jeffrey Levine Architecture 1972
Mr John Lewis Honorary 1972
Ms Elizabeth Ann Lewis Geography 1972
Ms Elizabeth Veronica Ley Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Paul Marcus Liddle Law 1972
Mr Stuart Anthony Limb Bachelor of Education 1972
Ms Susan Rosemary Lines Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Kenneth Matthew Little Law 1972
Mr Charles Henry Lloyd Combined Honours 1972
Ms Jane Helen Longden Law 1972
Dr Ruth Mary Lovely Philosophy 1972
Ms Elizabeth Mary Duff Lowe Law 1972
Mr Philip Lynch Geography 1972
Mr Anthony Richard Lyon Mechanical Engineering 1972
Dr Dianne Elizabeth Elam Packer Zoology 1972
Ms Susan Mary Palliser English Language & Literature 1972
Mrs Carol Jean Roe Palmer Bachelor of Education 1972
Mr Henry William Parrott Architecture 1972
Dr Diana Jane Brownsdon Pattinson Medicine 1972
Mr Luke Julius Maughan Pawsey Law 1972
Mr Arthur John Pearson Law 1972
Ms Barbara Peck Sociology 1972
Mr Richard Geoffrey Penn Architecture 1972
Lindsay Elizabeth Penrose Mathematics 1972
Mr Claude Wyvil Anton Pereira Civic Design 1972
Mr Graham Michael Pickavance Law 1972
Mr Geoffrey Pigott Geography 1972
Mr Ian Michael Pilkington Law 1972
Ms Mary Henrietta Pittendrigh Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Brian Christopher Plant Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Roy Potter Dental Surgery 1972
Mr Christopher Hugo John Powell-Jones Ordinary Degree 1972
Ms Maureen Ann Power English Language & Literature 1972
Mr Gruffydd Pennant Price Architecture 1972
Mr John Pritchard Architecture 1972
Mr James Martin Edmond Quirke Chemistry 1972
Mr Brian Keith Rawle History 1972
Mr Robert John Reed Law 1972
Ms Patricia Irene Rees Bachelor of Education 1972
Mrs Mary Patricia Moylan Regan French/Russian(A) 1972
Mr Rodney James Renshaw Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr David George Rhodes Law 1972
Mr Stephen Robert Rhodes Honorary 1972
Mr Jefrey Loyd Richards Law 1972
Mr Anthony Riley Law 1972
Mr Tomos Roberts Celtic 1972
Mr Martin John Francis Roberts Law 1972
Mr Philip Ivor Roberts Bachelor of Science 1972
Dr Charles Scott Robinson Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Christopher John Robinson Ordinary Degree 1972
Mr Steven George Robinson Bachelor of Science 1972
Mr Gordon Wynne Roderick Master of Arts 1972
Mr Anthony Gerald Rodrigues Honorary 1972
Mr Stephen Charles Rogers Law 1972
Ms Lynda Rome Law 1972
Mr Bernard Michael Ronchetti Law 1972
Mr Richard Edward Rosher Law 1972
Mr John Francis Ryan Civil Engineering 1972
Mr Duncan Carmichael Electronics 1972
Ms Susan Anne Chantler Ordinary Degree 1972
Wing Kwong Cheung Bachelor of Science 1972
Dr Peter Nicholas Clare Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr William Geoffrey Clark Hispanic Studies 1972
Mr Robert Arthur Clarke Philosophy 1972
Mr Anthony Grenvil Close-Smith Architecture 1972
Mr Anthony Martin Cocks Civil Engineering 1972
Dr Howard Newman Cohen Medicine 1972
Dr Peter Carberry Conor Education 1972
Ms Sarah Margaret Cook Combined Honours 1972
Mr John Hugh Harrington Cooper Law 1972
Mr Michael James Coppack Geography 1972
Mr Stephen Joseph Cronin Honorary 1972
Mr Thomas Crye Ordinary Degree 1972
Ms Ann Cuff Zoology 1972
Mr William Anthony Cunningham Master of Arts 1972
Ms Judith Ellen Curtis Architecture 1972
Mr John Douglas Dagg Civic Design 1972
Mr Ronald Walter Davies Electrical Engineering 1972
Dr Joan Edith Dawber Doctor In Philosophy 1972
Mr Brendan Thomas Dawson Geophysics 1972
Mr Graham Charles Day Mechanical Engineering 1972
Mr Peter Roland Day Civil Engineering 1972
Ms Nilima Saha Master of Arts 1972
Maretta Lorraine Samman French 1972
Mr John William Savill Physics 1972
Ms Katherine Henderson Sergeant Dental Surgery 1972
Dr Seetharama Kuppuswamy Sethuraman Philosophy 1972
Mr Raj Kumar Sharma Orthopaedic Surgery 1972
Mr Timothy Andrew Frederick Sherwood Law 1972
Mr John Shields Honorary 1972
Mr Paul Jonathan Shuttleworth Law 1972
Ms Janet Kathleen Sibun French 1972
Mr Zahid Hussain Siddik Biochemistry 1972
Dr Nicholas Charles Siddle Medicine 1972
Ms Hilary Ann Siddle Law 1972
Ms Patricia Elizabeth Simpson Ordinary Degree 1972
Ms Christine Smith Sociology 1972
Mr Alexander Paul Smith Law 1972
Mr Paul Anthony Speakman Law 1972
Mr Anthony Spells Philosophy 1972
Mr Nigel Andrew Charles Spelman Building Science 1972
Mr Tristram Spence Architecture 1972
Ms Christine Janet Spicer Biochemistry 1972
Ms Norma Elizabeth Spruce Geography 1972
Ms Cherry Anne Stables Geology 1972
Photios Nicholaou Stephanopoulos Architecture 1972
Mr Nicholas George Stobbs Architecture 1972
Mr Brian William Stockton Physics 1972
Ms Dorothy Patricia Stowell Sociology 1972
Mr Robert Harry Street Law 1972
Mr Michael Anthony Stuart Bachelor of Science 1972
Mr Roger Stuart-Jones Computational & Statistical Science 1972
Mr Andrew Francis Sturdy Architecture 1972
Ms Elizabeth Jennifer Suddes Geography (Combined) 1972
Mr William Henry Sutton Modern History & English Literature 1972