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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr John Hayes Chemistry 1970
Mr Brian Philip Hatton Chemistry 1970
Mr Martin Denison Ridley Dobbie Chemistry 1970
Ms Barbara Taylor Chemistry 1970
Mr Peter Hamilton Veterinary Science 1970
Mr Anton Greenwood Lowe Veterinary Science 1970
Mr Michael Singlair Bain Veterinary Science 1970
Mr John Michael Edge Law 1970
Mrs Davina Mary Gilmore O'Donoghue Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr John Thomason Veterinary Science 1970
Dr Christopher Miles Brown Anatomy & Human Biology 1970
Dr David William Gillespie Mechanical Engineering 1970
Dr Peter Dolan Medicine 1970
Dr Elizabeth Jane Ellis Stillman Medicine 1970
Mr David Hammond Veterinary Science 1970
Dr William David Lord Anatomy 1970
Dr William David Gareth Powell Medicine 1970
Dr John Alexander Tappin Anatomy 1970
Mr Peter Michael Benn Geography 1970
Dr Phillip John Evans Biochemistry 1970
Dr Cornelius Andrew Collins Political Theory and Institutions 1970
Dr David Reuben Abramovich Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Graham S Coles Veterinary Science 1970
Mr Philip S Hunt Veterinary Science 1970
Dr Patricia Eileen Blackshaw Munday Medicine 1970
Mrs Pauline R Hadfield Mills French 1970
Mr James Anthony Kieran Law 1970
Mr John Stuart Earl Political Theory and Institutions 1970
Dr Peter John Davey Philosophy 1970
Ms Elaine Parker 1970
Dr Stanley James Keith Holmes Medicine 1970
Mr Malcolm Ainley Civil Engineering 1970
Mr John Dunning Beaton Economics 1970
Mrs J Bennett 1970
Miss Margaret Elizabeth Booy Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Roger Brown Biochemistry 1970
Miss Josephine Teresa Brunt Geography (Combined) 1970
Mr Laurence Chernick Commerce 1970
Mrs C M Claasz 1970
Mr Ian Robert Winston Cooke Bachelor of Science 1970
Miss M A B De-Larrinaga Thesis 1970
Mr Malcolm Robert Dixon Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr John Carney Commerce 1970
Mr Thomas Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Paul Woodrup Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Shenton 1970
Dr Peter Shaw Chemistry 1970
Dr Graham Douglas Smith Medicine 1970
Mr Robert Ernest Tapp Bachelor of Science 1970
Mrs Webster 1970
Mr Williams 1970
Mr John M Wilson Botany 1970
Mr Witham Master of Science 1970
Mr Wrigley 1970
Mrs Young 1970
Mrs Ann Rebecca Harrington Bachelor of Education 1970
Dr Janet D Hayle Medicine 1970
Mr David James Hughes Bachelor of Science 1970
Mrs Hilary Humphries English Language & Literature 1970
Mr David John Killer Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Miller 1970
Mr Neil Leslie Moore Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr Roderick Keith Bennett Morgan Computational & Statistical Science 1970
Mr Alastair James Nisbet Law 1970
Mr Michael James Owen Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Raymond Pealing Electrical Engineering & Electronics 1970
Mrs Prior 1970
Mr Keith Ridgway Civil Engineering 1970
Mr John Charles Roy Zoology 1970
Miss Pauline Rose Mills French 1970
Mr Hughes Bachelor of Arts 1970
Dr Keith Francis Parsons Medicine 1970
Mrs Kathryn Roycroft Abbott Bachelor of Arts 1970
Mr Peter Thomas Goulden Chemistry 1970
Professor Ronald Kenneth Pickerill Geology 1970
Mr R Howarth Modern Languages (Hispanic Studies) 1970
Mrs Mary Anne Beech Brewis Geography 1970
Dr C J Gibbins 1970
Mr Julian Charles James Maples Law 1970
Dr I A West 1970
Mrs Marilyn Apple French 1970
Mr John Barry Hull Metallurgy 1970
Mr Peter Howe Physics 1970
Ms Mary Lynn Haughton Bird Social Studies 1970
Mr Michael Richard Green Science 1970
Mr John Henry Vyse Building Science 1970
Mr David Ovadia Bachelor of Science 1970
Ms Monica Gallimore Bachelor of Education 1970
Mrs Corrie Lowry Physics 1970
Ms Brenda Ann Smith Architecture 1970
Mr John Peter Armstrong Law 1970
Dr Delyth Wyn Jones Medicine 1970
Mr Geoffrey Emile Moore Dental Surgery 1970
Mr John Glyn Jones Dental Surgery 1970
Ms Lesley Smith Dental Surgery 1970
Dr Michael Joseph Buggy Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr David Howitt Iles Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Thomas David McRitchie Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Mohammed Shahid Siddiqui Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Stuart Drewson Ward Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr John Francis Bingham Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Ghulam Salahuddin Quraishee Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Sawat Saengbangpla Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr John Hill Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Garudeo Singh Saluja Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Mihajlo Platisa Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr James Michael Cummins Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Barry David Hamilton Architecture 1970
Ms Veronica Jean Huntingford Social Studies 1970
Mr Paul John Wootley Hayward Geography 1970
Mr John Critchley Hall Law 1970
Mr David Roger Harvey Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Ian Robert Hewes German/Russian 1970
Mr Rodney Lenton Halligan Law 1970
Mr John Craig Henderson Law 1970
Dr David John Hewett Medicine 1970
Mr Peter Ronald Hughes Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Duncan Tonley Haworth Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Ian David Hickey Electronics 1970
Dr Roger Hissett Doctor of Philosophy 1970
Ms Linda Mary Holt Pharmacology 1970
Dr Pamela Ann Louise Henderson Medicine 1970
Ms Gillian Mary Howe Botany 1970
Mr John Michael Harrison Electrical Engineering 1970
Dr Andrew Charles Hamson Medicine 1970
Mohammad-Mehdi Hosseinzadehnik Electrical Engineering 1970
Mr Alan James Hutton Building Science 1970
Mr Michael Alan Hill Electronics 1970
Mr Michael John Hynes Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Robert Peter Havelock Wilde Anatomy 1970
Mr Patrick Denis Wilding Law 1970
Dr John Richard Williams Civil Engineering 1970
Ms Jennifer Mary Williams Social Studies 1970
Ms Vicki Marilyn Williams Ordinary Degree 1970
Ms Lesley Ann Willshire Pure Mathematics 1970
Dr Alan John Wilson Building Science 1970
Dr Maxwell David Winson Medicine 1970
Mr Philip Wolstenholme Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Frederick Anthony Woodhead Geology 1970
Mr Paul Lewis Woods Law 1970
Mr John Richard Woolley Modern History & Politics 1970
Dr Janet Deborah Wooltorton Medicine 1970
Mr Stuart Wrathmell History, Ancient/Archaeology 1970
Dr John Thomas Matthew Wright Doctor of Philosophy 1970
Mr Ian Douglas Young Law 1970
Ms Gladys Aynsley Social Science 1970
Mr Kenneth William Maurice Allen Education 1970
Ms Lynda Marian Baines Combined Studies 1970
Ms Marilyn Harcourt Bacon Ordinary Degree 1970
Aminmohamed Adatia Mathematics 1970
Ms Christine Mary Annetts Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Andrew Aukland Medicine 1970
Mrs Hazel Martha Stein Abrahamson Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Roy Andrew Anstead Building Science 1970
Dr Stephen Thomas Atherton Medicine 1970
Mr James William Baker Mechanical Engineering 1970
Dr Jozef Maria Bafort Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Michael John Abberton Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Dr David Ian Alexander Medicine 1970
Dr Tolu Ajayi Medicine 1970
Ms Elizabeth Ann Bowie Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Michael Geoffrey Bramall Building Science 1970
Mr John Howard Bratherton Civil Engineering 1970
Ms Elizabeth Anne Mary Breen Social Science 1970
Mr Graham Paul Breen Electronics 1970
Mr John Nigel Brentnall Law 1970
Mr Richard Paul Brittain Law 1970
Mr Gerald David Brooke Social Studies 1970
Ms Suzan Jennifer Brown German 1970
Ms Mary Cecily Brown Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Anthony Elston Brown Law 1970
Mr Richard Alyn Brown English Language & Literature 1970
Dr Michael John Bryant Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Ronald John Bulley Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Anthony John Burton Physics 1970
Ms Kathleen Sheila Byrne French 1970
Mr Michael John Bennett History 1970
Ms Jennifer Jane Bennett German 1970
Ms Margaret Julia Boswell French 1970
Mr Arthur Benson Bachelor of Education 1970
Ms Susan Mary Bennett Hispanic Studies 1970
Mr Stuart Raymond Bannister Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Walter Bolger Chemistry 1970
Ms Linda Mary Boize Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Hugh Robert Lee Bishop-Cornet Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr Christine Bott Medicine 1970
Dr John Leslie Blakeborough Medicine 1970
Mr Rodney Cresswell Best Dental Surgery 1970
Ms Eileen Sybil Billings Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Fakir Chand Bansal Science (Engineering) 1970
Mr Harvey Bertfield Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr John Bertram Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Dorreen Eileen Beattie Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Peter Brian Carey Medicine 1970
Mr Malcolm John Carlisle Dental Surgery 1970
Ms Pamela Margaret Carpenter Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Philip John Carroll Law 1970
Dr Robert John Cashin Medicine 1970
Mr Owen Charlton Bachelor of Education 1970
Ms Diana Pianet Cheeseman French 1970
Mr Peter Christopher Childlaw Law 1970
Ms Lynn Ann Clayton French 1970
Mr John Francis Coffey Law 1970
Ms Mary Collins Psychology 1970
Mr Roger Nigel Cook Physics 1970
Dr Robert James Cooling Medicine 1970
Mr John Edward Cooper Building Science 1970
Ms Sally Lyn Coulthurst Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Donald Noel Cowling Law 1970
Mr Christopher Donald Crabbie History 1970
Dr Ian Tyrie Craigie Medicine 1970
Dr John David Creer Medicine 1970
Mr William David Cronin Law 1970
Ms Anne Victoria Crowther Combined Studies 1970
Mr David Philip Curtis Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Nigel Howard Dace Law 1970
Dr Olukayode Adebisi Dada Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr William Duncan Bright Darbishire Medicine 1970
Ms Margaret Anne Darycott Social Studies 1970
Mr Stephen Davies Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Robert Goyne Davies Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr John Albert Davison Building Science 1970
Mr Philip Heath Dawson Law 1970
Mr Graham John Anthony Dawson Philosophy 1970
Dr Malcolm Cyrus Lloyd De Alwis Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Raymond Francis de Winter Philosophy 1970
Mr Raymond Albert Desson Physics 1970
Mr Christopher George Duffell Chemistry with Materials Science 1970
Mari-Eugenia Suzanne Dufresne Civic Design 1970
Mr Ian Anthony Durant Electrical Engineering 1970
Glennys Dwyne Combined Studies 1970
Maxen Earnes-Hughes Law 1970
Ms Valerie Margaret Edwardes French 1970
Dr Nicola Anne Edwards Medicine 1970
Mr Michael Trevor Edwards Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr James Henry Edwards Law 1970
Mr Alec Charles Owen Ellis Master of Arts 1970
Mr Barry Lawrence Evans Honorary 1970
Mr Andrew Thomas Evans Veterinary Science 1970
Mr Ahmed Wael Abdel Kader Ahmed Farag Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr John Cantuis Fernando Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Derek Ian Firth Law 1970
Mr Roger William Fish Honorary 1970
Ms Alison Jean Fish German 1970
Mr John Joseph Fleming Geography 1970
Mr James Anthony Foster Law 1970
Mr Patrick Nicholas Fox Botany 1970
Mr Derek John Freeman Law 1970
Dr Thomas Leonard Freeman Computational & Statistical Science 1970
Ms Sally Margaret Gabriel Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Roger Galvin Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr David Robert Giles Economics 1970
Dr Anthony James Gillam Building Science 1970
Dr Patricia Margaret Gilmore Medicine 1970
Ms Jacinta Mary Glover Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr Charles Hugh Godfrey Law 1970
Ms Susan Godward Bachelor of Education 1970
Vambrea Joy Goode Bachelor of Education 1970
Dr Chirukandath Gopinath Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Judith Grant Medicine 1970
Mr David Charles Green Architecture 1970
Mr Roger David Greenfield Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Peter Vincent Greensmith Dental Surgery 1970
Mr John Hilton Gregory Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Edwin James Grennan Ordinary Degree 1970
Ms Ann Jennifer Guthrie Architecture 1970
Dr Henrietta Man Hing Ip Medicine 1970
Dr Charles Nicholas Isherwood Medicine 1970
Mr Charles Terry Jackson Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr Anthony Edward Janes Geography 1970
Mr Diego Jaramillo Philosophy 1970
Dr Panorjit Jariya Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Raymond Keith Johnson Building Science 1970
Ms Christine Ann Johnson Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Anthony John Jones Law 1970
Mr Roger Frank John Jones Geography 1970
Mr Clive Jones Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr Barry Jones Bachelor of Science 1970
Ms Sheila Margaret Kelly Classicial Stds & Modern Lang 1970
Dr John Whittaker Kelso Medicine 1970
Mr Ian James Kennedy Law 1970
Dr David Kewn Medicine 1970
Joo Hua Khaw Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Ms Pauline Anne King Pure Mathematics 1970
Mr Michael Henry King Honorary 1970
Dr Susan Valerie Kneale Medicine 1970
Dr Sylvia Joan Kneen Geophysics (Physics) 1970
Mr Richard Antony Knipe Law 1970
Mr Robert Graham Alexander Knott Science (Engineering) 1970
Mr Paul Kaye Botany 1970
Ms Elzbieta Wladyslawa Kuchta English Language & Literature 1970
Mr Peter Nairn Murray Laing Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Anne Lawrence Medicine 1970
Ms Glenys Elizabeth Lea Dental Surgery 1970
Ms Margaret Shelagh Lees Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Martin Lewis Mechanical Engineering 1970
Ms Sheila Elizabeth Lewis Geography 1970
Mr Brian Thomas Linfoot Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Chaw Ming Ling Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr Michael Geoffrey Lloyd Law 1970
Dr Paul William Lord Chemistry 1970
Mr Laurence Stephen Lynford Electrical Engineering 1970
Mr Peter Gibson MacFadden Civil Engineering 1970
Dr David Francis MacSweeney Philosophy 1970
Mr Terence Patrick Sulivan Maguire Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Dr Margaret Gillian Malster Medicine 1970
Ms Lynda Mary Marsh Geography 1970
Mr Robert Brian Mason Geography 1970
Mr John Keith Mather Civil Engineering 1970
Dr James Robin Mathews Medicine 1970
Mr Ian Max Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Frank Alexander Mayman Economics 1970
Mr Shaun Martin Richard McCarthy Philosophy 1970
Mr Andrew McDonald Law 1970
Mr Simon John Vernon McDonald Building Science 1970
Ms Elizabeth Anne McFall Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr John Alec George McHardy Physics 1970
Mr Peter Edward McKenna Law 1970
Mr Keith McNab Building Science 1970
Dr Terence John Mecalfe Kitchin Medicine 1970
Dr Pamela Susan Melding Medicine 1970
Mr Stephen Mellor Electrical Engineering 1970
Mr Paul Humphrey Meyer Law 1970
Mr Garry Haddon Minors Electrical Engineering 1970
Mr Stephen John Moffatt Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Benedykt Leopold Mojsejczuk Electronics 1970
Mrs Anne Carolyne Rawson Moore French and Italian 1970
Mr John Christopher Moore Bachelor of Science 1970
Ms Kathleen Ann Morrell English Language & Literature 1970
Mr Derek Michael Morris Law 1970
Dr David Bradley Morton Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Dr Howard Stevenson Mullan Geology 1970
Dr Peter John Mullen Combined Studies 1970
Mr Alan Murray-Rust Architecture 1970
Dr Ishaq Muhammed Natsheh Medicine 1970
Mr Barry Ronald Naylor Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Anthony Neary Law 1970
Mr James Peter Newman Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Keith Stuart Nicholas Medicine 1970
Dr Elizabeth Ann Nuttall Medicine 1970
Ms Margaret Angela O'Connor Music 1970
Dr Christopher O'Hanlon Medicine 1970
Enyinna Hyascinth Ohuonu Science (Engineering) 1970
Mr Paul Robert Opalinski Geology 1970
Mr Terence Charles Owen Electrical Engineering 1970
Ms Sarah Elizabeth Owen History 1970
Mr Marcus Alexander Oxley Economics 1970
Ms Fiona Margaret Pacey Music 1970
Ms Gillian Rosemary Page Social Studies 1970
Dr Olive Jane Paley Medicine 1970
Ms Patricia Marion Palmer Combined Studies 1970
Mr Neil Pardoe Economics 1970
Mr Ronald Barrington Parr Law 1970
Mr Graham Partington Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Barry Griffith Skyrme Peach Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Mr Martin John Pearce Zoology 1970
Mr Jonathan Mark Pearce Building Science 1970
Mr Brian William Pennington Law 1970
Mr Kenneth Leslie Perks Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Adrien Michael Peters Medicine 1970
Dr Nigel Hastings Philp Medicine 1970
Dr David William Pilling Medicine 1970
Ms Suzanne Pine Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr John Whitmore Pownall Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Richard Michael Pratley Architecture 1970
Mr David Arthur Price Electronics 1970
Mr John Price Celtic 1970
Mr Colin Warlow Pritchard English Language & Literature 1970
Dr Joseph Sinclair Tufantse Quansah Medicine 1970
Dr Ian George Raifs Medicine 1970
Mr Christopher Paul Reeves Ordinary Degree 1970
Ms Fiona Madeleine Reid Dental Surgery 1970
Ms Kathleen Elizabeth Richardson Music 1970
Mr William Gibson Richardson Geography 1970
Ms Marilyn Joy Richter French 1970
Mr John Edward Robbins Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Hugh Martyn Mansel Roberts Law 1970
Mr John Dawson Roberts Combined Studies 1970
Mr Glen Darell Robertson Law 1970
Mr David Robinson Bachelor of Education 1970
Mr David Blake Rooks Building Science 1970
Dr Monica Helen Rooney Medicine 1970
Dr Christopher James Rose Medicine 1970
Dr Peter Alan Rovira Medicine 1970
Ms Christine Ada Rowley Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr Ian Alexander Russell Medicine 1970
Mr James Ian Rutter Master of Arts 1970
Ms Patricia Ann Ryan Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Robert Andrew Salisbury Law 1970
Mr Richard Patrick Salman Building Science 1970
Mrs Christine Elizabeth Natarajan Sankey Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr David Michael Savage Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Ronald Andrew Sawyer Mathematics 1970
Mr Ian Emsley Scott Economics 1970
Mr Michael Alan Seaman Law 1970
Ms Judith Ann Segal Mathematics 1970
Dr Pamela Jane Seymour Medicine 1970
Ms Felicity Kjisik Shannon Social Studies 1970
Mr Paul Nicolas Shaw Civil Engineering 1970
Mr Geoffrey John Gradwell Shawcross Veterinary Science 1970
Damodara Madhava Konchady Shenai Master of Orthopaedic Surgery 1970
Ms Marie Anne Agnes Sherlock Geography 1970
Mr Robert John Singleton Law 1970
Mr Francis Bernard Slowey Physics With Materials Science 1970
Mr Peter Keenan Smith Dental Surgery 1970
Mr Robert Edwin Smith Education 1970
Mr Jeffrey Smith Ordinary Degree 1970
Dr Christopher James Speirs Medicine 1970
Mr Philip Spencer Mathematics 1970
Mr John Stapleton Russian 1970
Mr David Stepanian Ordinary Degree 1970
Mrs Fiona Ann Bubb Stevens Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr Mary Eve Stillman Medicine 1970
Ms Sudesh Sud Science (Engineering) 1970
Mr John Dale Swindells Bachelor of Science 1970
Ms Jane Mary Tallon Bachelor of Education 1970
Dr Stuart Kynaston Thomas Medicine 1970
Mr David James Thompson Honorary 1970
Mr Alan Stanley Thompson Physics 1970
Ms Jennifer Anne Marty Thomson French 1970
Dr Ying Kau Tong Medicine 1970
Mr Brian Toombs Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr Brian William Trenbirth Chemistry 1970
Mr Ian Stephen Trotter Building Science 1970
Barbara-Lou Troy Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Derek Tuddenham Building Science 1970
Mr William Alan Turnball Mechanical Engineering 1970
Mr Michael William Turner Law 1970
Mr Graham Denis Turner Building Science 1970
Ms Donna Urwin Bachelor of Science 1970
Mr Nigel Geoffrey Varley History 1970
Dr Phillip Edward Walker Medicine 1970
Mr Timothy John Warn Law 1970
Mr James William Watling Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr David Weaver Music 1970
Mr Charles Edward Webb Bachelor of Science 1970
Dr Pamela Pixie-Anne Webster Medicine 1970
Ms Jane Deborah Westbrook Law 1970
Ms Jennifer Anne Westwood History 1970
Mr Thomas Oliver Whelan Philosophy 1970
Mr Eric Vivian Whiley Dental Surgery 1970
Dr Sheila Sinclair White Doctor In Philosophy 1970
Mr Clive Frederick Bragg Whitehouse Civic Design 1970
Ms Patricia Nolan Ordinary Degree 1970
Mr John Christopher Poole Law 1970
Ms Karamjit Singh Business Administration 1970
Dr John Macdonald Lock Zoology 1970
Dr Catherine Ann Vaughan Williams Medicine 1970