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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Ms Margaret Elizabeth Popham Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Kenneth Paley Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Alan Francis Hampton Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Harland John Foster Bachelor of Science 1966
Ms Jean Horner Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Keith Sucksmith Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Richard Trevis Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr David Harold Armitage Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Roger Grenville Jones Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Terence Gavan Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Robert Nile Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Anne Bieruta Kolaszynska Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Owain Michael Thomas Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Richard Keighley Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr David Waldren Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Christopher John Howard Goddard Bachelor of Science 1966
Ms Elizabeth Ann Wells Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Malcolm Victor Pimm Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Harry Mallinson Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Janine Joan Gould Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Paul Lenssen Architecture 1966
Mr Melvyn Edgar Angus Lockie Mathematics 1966
Dr Michael Thomas Cox Chemistry 1966
Dr Graham Dudley Knowles Chemistry 1966
Dr Peter Anthony Edwards Biochemistry 1966
Dr Doreen Patricia Gough Biochemistry 1966
Dr Andrew Rodney Hadyn Smith Biochemistry 1966
Dr David Maudsley Electrical Engineering 1966
Dr Anthony David Matthews Oceanography 1966
Dr Peter Michael Pfeifer Biochemistry 1966
Dr Jack Bailey Chemistry 1966
Ms Joan Winifred Kirk Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr David Bryan Lancelott Physics 1966
Professor William Philip Holwell Duffus Veterinary Science 1966
Mr Trevor Thomas Farrell Veterinary Science 1966
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Francis Wilson Veterinary Science 1966
Mr Allan John Smith Veterinary Science 1966
Dr Nigel Raymond Gaze Medicine 1966
Dr Richard Ernest Dunbar Hamm Medicine 1966
Dr Bertram Albert Maltz Medicine 1966
Mr John Bennison Bachelor of Science 1966
Mr Alan John Robinson Civil Engineering 1966
Dr Pamela Baxby Hitchen Doctor In Philosophy 1966
Mr Robert Peter Lancaster Engineering 1966
Mr David John Abbott Bachelor of Science 1966
Mrs Ann Margaret Ambase 1966
Dr Peter Beardmore Doctor In Philosophy 1966
Ms Gail Elizabeth Baker Political Theory and Institutions 1966
Mr Paul Gerard Barratt 1966
Professor Charles R Boxer Honorary 1966
Mr Peter Roy Bradley Civil Engineering 1966
Mrs P Cowlin 1966
Mr I K Dickson 1966
Miss P Dodds 1966
Mr William James Wright Zoology 1966
Mr Robin John Evans 1966
Mr Ronald Francis Ewart Classics 1966
Mr Griffiths 1966
Mrs Judith Johnson Bacon English Language & Literature 1966
Mr Keighley 1966
Dr Eluned Lee 1966
Mrs McNab 1966
Dr Diana R P Manning 1966
Mr Mansell 1966
Mr Martin 1966
Miss Miles 1966
Mrs O'Neill 1966
Mr David John Rushton Physics 1966
Mr Peter Sefton Engineering 1966
Mr Toms 1966
Miss Woodcock 1966
Mrs Patricia Anne Wright 1966
Mr Raymond Geoffrey Halls 1966
Mr Michael John Maxwell Law 1966
Mrs Dorothy Margaret Scott-Russell 1966
Mrs Hazel Shatwell 1966
Mrs Helen Ruddock Clement English Language & Linguistics 1966
Dr Manhit Singh Sambhi 1966
Mr Arnold Hall 1966
Mr John Leslie Shield Law 1966
Mr Anthony Vincent Summers Law 1966
Dr David Colin Sherrington Chemistry 1966
Lady Frances Margaret Hodge Coyne History 1966
Mr Michael Franks 1966
Mrs Margaret Carol Ann Gibbins Evans English Language & Literature 1966
Mr David Thomas Law 1966
Dr Paul Brian Hodson Medicine 1966
Mr Derek C Thompson 1966
Mr Christopher Malcolm Bate Law 1966
Dr Richard Anthony Barker Medicine 1966
Dr Beverley John Abel Medicine 1966
Ms Christine June Cannings Geography 1966
Mr Philip Hewitt Mathematics 1966
Dr David Wynne Howells Medicine 1966
Dr William Edward Lowe Botany 1966
Ms Frances Elizabeth Jackson Russian 1966
Dr Bernard Kay Robinson Dental Surgery 1966
Ms Victoria Jane Saise Political Theory and Institutions 1966
Ms Susan Mary Scarffe (Ducker) French 1966
Dr Muhammad Shameem-Ullah Doctor In Philosophy 1966
Ms Patricia Ann Tyzack English Language & Literature 1966
Dr William Joseph Turner Medicine 1966
Peter Daniel Commerce 1966
Mr Peter Edward Darnton Electrical Engineering 1966
Lesley Joan Darwen English Language & Literature 1966
Mr John Bernard Davies Mathematics 1966
Mr John Gladney Davies Bachelor of Science 1966
Mr Brian William Dawson Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Norman Dawson Physics 1966
David de Bank Owen Engineering 1966
Valerie Dean Science 1966
Josephine Derrett Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr Richard Edward Devonshire Medicine 1966
Dr John Neil Dickinson Medicine 1966
Mr Ian Keith Dickson Metallurgy 1966
Anne Donnelly Science 1966
Mr Victor Robert Drexler Commerce 1966
Mr William Philip Holwell Dufus Veterinary Science 1966
Ms Elaine Dunkley Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Leonard Durell Physics 1966
Clive Barrand Dyke Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Derek Eaves Medicine 1966
Gwenllian Edwardes Modern History & English Literature 1966
Mr Peter Edwards Botany 1966
Bronwen Edwards Social Science 1966
Mr Arthur John Ellinson Electrical Engineering 1966
Dr Ervine Allingham Ellis Medicine 1966
Maurice Philip England Law 1966
Ms Carolyn Frances Etheridge Social Science 1966
Mr Robert Edward Evans Social Science 1966
Michael Arthur Evans Engineering 1966
Mr John David Farmer Physics 1966
Mr Christopher Ben Farnhill Mechanical Engineering 1966
Ms Gillian Margaret Fayle Ordinary Degree 1966
Michael John Fearon Building Science 1966
Sybil Staveley Ferguson Science 1966
Mr John Marcial Fernandez Mathematics 1966
Ms Felicity Maria Filgate Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Ian Robert Fisher Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Geoffrey Fisher Ordinary Degree 1966
Howard Martin Ratcliffe Fittins Commerce 1966
Mr Roger Anthony Flather Mathematics 1966
Mr Michael Stuart Ford Electrical Engineering 1966
Susan Burnell Ford Science 1966
Mr Peter Norbert Forshaw Psychology 1966
Mr Dudley Vincent Fowkes Geography 1966
Lesley Diana Fox Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr George Aidan France Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr William Michael Fuller Economics 1966
Peter Furnivall Metallurgy 1966
Mr Michael Julian Gaade Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Christopher James de Rome Garnett Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Laurence Edward Garvin Russian 1966
Ann Gaskell Mathematical Statistics 1966
Anthony Noel Geary Commerce 1966
Mr Leslie Colin Geddes History 1966
Mr Peter John George Law 1966
Mr Peter Gibbison Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr James Reginald Gibson Civic Design 1966
Mr Michael Richard Giddings Zoology 1966
Mr Stanley Churchill Glassey Italian 1966
Ms Pamela Elizabeth Glover French 1966
Ms Yvonne Wendy Goacher Social Science 1966
Ms Gillian Elizabeth Godfrey Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Stuart Godwin Ordinary Degree 1966
Peter Jonathan Gollop Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Michael John Goman Civil Engineering 1966
Colin Gordon Russian 1966
Mr Jane Bridget Gore English Language & Literature 1966
Keith Gorton Mathematical Statistics 1966
Colin Gough Physics 1966
Ms Elizabeth Margaret Govan Botany 1966
Trevor Graham Electrical Engineering 1966
Howard Gray Electrical Engineering 1966
Judith Gray Classics 1966
Dr Gillian Ruth Green Medicine 1966
Mr Robert Nicholas Green Oceanography 1966
Ms Elizabeth Ann Green Geography 1966
Philip Malcolm Greenwood Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Rhys Lewis Griffiths Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr William Eric Griffiths Philosophy 1966
Ms Elizabeth Catherine Shirley Groom Social Studies 1966
Dr Alan George Guy Mathematics 1966
Dr Roy Harold Hackett Medicine 1966
Mr Edward Haigh Chemistry 1966
Ms Susan Elisabeth Haigh Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Gwyneth May Halsall Biochemistry 1966
Dr John Malcolm Hamer Medicine 1966
Ms Elspeth Mary Hamilton Architecture 1966
William Robert Hardwood Mathematical Statistics 1966
Dr Elizabeth Ann Hare Psychology 1966
Dr David Hare Philosophy 1966
Ms Rosalie Hargreaves German 1966
Mr Stephen Patrick Harris Geology 1966
Judith Thay Harris Social Science 1966
Dr Peter John Stuart Harris Medicine 1966
Mr Brian Francis Harris Ordinary Degree 1966
Julia Mary Hartridge Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Dorothy Margaret Hayes French 1966
Stanley Peter Hayton Philosophy 1966
Mr Frank Leslie Frederick Heath Economics 1966
Dr Thomas Ian Hempstock Philosophy 1966
Aidan Hendron Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Terence Francis Hensall Commerce 1966
Mr Stuart Ian Herbert Geography 1966
Mr Geoffrey Stanley Herbert Chemistry 1966
Mr Philip Hewitt Mathematics 1966
Mr Michael John Hickey Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Kenneth Higgins Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr John Harrington Hill Philosophy 1966
Mr Peter John Hill Geology 1966
Richard Owen Hill Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Peter John Roscoe Hilton Botany 1966
Michael Anthony Hirst Geography 1966
Dr Eileen Teresea Hisley Medicine 1966
Dr Madelaine Hodkinson Philosophy 1966
Mr Rodney Joseph Hogg Bachelor of Science 1966
Cameron Holborn French 1966
Stephen Holden Philosophy 1966
Ms Diane Leslie Holdsworth Bachelor of Arts 1966
Ms Margaret Josephine Holland Biochemistry 1966
Mr Michael James Hollingsworth Geography 1966
Dr Bernard Martin Holmes Medicine 1966
Dr Michael John Holmes Medicine 1966
Miss Jennifer Holmes English Language & Literature 1966
Mr Michael David Hopley Ordinary Degree 1966
Stephen Hornby Bachelor of Arts 1966
John Lindsay Horrocks Law 1966
Ms Jane Elizabeth Horton English Language & Literature 1966
Dr Leon Horwich Doctor of Medicine 1966
Malcolm Nicholas Hough Physics 1966
Dr Margaret Ann Houghton Medicine 1966
Mr Frank Howard Law 1966
Mr Leslie John Howell Mathematics 1966
Ivan Michael Hudson Pharmacology 1966
Mr John William Hughes Mechanical Engineering 1966
Audrey Hughes Botany 1966
Mr Brian Anthony Hughes Electrical Engineering 1966
Ms Eileen Maria Hutchinson English Language & Literature 1966
Mohiy El-Deen Abd El-latief Ibrahim Philosophy 1966
Ms Mary Ceinwen Iles Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Elaine Ing Geography 1966
Mr Leslie Jackson Irving Physics 1966
Colin Jackson Chemistry 1966
Mr John Neil Jackson Physics 1966
Mr Gordon Fuller Jackson Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Geoffrey Crawford Jamieson Architecture 1966
Mr David Rex Jeffcoate Architecture 1966
Ms Gwendolyn Lilian Jewitt Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Peter Graham Johnson Geography 1966
Martin Francis Jarrett Johnson Ordinary Degree 1966
Christine Margaret Johnston History 1966
Dr Peter Malcolm Jones Philosophy 1966
Ms Carol Elizabeth Jones Botany 1966
Ms Valerie Margaret Jones Mathematics 1966
Mr Geoffrey Alan Jones Physics 1966
Mr George Michael Jones Mechanical Engineering 1966
Ms Rosemary Ann Jones Oceanography 1966
Kenneth Stewart Jones Chemistry 1966
Roger Grenville Jones Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Michael Patrick Joyce Classics 1966
Mr David Lawrence Kelly Law 1966
Mr Ian Bruce Kennedy Geography 1966
Dr Alfred David King Philosophy 1966
Patricia Mary King Social Science 1966
Mr Garry Kirby-Parkinson Law 1966
Jennifer Anne Kirkby Social Science 1966
Ms Judith Kirkwood Geography 1966
Khin Maung Kyi Science 1966
Ms Hilary Ann Laud Geography 1966
Eve Dorothy May Lawrence Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Roy Lawrence Philosophy 1966
Mr Colin Robert Laycock Psychology 1966
Ms Christine Mary Lee Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Michael Reginald Lemon Electrical Engineering 1966
Janet Lenssen Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Peter Leong Ordinary Degree 1966
Kenneth Vincent Lever Mathematics 1966
Mr Philip Solven Lewis Psychology 1966
Mr Kandy Lingham Biochemistry 1966
Ms Susan Mary Linley Social Science 1966
Ms Ann Veronica Lloyd Social Studies 1966
Mr Anthony Robert Lloyd History 1966
Sally Ruth Lloyd French 1966
Ms Glenys Lloyd Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Keren Virginia Philips Lomas Law 1966
Ms Valerie Margaret Lomas Classics 1966
Mr Graham Stanley Long Social Studies 1966
Mr John Francis Lord Physics 1966
Mr Louis Peter Lou Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Richard John Lowe Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr David Grenville Lowther Electrical Engineering 1966
Dr Susan Elizabeth Lumley Medicine 1966
Mr Christopher James Lyons Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Andrew Alistair James MacArthur Science 1966
Dr David Byrce Macdonald Philosophy 1966
Rosalind Mary Macgregor Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Alan Machin Metallurgy 1966
Mr David John Macklin Civil Engineering 1966
Hilary Maddocks Economics 1966
Alan James Maddox Law 1966
Ms Veronica Mary Maher Hispanic Studies 1966
Mr Alexander James Maltman Ordinary Degree 1966
Dorothy Frances Manning English Language & Literature 1966
Mr David John Marbrow Physics 1966
Dr Clive Douglas Marcham Medicine 1966
Mr John Lucien Markham Chemistry 1966
Peter Barry Marshall Electrical Engineering 1966
John Richard Marshall Psychology 1966
Mr John Wingfield Marshall Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Eileen Leonie Marston Civic Design 1966
David Leslie Martin Metallurgy 1966
Ms Agnes Christine Mason Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dorothy June Mason Social Studies 1966
Dr Donal Mason Philosophy 1966
Ms Jennifer Ann Mason Biochemistry 1966
Dr Paul Anthony Mayland Medicine 1966
John McCarton Philosophy 1966
Ms Alisa McCutcheon History 1966
Mr David Arthur McDougall Modern History & Politics 1966
John Malcom McIntyre English Language & Literature 1966
Mr Alan John McKay Mechanical Engineering 1966
Keith James McKenna Electrical Engineering 1966
Ms Mary McKie English Language & Literature 1966
Mr Vincent James McNeely Metallurgy 1966
Dr Gwenan Meirion Medicine 1966
Ms Susan Ida Merrill Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Ian Robert Metcalfe Geography 1966
Ms Barbara Jane Meyer Psychology 1966
Mr Stephen Nigel Middleton Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Anne Patricia Middleton Social Studies 1966
Ms Barbara Elisabeth Miller French 1966
Mr Paul Edwin Millward Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Carol Grace Mitchell History 1966
Ms Eleanor Mary Mitchell English Language & Literature 1966
Dr Ian Lawrence Mogford Philosophy 1966
Mr John Ellis Molyneux Civil Engineering 1966
Dr Eluned Morgan Medicine 1966
Mr Denys Malcolm Morgan Civil Engineering 1966
Jane Morris Geography 1966
Vera Morris Philosophy 1966
Mr Trevor Morris Science 1966
Mr Michael John Harold Morris Building Science 1966
Dr Leonard Reid Morris Philosophy 1966
Mr John Kirkpatrick Moscrop Ordinary Degree 1966
Karen Diane Mothersdale Geography 1966
Kenneth Alaln Mulholland Philosophy 1966
Ms Carolyn Rosemary Mullett English Language & Literature 1966
William David Murphy Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Diana Myer Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Susan Pamela Julia Myers Geography 1966
Mr Godfrey William Neal Oceanography 1966
Dr Thomas Paul Edgar Nener Medicine 1966
Ms Janis Margaret Newton Botany 1966
Dr John Gordon Nichols Master of Arts 1966
Maureen Frances Nicholson Law 1966
Kenneth Nicholson Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Peter Leslie Nock Russian 1966
Ann Elizabeth Nock Genetics 1966
Sean Padraig O'Broin Science 1966
Terence Charles Bernard O'Dowd Electrical Engineering 1966
Michael Carroll Naish O'Sullivan Dental Surgery 1966
Janet Margaret Overend Social Science 1966
Ms Dawn Gale Owen Science 1966
Kenneth Martin Owen Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Paul Elliott Owen Mathematics 1966
Morwenna Owens French 1966
Dr John Brian Owen-Thomas Medicine 1966
Peter Henry Oxburgh Architecture 1966
Roy Adrian Palmer Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Arthur Roland Palmer Geography 1966
John Charleton Wallace Parker Building Science 1966
Dr Diana Ruth Pryce Parry Medicine 1966
Mr Barry William Pashley Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Jean Kathleen Patterson Ordinary Degree 1966
Linda Jean Peacock History 1966
Ms Lesley Jane Peake Geography 1966
Dennis Pearson Electrical Engineering 1966
Anthony Court Penlington Dental Surgery 1966
Dr John Frank Perkins Philosophy 1966
Mr John Martin Perris Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Peter David Phethean Philosophy 1966
Dr Marry-Lou Phillips Medicine 1966
Vanda Knight Pick English Language & Literature 1966
Derek Thomas Pickering Economics 1966
Mr Michael Edward Poole Electrical Engineering 1966
Ian Anthony Porter Ordinary Degree 1966
Shaun Patrick Power Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Joseph Power Electrical Engineering 1966
Marianne Rosaline Price Veterinary Science 1966
Dr Arnold John Price Physics 1966
Susan Prince Social Science 1966
Ms Madeleine Jane Pyke French 1966
Mr Kenneth Pyrah Hispanic Studies 1966
Ms Christine Margaret Radford Mathematics 1966
Ms Diane Angela Rahhal Biochemistry 1966
Ms Stella Ramsbottom Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Michael Piers Rathbone Medicine 1966
Mr Derek Thomas Rawle Electrical Engineering 1966
Ms Irene Veronica Rawlinson German 1966
Mr Harry Robert Renshall Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Malcolm Renshaw Chemistry 1966
John Henry Reynolds Chemistry 1966
Mr David Lloyd Richards Chemistry 1966
Mr Ian McQuarrie Rickson Civic Design 1966
Mr John Ridgway Geology 1966
Josephine Winifred Rigby Zoology 1966
Vivienne Patricia Hall Roberts Mathematics 1966
Dr Malcolm John Roberts Philosophy 1966
Dr Michael Roberts Medicine 1966
William Edward Roberts Commerce 1966
Dr Allan Robinson Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Janet Louise Rose Hispanic Studies 1966
Dr Andrew Francis Ross Medicine 1966
Dr Stephen Munro Ruddick Botany 1966
Mr Robert Glyn Russell Ordinary Degree 1966
James Digby Russell Bachelor of Science 1966
Ronald Anthony Russell-Clark Mathematics 1966
James Gabriel Ryan Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr John Ryan Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Robert Henry Sabberton Physics 1966
Ms Elizabeth Sage-Dunnett Geography 1966
Mr George Frederic Salt Engineering 1966
Frances Jane Sammon Botany 1966
Mr John Anthony Sanderson Economics 1966
Mr Chaman Lal Sarin Surgery 1966
Konrad Jan Saunders Dental Surgery 1966
Ms Susan Mary Scarffe French 1966
Norman James Schofield Mathematics 1966
Mr Philip Gregory Scott Science 1966
Mrs Anne Christine Netherwood Scott Architecture 1966
Brenda Patricia Sealey Hispanic Studies 1966
Ms Brenda Louise Sefton Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr David Edward Selby History 1966
Ms Linda Rosemary Shaffer Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Carmel Ann Shales Medicine 1966
Pamela Susan Shalliker German 1966
Mr Harold Frederick Shaw Geology 1966
Mr Michael John Shaw Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Ian Michael Roy Shepherd Law 1966
Ms Loreley Sherwood Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Catherine Nora Shields Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Jeffrey John Short Ordinary Degree 1966
Catriona Gail Shuring Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Alan Sigsworth Bachelor of Science 1966
Dr Robin Simmons Electrical Engineering 1966
Anne Loverini Simon French 1966
Edward Smethurst Simpson Philosophy 1966
Mr Alan Reginald Sinclair Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Keith Mathieson Skeaping Commerce 1966
Mr Donald Murdoch Skelley Engineering 1966
Mary Smith Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Margaret Ann Smith Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Peter Andrew Wilson Smith Geography 1966
Dr Michael William Smith Geography 1966
Mr Graham Anthony Smith Commerce 1966
Christine Lesley Smith Economics 1966
Mr Peter Smith Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Robert Edward Smith Chemistry 1966
Mr Roger Harry Vanston Smith Law 1966
Dr Graham Robin South Philosophy 1966
Mr Nigel Anthony Garth Spackman Economics 1966
Mr Alan George Spall Commerce 1966
Mr John Harrison Speake Metallurgy 1966
Malcolm John Stammers Social Studies 1966
Dr Margaret Lawson Stapley Medicine 1966
Ms Margaret Elian Stevens Ordinary Degree 1966
Jennifer Ann Stoker Geography 1966
Michael Allan Stott Philosophy 1966
Ms Gay Robina Stower Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Malcom Strange Russian 1966
Ms Annette Clare Sullivan Ordinary Degree 1966
John Anthony Sutcliffe Bachelor of Arts 1966
Christopher John Sutton Electrical Engineering 1966
Ms Ann Dorothy Swift Ordinary Degree 1966
John Antony Clucas Sykes Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Reginald Taman Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Robin Tankard Architecture 1966
Edwina Targett Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Rodney Howard Arthur Taylor German 1966
David Anthony Taylor Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Peter James Taylor Geography 1966
Mr John Alfred Taylor Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Ian Richard Taylor Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Michael Benjamin Taylor Law 1966
Mr David Taylor Oceanography 1966
Mr Ketih Philip Teare Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Judith Ann Thomas English Language & Literature 1966
Dr Tom Dulyn Llewelyn Thomas Medicine 1966
Mr David Aneurin Thomas Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr David Harold Thomas Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Michael Stuart Thompson Electrical Engineering 1966
Michael James Thornton Chemistry 1966
Mr Trevor Rodney Tipler Physics 1966
Ms Ruth Margaret Tittershill Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr John David Tomlinson Civil Engineering 1966
Mr William Alexander Tone Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Eileen Touhey French 1966
Mr Malcolm Stewart Townend Science 1966
Richard Trevis Ordinary Degree 1966
Arthur Nicholas Tunnacliffe Civic Design 1966
Stephen Michael Tunstill Electrical Engineering 1966
Arshad Rahmat Ullah Civic Design 1966
Mr William Albert Utley Science 1966
Mr David George Vale Mathematics 1966
Richard Vernon Venables Social Studies 1966
Ms Eleanor Mary Vinall Ordinary Degree 1966
Susan Wakefield Biochemistry 1966
Valerie Walker Biochemistry 1966
Gavin John Wallave Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John Robin Walley Civil Engineering 1966
Mr John Dennis Walton Veterinary Science 1966
Mr Derek Wanless Mathematics 1966
Mr Richard Ward Mathematics 1966
Mr Christopher Michael Wardle Physics 1966
Barry John Wareham Botany 1966
Mr Peter Edward John Warrington Engineering 1966
Mr John Christopher Watkins Commerce 1966
Mr Edward Thomas Watson Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Joan Margaret Watson Botany 1966
Carol Margaret Wells Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Nicholas West Physics 1966
Mr George Whelan Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr John Graham White Physics 1966
Ian White Ordinary Degree 1966
John Arthur White Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Paul Milton Whitehead Botany 1966
Mr David Wilde Dental Surgery 1966
Dr George Stanley Wilkinson Philosophy 1966
Mr Edmund john Wilkinson Ordinary Degree 1966
David John Wilks Law 1966
Ms Sylvia May Willey Social Science 1966
Dr John Gareth Williams Medicine 1966
Mr John Prys Williams Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr William Edward Wilson Ordinary Degree 1966
Carole Wistanley Ordinary Degree 1966
Judith Mary Wood Ordinary Degree 1966
Susan Woodcock Social Science 1966
Ms Jennifer Woodrow Social Science 1966
Francis William Wright Bachelor of Education 1966
Ms Paula Marian Wright Bachelor of Arts 1966
John Mark Ellis Wynne Geography 1966
Rodney Young Botany 1966
Ms Patricia Elizabeth Young Ordinary Degree 1966
William Robert Laurence Young Electrical Engineering 1966
John Bertram Young Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Alan Clayton Bachelor of Arts 1966
Mr Michael Stuart Common Economics 1966
Mr Peter Charles John Buckland Economics 1966
Mr Richard Hilary Cooper Economics 1966
Ms Janice Elinor Adamson English Language & Literature 1966
Ms Jennifer Ann Carr English Language & Literature 1966
Ms Maureen Janet Cullum English Language & Literature 1966
Ms Pauline Mary Bowe French 1966
Mr Derek James Cronin French 1966
Jilary Claire Elizabeth Brooke Geography 1966
Mr Michael Bell Economics 1966
Mr Robert Gordon Clark Geography 1966
Mr Alan James Cain Geography 1966
Peter Cox Geography 1966
Mr Keith Michael Benford English Lit./Philosophy 1966
Ms Anne Boyle German 1966
Mr Charles John Stewart Betty German 1966
Mr Kenneth Brayne History 1966
Ms Anne Elizabeth Creer History 1966
Ms Brenda Atkinson History 1966
Miss Susan Elizabeth Bagley Biochemistry 1966
Mr Anthony John Beecher Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr David Pallister Clark History 1966
Anne Caroline Bate Philosophy 1966
Mr Alan Bedford Psychology 1966
Jean Patricia Collins Psychology 1966
Dr Samir El-Hosaini Abd-Raboh 1966
Helen Ruth Bailey Social Science 1966
Ms Elizabeth Andree Condict Social Science 1966
Ms Ruth Dixon Alcock Social Studies 1966
Ms Christine Burwood Social Studies 1966
Mr Timothy Randall Bleach Modern History & Politics 1966
Ms Margaret Collerton English Lit./Philosophy 1966
Thomas Boycott Bachelor of Arts 1966
Ms Honour Barbara Challinor Bachelor of Arts 1966
Trevor William Buck Commerce 1966
Ms Jenny Joan Allum Commerce 1966
Peter William Ankers Commerce 1966
Mr Peter Hamilton Blockley Architecture 1966
Ms Ann Bullen Ordinary Degree 1966
Dr Patrick John Brenchley 1966
Dr George Francis Clark Philosophy 1966
Dr John Adrian Colman Philosophy 1966
Mr David Michael Bishop Science 1966
Mr Brian Laurie John Bellew Mathematics 1966
Frederick Trevor Brawn Mathematics 1966
Mr Colin Bullock Mathematics 1966
Mr Christopher John Collins Mathematics 1966
Mr Peter Raymond Alderson Physics 1966
Ms Eileen Ann Bloxham Physics 1966
Mr Adrian Utting Bryant Physics 1966
Mr David Eric Archer Chemistry 1966
Mr John Martin Braithwaite Chemistry 1966
Mr Michael John Chappell Chemistry 1966
Mr Robert Francis Cuthbertson Chemistry 1966
Dr David James Curtis Zoology 1966
Michael Leslie Blackburn Zoology 1966
Miss Janice Kay Burley Geography 1966
Ms Ann Josephine Aylward Biochemistry 1966
Mr Alan Fryer Acton Metallurgy 1966
Stephen Robert Cannon Metallurgy 1966
Mr David Russell Andress Ordinary Degree 1966
John David Avery Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Peter Gerard Barratt Ordinary Degree 1966
Ian Gordon Bengry Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Duncan Charles Bennett Ordinary Degree 1966
Mrs Patricia Kay Tottman Bowyer Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Valerie Box Ordinary Degree 1966
Anthony Arthur Braithwaite Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Ian Cunningham Brown Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Michael Edward Busst Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Terence Haigh Carter Ordinary Degree 1966
Anne Christine Cartmell Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr John David Cave Ordinary Degree 1966
Ms Shirley Jayne Clague Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Howard Connor Ordinary Degree 1966
Mr Hassan Badran Oto-rhino-laryngol.MSurg. 1966
Dr Christine Abbott Medicine 1966
Dr Janet Akhurst Medicine 1966
Dr David Allera Medicine 1966
Dr Philip Bloomer Medicine 1966
Dr Victor Stewart Bolton Medicine 1966
Dr Barry Michael Chopping Medicine 1966
Dr Michael Scott Cornah Medicine 1966
Dr John Leslie Cunningham Medicine 1966
Mr Keith Onslow Beeston Law 1966
Mr Godfrey Peter Collins Law 1966
Mr Patrick Anthony Crowley Law 1966
Malocolm McKittrick Chase Collins Philosophy 1966
Peter William Cocker Civil Engineering 1966
Mr Thomas Ambridge Electrical Engineering 1966
Dr Anthony Duncan Craig Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Talib Hamadah Al-Hadithi Electrical Engineering 1966
Edmund Bruen Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Terence Milburn Craig Metallurgy 1966
Edward Lloyd Butterworth Civil Engineering 1966
Terence Howard Carter Civil Engineering 1966
Robert Christopher Balchin Blake Electrical Engineering 1966
Michael Crickett Electrical Engineering 1966
Mr Abdul Rasool Wahid Ali Mechanical Engineering 1966
Peter Ian William Carmichael Civic Design 1966
Dr John Henry Bartley Philosophy 1966
Dr John Hamilton Clements Philosophy 1966
Neil Nathan Bradman Science 1966
Miss Judith Bottomley French 1966
Dr William Andrew Coward Philosophy 1966
Mr Rasheed Elamin Adballa Science 1966
Mr Bryan Roger Adams Science 1966
Mr Geoffrey Lionel Collier Science 1966
Mr Donald Barrie Case Orthopaedic Surgery 1966
Ms Ursula Brayshaw Dental Surgery 1966
Mr Christopher Burke Engineering 1966
Mr John Lionel Chapman Mechanical Engineering 1966
Mr Francis William Denton Civil Engineering 1966
Ms Roberta Carole Goren Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr Ratan Kumar Govilla Philosophy 1966
Mr David Wydham Hamilton Surgery 1966
Dr Brian William Hogg Philosophy 1966
Mr Deepak Vasudeo Kulkarni Architecture 1966
Ms Annila Madan Science 1966
Mr William Robert Parker Orthopaedic Surgery 1966
Majid Rasul Philosophy 1966
Mr David Cecil Spencer Seivright Law 1966
Dr Debi Prasad Sengupta Philosophy 1966
Dr Muhammad Shameemullah Philosophy 1966
Mr Mohammad Sirajullah Orthopaedic Surgery 1966
Miss Hannah Angeline Boodhoo Bachelor of Arts 1966
Dr Mahumud Ahmad Al-Qishtaini Philosophy 1966
Mr Saad Mahmood Al-Rahim Mechanical Engineering 1966
Dr Kwan Ming Chan Philosophy 1966
Mr King-Pan Chan Orthopaedic Surgery 1966