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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Paul Anthony Smith Chemistry 1961
Dr Michael Cook Medicine 1961
Dr Leslie Frank Farnell Chemistry 1961
Mr John Dunton Veterinary Science 1961
Dr Susan Haywood Horrocks Veterinary Science 1961
Mr Peter Robert Kemble Veterinary Science 1961
Mr John Neil Arnott Veterinary Science 1961
Mr Hugh Love-Jones Veterinary Science 1961
Dr Terence Langan Medicine 1961
Dr Moira Ravey Medicine 1961
Dr Hywel Gareth Morris Williams Medicine 1961
Dr Charles David Watkinson Political Theory and Institutions 1961
Mr John Bernard Green Law 1961
Dr Frederick Axel Johne Economics 1961
Mr Roger Weinberg Veterinary Science 1961
Mr Edward Anthony Ernest Barker-Jones Economics & Economic History 1961
Mr Paul Bryan 1961
Mrs Caroline Ann Craig Peterson German 1961
Mr Kenneth Henry Ashcroft Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr T P Crimes 1961
Mr John Heber Donnison Heath Law 1961
Mr Peter Francis McDonald Bachelor of Arts 1961
Reverend Michael Bernard Gaine Sociology 1961
Mr Grace 1961
Mr Jowitt 1961
Mr David H McGlynn 1961
Mrs Patricia Moran 1961
Mr Proctor 1961
Mr Range 1961
Mrs Robinson 1961
Miss Smith 1961
Mr Peter Maurice Unsworth Commerce 1961
Mr Westley 1961
Mr John White Classics 1961
Mr Michael Burton Wilkinson Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Williams Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mrs Anna M Guttridge 1961
Dr Judith Anne Heyworth Medicine 1961
Mrs Alison Cunningham Murray Robertson Commerce 1961
Dr Michael Francis Dean Botany 1961
Mr P Williams Bachelor of Arts 1961
Miss Paula Wherly Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mr Philip Sydney Adams Geography 1961
Mr Peter Charles Day Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Chun Kuen Anthony Ip Architecture 1961
Mr Philip Edward Williamson Physics 1961
Dr Douglas Matthew Johnston Medicine 1961
Mr Brian John Anderson Chemistry 1961
Dr Alan Ogwen Jones Chemistry 1961
Mr Howard Ellison Smith Chemistry 1961
Mr David Lees Chemistry 1961
Mr Michael Kin Chow Wong Law 1961
Mr Alfred Hardacre Chemistry 1961
Ms Alice Joan Hurley English Language & Literature 1961
Mr Peter Anthony Hargreaves Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Philip David Graham Holland Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Peter Dominic Hoskinson Law 1961
Dr Eifion William Humphreys Medicine 1961
Dr Bernard Victor Harris Medicine 1961
Mr Frank Michael Hughes Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Mamdouh Mohamed Hifny Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Paul Williams Hispanic Studies 1961
Mr John Keith Williams Chemistry 1961
Mr Peter Anthony Williams Civil Engineering 1961
Ms Jean Patricia Williams Law 1961
Mr Kenneth Woodward Architecture 1961
Ms Patricia Josephine Wright English Language & Literature 1961
Mr Kean Hong Yeoh Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mohamed Ahmed Al-Jeboori Science General Student 1961
Mr Ahmad Bashir Al-Naib Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr John Ambler Electrical Engineering 1961
Yildirim Akturk Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Anthony Douglas Brook Chemistry 1961
Mr Graham Nigel Brothers Hispanic Studies 1961
Mr Edmund Brown History 1961
Mr John Brocklebank Buckley Dental Surgery 1961
Mr Brian Raymond Burt Electrical Engineering 1961
Mr Philip Henry Butler Metallurgy 1961
Mr Ronald Michael Bonsall English Language & Literature 1961
Mr David Lawrence Bennett French 1961
Dr Bernard Henry Bonner Chemistry 1961
Dr Albert Kwasi Boaitey Medicine 1961
Mr Anthony John Barrell Economics 1961
Dr Thomas Farrimond Philosophy 1961
Dr Georgina Agnes Ferguson Medicine 1961
Mr Roy William John Field Mechanical Engineering 1961
Dr John Magill Findlay Medicine 1961
Dr Marie Christine Firth Medicine 1961
Ms Anne Riscardo Fitzsimmons Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Colin Fletcher Chemistry 1961
Ms Marjorie Forrest Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr John Keith Foulds Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Linda Foy Social Science 1961
Mr William Alan King Frost Psychology 1961
Mr William Guan Swee Fung Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Peter Tattersall Electrical Engineering 1961
Dr Annette Tattersall Medicine 1961
Mr Gordon Lawrence Taylor Commerce 1961
Mr Jose Diane Templeman Social Science 1961
Ms Mavis Thackray Geography 1961
Mr Brian Thatcher Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Robert Henry Toleman Architecture 1961
Mrs Christine Hepburn Towers Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Colette Mary Tracy Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Rafael Valery Civic Design 1961
Ms Dorothy Vautier Dental Surgery 1961
Mr Malcolm Sinclair Verity Mechanical Engineering 1961
Ms Sally Wade Geography 1961
Gabriel Mary Walsh Medicine 1961
Ms Joan Amy Webb Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Elizabeth Katherine Sherrill Welsh Architecture 1961
Dr Kevin White Medicine 1961
Mr Peter Stanton Delaney Law 1961
Mr Denis Dixon Mechanical Engineering 1961
Mr Geoffrey Dixon Chemistry 1961
Mr Hugh Dovey Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Leslie Graham Dring Ordinary Degree 1961
Mr Terence James Driscoll Law 1961
Mr Thomas William Earle Law 1961
Marshall John Edwards Veterinary Science 1961
Mr Charles Michael Ellin History 1961
Mr Frederick Augustine Chike Enwonwu Law 1961
Mr Roger Epton Chemistry 1961
Ms Mair James Jones French 1961
Mr Keith Morris Jones Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mr David Grimley Bachelor of Science 1961
Dr William Reginald Jones Chemistry 1961
Mr Geoffrey Clare Goulden Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Anthony John Gross Electrical Engineering 1961
Ms Valerie Jones Law 1961
Mr Keith Stoate Gowling Law 1961
Ms Kathleen Mary Norfolk Psychology 1961
Mr Keith Naylor Architecture 1961
Mr Adrian Newland Bachelor of Science 1961
Dr Patricia O'Riordan Hispanic Studies 1961
Ms Patricia Madden Bachelor of Arts 1961
Ms Sarah Elizabeth Meggitt Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mr John Christopher Minister Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Rita McConn Bachelor of Science 1961
Dr Moira Anne McKenna Chemistry 1961
Mr Thomas Noel Murphy Mathematics 1961
Ms Joan McGonigal Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Michael Caryle Morris Chemistry 1961
Mr David Henry McGlynn Chemistry 1961
Mr Michael Victor Miller Law 1961
Dr Marjorie Moorhouse Medicine 1961
Dr Edward Charles Moore Medicine 1961
Balram Bahadur Mathur Electrical Engineering 1961
Ms Kathleen Patricia Marner Law 1961
Mr Keith Dyfrig Minton Hispanic Studies 1961
Dr Edward Newton Marks Medicine 1961
Mr Frederick William Kaye Chemistry 1961
Mr Geoffrey Kidd Chemistry 1961
Ms Margaret Elizabeth Kilfoil French 1961
Mr Malcolm Kingston Law 1961
Mr Rodney Beaconsfield Kirk Bachelor of Arts 1961
Mr Kenneth George Kling Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Rodney Keith Knapman History 1961
Mr William Joseph Laister Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Kenneth Lang Chemistry 1961
Mr Maurice Vivian Laycock Bachelor of Science 1961
Dr Brian Edward Lee Chemistry 1961
Dr Michael Raymond Graves Leeming Chemistry 1961
Ms Norma Florence Lewis Chemistry 1961
Mr Ronald Arthur Leyland Law 1961
Mr John Neville Asquith Livingstone Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Ian Joseph Lloyd Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Alan Arthur Parkin Hispanic Studies 1961
Ms Veronica Cameron Avis Pearce Chemistry 1961
Mr Peter Lees Pearson Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Thomas Arthur Peplow English Language & Literature 1961
Vettivaloo Kandasamy Pillay Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr Francis Vivian Piper Mechanical Engineering 1961
Mr David Edward Arthur Porter Civil Engineering 1961
Mr Gordon Pratt Chemistry 1961
Ms Eira Jane Pritchard Social Science 1961
Mr Ian Brittain Prosser Law 1961
Mr Anthony William Davies Chemistry 1961
Mr Ian Davison Reid Geography 1961
Mr Hugh Alan Roberts Chemistry 1961
Dr Patricia Mary Ronalnd Medicine 1961
Mr Gavin Edward Roscoe Chemistry 1961
Dr Lewis Rosenbloom Medicine 1961
Dr David Canter Medicine 1961
Dr Anne Freda Capey Medicine 1961
Mr Alan Reginald Cardiff Commerce 1961
Mr Christopher John Carmell French 1961
Dr Colin Chambers Chemistry 1961
Ms Sheila Anne Chapman French 1961
Dr James Harrison Clarke General Degree 1961
Mr William Barrington Clarke Anatomy 1961
Mr John Robert Clayton Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Dorothy Amelia Cliffe Bachelor of Science 1961
Ms Pamela Cole Classics 1961
Dr Josephine Capitola Corry Medicine 1961
Mr Michael John Cribbin Bachelor of Science 1961
Dr Donald Cooper Cundy General Degree 1961
Mr Thomas Joseph Cunniffe Law 1961
Barin Kumar Datta Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Mr George William Davies Commerce 1961
Ms Janet Elizabeth Dawes Geography 1961
Dr Brian Selby Mathematical Statistics 1961
Dr Robert Anthony Slater Chemistry 1961
Dr Richard Swindells Chemistry 1961
Dr Freda Sanderson Medicine 1961
Mr Roger Scott Bachelor of Science 1961
Mr Leonard Philip Seimon Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Thamotherampillai Nadarajah Shanmugalingam Orthopaedic Surgery 1961
Ms Josephine Agnes Mary Sibthorp Bachelor of Arts 1961
Ms Anthea Janet Simpson-Gray Bachelor of Arts 1961
Dr Alan Slater Medicine 1961
Mr John Colin Slaughter Biochemistry 1961
Ms Barbara Mary Smart Classics 1961
Dr Ethel Valerie Spence Medicine 1961
Mr Colin Wigmore Spencer Dental Surgery 1961
Mr Michael George Spencer Commerce 1961
Mr Ian James Stanley Law 1961
Mr George Edmund Strawbridge Veterinary Science 1961
Mr Alfred Edward Stewart Chemistry 1961
Dr Kenneth Gifford Evans Electrical Engineering 1961