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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Donald Pearson Medicine 1960
Mr Keith John Thomas Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Jenkin Owen Davies Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Arthur Crispin Thomas 1960
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Allen Woodruff Bachelor of Science 1960
Mrs Elizabeth Penelope Bolton Ashburner Social Sciences 1960
Mrs Norah Christine Alexander Cornthwaite Mathematics 1960
Mr Roger Leslie Barton Bachelor of Arts 1960
Dr M Cohen Medicine 1960
Professor Richard Manners Green Dentistry 1960
Dr Francis Michael Hamer Physics 1960
Dr Humphries 1960
Miss Rhina M Jones 1960
Mr Lubman 1960
Mrs Doreen Miller 1960
Mr Monk 1960
Mr Colin Pilkington Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Potts 1960
Dr Thomas Roger Wilson Psychology 1960
Mrs Jean Margaret Yorston Perkins Geography (Combined) 1960
Mr George Martin Lee Law 1960
Mrs Barbara Harrison Coles, Hickey Spanish/Economics 1960
Mr Alfred Henry Ainsworth Cook Law 1960
Mrs Nuala Patricia Stoker 1960
Dr Prem Kumar Handa Medicine 1960
Dr Peter William Raimes Smethurst Medicine 1960
Dr Peter Johnston Chemistry 1960
Mr Thomas Andrew Rouncefield Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Wilfred John Davison Economics 1960
Mrs Judith Margaret Leah Whim Williams Botany/Zoology 1960
Mrs Sylvia Langley Chestney Mathematical Physics 1960
Mr Edward Griffith Lloyd Anatomy 1960
Mr David Angus Tomlinson Chemistry 1960
Mr George Stephenson Law 1960
Mr Christopher Hickman Hawkes Anatomy 1960
Mr Joseph George Hartley English Language & Literature 1960
Mr Robert Sleigh Hetherington Geography 1960
Ms Margaret Ann Hurdley English Language & Literature 1960
Ms Geraldine Ann Harrington Economics 1960
Ms Patricia Hayes Chemistry 1960
Mr Frank John Hopkins Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr William David Hoff Physics 1960
Mr Graham Hindle Chemistry 1960
Mr Julian Francis Haughton Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr David Vernon Hicks Medicine 1960
Mr Fred Hyland Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr Stuart Maxwell Henderson Law 1960
Mr Francis John Harvey Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Mr Robert Brian Williams Bachelor of Science 1960
Ms Patricia Ann Wilson Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr William Edward Park Winder Master of Arts 1960
Ms Dorothy May Witcomb Zoology 1960
Mr Peter Joseph Zanetti Veterinary Science 1960
Mr Stephen Francis Appleby Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr Leslie Anthony Edward Ashworth Biochemistry 1960
Mr Charles Nigel Ashworth Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr Michael Alltree Medicine 1960
Mr Kenneth John Armitage Law 1960
Mr Ali Muhammad Yakub Ansari Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Mr John Gordon Allman Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Mr Ian Fraser Bottom Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Stuart John Brown Physiology 1960
Ms Mary Bryant Psychology 1960
Dr Roger Brian Burtt Engineering 1960
Mr John Robert Caley Metallurgy 1960
Mr Trevor Law Calverley Hispanic Studies 1960
Ms Patricia Ann Campbell English Language & Literature 1960
Mr John Beale Master of Arts 1960
Mr Thomas Brian Boffey Mathematics 1960
Dr Neville Boden Chemistry 1960
Mr Alan Armstrong Bell Chemistry 1960
Dr Peter George Barton Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Malcolm Terence Bird Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Arthur John Benns Chemistry 1960
Dr Paul Stuart Lawton Booth Physics 1960
Dr Roger Caudwell Bland Medicine 1960
Dr Ruth Mary Staunton Berry Medicine 1960
Dr David Gordon Horton Frood Doctor In Philosophy 1960
Ms Mary Therese Garrett Law 1960
Mr Michael Anthony Gee Law 1960
Mr Peter Austin Talbot Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Keith Talbot Physics 1960
Dr Frederick Brian Taylor Chemistry 1960
Mr Paul Harrison Temple Master of Arts 1960
Mr William Graham Terry Chemistry 1960
Mr Malcolm Thompson Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr John Irving Thompson Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Clive Dudley Spencer Tomlin Chemistry 1960
Muwafak Naim Toni Mechanical Engineering 1960
Ms Enid Beryl Turton French 1960
Mr William Edward Lawrence Twidale Law 1960
Mr Hugh Christian Van Der Post Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Mr Damien John Velarde Bachelor of Science 1960
Ms June Anthea Mary Vivis Zoology 1960
Ms Felicity Ann Walbank Geography 1960
Mr Ian Roy Wallwork Chemistry 1960
Mr James Francis Walmsley Chemistry 1960
Dr William Anthony Warburton Medicine 1960
Mr John Barry Watson Electrical Engineering 1960
Dr John Webster Medicine 1960
Mr Dennis Edward Webster Chemistry 1960
Ms Denise Catherine Whitty Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Marco Dishi Commerce 1960
Dr George Dobson Chemistry 1960
Ms Elsie Dooley History 1960
Mr Martin Bennett Dumbill Law 1960
Ms Anne Gabrielle Durkin Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Alan Eckersley Chemistry 1960
Dr Michael Edwards Physics 1960
Mr William Bryan Eyton Chemistry 1960
Mr David Gwyn James Bachelor of Science 1960
Ms Eileen Frances Johnson Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Haydn Vincent Johnston Physics 1960
Dr William Jolley Metallurgy 1960
Ms Shirley Nowell English Language & Literature 1960
Ms Ursula Jean Newman Social Sciences 1960
Ms Margaret Anne Glover Geography 1960
Ms Susan Margaret Nicholson Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Robert Keith Neilson Bachelor of Science 1960
Dr Peter Edward Gibbs Botany 1960
Mr John Prescott Newport Chemistry 1960
Mr Geoffrey Keith Orton Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr Emanuel Obioma Ogwuegbu Law 1960
Sarla Mody Science 1960
Ms Olive Elizabeth McKnight Hispanic Studies 1960
Mr Ian Charles McGivering Master of Arts 1960
Ms Ursula Mary Glaves-Smith Murray Bachelor of Arts 1960
Ms Judy Norval Murray Bachelor of Science 1960
Ms Anne Midgley Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Benjamin Robert Mawdsley Chemistry 1960
Dr George Edward Metcalfe Chemistry 1960
Mr Gerald Metcalf Metallurgy 1960
Dr Maureen O'Shea Macdonald Medicine 1960
Mr Brian Steele Methven Electrical Engineering 1960
Dr Judith Diane Cubbon Madgen Medicine 1960
Dr Peter Mann Medicine 1960
Ms Pauline Ann Molyneux Law 1960
Mr Charles Malkin Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Dr Ewart Edward Leslie Mitchell Engineering 1960
Mr Richard David Keill Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr Christopher John King Biochemistry 1960
Mr Kenneth Francis Knott Electrical Engineering 1960
Ms Dorothy Frances Korsak German 1960
Dr Geoffrey Samuel Lane Physics 1960
Mr Anthony Michael Ledger Physics 1960
Mr John Neville Lindley Law 1960
Mr Brian Robert Lindsay Civil Engineering 1960
Dr Raymond Frank Longdin Medicine 1960
Mr Raymond John Lye Social Sciences 1960
Ms Wendy Mavis Parsons Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Francis Grenville Peacock Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr William Leslie Perry Chemistry 1960
Dr Lawrence Phillips Chemistry 1960
Mr Keith Brian Potts Geography 1960
Mr Joseph Michael Powell Geography 1960
Mr Arthur Charles David Pye Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr Derek Richarson Chemistry 1960
Mr Raymond John Roberts English Language & Literature 1960
Mr Gerald Cavanagh Mechanical Engineering 1960
Dr Joseph Chamberlain Chemistry 1960
Mr Patrick Wing-Chiu Chan Law 1960
Mr Robert John Clague History 1960
Mr Douglas Stephen Clark Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr Peter Norman Clarke German 1960
Dr Merton Cohen Medicine 1960
Ms Barbara Olive Coleman Social Sciences 1960
Ms Betty Cowgill Geography 1960
Ms Jennifer Ann Coyle Bachelor of Arts 1960
Mr Brian Holt Crebbin Law 1960
Mr Stanley Crosbie Commerce 1960
Dr Michael John Curtis Biochemistry 1960
Mr David Arthur Cutting Electrical Engineering 1960
Ms Ida May Danson French 1960
Mr Michael James Davies Mathematics 1960
Dr Peter Beverley Scholes Biochemistry 1960
Mr Julian Gerald Sallis Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Ms Sally Christine Searle English Language & Literature 1960
Mr Stanley Shaw Chemistry 1960
Mr Frederick Fendley Silk Orthopaedic Surgery 1960
Ms Constance Josephine Slater Law 1960
Ms Jennifer Maureen Smith Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Alan Harold Spinks Electrical Engineering 1960
Mr John Dennis Stanley Bachelor of Science 1960
Mr Clinton Barrie Stephens Law 1960
Mr Michael John Stewart Commerce 1960
Mr David Lees Bachelor of Arts 1960