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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr David Neil Stanway Chemistry 1958
Mr Thomas Kenneth Wright Chemistry 1958
Ms Patricia Phyllis Albrighton Chemistry 1958
Mr John Malcolm Dye Chemistry 1958
Ms Angela Mary Cragg Chemistry 1958
Mr Arthur Henry Catterall Chemistry 1958
Mr John Edwards Veterinary Science 1958
Dr James Marcus Beresford Medicine 1958
Reverend Dr Mona Blyth Ordinary Degree 1958
Dr Marie Therese Brookes Cox Medicine 1958
Mr James Robson Veterinary Science 1958
Dr Griffith Williams Jones Medicine 1958
Dr William F.W.E. Logan Medicine 1958
Dr Howard Martin Medicine 1958
Dr Anne Martindale Jacques Medicine 1958
Mr Neville Rendall Ingman Veterinary Science 1958
Mr Richard Lloyd Veterinary Science 1958
Mr Kenneth Thomas Edwin Perry Veterinary Science 1958
Mr James Waterworth Veterinary Science 1958
Professor Paul Jackson Law 1958
Mr Brian Bannister Commerce 1958
Mr Edward Michael Naylor Law 1958
Mr B Davies 1958
Mr Geoffrey Richard Ecclestone Bachelor of Arts 1958
Dr J H Clarke 1958
Mrs Jean Marjorie Lund Judge Chemistry 1958
Mr John Mainwaring Bachelor of Science 1958
Mr Peel 1958
Mr Prichard 1958
Mrs Shepherd 1958
Mr Francis Twentyman Bachelor of Science 1958
Dr J A Wilson 1958
Mr Nicholas Grewal Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Dr Carol Ann Mason Scott Bachelor of Science 1958
Mr Tony Roberts 1958
Mr F A Roberts Engineering 1958
Mrs Esther Brookes Levene 1958
Professor Murray Brookes 1958
Mrs Hazel Waterworth Mears Veterinary Science 1958
Mr John Wilson Bachelor of Science 1958
Dr Alan Williams Chemistry 1958
Mr Anthony Brandon Garner Bachelor of Arts 1958
Dr Brian Robert Webster Chemistry 1958
Dr James Arnold Whittleston Chemistry 1958
Dr Roy Duffy Chemistry 1958
Dr Alastair MacFadyen History 1958
Mr Alan Evan Parry Geography 1958
Dr William Geoffrey Rothery Ordinary Degree 1958
Dr Peter Cochrane Ordinary Degree 1958
Ms Anne Elizabeth Collins Chemistry 1958
Dr Robert Charles Patrick Cubbon Chemistry 1958
Mr Herbert George Connor Chemistry 1958
Dr Robert Louis Coupe Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Cecil Paul Cotterill Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Dr Dennis Cooper Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Vincent William Cowell Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Michael Ian Cran Geography 1958
Ms Frances Joan Boddy Bachelor of Arts 1958
Mr Shyam Kishinchand Bulchandani Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Mr Brian John Browning French 1958
Ms Joan Davy Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Michael Chadwick Ducker Veterinary Science 1958
Mr Geoffrey Rodgers Barnes Chemistry 1958
Mr Charles David Barber Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Peter Baxter Electrical Engineering 1958
Ms Marian Alice Andrews Geography 1958
Mr Arthur Davies Veterinary Science 1958
Mr Donald Edge Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr David Edwards Mechanical Engineering 1958
Ms Anne catherine Evans Psychology 1958
Mr Samuel David Ellis Law 1958
Dr William Desmond Russell Writer Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Harry East Ordinary Degree 1958
Ms Joyce Whitley Fowkes History 1958
Dr James Feeney Chemistry 1958
Mr Allan Flood Chemistry 1958
Mr David Ralph Grantham Law 1958
Mr John Foster Green English Language & Literature 1958
Mr Michael Goll Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Alan Wynne French 1958
Mr Douglas Maxfield Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Alexander McElroy Chemistry 1958
Mr Alan Burgess Nolan General Science 1958
Ms Jessie Elizabeth McQuarrie Physics 1958
Ms Elizabeth Carol Mitchell Chemistry 1958
Dr Michael Charles Miller Doctor In Philosophy 1958
Mr Derek Ralph Lee Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Mr John Roy Haisley Law 1958
Mr Arthur George Leigh Chemistry 1958
Mr Reuben Joseph Kesler Law 1958
Mr Peter Henry Kimmance Chemistry 1958
Ms Mary Greta King Chemistry 1958
Mr Joseph Anthony Jenkins Law 1958
Mr Nigel Leonard Roscoe Jones Law 1958
Dr Kenneth Elwyn Jones Ordinary Degree 1958
Dr William Edward Kearns Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Leslie Barry Jones Law 1958
Ms Ruth Griffith Jenkins Dental Surgery 1958
Ms Wendy Hogarth Hall Bachelor of Arts 1958
Mr Kenneth William Harrison Bachelor of Arts 1958
Ms Pamela Mary Hatfield French 1958
Mr John Anthony Hurell Civic Design 1958
Mr Leslie Ion Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Alfred Edward Hermitage English Language & Literature 1958
Mr David Hewitson Ordinary Degree 1958
Mrs Jill Firth Higginson English Language & Literature 1958
Ms Patricia Mary Holt Bachelor of Arts 1958
Mr Edward Patrick Latham Law 1958
Mr David Curle Price Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr George Lawton Master of Arts 1958
Mr Michael Howard Otton Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Aidan Charles Frodsham Law 1958
Mr Norman Fung Electrical Engineering 1958
Dr Oluremilekun Olusoga Ogunlesi Civil Engineering 1958
Ms Maura Yates Law 1958
Mr Richard Alan Bruce Vance Orthopaedic Surgery 1958
Ms Margaret Underwood Bachelor of Arts 1958
Mr Barry Tittle Chemistry 1958
Mr Roy Bertramm Price Ordinary Degree 1958
Ms Judith Margaret Pilkington French 1958
Ms Kathleen Dorothy Nora Poulter Chemistry 1958
Mr Malcolm Alfred Quigley Chemistry 1958
Mr Patrick David Pearson Veterinary Science 1958
Ms Janice Margaret Okell English Language & Literature 1958
Mr Robert William Orrell Law 1958
Mr James Anthony Owen Law 1958
Mr Titus Ololade Owo Civil Engineering 1958
Dr David Lewis Parry Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Alexander James Pattison Hispanic Studies 1958
Ms Marjorie Odette Young Bachelor of Arts 1958
Dr Christopher Roby-Jones Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Brian Poole Robinson Chemistry 1958
Dr Robert Fieldsend Robertson Ordinary Degree 1958
Dr Aline Margaret Robertson Ordinary Degree 1958
Canal Rice Economics 1958
Mr Michael John Sulley Veterinary Science 1958
Mr Roy Stainton Biochemistry 1958
Mr Graham Hartwell Thomas Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Robin Kenneth Swain Civil Engineering 1958
Dr John Frederic Taylor Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr Maurice Michael Taylor Chemistry 1958
Mr David John Symonds Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr William Lester Search Law 1958
Mr Norman Frederick Scilly Chemistry 1958
Johnina Whiteford Hamilton Slaven Bachelor of Arts 1958
Ms Patricia Skelton Social Science 1958
Mr Colin Watts Ordinary Degree 1958
Mr William Graham Webb History 1958
Ms Elizabeth Jocelyn Woodward Chemistry 1958