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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr William Jeffrey Carter Medicine 1955
Dr Peter Whitelaw Ferguson Medicine 1955
Dr Evan William MacMillan Medicine 1955
Dr Cyril Maxwell Medicine 1955
Dr John Meecham Medicine 1955
Dr Alicon Veronica Scott Milles Medicine 1955
Mr Peter James Wheen Geography 1955
Mr David Spiers Law 1955
Judge John Ambrose Morgan Law 1955
Mr Peter Brady Dentistry 1955
Dr Bertram Keir Brooker Medicine 1955
Mr John L Calder Engineering 1955
Dr J A Cookson 1955
Mr Michael Dalton Law 1955
Mrs Ford 1955
Dr Kenneth Robert Jones Electric Power Engineering 1955
Mr Graham Barrie Marsh Law 1955
Mr Donald Seth Architecture 1955
Mr Eric Thorpe Botany 1955
Mrs Walker 1955
Mr Brian Henry Weston Physics 1955
Mrs Kathleen Hough Penkethman Biochemistry 1955
Mr Brian James Huyton History 1955
Mr Robert McKinnon Brydson Law 1955
Mr John Nelson Marsham Law 1955
Dr N Smethurst Medicine 1955
Mrs Barbara Scambler 1955
Miss Audrey Winifred Hall Latin 1955
Mr Ifor Glyn Meurig Jones Bachelor of Science 1955
Mr Geoffrey Dewhurst Bachelor of Science 1955
Dr John Barclay Medicine 1955
Mrs Maria Angeles Chandler Larrasquita Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr John Rathmell Poole Law 1955
Mr Brian Edward Glynn Williams Law 1955
Mr John Charmichael Williams Law 1955
Mr John Thompson Architecture 1955
Mr Michael James Sexton Electronic Engineering 1955
Miss Ann Elizabeth Leach Bachelor of Science 1955
Dr Alan Simeon Huglin Physics 1955
Mr Michael John Evans Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr David Victor Roberts Medicine 1955
Ms Aileen Brown English Language & Literature 1955
Ms Hannah Deborah Brown History 1955
Mr Bruce Stanley Calveley Electronic Engineering 1955
Dr Jane Cameron Zoology 1955
Mr Robert Andrew Borland Campbell Commerce 1955
Ms Elizabeth Eileen Colville Zoology 1955
Mr John Anthony Cookson Physics 1955
Ms Valerie Jean Corey English Language & Literature 1955
Dr John Anthony Corran Chemistry 1955
Mr David Heyes Cottrill Ordinary Degree 1955
Ms Irene Cubbin English Language & Literature 1955
Dr George Raymond Allcock Theoretical Physics 1955
Ms Pamela Joan Allsop Botany 1955
Dr Edna Winifred Carter Anthony Medicine 1955
Mr Thomas Ashurst Civil Engineering 1955
Mr Rowland David Atherley Mathematics 1955
Ms Geraldine Rosamond Baines Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr Thomas Norman Barrow Mechanical Engineering 1955
Mr Bernard Bellwood Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr George Alan Billington Architecture 1955
Mr Alan Samuel Black Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr David Albert Victor Dendy Chemistry 1955
Mr Edward Townley Downham Medicine 1955
Dr Patrick Aidan Doyle Electrical Engineering 1955
Mr Ivan Philip Warwick Davies Ordinary Degree 1955
Mr Glyn Arthur Owen Davies Civil Engineering 1955
Mrs Sheila Lesley McAllister Edgerley English Language & Literature 1955
Dr Owen Edwards Medicine 1955
Mr Francis Howard Finch Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr John Stott Farrer Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Kenneth James Fowles Ordinary Degree 1955
Mr Alan Favager Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr James Thomas Forrester Bachelor of Science 1955
Dr Edwin Man-Wei Wong Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr David Patrick Joseph Moran Chemistry 1955
Mr Peter Gleave Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Erik Gjeruldsen Electronic Engineering 1955
Mr Richard Gunby Electric Power Engineering 1955
Dr Patricia May Hastie Medicine 1955
Dr Barbara Gwendoline Haughton Biochemistry 1955
Dr Dorothy Joyce Harrington Electrical Engineering 1955
Mr Albert frederick Hale Ordinary Degree 1955
Ms Myrtle Hopwood English Language & Literature 1955
Mr James Humphreys Law 1955
Mr Kenneth Admund Holmes Commerce 1955
Mr Frederick William Lacey Law 1955
Dr Mary Barbara Jones Anatomy 1955
Ms Marjorie Mary Latham French 1955
Dr Nancy Grisdale Lord Medicine 1955
Mr John Henry Lovatt Ordinary Degree 1955
Ms Anne Philomena Ludden Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr John Tuson Prichard Electronic Engineering 1955
Ms Sheila Margaret Kenrick French 1955
Mr Adrian Winkley Ingleby Ordinary Degree 1955
Mr David Brook Johnson Electronic Engineering 1955
Dr Emily Maureen Kerr Medicine 1955
Mr John Alan Kellett Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr Michael Roy Moor Architecture 1955
Mr John Desmond McConaghy Architecture 1955
Mr Geoffrey Howard Mander Electronic Engineering 1955
Mr David Henry Moore Electronic Engineering 1955
Dr Douglas Hayward Macleod Medicine 1955
Dr Yvonne Gwenyth Roodal Mahabir Medicine 1955
Mr James Henry Marquis Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr Shirley Pamela Kay Morris Medicine 1955
Mr Andrew Baird Mitchell Metallurgy 1955
Ms Pauline Lesley Maddock Zoology 1955
Mr William Murray Bachelor of Science 1955
Ms Jean Percy Geography 1955
Ms Kathleen Penkethman Bachelor of Science 1955
Ms Jacqueline Marie Odette Clemence Pignard Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr Ronald Plumb Law 1955
Adela Mary Plumridge History 1955
Ms Dilys Elsie Williams English Language & Literature 1955
Dr Geoffrey Shackshaft Electronic Engineering 1955
Dr Duncan James Shaw Chemistry 1955
Mr John Ratcliffe Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr James Alexander Ratter Botany 1955
Ms Winifred Patricia Redmond English Language & Literature 1955
Ms Veronica Maureen Riley Bachelor of Arts 1955
Ms Winifred Roberts French 1955
Ms Dorothy Jean Rothwell Ordinary Degree 1955
Dr Rafael Salib Mathematics 1955
Dr John Peter Savidge Botany 1955
Mr Joseph Hugh Shennan History 1955
Dr George Megahy Simpson Medicine 1955
Mr James Smith Law 1955
Mr James Arthur Vincent Electronic Engineering 1955
Ms Marie Josephine Taafe Bachelor of Arts 1955
Mr Robert George Thom Owens Thurston Marine Engineering 1955
Nyunt Thwin Biochemistry 1955
Dr Arthur Andrew Wallace Electrical Engineering 1955
Dr Roger Essery Wild Medicine 1955
Mr Anthony Walton Electronic Engineering 1955