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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Kenneth Basil Edwards Medicine 1953
Mr Peter Desmond Janes Veterinary Science 1953
Dr Alan Kirby 1953
Dr Peter Charles Lawson Anatomy 1953
Dr Stanley Naylor Medicine 1953
Emeritus Professor Robert Owen Orthopaedic Surgery 1953
Mr William Francis Byrne Bachelor of Education 1953
Mr Harold Pass Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mr Arthur Thomas Fenlon Chemical Physics 1953
Professor Harold Nicholson Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr John Robert Bishop Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mrs Paulette Agnes Baker Tournafond 1953
Miss Mary Emily Breeze Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr P M Doran 1953
Mr A B C Doyle Economics 1953
Mr Michael William Roe Civil Engineering 1953
Mr Joseph Woolwich Law 1953
Mr Victor Michael Farmer Electrical Engineering 1953
Dr Lindsey 1953
Mr Edmund S Littler 1953
Mrs McIntyre 1953
Mr Colin Derek McLean Bachelor of Science 1953
Dr Colin Ross Porteous Medicine 1953
Mr Kenneth William Powell Chemistry 1953
Miss Elizabeth Amelia Sheldon 1953
Mr William Reginald Lomax Civil Engineering 1953
Professor Wilfred A Woods 1953
Mr Brian P Checkland Law 1953
Mr Geoffery Gordon Parry 1953
Professor Neil Bonnette Graham Chemistry 1953
Mr H Pass 1953
Miss Elizabeth Maria Gillies Bachelor of Arts 1953
Miss Eileen Rose McCamley Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mrs Josephine Matheson Glynn Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Arnold Dyson Medicine 1953
Mr Anthony Johnson Law 1953
Dr Peter Francis Lynch Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Stella Bowes Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Geraint Bowen Celtic 1953
Mr John Malcolm Burgess Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr John Michael Brummitt Botany 1953
Ms Brenda Burrows French 1953
Mr William Anthony Burton Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Austin Anthony Cartwright Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr Michael John Clarkson Physiology 1953
Ms Helena Jospehine Cocker Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr Alfred Cole Chemistry 1953
Mr Ronald Alfred Comyns Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Thomas Crowe Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr John Caldwell Anderson Orthopaedic Surgery 1953
Mr Frank George Webster Denmark Bachelor of Education 1953
Dr John Denman Marine Engineering 1953
Mr Brian James Dunnery Geography 1953
Mr Peter Michael Doran Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr Anthony Basil Christopher Doyle Commerce 1953
Mr John Llewelyn Davies Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr Donald Graham Davies Ordinary Degree 1953
Dr Laurence Malcolm Ellis Medicine 1953
Mr Fawzi Abd El-Rahman Ahmed Mohamed El Fakharani Ancient History 1953
Dr Elizabeth Eleanor Evans Ordinary Degree 1953
Dr Helen Elizabeth Worsley Ordinary Degree 1953
Dr Shreedhar Vaman Gokhale Marine Biology 1953
Mr John Gordon Green French 1953
Mr Adrian Arthur Glover Electrical Engineering 1953
Dr Dennis Norman Guest Medicine 1953
Dr Sylvia Hawthorne Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Jacqueline Germaine Harrison Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Ronald George Halford Physical Chemistry 1953
Mr Gordon Hargreaves Chemistry 1953
Ms Jean Hallwood French 1953
Dr Henry Halsall Ordinary Degree 1953
Dr Eileen Mary Howarth Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr David Rodney Horrocks Law 1953
Mr Frederick Michael Gladstone Houghton Architecture 1953
Mr Alan Huyton Chemistry 1953
Ms Dorothy Elizabeth Hughes Geography 1953
Ms Kathleen Mary Holgate Geography 1953
Mr Stephen Nelson Hart Architecture 1953
Dr Ann Brenda Lewin Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Gerald Elias Latter Architecture 1953
Dr Eleanor Clare Lloyd Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Kenneth David Lown Civil Engineering 1953
Mr James Samuel Lewis Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Geoffrey Gower Jones Chemistry 1953
Jabhar Majeed Iwadh Mechanical Engineering 1953
Dr Charles Douglas James Medicine 1953
Dr John Charles Jaques Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Doreen Mary Manson Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr John Marsden Architecture 1953
Ms Maureen Theresa McCluskey French 1953
Mr Brian James Maddock Geography 1953
Mr Lewis Johnstone Mills Law 1953
Ms Doreen Edith Moon Bachelor of Arts 1953
Ms Joyce Yvonne Muzzell Bachelor of Arts 1953
Ms Eileen Murgatroyd English Language & Literature 1953
Mr George McLoughlin Medicine 1953
Mr Alec MacDonald Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mr Donald Stephen Mitchell Geology 1953
Mr Gerard McGonigal Electrical Engineering 1953
Mohamed Helmy Mahmoud Civil Engineering 1953
Mr Peter Geoffrey Newton Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Michael James Nolan Greek and Latin 1953
Mr Geoffrey Brian Parker English Language & Literature 1953
Mr John Stredwick Parker Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr Robert Adrian Rackham Bachelor of Arts 1953
Ms Pamela Fennell Robinson Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Mavis Irene Rothwell Bachelor of Arts 1953
Ms Hilary John Mountford Royden Law 1953
Mr John Roy Alfred Sargent Architecture 1953
Dr Roger Tilden Shepherd Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr William John Small Law 1953
Ms Audrey Denise Smith Bachelor of Arts 1953
Mr Anthony John Staite Dental Surgery 1953
Dr Alexander Macrae Stewart Medicine 1953
Mr Rameshchandra Ramchandra Sule Electronics 1953
Mr Stuart James Tanner Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Thomas Victor Tedesco Electrical Engineering 1953
Ms Evelyn Irene Tregan Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Reginald Peter Walker Architecture 1953
Terry Dubois Westrup Mathematics 1953
Dr Samuel John Piers Woods Medicine 1953
Mr Anthony John Watson Law 1953
Mr Christopher Wilfrid Wood Law 1953
Dr Mary Beryl Woodfield Medicine 1953
Mr Arthur Eirwyn Williams Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr John Gordon Walmsley Chemistry 1953