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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Leslie Allen Guile Medicine 1952
Dr Richard David Jones Medicine 1952
Dr Stanley John Surtees Medicine 1952
Mr Brian Edward Kendall Civil Engineering 1952
Professor Bernard Elgey Leake Geology 1952
Mr John Emyr Davies Veterinary Science 1952
Mr James Gilmour English Language & Literature 1952
Mr Eric Charlton Dixon Law 1952
Mr James Ashcroft Architecture 1952
Mr Peter A Fishwick 1952
Professor John Friend Biochemistry 1952
Mr Peter Wilfred James Botany 1952
Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Jones Chemistry 1952
Mr S Lipton 1952
Mr McCarthy 1952
Mr MacKenzie 1952
Miss Vivien McNeil Bachelor of Arts 1952
Dr Alec Mee Chemistry 1952
Mr J Roberts 1952
Dr Bernard Murray Rowlands 1952
Mr Sanders 1952
Mr Stanhope 1952
Mr Charles Norman Walker Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mrs Dorothy Thornton Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Vernon Hilton Farthing Mechanical Engineering 1952
Dr Lavinia Freesbrough 1952
Mr Ronald Augustine Sadler Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mrs Kathleen I Harper Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Paul Louis Ryan Chemical Physics 1952
Professor A Wilkinson 1952
Mr Peter James Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Anthony Wilkinson 1952
Dr Remigio Germano Barradas Chemistry 1952
Mr John Foster Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Brian E Moorhouse Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Douglas Frederick Patterson Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mrs Christine Wickens Levens 1952
Mrs Patricia Shirley-Quirk Hastic 1952
Dr Desmond Joseph Byrne Chemistry 1952
Mr Ronald Francis Bordley Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Terence Cyril Bradshaw Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Francis William Bower Civil Engineering 1952
Gwynaeth Harvey Bowen French 1952
Ms Kathleen Anne Bryan French 1952
Ms Margaret Joan Burrell Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Norman Ainsworth Brown Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Peter James Brown English Language & Literature 1952
Dr John Michael Brown Medicine 1952
Mr Arthur Douglas Campion Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Aime Cardin Industrial Chemistry 1952
Mr Jack Clegg History 1952
Ms Hilary Colecliffe French 1952
Mr Brian Shaw Coupe Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Gerard Currie Electrical Engineering 1952
Shahaziar Ahmed Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Donald Kenneth Stuart Bain Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Keith Philip Barr Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Arthur Campbell Beeby Medicine 1952
Mr Harold Benson Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Colin John Birtles Architecture 1952
Mr Harry Samuel Bluston Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Christopher Michael Dean Architecture 1952
Ms Mary Louise Dunford Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr John Eric Dowell Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Alfred James Douglas Ordinary Degree 1952
Ms Elisabeth Davenport Botany 1952
Mr Tudor Hill Davies Law 1952
Mr William Christopher Davidson Ordinary Degree 1952
Ms Menai Pritchard Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Goronwy Edwards Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Ray Leighton Pryce Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Norman John Williams Law 1952
Mr Peter King Elphick Bachelor of Arts 1952
Ms Audrey Wright Bachelor of Arts 1952
Dr Robert Henry Fitzgerald Medicine 1952
Ms Marlene Thelma Lilian Green English Language & Literature 1952
Mr Thomas Henry Gill Law 1952
Mr Robert Edward John Garrett Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Mary Inglefield Gibbons Medicine 1952
Dr Charles Gregory Medicine 1952
Ms Adelaide Harris Chemistry 1952
Mr David Graham Harris Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Trevor Alexander Henderson Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Emile Halim Mathematics 1952
Mr Gerald Thomas Hagan Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr John David Joyed Harding Veterinary Science 1952
Ms Diane Elizabeth Hanchett French 1952
Dr Evan Michael Hughes Medicine 1952
Mr James Norman Hurst Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Michael Hugo-Brunt Civic Design 1952
Mr John Brian Hindley Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Eric Jackson Hignett Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr James Edwin Latham Architecture 1952
Mr Wilfred Charles Lawrence Orthopaedic Surgery 1952
Mr Brian Noel Pyke Veterinary Science 1952
Mr David Russell Kennedy Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Alec Hugh Joy Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Kenneth Newsham Jones Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Alexander Baird Inglis Civil Engineering 1952
Ms Elisabeth Helene Ingham Bachelor of Arts 1952
Ms Elizabeth Mary Jepson Hispanic Studies 1952
Ms Joyce Louise Jerman Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Peter James Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Alan Cameron Knowles Zoology 1952
Ms Eve Caroline Judges Zoology 1952
Ms Gertrude Vivien McNeil Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr John Humphrey McFarland Law 1952
Mr Alfred McHale Psychology 1952
Mr Ronald Joseph Murray Bachelor of Arts 1952
Vivian Alexander Moffatt Chemistry 1952
Ms Rosemarie Iona Medcalf Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Austin Hugh McNally Ordinary Degree 1952
Isidore Miller Medicine 1952
Mr Graham Norledge French 1952
Mr Trevor Pickering Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Leslie William James Pennington Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr William Henry Parrington Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Frederick Herbert Palmer Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr James Anthony Paddock Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Eric Peers Ordinary Degree 1952
Ms Frances Valerie Denman Pearson Social Science 1952
Mr Harold William Reading Biochemistry 1952
Mr Albert Douglas Reid Ordinary Degree 1952
Ms Jacqueline Lucy Reynolds Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Philip Robert Richardson Electrical Engineering 1952
Ms Audrey Jean Riding Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Ernest Lawrence Robson Civil Engineering 1952
Ms Wendy May Roebuck Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Kenneth Albert Shaw Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Derek Arthur Shell Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Brian Skillicorn Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr John Derek Slater Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr John Small Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr William Thomas Smith Civil Engineering 1952
Mr William Stanhope Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Jack Graham Stubbs Orthopaedic Surgery 1952
Ms Joan Betty Twinn Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr John Vaughan Architecture 1952
Dr Thomas Edward Tasker Medicine 1952
Mr Derek Bauglian Taylor Ordinary Degree 1952
Dr Arthur Harold Wilde Medicine 1952
Mr George Malcolm Watson Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Albert William Williams Electrical Engineering 1952
Dr Donald Eccleshall Physics 1952