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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Harold Peter Dawkins Veterinary Science 1951
Dr Alan Frederick Roddis Veterinary Science 1951
Dr John Anthony Seddon Medicine 1951
Dr Michael Cooper Winter Medicine 1951
Dr Robert West Harrison Clarke Medicine 1951
Dr Margaret Hope Alston-Garnjost Alston Physics 1951
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Broady Love Bachelor of Arts 1951
Miss Mary Elizabeth Cope History 1951
Mr Edward Harold Jones Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Ridley Jones Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Colin Steele Veterinary Science 1951
Mrs Ninetta Mary Theobald Briggs Veterinary Science 1951
Commander Anthony Wood Mathematics 1951
Mrs Catherine Mary Burton 1951
Mr Gordon Davidson Chemical Physics 1951
Mr J C Corrigan 1951
Mr Donald Cross Law 1951
Mr Frank Thomas Crowe Architecture 1951
Dr Jeannette Diamond Medicine 1951
Mr Philip Whitehead Blackburn Veterinary Science 1951
Miss Claire Ginsburg Law 1951
Mr Leonard 1951
Mr Mathieson 1951
Mr Moore 1951
Mr James Boyd Robinson Civil Engineering 1951
Mr Kenneth Rowe Geography 1951
Miss Stella Mary Ball Bachelor of Science 1951
Mr Rimmer 1951
Mr Charles Clifford Riley 1951
Mr Peter Anthony Hughes Veterinary Science 1951
Mrs Marie Pyke Monk Veterinary Science 1951
Mrs Ann Jones Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Eric Heaf Architecture 1951
Dr Mary Margaret Yewdall Medicine 1951
Mr John Sidwell Physics And Mathematics 1951
Mr William Gaines McLean Physics/Mathematics 1951
Mr John Cobb Chemistry 1951
Mr Eldred Robert Wraighte Clark Dentistry 1951
Mr Reginald Charles Bazley Civil Engineering 1951
Mr Brian Stanford Shieldhouse Law 1951
Mr Wilfred Aspinall Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Stanley Jones Robinson Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Alan Heatley Taylor Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Thomas Bennett Bamford Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Alfred Noel Evans Veterinary Science 1951
Mr John Herbert Hudson Veterinary Science 1951
Ms Harriet May Burrans English Literature 1951
Mr Hugh Henry Carr Ordinary Degree 1951
Mr Bernard Kevin Comerford History 1951
Ms Audrey Catherine Cresswell Geography 1951
Mr David Ellis Crinion Architecture 1951
Mr Gerald Patrick Crowe Law 1951
Dr Clifford Miles Cundall Electrical Engineering 1951
Ms June Anderton Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Robina Elizabeth Ballard English Language & Literature 1951
Mr Anthony Dickinson Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Lucy Durbin French 1951
Mr Cecil Roy Eaton Ordinary Degree 1951
Ms Mary Catherine FitzGerald Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Arthur John Griffin Civic Design 1951
Ms Margaret Dorothy Harker Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Donald Wallace Hardy Ordinary Degree 1951
Ms Dorothy Howard Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Gwilym Caesar Hughes Law 1951
Mr Michael George Holloway Law 1951
Mr Alan Geoffrey Lacayo Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Doreen Menzies Lister Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Barbara Helen Hargreaves Morris Social Science 1951
Ms Hilda Patricia McGuire Ordinary Degree 1951
Dr Burwood Peter Nicholls Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr William Alexander Pilkington Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Joyce Parkin History 1951
Ms Elaine Pattinson German 1951
Ms Elizabeth Eileen Yates Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Nigel Alexander Renner Ordinary Degree 1951
Mrs Sheila Margaret Brigham Riding Ordinary Degree 1951
Mr John Patrick Rochford Ordinary Degree 1951
Mr Kenneth Graham Routledge Law 1951
Mr Peter Selwyn Ordinary Degree 1951
Mr Cyril James Lucas Silvester Bachelor of Arts 1951
Ms Jean Frances Smith French 1951
Mr John Macaulay Sweet Civic Design 1951
Mr Alan Thorgerson German 1951
Mr Frank Geoffrey Thomas Geography 1951
Mr Donald Walton Psychology 1951
Ms Sylvia Beatrice Warburton English Language & Literature 1951
Dr Geoffrey Edward Burrows Medicine 1951
Ms Catherine Mary Murphy Law 1951