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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Jasper Robert Albin Schwarz Veterinary Science 1950
Mrs Gwendolen Hester Collinson Stokes Ward Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Clifford Charles Wannop Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Alfred Thomas Woodhead Veterinary Science 1950
Dr Lavinia Freeborough Medicine 1950
Mr Antony Caton Crozier Civil Engineering 1950
Mr James Brian Burke 1950
Mr Henry Alma Cassell Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Geoffrey John Chibbett Commerce 1950
Mr Maurice Beesley Cottom Geography 1950
Mr Millburn 1950
Miss Morgan 1950
Mr Palmer 1950
Dr Quirk 1950
Mr Sheridan 1950
Mr Gideon Sorsky Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mrs Iris Marshall Vowles Beech Geography 1950
Dr John Gordon Nichols 1950
Mr Wallbridge 1950
Mr John Kenneth Shanklin 1950
Mr Patrick O Malone Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Frank R Maskell Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Jim Polding Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Derek Wainwright Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Tian Hui Ge Engineering 1950
Mr Francis William Bramhill 1950
Mrs Jean Saunders Lang Physics 1950
Mr John Fazakerley Mathematics 1950
Mrs Hilda Parkhouse Bachelor of Education 1950
Mr James Bruce Mackay Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Eric John Patrick May Electrical Engineering 1950
Lansell Bonnin Orthopaedic Surgery 1950
Mr George Bradbury English Language & Literature 1950
Mr Robert Denis Bromley Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Charles Frederick Stephen Briggs Latin 1950
Ms Lola Gwynneth Cadman English Language & Literature 1950
Mr Eric Reginald Morgan Cann Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Harold Carr Bachelor of Science 1950
Mrs Kathleen Pennington Carroll Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr John Gerald Christopherson Civil Engineering 1950
Mr John Michael Collinson Civil Engineering 1950
Ms Agnes Mary Conroy Geography 1950
Mr Robert Henry Corkan Doctor of Science 1950
Mr John Allan Costain Chemistry 1950
Dr Stanley William James Coventry Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr James Sidney Craig Civil Engineering 1950
Ms Sylvia Joan Cunliffe Law 1950
Ahmadullah Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Rosie Ali Medicine 1950
Mr John Geoffrey Allen Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Paul Theodossios Astraeos Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr James Cecil Lees Bodington Bailey Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Geoffrey Mark Barnes Medicine 1950
Mr Arthur Geoffrey Beech Electronic Engineering 1950
Mr Thomas Brooke Benjamin Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Francis Gordon Benson Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Winifred Billington Medicine 1950
Dr Cynthia Joyce Bladon Medicine 1950
Ms Helen Kathleen Dean Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr George William Donald Dishman Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Ronald William Dickinson Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Joan Margaret Duncan Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr John Leslie Donovan Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Vernon Kent Drennan Orthopaedic Surgery 1950
Ms Barbara Ruth Davies French 1950
Dr Harry Edels Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Joseph Ratcliffe Edisbury Doctor of Science 1950
Mr John Wildong Pritchard Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Robert Edwain Exley Engineering 1950
Mr Dennis William Eckersley Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Hugh Spurrell Evans Medicine 1950
Mr Alan Challoner Fletcher Chemistry 1950
Mr John Desmond Ffoulkes Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr George Anthony Foster Mechanical Engineering 1950
Dr Marjorie Joan Williamson Medicine 1950
Mr Gordon Kenneth Green English Language & Literature 1950
Mr Hugh Quinton Golder Doctor of Engineering 1950
Dr James Norman Gaskell Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr John Raymond Hart Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Muriel Bloor Henshall Medicine 1950
Mr Leon Henry Orthopaedic Surgery 1950
Mr Anthony Halewood Mechanical Engineering 1950
Ms Gertrude Hall Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Arnold Derrick Hancock Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Kathleen Elizabeth Craig Hamilton Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Donald Howarth Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Arthur George Humpston Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr George Allan Hughes Bachelor of Arts 1950
Dr Aubrey Edwin James Holtham Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Robert Osmond Ferris Holman Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Henry Lionel Holland Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr William Leonard Bachelor of Arts 1950
Ms Jean Margaret Bark Lang Physics 1950
Mr Ivan Hollis Long Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Ethel Doreen Lowrie Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Geoffrey George Lowe Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Philip William Lucey Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Roger Colquhoun Preston Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Elizabeth Fey Lea Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr William John Charles Kennerley Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr William Eric Jones Chemistry 1950
Dr Gwynedd Jones Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr John William Iceton Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Henry Max Johnson Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Brenda Doreen Kimmings Bachelor of Arts 1950
Dr Margery Joan King Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Jean Cooper Kassell Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Denys Catterall Maddocks Law 1950
Mr Raymond Roberts Millman English Language & Literature 1950
Mr Robert Gordon Minto Mirrless Greek and Latin 1950
Mr Peter Weir Malpas Law 1950
Mr Stanley Canning Morgan Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Alan Churchill Macartney Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Mary Winifrede Malone Medicine 1950
Mr Leslie Collinson Nyss Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Harry Noble Electrical Engineering 1950
Ms Sheila Mary Nolan Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr James Joseph Polding Civil Engineering 1950
Dr Eileen Philomena Smith O'Mahony Medicine 1950
Mr Kenneth Charles Phillipps English Language & Literature 1950
Dr Chunibhai Bhikhabhai Patel Industrial Chemistry 1950
Mr Michael Adrian Raleigh Architecture 1950
Kalyansundara Ramanathan Electronic Engineering 1950
Ms Elisabeth Rees Doctor of Medicine 1950
Helmy Riad Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Brian Richards Architecture 1950
Dr Joan Russell Richardson Medicine 1950
Ms Edith Joan Riding Geography 1950
Mr Alwyn Pennant Roberts Law 1950
Mr Ronald Shirley Robinson Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Glyn Rogers Law 1950
Dr Gwendoline Davies Salter Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Mallela Raja Sekhara Sarma Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Peter Hugh Scholfield Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Margaret Joan Shaw Architecture 1950
Dr Harry Shecter Medicine 1950
Mrs Elizabeth Patricia Ollier Shepherd French 1950
Dr Herbert Anthony Douglas Shirlaw Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr John Brian Smith Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Ronald Henry Smithies Biochemistry 1950
Dr June Stephenson Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Stella Josephine Stott History 1950
Mr Donald Robert Swift Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Jack Tyas History 1950
Mr Richard Andrew Valentine Mechanical Engineering 1950
Evangelo Dimitri Vassiliadis Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Alfred Leslie Thomas Ordinary Degree 1950
Ms Valerie Sybil Taylor Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Leslie Arthur Taylor Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Douglas Alfred Taylor Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Richard Vincent Taggart Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Eric Joseph Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr John Ronald Thompson Marine Engineering 1950
Mr Garnet Alexander Walker Law 1950
Mr Keith Weston Ordinary Degree 1950
Miss Margaret Wilford Bachelor of Arts 1950
Ms Rita Mary Warwick Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr Sheila Mary Towers Ward Medicine 1950
Mr Harold Frank Wareing Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Ian Martin Watt Mechanical Engineering 1950