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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Irene Marion Desmet Irving Physiology 1949
Dr Iolo Wyn Griffith Medicine 1949
Dr John Nicholas Rimmer Medicine 1949
Mr Michael Hewett Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Allan Eslick Doctor In Philosophy 1949
Mrs Mary Anderson Atkin Bland Geography 1949
Mr Aubrey Morris English Language & Literature 1949
Dr Rosemary Janet Martin Bolam Medicine 1949
Mr Adrian Walton Fenton Electrical Engineering 1949
Miss Joan Margaret Addison English Language & Literature 1949
Miss Kathleen Allanson Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Geoffrey Davidson Chester 1949
Mrs P B Clarke Dentistry 1949
Dr Alan Clift Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr William John Lawrence Francis Radiology 1949
Mrs E Craston Architecture 1949
Mrs Margaret Cecelia Mary Wills Reddy 1949
Mrs Hilda Hewitt Clyne English Language & Literature 1949
Mrs Moya Gladding Lacy Law 1949
Dr Thomas Nelson Marsham Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Robert Hodge General Studies 1949
Mrs Daphne P Hyslop 1949
Mr William Charles Kelly Law 1949
Mrs Pauline Levy Waterman Law 1949
Mr Lucas 1949
Mr William Winstanley Mitchell Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr John Arthur Morris Latin 1949
Mrs Edna Effie Oulton Hispanic Studies 1949
Mr Pearson 1949
Mr Phimester 1949
Dr Rogans 1949
Mrs Sherriff 1949
Mrs Kathleen Mary Stewart Thomas Bachelor of Arts 1949
Miss Margaret Turner 1949
Mrs Edith Mary Warner Boote Physics 1949
Mr George Derek Whitfield Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Ralph Hinton Eaton Bachelor of Arts 1949
Dr Porteous 1949
Mr Peter Wignall Swire Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Annie Isobel Littlejohn Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Norman Godfrey Wootton Law 1949
Mr Lewis Vickers Economics 1949
Mr R W Radford 1949
Mr Cecil Frank Wright Architecture 1949
Mr Ronald Sheldon Webster Certificate in Social Science 1949
Mr John Taylor Wright Law 1949
Mr William Arthur Pyke Law 1949
Mr Philip Russell Diplock Architecture 1949
Dr William Bryan Jennett Medicine 1949
Mr Gregory Earle Masterson Electrical Engineering 1949
Ms Joan Constance Bottomley Geography 1949
Ms Patricia Brogan English Language & Literature 1949
Ms Jean Careswell Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr George William Kenneth Cavill Organic Chemistry 1949
Mr Eric Joseph Frederick Clayton Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Brian Derby Clucas Electrical Engineering 1949
Mr Michael Edward Cole Electrical Engineering 1949
Ms Kathleen Mary Costigan Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Kenneth Rycroft Coulson Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr Arthur John Craig Civil Engineering 1949
Mr Joseph Robert Crean Law 1949
Dr Kongandra Thammu Achaya Industrial Chemistry 1949
Mr Roderick John Arnold Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Roy Pennington Ashton Civil Engineering 1949
Mr Thomas Anthony Atkinson Civil Engineering 1949
Ms Florence Mary Barker Social Science 1949
Mr William Scott Bent Bachelor of Arts 1949
Dr Barbara Blanchard Botany 1949
Dr Mahadevan Dharmarajan Doctor In Philosophy 1949
Mr James Cyril Thomas Downes Philosophy 1949
Mr Frank James Dyke Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Roy Douse Civil Engineering 1949
Ms Mary Dolorosa D'Arcy English Language & Literature 1949
Yu Djian Dscheng Mechanical Engineering 1949
Dr Beryl Coline Davies Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Derek Frank Drewitt Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Robert Purtill Civil Engineering 1949
Dr John Aled Williams Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr James Keith Brooke Williams Civil Engineering 1949
Ms Audrey Constance Edwards Bachelor of Arts 1949
Ms Marion Eaves Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr George Herbert Fletcher Medicine 1949
Mr Thomas Milton Clark Francis Law 1949
Mr Maxwell Gaskin Economics 1949
Mr Jack Green Civil Engineering 1949
Mr Hugh Kenneth Heppell Electrical Engineering 1949
Ms Kathleen Margaret Houghton Ordinary Degree 1949
Ms Audrey Hunt German 1949
Mr Roy Hickson Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Derek Patrick Smales Holland Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr David Arthur Hoggins Law 1949
Ms Rita Kwei-King Lee Social Science 1949
Mr Frederick Lees Geography 1949
Ms Edith Moya Lacy Law 1949
Mr Charles Arthur Lamb Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Kenneth Buchanan Low Hispanic Studies 1949
Mr Ernest Joseph Lofthouse Bachelor of Arts 1949
Ms Audrey Elizabeth Lowther Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Geoffrey Robert Lucas Geography 1949
Calin Inge Ordinary Degree 1949
Mrs Dorothy Maud Parry James German 1949
Mr John Francis Raphael Kinnane French 1949
Mr John King Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Anthony John King Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr Ahmad Kamal Organic Chemistry 1949
Ms Yvonne Muriel Morgan History 1949
Ms Maureen Patricia Mitchell Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr George Clifford Moore Law 1949
Mr William Francis Mullan Bachelor of Arts 1949
Ms Elizabeth McCann Economics 1949
Ms Audrey Rona Mason Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Bryan Machin Chemistry 1949
Dr Norman Robert McCormick Electrical Engineering 1949
Mr Eric Moyes Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr James Patrick MacLaughlin Radiology 1949
Mahorie Lily Moore Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Bernard Murray Civil Engineering 1949
Dr Basil John Maxwell Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Henry George Heselton Nicholson Ordinary Degree 1949
Ms Daphne Poole French 1949
Mr John Robyns Owen Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr John Julius Pick Metallurgy 1949
Mr John Richard Pennington Ordinary Degree 1949
Ms Daphne Penn Hispanic Studies 1949
Mr Cyril Eustace Pink Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Herbert Ronald Parker Economics 1949
Ms Dorothy Geta Paine Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Denis Wilson Social Science 1949
Dr Zenab Esmat Rashed Modern History 1949
Mr Gerald Robinson Electrical Engineering 1949
Mr Norman James Royle Orthopaedic Surgery 1949
Ms Ethel Scott Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr William Henry Scrase Orthopaedic Surgery 1949
Dr Henry Uriah Shaw Ordinary Degree 1949
Ms Marion Brenda Smith Veterinary Science 1949
Ms Dorothy Frances Smith French 1949
Ms Joyce Smyth French 1949
Mr Thomas Standen Mechanical Engineering 1949
Zygmunt Maciej Stankiewicz Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Robert Franklin Stevens Civil Engineering 1949
Mr William Percy Vickerstaff Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr Charles Gordon Theobald Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Richard Keith Thomasson Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr John Townsend Bachelor of Arts 1949
Ms Shirley Barbara Trasler Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr John Kenneth Ormonde Trew Architecture 1949
Mr Arthur Thompson English Language & Literature 1949
Mr Lewis Irwin Weiner Civil Engineering 1949
Mr James William Warner Architecture 1949
Mr Kenneth Herbert Wilkinson Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr Ronald Peter Watkins Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr Douglas MacMillan Watson Law 1949
Mr Robert Graham Wood Law 1949
Ms Barbara Helen Wood Ordinary Degree 1949