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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr William Bennett Ashby Medicine 1948
Dr Margaret Jean Bond Miller Medicine 1948
Dr Clive Russell Cartwright Medicine 1948
Mr Kenneth Ivan Miscampbell Veterinary Science 1948
Dr John Humphreys Medicine 1948
Dr Charles Hilton Jones Medicine 1948
Dr Mair Humphreys Jones Humphreys Medicine 1948
Professor Albert Louis Latner Doctor of Medicine 1948
Dr John Rees Roberts Medicine 1948
Mr Hargreaves Veterinary Science 1948
Miss Jane Elizabeth Henderson Veterinary Science 1948
Mr Howell Charles Bolton Jones Law 1948
Mrs C Cottam 1948
Miss Winifred Dorothy Hall Bachelor of Science 1948
Miss Killner 1948
Mr Parry 1948
Dr Keith Beaumont Sinclair Veterinary Science 1948
Mrs Joyce Sorsky Pearson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Stanley Alexander Steele 1948
Mrs Ann Mary Towers Smith Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Frederick Richard Robinson Mathematical Physics 1948
Mr Louis Lautenberg Law 1948
Miss Kathleen Whitlow Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Paul Parry Electrical Engineering 1948
Dr Alan Salmon Physics 1948
Miss Monica O'Donnell 1948
Mrs Vera Mabel Jackson Cunliffe Social Science 1948
Mr Arthur Leyland Jackson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Dr William Handel Evans Chemistry 1948
Mr Daniel Williamson Commerce 1948
Mr John David Thomas Oldham 1948
Dr Eric Charlton Edwards Medicine 1948
Dr Kathleen Eiluned Morgan Bachelor of Education 1948
Mr Richard Booker Geography 1948
Mr David Alexander Breese Architecture 1948
Ms Ruth Boys History 1948
Mr Anthony Gernon Boyd Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Sydney Bunting Naval Architecture 1948
Mr William Gerald Buckley Bachelor of Science 1948
Mr Robert Sanders Brown Mechanical Engineering 1948
Mr Bernard Marshall Brown Mathematics 1948
Ms Margaret Elisabeth Brown Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Robert Benjamin Brown Chemistry 1948
Mr Gerald Taylor Brown Chemistry 1948
Dr Arthur Cecil Clark Physics 1948
Mr Charles William Coombs Zoology 1948
Mr Stuart Kennedy Cross Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Gordon Derek Currie Medicine 1948
Dr Norman Osborne Ascroft Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Muralidhar Narayana Baliga Industrial Chemistry 1948
Mr John Maxwell Bather Bachelor of Science 1948
Ms Pamela Doreen Bedlow Ordinary Degree 1948
Ms Irene Margaret Benson History 1948
Mr John Peter Raby Black Architecture 1948
Ms Constance Mary Bland Ordinary Degree 1948
Ms Ivy Caryl Dickinson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Dr Francis John Dunn Medicine 1948
Mr John Alfred Edwards Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Ibrahim Ahmed el Adawi Doctor In Philosophy 1948
Mr Alexander Martin Fraser Radiology 1948
Ms Jean Marjorie Forster Bachelor of Science 1948
Mr Norman Henry Duncan Winder Architecture 1948
Ms Joan Eleanor Williams Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Douglas Percy Williams Latin 1948
Mr Robert Elston Gregson Greek and Latin 1948
Mr Nigel Hunter Grove Chemistry 1948
Ms Margaret Mary Glynn French 1948
Mr Anthony Charles Griffiths French 1948
Mr Kenneth Burgoyne Gibson Doctor of Medicine 1948
Mr Reginald Graham Electrical Engineering 1948
Mr Michael Joseph Gallagher Orthopaedic Surgery 1948
Mr Frank Harrison Physiology 1948
Mr Frederick William Hazledine Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Frederick Ronald Hayes Doctor of Science 1948
Mr Peter Reginald Hargreaves Veterinary Science 1948
Mr Anthony Mark Douglas Halliday Architecture 1948
Dr Alfred William Howel-Evans Medicine 1948
Mr William Edward Hosey Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Gwen Ellis Hughes Medicine 1948
Mr Edward John Hughes Veterinary Science 1948
Dr Elspeth Mary Hill Medicine 1948
Ms Violet Beryl Hill Bachelor of Arts 1948
Ms Edith Muriel Hodson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Dr Claude Ian Hood Medicine 1948
Dr Peter James Lewis Electrical Engineering 1948
Ms Barbara Jean Preston Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Arthur Lobley Engineering 1948
Ms Sybil Kay Jones Hispanic Studies 1948
Mr Rodney Jones Zoology 1948
Mr Douglas Hartley Jones Law 1948
Mr Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim Law 1948
Mr Edwin Johnson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Brian Riding Kirby History 1948
Ms Eva May Killner Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Robert Allan McKinlay Economics 1948
Mr Peter Malone Mechanical Engineering 1948
Dr Bernard Murphy Electrical Engineering 1948
Mr James Francis Moloney Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Frank Waring McLeavy History 1948
Mr Abraham Benjamin Devilliers Minnaar Orthopaedic Surgery 1948
Mr John Dennis Porter Law 1948
Mr Henry Brisbane Pearson Mechanical Engineering 1948
Mr John Bollard Yule Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Enid Rees Medicine 1948
Ms Margaret Naomi Rimmer History 1948
Mr Robert Ryder Bachelor of Education 1948
Ms Frances Eileen Sadler Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr John Scarnell Veterinary Science 1948
Mr William Gordon Sellers Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Rama Krishna Shrivastava Industrial Chemistry 1948
Mrs Betty Smith Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Ernest Albert Smyth Orthopaedic Surgery 1948
Mr Lionel Sorenson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Geoffrey Starford Mathematics 1948
Ms Katherine Elizabeth Patricia Timms Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Thomas Roy Tiplady Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Clifford Kirkham Wearden Architecture 1948
Mr George Desmond Wilkin Ordinary Degree 1948
Ms Audrey Webster Biochemistry 1948
Mr Harold Anthony Walton Architecture 1948
Mr Idris Maldwyn Watkins Veterinary Science 1948