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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Olive Mary McKendrick Bell Medicine 1947
Miss Jeanne Valerie Grant Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Robert Gordon Minto Mirrlees Classics 1947
Mr Ifor Davies Veterinary Science 1947
Mr John Thomas Fletcher Veterinary Science 1947
Mr John Kenneth Walley Veterinary Science 1947
Reverend David Bush Architecture 1947
Mr Cyril Solomon Alexander Greek and Latin 1947
Mrs Joan Elizabeth Barber Morrell Chemistry 1947
Mr John Ashton Edwards Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr John Sydney Fitz-Patrick Mechanical Engineering 1947
Mr Maurice Charles Hazlewood Chemical Physics 1947
Mrs D Hennessy Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mrs Parry 1947
Miss Lucy Pengelly Botany/Zoology 1947
Mrs Sleep 1947
Dr Robert Joseph Smith 1947
Mr Vaux 1947
Miss Barbara Joan Waddington Latin 1947
Dr Barbara J Stott 1947
Mr Frederick Harlan Taylor Law 1947
Dr Bernard George Morgan Architecture 1947
Mr Christopher Mitchell Architecture 1947
Mr William Windle Physics 1947
Mr Herbert Keith Davies Civil Engineering 1947
Mr Edwin Austin Walsh 1947
Mrs J Smith 1947
Mr J H Gerald Armstrong 1947
Mrs Sheila D Anson 1947
Mr Peter Frederick Morton Mechanical Engineering 1947
Mr Walter Clarke Physics 1947
Mrs Aileen Thomas Tunstall Social Science 1947
Mr Sidney Brayde Law 1947
Mr David Jackson Law 1947
Mr Ian Robert Barker Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Charles Cheetham Knowles Dental Surgery 1947
Mr Alan William John Bufton Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Doreen Allen Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Alice Edna Appleton Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Jean Armstrong English Language & Literature 1947
Mr Robert Chippendale Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Edward Alfred Clough Chemistry 1947
Mr William Godfrey Cowie Civil Engineering 1947
Mr Phillip Raymond Cross Chemistry 1947
Mr Colin Jonathan Irving Cunningham Law 1947
Dr Nancy Vida Dilling Medicine 1947
Dr Eric Dewsbury Medicine 1947
Mr Herbert Darnell Electrical Engineering 1947
Ms Isabella Davies Hispanic Studies 1947
Ms Marjorie Iris Ellis Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Kenneth Richard Fletcher Engineering 1947
Mr David Percy Edwin Fanshaw Law 1947
Ms Beatrice Cecilia Greenwood English Language & Literature 1947
Ms Valerie May Greenhalgh Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Mary Gray Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Henry Sephton Green Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr George Bernard Gooch Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Ann Elenore Morris-Jones Ordinary Degree 1947
Dr Edith Grace Mercer Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Joan Iris McGovern French 1947
Ms Iris McQueen Ordinary Degree 1947
Dr Joseph Moloney Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr William Stanley Holden Civil Engineering 1947
Mr Denis Buchanan Lee Law 1947
Mr Harold Keith Lucas Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Mr Frank Harrison Lilley Electrical Engineering 1947
Mr Tom Price Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Ms Elizabeth Marjorie Jones Bachelor of Arts 1947
Dr Michael Frodsham Holt Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr John Evelyn Hilliard Metallurgy 1947
Ms Joan Linda Millicent Hoyle Bachelor of Arts 1947
Ms Audrey Howarth Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Kenneth Miles Harrison Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Mary Josephine Hartley Bachelor of Arts 1947
Dr Peter Hampson Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Dorothy Eleanor Joyce Hughes Bachelor of Arts 1947
Ms Ella Robinson Jenkins Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Arnold King Chemistry 1947
Mr Jeffrey Downes King Doctor of Medicine 1947
Ms Cynthia Hazel Jubb Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr James Wilfred Kershaw Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Edward Huntington Noden Engineering 1947
Mr Bernard Joseph Nolan English Language & Literature 1947
Mr Bernard Polonsky Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Ms Mary Dilys Owens Bachelor of Arts 1947
Dr John Maurice Old Ordinary Degree 1947
Ms Rita Joan Statham Phillips Zoology 1947
Dr Dorothy Clara Peterson Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Ronald Edward Parr Chemistry 1947
Mr William Parke Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Mr Harry Peaston Doctor of Medicine 1947
Ms Muriel Wilson Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Owen Nedwill Roberts Architecture 1947
Mr Charles Henry Quirk History Medieval and Modern 1947
Mr Joseph Rice Engineering 1947
Mr William Henry Scott Bachelor of Arts 1947
Ms Josephine Edith Selwyn Economics 1947
Mr Edward Shepherd Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Robin Shirley Smith Architecture 1947
Ms Joan Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Gordon Crichton Wallace Naval Architecture 1947
Mr Thomas Ronald Waite Electrical Engineering 1947
Mr Brian Ernest Ware Naval Architecture 1947