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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Alys Mary Smart John Veterinary Science 1945
Mr Arthur Douglas Adams Veterinary Science 1945
Mr James Richard Chambers Veterinary Science 1945
Miss Dorothy Norma Egginton Veterinary Science 1945
Dr Maurice Kirwan Medicine 1945
Dr Olive Ruth Mutch Rodgers Medicine 1945
Miss Anne Crowley English Literature 1945
Dr Pauline Mary Dean Medicine 1945
Dr Laurence Frank Tinckler Medicine 1945
Miss Muriel Eveline Otter Master of Arts 1945
Mr Hewitt 1945
Dr John Ralph Edwin Wilson Medicine 1945
Professor Jim Allan Taylor Geography 1945
Mrs R Perry Bachelor of Arts 1945
Mrs Eva Beatrice Sawyer Oliver French 1945
Mr Robert John Anderson Civil Engineering 1945
Mr James Parker Brown Mechanical Engineering 1945
Mr Robert Gordon Sloss Civil Engineering 1945
Mrs Margaret Unsworth Crowe Bachelor of Arts 1945
Miss Enid Bryant Godwin English Literature 1945
Mr Thomas Richard Furber Veterinary Science 1945
Mr James Rhys Humphreys Veterinary Science 1945
Mr Gilbert Charlesworth Master of Arts 1945
Dr Arnold Dethick Charnley Medicine 1945
Ms Maureen Joan Clarke English Language & Literature 1945
Dr Stanley Croft Medicine 1945
Ms Kathleen Cronin Bachelor of Arts 1945
Dr Beryl Georgina Anscombe Medicine 1945
Dr Karl Walter Baruch Medicine 1945
Ms Edith Irene Davies Bachelor of Arts 1945
Dr Monica Drinkel Medicine 1945
Dr John Wyn Lewis Edwards Medicine 1945
Dr Roy Ellam Medicine 1945
Dr Mohammad Ismail Bakre el Haddad Medicine 1945
Mrs Ruth Marsden Fairclough Bachelor of Arts 1945
Dr Peter Foster Medicine 1945
Dr Samuel Gillis Medicine 1945
Dr Bernard Barraby Harrison Medicine 1945
Mr Aubrey Latin Engineering 1945
Mr Albert Leonard Lyon Engineering 1945
Dr Joyce Rosalie Lewis Medicine 1945
Mr William Mervyn Cozier Jones Engineering 1945
Dr John Trevor Wynne Jones Medicine 1945
Dr Robert Irving Chemistry 1945
Dr Barbara Mary Killick Medicine 1945
Ms Ailsa Betty Moor Bachelor of Arts 1945
Ms Ursula Margaret Mercer Architecture 1945
Mr Stephen McDermott Chemistry 1945
Mr John Donald McCullen Bachelor of Science 1945
Mr Bentley Phillips Medicine 1945
Ms Agnes Olga Ray French 1945
Dr Henry Roberts Medicine 1945
Ms Cecilia Mary Short Bachelor of Arts 1945
Mr Peter Tenger Bachelor of Science 1945
Ms Hana Tausigova Chemistry 1945
Dr Henry Wickham Medicine 1945