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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Miss Susannah Lucy Appleby Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Harold Thomas Davenport Medicine 1944
Mr Jack Hutchinson Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Hugh Alan Jones Medicine 1944
Dr Robert Howard Martlew Medicine 1944
Dr Herbert Harkness Pilling Medicine 1944
Dr Margaret Slater Medicine 1944
Mr Philip Norwood Bird Civil Engineering 1944
Mrs Eileen Campbell-Byers Sawyer Chemistry 1944
Mr John Graham Allan English Language & Literature 1944
Mr Barclay Thorpe Whitham Chemistry 1944
Miss Sheila M K Kealey French/Latin(A) 1944
Dr Kenneth Berkeley Norman Freeman Medicine 1944
Mrs Joan Davidson McKay Hill Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr Charles Vowles 1944
Mrs Keogh 1944
Miss Plumpton 1944
Miss Jean B Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr David Farrand Goodman Civil Engineering 1944
Mrs Daphne Agnes Haworth Batty Edwards Bachelor of Arts 1944
Dr Edwin David Edmondson Medicine 1944
Mr John George Wright Master of Veterinary Science 1944
Mahdi Murtedha al-Khoja Ordinary Degree 1944
Dr Edward Townend Anderton Ordinary Degree 1944
Mr James Blackshaw Civil Engineering 1944
Ms Rita Margaret Carty Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr Roy Thompson Christy Architecture 1944
Mr Cecil Alexander Cohen Veterinary Science 1944
Mr James Gerard Connolly Civil Engineering 1944
Mr Duncan Coomer Master of Arts 1944
Ms Joan Alison Wright Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr Henry Johnstone Fox Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Donald Arthur Gregson Medicine 1944
Mr John Tecwyn Maddocks Veterinary Science 1944
Mr Roy Gifford Civil Engineering 1944
Mr Oswald Gibb Civil Engineering 1944
Ms Julia Tupholme Mann Bachelor of Arts 1944
Ms Margaret Jean Moulton Chemistry 1944
Ms Edna Elizabeth Williams Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr Peter John Lynskey Chemistry 1944
Mr John Lloyd Williams Master of Arts 1944
Dr George Harrison Jones Chemistry 1944
Ms Dorothy Kathleen Jones Bachelor of Arts 1944
Mr Thomas Jordan Bachelor of Arts 1944
Ms Gwyneth May Jones French 1944
Dr Lionel Jacobs Ordinary Degree 1944
Mr Raymond Hesketh Chemistry 1944
Mr Joseph Hyman Hudaly Civil Engineering 1944
Mr Robert Lewis Percy Ralph Hepworth Chemistry 1944
Mr Robert Henry Kaye Mechanical Engineering 1944
Mr Robert Stuart Kay Veterinary Science 1944
Ms Irene Ormerod Ordinary Degree 1944
Ms Joan Hartland Patrick Geography 1944
Mr Keith James Freeman Mechanical Engineering 1944
Ms Kathleen Mary Regan Bachelor of Arts 1944
Ms Eileen Sawyer Chemistry 1944
Ms Marion Scowcroft Bachelor of Arts 1944
Dr John Vaughan Shepheard Medicine 1944
Dr Isabel Steele Smellie Ordinary Degree 1944
Mr John Allan Smith Chemistry 1944
Dr Geoffrey Wood Storey Medicine 1944
Dr William Alexander Thompson Ordinary Degree 1944
Ms Barbara Mary Warham Bachelor of Arts 1944