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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Muriel Constance Andrews Medicine 1943
Dr Paul Stanley Dearden Medicine 1943
Dr Charles Stewart McKendrick Medicine 1943
Dr Gerard Sanderson Doctor of Medicine 1943
Dr Nora Taggart Medicine 1943
Dr Betty Hargreaves Medicine 1943
Dr Mary Adelaide Reid Marshall Allan Medicine 1943
Mr Peter Nicholls Beardwood Bachelor of Science 1943
Dr Douglas William Townley Medicine 1943
Mr Charles Norman Thompson Chemistry 1943
Dr Arthur Ramsden Jennings Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Knowles 1943
Mrs Alma Cecilia Tregenza Turnbull History 1943
Mrs Maxine Myerson Pearson Bachelor of Arts 1943
Mrs Joyce Margaret Jones 1943
Mrs Pamela Margaret Thompson Wicks Bachelor of Arts 1943
Dr Rowland Johnson Mainstone Civil Engineering 1943
Mrs Rachel Mary Welbourn Haighton Dental Surgery 1943
Mr Ronald Johnson Electrical Engineering 1943
Dr Alfred Packter Chemistry 1943
Ms Dorothy Doreen Butler Bachelor of Arts 1943
Mr Frederick Arthur Chapman Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Ronald Henry Cutts Engineering 1943
Ms Daphne Doran Bachelor of Arts 1943
Ms Margaret Ewing French 1943
Mr Graham Alexander Foulds Master of Arts 1943
Mr Herbert Leonard Gee Engineering 1943
Mr John Kelly Grant Master of Arts 1943
Dr Joan Olwen Grant Ordinary Degree 1943
Ms Betty Margaret Harris English Language & Literature 1943
Mr John Edward Dominick Loy Law 1943
Ms Ursula Mary Linscott Geography 1943
Mr John Gerard Stewart Lloyd Chemistry 1943
Ms Dorothy Muriel Jones Geography 1943
Mr Maurice William Holloway Chemistry 1943
Ms Joyce Margaret Harraden History Medieval and Modern 1943
Mr John Rowland Hall Ordinary Degree 1943
Dr Swami Jnanananda Doctor In Philosophy 1943
Mr Joseph William Yelton Ordinary Degree 1943
Ms Ellen Rourke Ordinary Degree 1943
Dr Everard Scott Ordinary Degree 1943
Mr Alan Goldsbrouge Singleton Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Arthur Basil Owen Stabler Veterinary Science 1943
Ms Dorothy Claire Waine Law 1943
Ms Audrey Jean Ward Ordinary Degree 1943