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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr James Francis Doherty Medicine 1942
Dr Elizabeth Mary Harper Medicine 1942
Dr Philip Lawrence Robinson Medicine 1942
Dr K E A Donnellan Medicine 1942
Mrs Ruth Scott History 1942
Mrs Menai Bailey Redfern Williams Dentistry 1942
Mr George Ellis 1942
Mrs Alison Clara Lilian Gill King Bachelor of Science 1942
Mrs Margaret Joan Morgan Zoology 1942
Dr George Parker Chemistry 1942
Mr John Leslie Phillips Chemistry 1942
Dr John Littler Medicine 1942
Mr James Jones Veterinary Science 1942
Mr John Michael Bold Engineering 1942
Dr Hugh Owen Moss Bryant Medicine 1942
Mr Arnold Carlyle Veterinary Science 1942
Ms Marian Carter Classics 1942
Mr Arthur Ronald Clague Engineering 1942
Mr John Davenport Croston Electrical Engineering 1942
Ms Hilda Claire Anderson General Science 1942
Mr Dennis Arthur James Ballinger Civil Engineering 1942
Mr Benjamin Robert Bee Veterinary Science 1942
Mr William Bentley Engineering 1942
Dr James Noel Dearnaley Medicine 1942
Dr Kenneth Hugh Dalrymple Medicine 1942
Mr James Francis Donnelly Veterinary Science 1942
Ms Margery Dixon Bachelor of Arts 1942
Ms Mildred Fitzgerald Classics 1942
Mr Eric William Heaton Law 1942
Mr Arthur Baillie Higginson Medicine 1942
Mr James Roland Booth Hibbert Electrical Engineering 1942
Ms Kathleen Holroyd Mathematics 1942
Mr Herman Frank Harwood Medicine 1942
Ms Frances Mary Leach Bachelor of Arts 1942
Ethnea Brigid Lyons General Science 1942
Ms Rosemary Helen Lowe Zoology 1942
Mr Eric Benjamin Jones Veterinary Science 1942
Dr Ambrose Jolleys Medicine 1942
Mr Ian Stewart Maclennan Veterinary Science 1942
Ms Sheila Margaret McKeogh Bachelor of Arts 1942
Dr Arthur Furber Murphy Medicine 1942
Mr Walter Magill Engineering 1942
Mr Gordon Noble Engineering 1942
Mr Kenneth Pearson Furness Civil Engineering 1942
Dr William Donald Wilson Medicine 1942
Dr Rosalind Zalin Medicine 1942
Ms Barbara Mary Readman Bachelor of Arts 1942
Mr Dennis Bunguard Robson Civil Engineering 1942
Mr John Edward Henry Simpson Civil Engineering 1942
Mr Harold Bradford Sinclair Metallurgy 1942
Mr Dennis Wilfred Slade Civil Engineering 1942
Mr Kenneth Unsworth Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Herbert Thearle Archaeology 1942
Mr Arthur Robert Woods Engineering 1942
Dr Doreen Margaret Watt Medicine 1942