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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Claud David Hopkins Veterinary Science 1941
Dr Robert Lees Medicine 1941
Dr Cyril Neville Partington Medicine 1941
Dr John Joseph Ennitt Medicine 1941
Mr Geoffrey Vincent Barrow Physics/Mathematics 1941
Dr Roy Townley Davies Medicine 1941
Mrs Catherine Peggy Jones Chapman 1941
Dr Mary Evans Medicine 1941
Mr Gordon 1941
Mr Arthur A Moore Electrical Engineering 1941
Mr Edgar Morris Law 1941
Dr John O Nelson 1941
Miss Penistan 1941
Mrs Agnes B Rimmer 1941
Mr John Williams Mathematics 1941
Professor Eric William Mills Chemistry 1941
Mr Clifford Melville Edwards Veterinary Science 1941
Mrs Vera Grant 1941
Dr Donald Edward Paterson Medicine 1941
Mr Alan Benton Bowers Zoology 1941
Mr Harry Hindmarsh Burns Economics 1941
Mr Arthur William Brown Chemistry 1941
Ms Audrey Eden Cangley French 1941
Ms Margaret Robson Carmichael General Degree 1941
Mr Hugh Adair Clay Veterinary Science 1941
Mr Joseph Henry Cretney English Language & Literature 1941
Dr Katharine Elizabeth Ainsworth Medicine 1941
Ms Edith Marjorie Ashton French 1941
Mr Matthew William Baker Engineering 1941
Dr Arthur Kenneth Bingham Medicine 1941
Mr Stanley Alexander Devon Architecture 1941
Mr Frederic Croxon Deller Medicine 1941
Mr Roy Dudley Mechanical Engineering 1941
Dr Roy Townley Davies Medicine 1941
Mr Henry Procter General Degree 1941
Ms Joan Goldberg English Language & Literature 1941
Mr Thomas Gomer Westray Gregory Dental Surgery 1941
Mr Roger Howard Ginger Engineering 1941
Mr Edmund Graeme Hann Architecture 1941
Mr Edward Hughes General Degree 1941
Dr Ian Chester Jones Doctor In Philosophy 1941
Dr Charles Campbell Laird Medicine 1941
Mr Ralph Neville Williams Civil Engineering 1941
Dr Sheila Mackenzie Lodge Bachelor of Science 1941
Mr Harold Wilfred Jones General Degree 1941
Ms Alice Jones Bachelor of Arts 1941
Dr Alan Clowes Kirby Medicine 1941
Mr Stanley John Metcalf English Language & Literature 1941
Dr Mary Roxburgh Menzies Medicine 1941
Dr John Alan Bennett Nicholson Medicine 1941
Ms Ruth Latham Oliver Bachelor of Arts 1941
Ms Grace Penistan Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Edward Barzillai Powley Master of Arts 1941
Ms Joan Davena Peden Chemistry 1941
Dr Francis James Zacharias Medicine 1941
Mr Charles Donald Reed Civil Engineering 1941
Dr George Leonard Shatwell Medicine 1941
Mr Gordon Davidson Shaw Veterinary Science 1941
Mr Robert Charles Stones Architecture 1941
Ms Kathleen Taggart Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Henry Torrance Naval Architecture 1941
Dr Clarence Wright Walton Medicine 1941