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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr John Collins Medicine 1940
Mr Williams Jones Veterinary Science 1940
Dr Thomas Arthur Sale Medicine 1940
Mr Jack Dunn 1940
Dr Joseph Watkin Belton Master of Science 1940
Mrs Sheila Wells Chipperfield 1940
Dr Kenneth N Davies Bachelor of Arts 1940
Dr Harold Dearden Hall Medicine 1940
Miss Harley 1940
Mr Hayhurst 1940
Dr L M Hughes 1940
Dr Hilda Morgan Walker Medicine 1940
Mrs Eva Winifred Musgrove 1940
Mr Alun Roberts Bachelor of Arts 1940
Miss Marjorie Dorothy Salmon 1940
Mrs Mary Martin Tilney, Mercer English Language & Literature 1940
Mr Douglas Gordon Robertson Civil Engineering 1940
Mr Walter Hugh Carr Veterinary Science 1940
Mrs Nora Constance Knox MacLiesh Mathematics 1940
Ms Beatrice May Braithwaite Zoology 1940
Mr Charles Alistair Britton Engineering 1940
Mr Thomas Leonard Brown Metallurgy 1940
Dr William Frederick Christian Medicine 1940
Mr William Ernest Clare Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr Herbert Norman Clarke Civil Engineering 1940
Dr Edwin Harry Leonard Cook Medicine 1940
Mr Stanley Halliday Cook Electrical Engineering 1940
Ms Eva Winifred Craine Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr John Edwin Curran Electrical Engineering 1940
Ms Margery Sylvina Ansell Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr Fred Ashworth Physics 1940
Mr Anthony Ugo Banfi Law 1940
Ms Alexandra Barishnikov English Language & Literature 1940
Ms Joyce Searle Batty Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr John Carrington Davies Economics 1940
Mr Donald Geoffrey George Edwards Commerce 1940
Mr Peter Walter Esling Law 1940
Mr Leonard Stanley Wills Civil Engineering 1940
Mr John Gatehouse Chemistry 1940
Ms Mary Ruth Hepworth General Studies 1940
Mr James Hamilton Electrical Engineering 1940
Dr Jean Gordon Huntley Medicine 1940
Ms Louisa Hannah Hobart Bachelor of Arts 1940
Dr Thomas Skeffington Kenny General Degree 1940
Mr Lewis Stanley Jones Master of Arts 1940
Mr Bruce Goring Kerr Electrical Engineering 1940
Mr Arthur Keith Mercer Electrical Engineering 1940
Dr Jack Guest Mott Medicine 1940
Ms Mabel Allan McLoughlin Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr Wilfrid Horace Nichol Bachelor of Science 1940
Ms Helen Margaret Nelson Economics 1940
Ms Beatrice Margaret Palin Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr Ernest Quayle Mechanical Engineering 1940
Ms Ann Rawcliffe Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr John Victor Robotham Hispanic Studies 1940
Dr Christopher Rowlands Medicine 1940
Mr Alec Singer Orthopaedic Surgery 1940
Mr Edmund James Sinnott Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr Douglas Peter Thorne Mathematics 1940
Mr Peter Ure English Language & Literature 1940
Dr Frank Llewellyn Thomas Medicine 1940
Mr Henry Albert Whittingham Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr Albert Wainwright Economics 1940
Dr Henry Worthington General Degree 1940